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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1912)

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Below is an index to our 1912 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Adams, Lillie May 141
Adams, Lois Marjorie (Infant Daughter of B.A.) 184
Adkin, Bruce (Infant Son of Wm. A.) 27
Ahrens, Clara W. 32
Allen, Clara Eliza 163
Anderson, Charles T. 173
Anderson, Elic K. 40
Anderson, J.W.D. 85
Anderson, Sarah A. 220
Austin, Clinton Benjamin 76
Austin, Josephine Cordelia 166
Bagley, Marion Isabelle (Infant Daughter of William R.) 201
Bagley, Mary Emily 203
Bailey, Robert Johnston 28
Barden, Maud 187
Barrett, B.J. 58-A
Bartley, Nettie 20
Battle, (Infant Daughter of W.H.) 78
Bauten, Henry A. 6
Bean, Minnie B. 104
Bittner, E.T.A. 87
Blackburn, Mary I. (Daughter of R. L.) 49
Boardman, Charles A. 109
Boardman, Lydie E. 207
Boardman, Theresa J. 35
Bogdonavich, Louis 98
Boussman, Emma Belle 82
Boussum, Mabel Carrie (Infant Daughter of Samuel J.) 128
Boyd, Alexander Norris (Son of James) 3
Briscoe, Floyd (Infant Son of E.D.) 48
Brobeck, (Infant Daughter of Walter) 125-A
Bunnell, Philip Doodridge 22
Burnett, William Thomas 193
Burton, Grundy 92
Byrne, William C. 102
Carden, Le Roy 124
Carlock, William E. 181
Carter, Nancy 164
Caster, John Thorton (Son of John T.) 157
Chamberling, L. E. 210
Chapman, Annie Ries 29
Chapman, Lloyd S. (Son of William) 117
Clark, Edna Elizabeth 119
Cole, Stephen 13
Colvig, Addie B. 30
Conner, Walter Ernest 170
Conway, John 225
Cotterell, Charles P. 138
Cox, Joseph E. 38
Crixall, Mayne Isabelle 36
Crosby, Thomas Gorden 185
Croxall, Kennard (Infant Son of J.R.) 45
Daily, Marie (Daughter of James) 43
Davidson, Harriet Ann 120
Davis, Essie Doris (Daughter of Grant) 175
Davis, Olin C. 161
Denniston, Charles H. 146
Dickey, Cora Alice 115
Douglas, Frank A. 216
Dunford, Emma M. 154
East, Susan 199
Engert, Peter 149
Ennis, Frank 159
Ensele, Friederiecka 33
Esmond, Edward 143
Farrar, Sadie 177
Fass, Fern J. (Daughter of E.E.) 37
Ferguson, Chas. D. 51
Findley, Isaac 155
Frazier, William O. 111
Fredenburg, Nancy 55
Fredrick J. Rocho 15
Gillam, America E. 25
Goddard, O. Rena 12
Gould, Edward H. 129
Gowland, Della 112
Graham, Neil Ferguson 59
Gray, Zulieme M. 167
Grisez, Frank Augustus 194
Haldridge, Wisdsar D. 66
Hanson, Hilda S. 90
Harmon, C. Torrye 16
Harr, John P. 168
Hartley, Joel 93
Hawk, Franklin Augustus 178
Heatherly, Mark Marvin 110
Helman, Susan A. 121
Henline, William Henry 215
Henry, Alta Sadie 213
Henry, Anna Katherine 162
Hofner, Thodeus 95
Hooker, Audrey May (Daughter of Bert) 205
Hoover, Lawrence E. 137
Hornback, Mary E. 69
Hosmer, Nelson 145
Hubbard, Teressa McKee 73
Huffman, Howard Walter (Infant Son of Walter Thomas) 105
Hughes, Olander 91
Hurst, Margaret Frances 172
Inlaw, Ella Jane 144
Ireland, Edward Clark 74
Janney, Douglas Neal 136
Jeffery, George Ashley 147
Johnson, Martha A. 86
Johnston, Albert A. 148
Jones, Sarah E. 135
