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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1916)

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Below is an index to our 1916 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Ella 66
Abbott, John William 117
Adams, Kenneth Charles (Infant Son of Elmar) 203
Adamson, Reah Adele (Daughter of George) 168
Alden, Charles H. 199
Amick, Myrtle Alice 69
Applegate, Margaret Ratcliff 61
Applegate, Petter 49
Ashworth, Robert 1
Austin, Anna 17
Austin, H. T. 219
Bailey, Mary E. 16
Bamtt, Donald (Infant Son of David) 109
Barber, Sarah Jane 23
Barnes, Rachel J. 55
Barr, Thomas M. 149
Beach, Baldwin 30
Beer, Fanny F. 131
Bell, Olive Rebecca 48
Beltey, Mrs. Mary 111
Bender, Elizabeth 243
Bennett, (Infant Son of M. A.) 93
Berg, Ture 187
Bilderback, Grant W. (Infant Son of Grant) 135
Bingham, Clara A. 220
Bjerregaard, Olaff 248
Blackburn, Earl Edwin (Son of L.E.) 6
Bohn, August 79
Bradney, Abner 125
Briggs, Franc 239
Brown, Rexana 164
Buerstatte, Marie 147
Bullis, Sarah Potter 237
Bunnell, Freeman Worthley 7
Butler, John 201
Caldwell, John Alexander 98
Campbell, Richard C. (Son of C.D.) 101
Carlile, Sarah Elizabeth 143
Carney, John 78
Carpenter, Aaron F. 77
Cartwright, Lester Harold (Son of W.F.) 10
Cassidy, Joe 31
Chappell, Sarah A. 24
Chisholm, Donald Hugh Fletcher (Son of William P.) 90
Chisholm, Margaret Rebecca 28
Clyde, William 121
Coggins, (Infant Son of Wm. E.) 68
Collins, (Infant Twin Sons of Samuel C.) 8
Collins, Leah M. 34
Connors, Mary E. 102
Cook, Frederick H. 229
Cook, Robert 151
Cooper, Eugene (Infant Son of E.W.) 145
Corbett, John Leslie 25
Cox, Thomas G. 92
Cunningham, Cushman 169
Cunningham, Sarah Alice 221
Cunningham, Sarah R. 44
Daley, Adoniram J. 14
Danford, Thomas 146
Davis, (Infant Son of Wm. Henry) 202
Davis, Charles Scott 9
Davis, Elzy Jay 148
Denahoe, Mrs Mary Anna 194
Dietrick, Vernon Elow (Infant Son of Edwin Gilbert) 80
Dodge, Fred Lester 204
Doran, Margaret La Rose (Daughter of John Herbert) 32
Dusenbury, Frank Lee (Infant Son of L. R.) 49
Eaton, Harriet Eliza Goff 33
Ebe, Joseph Milton 240
Edgington, Robert P. 138
Edwards, Clara Corneluis 210
Eggers, Mrs. Daisy 244
Eicher, Ursal Grace (Daughter of Charley) 45
Enney, Margaret M. 233
Enyart, Pierson S. 123
Erickson, Charles Anton 120
Evans, Marie Julia 196
Farlow, William Perry 62
Farrar, Emily Birch 129
Felch, Frank A. 113
Fisk, Geo. Vernon (Infant Son of Geo. N.) 43
Flagg, (Infant Daughter of William) 126
Foutch, Robert B. 188
Fowler, Darius Emery 205
Fowler, William 153
Frazee, John Squire 167
Frierson, Amelia P. 206
Gallatin, Rudolph 228
Garrison, Edith Gertrude (Daughter of C.F.) 181
Garrison, Joseph F. 97
Gere, Fred Elmer 242
Gilmore, Lucy 41
Goble, Horace 104
Goodridge, Emory Langdon 165
Goudy, William S. 247
Graves, Gerrod Elisha 29
Gray, Mary Elizabeth 225
Gruver, Carrie Paine 182
Hall, Edmond Arnold 212
Hall, Jasper N. 189
Hammersly, Martha Jane 218
Harrell, David H. 127
Harrison, Grant Henry 124
Helms, Gerald Leon (Son of O. P.) 76
Henry, John Jacob 95
Herrin, John Stephenson 172
Hill, Daniel 236
Horn, John A. 192
Horn, William Matthew 134
Hosler, William Henry 215
Hotchkiss, Roland Romeo 174
Hull, Edgar E. 54
Ingledue, William K. 59
Jack, Ruby Florence (Daughter of Wilfred C.) 141
Jacobs, Mrs. May 84
Johnson, Coyl LaVern (Son of Coyl A.) 180
Johnson, Marvin Albert (Infant Son of Roscoe A.) 230
