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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1911)

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Below is an index to our 1911 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Anderson, John J. 57
Anderson, May 132
Anderson, Walter R. (Child of Frank G.) 133
Andrews, Charles Darwin (Son of George) 94
Ashworth, Caroline 215
Aylward, Lydia 179
Bailey, Margaret A. 129
Banner, Issac 69
Barnes, Alexis 103
Bayshow, Thos. E. 144
Beall, Besy 100
Beavenue, John B. 217
Belcher, Henry 240
Benson, Hans 111
Bishop, Wallace Guy 10
Black, Mrs. Mary Louisa 106
Boggs, Geo. 12
Bohnert, Sophia 218
Bostwick, William Henry 67
Bowman, Charles A. 235
Bradford, Marge May 163
Brakeman, Winston F. 104
Broker, Mary A. 101
Brooks, Martha A. 190
Burch, George W. 227
Bush, Sarah E. 175
Butler, Frank P. 96
Butler, Mrs. Beely A. 223
Caine, Midora Freeman 107
Calloner, Claude 162
Campbell, Jean (Infant Daughter of James F.) 65
Carpenter, Oscar 230
Carter, Alice R. 196
Carter, Marthir A. 91
Cax, Authol A. 26
Chandler, Lula Marene (Child of George S.) 137
Chandler, Willis 184
Chapman, Sarah Ann 143
Childers, (Infant Daughter of Emmett) 30
Childers, (Infant Daughter of Frank) 123
Childreth, Homer O.(Infant Son of H.O.) 167
Childs, George Leonard 225
Clarno, George Washington 159
Collins, (Infant Son of J.C.) 124
Colson, Charles H. 233
Combest, (Infant Son of Hugh) 185
Conway, James B. 154
Cook, David 206
Cook, Roy L. 171
Cottingham, John 92
Coy, Thos. 6
Craddock, Forest Dale (Child of D.F.) 60
Curry, Vray 66
Dagman, Estella Mary 138
Dapp, Mary Jane 151
Davis, (Infant Son of C.W.) 22
Davis, Louella Hoover 9
Deane, Ella Baeder 81
Demmer, Amelia 168
Dennis, Amy C. 45
Densmore, Ruth (Infant) 146
Dewey, Samuel Nolan (Child) 31
Downing, Fred 3
Duesingberry, Moses 192
Duggan, Inez Josephine (Child) 125
Dutton, Wm. 150
Eggleston, Rebecca 208
Ennis, Robert 80
Erdman, Wm. 119
Everhard, Mrs. William Harter 180
Farmer, Samuel Lawson 27
Fass, Fay V. (Daughter of Edward) 172
Fields, Mrs. Annie Belle 43
Finch, Daniel 199
Finnimore, David 236
Forbes, Luella May R. 234
Forsythe, Stella 29
Foster, John 11
Frulon,Clara L. 63
Furgeson, Susana S. 241
Furry, Mrs. Amelio 152
Gauyer, Robert 155
Gavin, Lurinda 193
Glidden, (Infant Daughter of Frank) 25
Gorden, Josiah C. 36
Grant, Mary Elizabeth 74
Gregory, James N O. 97
Grimes, Mary E. 140
Gurley, Joseph Marion 79
Guthrie, (Infant Son of E.F,) 47
Haggard, Winifred C. 220
Hanscom, Fred A. 141
Harris, Julia E. 145
Hart, Lola M. 173
Headstream, Emma 64
Helms, Augusta 50
Hickam, Zed 212
Hicks, J.G. 105
Hobson, Agnes 120
Hoffman, Laura Ellen 102
Holmes, Allice R. 211
Holt, William Mansur 148
Houston, Charles Eugene 37
Hover, John J. (Infant) 23
Hover, Laurence (Infant Son of Arthur John) 149
Howard, William Lioniel 126
Howard, Wm. W. 139
Hoxie, Laura Maria 52
Hrones, John 239
Hurley, Sadie, C. 178
Jackson, Will 135
Jackson, Wm. 136
Johnson, Alexandria 243
Jones, Ada Chrystal (Daughter of Wm. E.) 165
Jones, William R. 147
Keizur, J.V. 4
Kenney, Elizabeth T. Vault 198
Keyes, John Patterson (Infant Son of J.W.) 170
King, Edward A. 221
