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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1915)

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Below is an index to our 1915 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Adams, Sarah Pierson 168
Amy, Lydia 88
Anderson, Mary Lulu 101
Antoine, Louis 75
Archibald, George W. 158
Armstrong, Charotta 128
Bacan, Elmer J. 173
Bailey, A. Delbert 121
Baldwin, Marshall F. 151
Banholzer, Arnold 199
Banholzer, Arnold 200
Barker, Benton H. 153
Beall, Robert Vinton, Sr. 102
Beck, Aaron 13
Beekman, Cornelius C. 35
Belcher, Alec Milton 207
Bell, Mrs. Claudia 54
Beltz, Geo. C. 45
Bender, Peter A. 107
Berdan, Josephine I. 26
Biegel, August J. 181
Bissell, Benj. A. 157
Boardman, Jesse Tilman 109
Boosey, Wm. Josiah 84
Boyd, Liddie Pancell 159
Bracken, Maranda Jane 150
Brown, William M. 204
Bunce, Ann Eliza 42
Burgan, Charles D. 149
Burger, Josephine 93
Caine, Ruben Thomas 97
Cameron, Verena 8
Carlile, John H. 55
Carpenter, Emily L. 25
Chance, John 146
Clark, Benjamin 117
Cochran, Eliza A. 77
Coffin, Albert R. 95
Colebourne, Thomas 206
Cook, John 185
Cope, Susie 4
Cotter, Sarah Emeline 191
Cox, Geo. 98
Cox, Jame Wallace 27
Cress, James W. 86
Cutburth, Sally Ann 116
Daley, Rachel Ann 193
Darling, William Edward 203
Davis, Edward Butler 28
Davis, Mary Jane 189
Davis, Thomas S. 118
De Voe, Duane Darwin (Son of Claude A.) 190
Deardorf, Issac 122
Dennis, Caroline E. 100
Dick, Josephine 11
Dodge, Ira C. 40
Donaldson, Robert A. 194
Dons, Nancy Jane 172
Downing, John Hodge 210
Dozier, Francis J. 155
Dunlap, Etta Catherine 90
Dusenberry, Alfred Oliver (Son of Joseph C.) 141
Ellis, Jennie 201
Fairman, W.R. 89
Farrer, Annie 174
Fesler, Mary 52
Flynn, A. L. 163
Fredenburg, Alves (Infant Daughter of W.J.) 144
Fredenburg, Mary Ann M. 197
Freeberg, Louise C. 140
Freeman, Kitty V. 127
Freeman, Vivian 81
Frey, Harry Albert 129
Fry, Jacob G. 209
Good, Danial A. 53
Graham, Charles Edwin 208
Greenfield, William 182
Guthe, Karl Adolf Eugen 135
Hale, Sarah Brown 137
Hammersly, George Rainey 47
Hards, James 20
Hazelwood, James M. 125
Hendrickson, Mrs. Lizzie 131
Henry, Edward 211
Hevener, Mary C. Denison 62
Hicken, Peater J. 50
Hickok, Jasper (Infant Son of C.F.) 192
Hicks, John W. 187
Hodges, Samuel Thomas 110
Holmes, Corydon W. 57
Homes, Fredrick C. 44
Hough, Curran Alonzo 18
Howard, Famy 68
Hughes, Clarance L. 43
Hughes, Emma 71
Hunt, Lydia F. 14
Jackson, George A. 103
Jansen, Emma 145
Kennedy, Saddie 46
Knowles, Westley Raymond 164
Lacy, Emma J. 19
Lampa, Henry 154
Lance, Esther 48
Lay, James Johnston 183
Lee, Lucinda 32
Lewis, Henrey 33
Lewman, John Albert (Infant Son of Thomas) 10
Lindquest, Janas 16
Little, Charles Henry 170
Lory, Mrs. Michall 162
Marsh, Florence B. 36
Martin Sarah E. 169
Martin, H. Frank 202
Mathes, Laskie J. 66
McCabe, Lucinda 120
McCrillis, Martin V. 165
McDonald, Flavious S. 23
Merrill, Carel E. 114
Merriman, George F. 166
Metz, Henry 91
Million, Ursula 74
Miner, Edgar Elwell 180
Mitsumori, Seisaki 112
Moore, Henry 6
Moore, Lewis W. 72
Morris (Infant Son of F.G.) 126
Morrison, Elisabath Culbertson 21
Morrow, Robert G. 160
Moseley, Mrs. Josephine 29
Mosher, Mary B. 177
Murphy, Elizabeth Estella 85
Neathamer, Joshua 133
Nelson, William 70
Nicholson, Chas. T. 69
Noblit, Joseph 17
Normile, Patrick 111
Orchard, Christina 156
Osenbrugge, Ferdinand 108
Palmer, Florence Agusta 176
Patch, Vernon Mathew 56
Patrick, Mary A. 82
Patterson, Stewart 94
Payne, David D. 124
Perry, Theoteste Milanie 195
Peter, Eli N. 171
Pierce, Pitt P. 106
Pierson, John 179
Poffenbarger, Harry H. (Infant Son of E. Otto) 83
Poole, Alza A. 67
Prim, Effie Bybee 161
Provost, Emma Francis 22
Rather, Thomas A. 87
Reame, David Barber 113
Reddy, Thos. F. 205
Rhodes, Libbie 5
Roberts, Allen C. 51
Rockfellow, Albert T. 58
Rose, David Charles 184
Rose, Margery Elaine (Daughter of Chas.) 59
Saltmarsh, Clarinda Ellen 136
Saltmarsh, Lee 1
Schulz, Augusta 152
Scobey, Elinor Elizabeth (Daughter of G.H.) 39
Scott, Eva Maud 37
Sergent, Sarah Eunice 123
Shaddock, Elizabeth 132
Shaver, Pamelia A. 105
Shikuma, Herry 24
Silsby, Albion W. 96
Simmons, Johanna 3
Simons, Leah Frances 15
Sloan, Marion L. 138
Smith, Charles 80
Smith, Edward Nelsen 76
Smith, Thornton 73
Smithpeter, Mrs. Ina E. 49
Stacey, Alphonso L. 147
Stought, Sarah Ann 38
Stover, A. P. 31
Stowell, Frank Marion 142
Strang, Romeo D. 104
Swers, Isaac 163
Swinson, Fred Prescott 139
Taggart, Roy James 119
Taylor, Jos. Henry 61
Taylor, Mrs. Phoebe 78
Thomason, Chas. Edward 9
Thompson, Mathew S. 34
Thornton, Mrs. Cathrvine Elizabeth 79
Tibbils, Charles 178
Tice, Mrs. Jane 65
Tomlin, Margaret Ely 63
Torrence, Samul J. 143
True, Marth Elizabeth 92
Tryer, Carl Elsworth (Infant Son of Marion) 41
Turner, Mary Ellen 30
Van Buskirk, Alexis (Infant Son of Charles) 188
VanDyke, Sarah Stewart 12
Waite, Lewis A. 186
Walls, Edith 99
Warner, John Wesley 148
Webb, W. J. 175
Whitney, Jennie 64
Williams, Kate 134
Willis, William D. 198
Wilson, Fanny 196
Wilson, James Ambrose 130
Wilson, Joseph Lee 7
Wilson, Oscar 167
Wood, Wm R. 60
Wycoff, Edna M. (Daughter of R. A.) 2
York, J. W. 115