Johnston, Martha M. 234
Jones, Floyd Gilbert 56
Jones, Jefferson Henley 81
Kasshafer, Frank 122
Kendell, Anna Maria 26
Kennedy, Walter Morrison 67
Kincaid, Robert Milton 207
Kincaid, Robert Milton 227
Kincheloe, Lawrence O. 200
Kinnicutt, William Walter 226
Kneeland, Harriet Permelia 72
Kribs, Charles Cramer 94
Kunkel, John David (Infant Son of Chas. D.) 96
Larkin, James M. 216
Larsen, Caroline 139
Lee, Caroline Elizabeth 19
Leighton, Robert 40
Loder, Dorris (Daughter of Frank) 47
Lynch, George T., Jr. 115
Mapple, Mrs. Anna 63
Martin, Joseph Gist 176
McArdell, Fred 53
McClain, Jane 21
McClaren, Horace Ervine Crandall 73
McDonald, William Wallace 57
McKibben, Bessie Genevive 208
McLeod, Gertrude H. 160
McNair, James 162
Mears, Henry A. 241
Mego, Ida Alice 166
Miller, Carl Edwin (Son of Joe) 150
Miller, Geo. Wash. 133
Miller, John Charles 52
Miller, Warren C. 91
Mills, Sarah Frances 85
Minkler, Levi J. 137
Moore, James Herbert (Infant Son of Frank M.) 144
Moore, John A. 116
Moore, Rebecca 186
Morgan, Nettie L. 82
Morine, Albert 136
Morris, Ulla S. 87
Morse, Edwin B. 74
Muggy, Angeline 177
Murphy, Samual 46
Murry, William 142
Myers, (Infant Son of S.A.) 235
Neff, Tomass J. 211
Neil, Ellis Jacob 119
Newton, Wm. M. 100
Nicholson, Dency Elizabeth 154
Norris, Ella May (Daughter of J. R.) 38
Nunan, Jeremiah 114
O'Neil, Mary Elizabeth 179
Ossman, Henry Harrison 224
Otto, Albert Herman 36
Payne, William 158
Pearson, Mitchell 103
Peart, Lucindia Iowa 159
Peppard, James H. 175
Perrine, Keziah C. 51
Perry, Charles Edward 170
Pierce, Harriet C. 238
Pitz, Veta Eliza (Infant Daughter of Henry) 64
Plymale, Louis Harding 246
Powell, Arthur Edward (Son of Arthur Edward) 193
Rapp, Martha E. 75
Reame, Mrs. Lizzie L. 5
Richardson, Jesse 190
Richardson, Norma Lewine (Infant Daughter of Grant) 213
Rickert, Mrs. Frances E. 65
Rodgers, Floyd 132
Rogers, Corolyn M. 173
Rogers, John Wallace 20
Rosenberg, Samuel 184
Ross, Mary E. 58
Saunders, Leona Anna 18
Scott, George W. 197
Sealoff, Mary Feneta (Infant Daughter of Herman E.) 222
Shaver, Wm. H. 12
Shew, Geo. F. 161
Short, Harold Vernon (Infant Son of Vernon) 27
Sidley, Ellen 11
Smith, Ada Belle 223
Smith, Dewey Laverne 245
Smith, Edgar Emerson 198
Smith, Elmer Emerson (Son of Elmer) 217
Smith, Godlep J. 152
Smith, Mary Jennie 214
Snider, Danatha May (Infant Daughter of O. E.) 22
Snook, Allice Amilia (Infant Daughter of Frank M.) 88
Sooysmith, William 60
Sorensen, Wilhelm 105
St. John, Mrs Maud Butterfield 191
Starkey, Ethel Grace 130
Stephenson, George Washington 70
Stevenson, Gertrude 112
Stevenson, Nora E. 118
Strahan, Robert Alexander 171
Surron, Mary Emeline 2
Sutton, John 50
Tarvin, Emma 157
Thorndike, John Hall 183
Tucker, Luther Boyd 110
Turnen, Charles 140
Upton, Martha A. 209
Vaughn, Lenora 13
Vaughn, Lenora 15
Vawter, Wm. Ira 37
Wagner, Werner Herbert (Infant Son of Werner) 89
Walker, Eva Isabel 39
Wamsley, Mabel Jennie 231
Webber, Wilma Eleanor (Infant Daughter of William L.) 86
Webster, John 108
Weinberger, Gertrude (Daughter of B.R.) 163
Wendt, Henry 232
West, James Eugene (Son of Clinton E.) 128
Wilkerson, Mary J. 83
Willey, Arthur Albert 71
Williams, Elmira Adeline 106
Wilson, Samuel Isaac 42
Wilson, Sarah Jane 35
Winkel, Mary Ann 99
Wise, Clyde 107
Wiseman, Mary A. 178
Withington, Holbrook 185
Woolsincroft, Eliza 4
Wright, (Infant Daugher ot M.C.) 156
Wyant, Benjamin T. 195
Zimmerlee, William 33