Keegan, Owen 1
Keever, Oliver M. 221
Kelts, Albert Ernest (Infant Son of J.A.) 10
Kennedy, Walter Morrison 113
King, Anna D. 96
King, David 62
Kingery, William H. 72
Kitto, Wm Curtis 61
Krause, Sophia 14
Kretzer, Christian 70
Lakovich, Louie 99
Landis, Martha Lorrow Wells 64
Laurentz, Martha M. 139
Lawhorn, Percey 31
Leavitt, Bertha 26
Lindley, John Franklin (Infant Son of Geo F.) 188
Linn, David 79
Litticoat, Thomas 81
Loomis, Lucian E. 202
Lywtaker, John T. 134
Manering, (Infant Son of Elmer) 217
Margreiter, John 122
Marshall, Ambrose 179
Mattis, John B. 83
Mayer, Marcus 171
McCall, Mary Elizabeth 191
McDarwell, Mike 153
McKenna, Chas. J. 52
McMurray, Cora E. 224
McNabb, John 24
Merrill, Emma (Infant Daughter of C.W.) 97
Merritt, Claud C. 9
Michels, Annie 126
Michels, Lewis A. 165
Miller, (Infant Son of A. H.) 214
Miller, J.S. 47
Miller, Kerby S. 182
Miller, Mable L. 219
Million, Kizzie 192
Mills, Delos R. 204
Mills, Wm. J. 41
Minkler, Frank L. (Son of Frank L.) 150
Minroe, Lulu E. 132
Moore, Frank B. 7
Morrison, William B. 140
Nelson, Neta (Daughter of F.F.) 46
Nyewaner, Riley 151
O'Brien, Philip A. 53
Oden, Emmeline 197
Offenbacher, Carrie 176
Patterson, William 108
Peateer, Gae D. 189
Peck, James A. 50
Penney, Emma F. 223
Peterson, William (Infant Son of Al) 208
Piatt, Douglas G. 60
Pool, Arthur 11
Rader, Soloman 211
Ramsey, Charles Walter 68
Reddy, Bridget 23
Ritter, Bessie C. 5
Robbins, Sarah 183
Rolfe, George 209
Rosenbaun, Alice Gladys 222
Ryan, James 100
Samuels, Jessie 169
Sanderson, Fredrick 114
Serve, Rev. Charles J. 130
Seymour, Walter J. (Son of Geo C.) 133
Shafer, John J. 4
Sheldon, Catherine Meguire 44
Sheridan, (Infant Son of John) 84
Sherwin, Angelene H. 190
Siemsen, William H. (Son of C.F.) 116
Simmons, John M. 101
Slewing, Robert R. 180
Smith, (Infant Daughter of V.O.N.) 54
Smith, Alice F. 94
Smith, John Noah 196
Smith, Joseph C. 218
Smith, Mary A. 77
Smith, Melford W. 212
Smith, Pheba Jane 19
Sommer, Arnold 80
Specia, Ferdand 160
Spencer, Willie (Son of Fred L.) 174
Spitzer, Clara E. 125-B
Stancliff, Perry W. 56
Steward, Delilah 106
Stinson, Oscer C. 21
Stone, Humphrey E. 107
Straube, Christina 158
Sutton, Permilia 63
Tee, Charles E. 65
Thatcher, Nettie 8
Thomas, Florence May (Daughter of Jesse) 75
Trask, Charles E. 186
Triplett, James George (Son of T.W.) 88
Tucker, H.A. 58-B
Tull, Albert B. 67
Turnbough, Donald Willis (Infant son of John) 152
Turner, Charles S. (Son of W.A.) 123
Tyler, James M. 206
Van Dyke, John Gilmore 198
Vickroy, Edward P. 18
Vincent, Wm Tagwell 142
Vissino, Emery 103
Walters, Chas. W. 89
Walz, Jacob S. 131
Ware, Harriett K. 200
Watson, Ella J. 2
Weaver, (Infant Daughter of E.C.) 39
Whisler, Clara Belle 195
White, (Infant Daughter of R.B.) 57
Whitsett, Wm. 71
Wilhite, Thomas Rollie 34
Wilker, Emilie Bertha (Infant Daughter of Rev. Conrad) 42
Winkler, Emma Arvilla 17
Wolgamott, (Infant Daughter of Z.) 127
Woodell, (Infant child of Claude) 156
Young, (Infant Son of M.F.) 118