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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1905)

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Below is an index to our 1905 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Jennie 36
Allison, Hiram 28
Anderson, Alfred 91
Baily, Ethal May 60
Baker, Laura E. 31
Ball, Francis M. 87
Barr, Iva E. 44
Bean, Purl Riley 83
Best, Rebecca Margaret 63
Biden, Stewart D. 70
Bilderback, Mary Ann 27
Blackford, George W. 71
Brawn, Mary 25
Bronson, Geo. H. 41
Buck, Eva 84
Cabler, John 92
Cameron, (Infant) 101
Cannts, Mary B. 93
Chandler, Israel 111
Clark, Mary E. 35
Coleman, Martha 69
Collins, Maud 62
Condit, Philip 2
Conklin, Nathaniel 117
Crary, Elspeth 29
Curry, Mary Emily 116
Dahack, Mary Jane 114
Dalrymple, Charles H. 119
Demmer, Lorenz 67
Donegan, William J. 104
Donegan, William J. 105
Dunaham, Ira 98
Eads, Willard 79
Fairclo, Annie, Mrs. 34
Fleming, Robert M. 3
Gibson, John M. 112
Gleave, Phil 5
Goode, Vernon Glenn 49
Gosline, Clifford Oran 64
Gray, Everett Lesley 90
Greaves, Elizabeth 100
Gregson, Moses 115
Grieve, Maggie 40
Griffen, Squire 61
Hamlin, Aileen J. 48
Hammond, E.P. 103
Harris, Eliza 54
Herrin, Irene Emily 121
Hinkle, Jesse 57
Howard, Myra T. 33
Ireland, Olive E. 12
Jones, Walter P. 120
Kane, Charles G. 96
Kanshafer, Elizabeth J. 99
Kime, Mary 26
Kinney, Oliver C. 47
Kleinhamer, John 94
Knightor, Chas W. 81
Krutzler, Mabel 75
Lane, Hillery D. 23
Law, Atlanta Lodusea 88
Layton, J.T. 110
Lontzenhiser, Albert 6
Loveless, Ellenor 76
Macdonald, Angus Hugh 9
Manning, Elsie M. 50
Messenger, Oscar I. 72
Millian, Bennett 102
Moore, Peter 68
Mow, Harvey 74
Mow, John 80
Moyer, Torva Belle 66
Murray, Sarah E. 52
Musty, James 82
Myrtle, Cedric 16
Naylor, Granville 10
Nickerson, Raymond 51
Oward, Mrs. Emma 30
Owen, (Infant) 95
Owings, (Infant) 7
Palmer, Harley Alonzo 38
Pankey, Fanny Strickland 8
Pankey, James 32
Parler, Stephen A.D. 55
Pattersen, Henry 14
Paxton, 106
Paxton, Alexander 107
Perkins, William E. 85
Phipps, Margaret Elaine 113
Phipps, Mary A. 42
Pippon, Mrs. Margaret 20
Potter, Mark M. (Lawrence) 4
Powell, John 89
Rippey, Henry H. 11
Roberts, Sarah 65
Robson, Thomas 46
Rock, (Infant) 17
Sannichsen, Sanksy O. 109
Schultz, Robert 118
Sears, Mrs. Malinda 13
Severn, Harry T. 58
Smith, Joseph Roy 53
Smith, Mrs. Hattie 37
Stephenson, Mary Wilkenson Judd 21
Stickel, Cinderella L. 43
Stockam, William C. 73
Swenning, Paul 24
Trell, Sarah J. 22
True, J. Haynes 45
Tryer, Frank M. 78
Tucker, James C. 59
Way, Mary 86
Weaver, James M. 77
White, Charles E. 97
Wild, Alice 18
Wilhite, Clyde Lewis 15
Wilson, Adley Calhoun 39
Wooley, Lizzie 108
Wortman, Elizabeth A. 56
Wright, Martha Helen 19
Young, Leila Sarah 1