Kittredge, Mary Jane 33
Klum, Charles K. 89
Knenson, Joseph C. 1
Krueninling, Carlyn R. 61
Lane, William 153
Langley, (Daughter of Robert) 121
Langvand, Lars 200
Larsen, Matilda L. 244
Lawrence, Claude 108
Lenn, Carie 127
Lester, (Infant Daughter of E.E.) 28
Lewis, Nettie H. 19
Lindley, Geo. P. 115
Lowell, Martha E. 224
Lyon, Jacob A. 34
Mahan, J.L. 209
Martin, Alers E. 38
McClanahan, Newton 58
McClaugherty, James 116
McCoy, Denis 183
McDonald, J. Archie 142
McDonald, Martha D. 49
McDougall, James A. 59
McGamn, Charles D. 110
McGowan, Charles D. 110
McIntire, William Milton 214
McKee, John M. 42
McNealy, Josephine M. (Infant Daughter of Wm. M.) 164
Meehan, John B. 68
Mego, Minnie E. 7
Messner, Wisner Q. 207
Meyer, Mollie 242
Miller, William H. 14
Moore, Augustus 232
Moore, Catherine 245
Myers, Angeline 86
Nelson, William Henry 109
Newman, Thos. A. 228
Oglesby, Clarinda C. 189
Osenbrugge, Mary Jane 222
Osgood, George Emery 15
Oxley, (Infant Daughter of Wesley R.) 160
Page, Mrs. J.E. 166
Pankey, Mary M. 88
Parker, Jonathan Davis 158
Parks, Jake 93
Parslow, John C. 72
Parslow, Lester (Infant Son of G.L.) 70
Penny, Arthur W. 156
Perry, (Infant Daughter of Harry) 161
Peterson, Iris (Infant Daughter of Chas. A.) 145
Phelps, Wm. H. 98
Pickens, Dorthy 62
Pitman, Sidney 16
Plaisted, Ethel Florence 229
Poe, George Harmon (Child of J.O.) 75
Potten, Margaret Jane 99
Prim, Maud E. 73
Quackenbush, (Infant Son of Ralph) 238
Rease, Luella Hazle (Child of E.M.) 39
Reese, Charles Clifford 146
Rienking, Theodore H. 32
Risdon, Bertha 204
Robison, Samuel M. 187
Rodgers, Fracis N. (Infant Daugher of J.H.) 46
Rogers, Nancy Ada 134
Rogoway, Nathan 113
Rogoway, Nathan 114
Rolfe, Francis Wm. 131
Rolfe, George Cooley 197
Ronse, Helen G. 82
Rummel, Wm. A. 181
Sawash, Josey, M. 219
Sciltle, Daman 17
Scott, Clinton Charles 195
Scranton, Joseph W. 174
Sergent, Laetta 87
Sheets, Elliott W. 41
Silvan, Thomas 20
Sims, John S. 77
Smead, Eliza 216
Smith, June W. (? Male) 84
Smith, Mary E. 53
Smith, Mary Elizabeth 55
Smith, Parthena Arthur 128
Smith, Sarah Kansas Hackney 83
Smith, Sidney S. 194
Spanos, Christ 169
Stanley, Arad Comstock 76
Stiffy, (Infant Daughter of Walter S.) 213
Stinson, (Infant Son of Frank O.) 231
Stocks, Bertha Jane 186
Stute, Mary Thresa 24
Surran, James Densmore 117
Talbot, Frank Albert 177
Teatsorth, Ghurnell 118
Thacker, John S. 56
Thompsen, Jacob 35
Throckmorton, Grace 25
Thurman, Isaac E. 78
Tou Velle, Susan M. 191
Townsend, C.V. 5
Trana, Peter A. 48
Trocksel, Rudolph 201
Unknown Adult Male (About 45) 95
Unknown Male (About 28) 54
von Ehwegen, John 13
Waldroof, Mrs. Francis M. 90
Walker, Danial J. 8
Walker, John P. 44
Walker, Mrs. Sina 21
Walters, Jennie Lind 202
Warner, Ebennezer 188
Watson, Relecta 203
Webber, Merle Lorin 226
Wee, Leon Fuue 2
Wells, Jonathan 112
White, Jane Elizabeth 71
Williams, Alfred Travis 85
Wilson, John David 205
Wimer, Hazel (Child of R.L.) 40
Winnes, Minnie Dell 18
Wolverton, Lucretia 130
Woodford, Eliza A. 122
Woody, Louann 51
Wright, Amy 176
Wright, John Elsworth 237
York, (Infant Daughter of W.J.) 210
Younger, Edna Anabell (Daughter of A.F.) 157
Younker, L. 182