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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1917)

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Below is an index to our 1917 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Minnie Chase 125
Ackley, Lorenzo Dow 135
Alden, Rev. Willis 132
Allen, Gorden Charles (Son of Morgan) 217
Allen, Mrs. Lola Estella 242
Angle, William 45
Arnold, Orpha Wells 41
Ashcroft, Lynn D. (Infant Son of Elmer) 58
Atterbury, Angus William 27
Baer, Ralph Bennett 95
Bailey, Thomas 220
Baily, Francis M. 161
Baker, Mary Ella 86
Band, Alix 38
Barnette, Charles (Infant Son of Guy) 146
Baron, John Henry 166
Baughman, Etta May (Infant Daughter of George) 179
Beagle, Virginia 206
Beale, George W. 109
Beeson, Emmett 6
Bender, Hiram 25
Benedict, Esther 96
Benson, Frank L. 140
Bosye, Charles H. 138
Bouchet, Placide 148
Boyd, Velma Louise (Infant Daughter of Wm. E.) 253
Boyer, Otho C. 84
Bradbury, Noah B. 118
Breese, Irene 56
Brobeck, Geo. R. 195
Brown, Burton T. 165
Brown, Estella B. 106
Brown, Ozro Thomas 128
Brown, Viola 90
Brurin, Harry 239
Buchanan, Sarah Jane 67
Buckley, Mary 133
Bunnell, Nancy Caroline 26
Burch, Robert E. Lee 122
Byrum, William Riley 163
Cameron, Katherine V. 245
Cammeron, Lloyd V. (Son of W.L.) 147
Campbell, Myrtle May 12
Carlton, S. Adolphus 153
Carter, John A. 36
Caster, John T. 259
Cavin, Allen B. 103
Chapman, Daniel 197
Chase, George A. 205
Cheesman, Urania 75
Chittenden, Albert C. 177
Claxten, George William 83
Clute, Lizzie Rena 80
Cole, Mrs. Nancy G. 248
Colman, Alfred 267
Conley, (Infant Daughter of Clayton M.) 112
Cottrell, David Elmer 152
Courtney, Kenneth Robert (Infant Son of Samuel H.) 167
Creighton, Amanda 151
Crews, Hannah Marande 110
Crowder, Leath (Daughter of Robert) 233
Culver, Margaret 10
Cummings, Janet 180
Curtiss, Caroline 211
Curtiss, Joseph Horace 113
Davidson, J.M. 68
Davis, Marshall T. 194
Davis, Ruth Van Dyke 198
Dicksen, John Murphy 268
Drumhill, Maggie P. 30
Dyer, Lloyd Alpheous 224
Eagon, Levi Marvin 14
Earles, Desdamona 212
Eliasen, Ruth Leanore (Infant Daughter of Ross) 271
Emerick, Sarah Elizabeth 257
Emery, Frances Mabel 111
Engle, George 43
Ewer, Adell 129
Farrer, Charles Warren 202
Felch, John Henry 168
Fletcher, Wm. 114
Flint, Warren 108
Ford, R.P. 46
Fredenburg, James Isaac 137
Frideger, Mrs. Sucinda 229
Frost, Grace Eva 66
Frost, Kyle (Infant Son of Richard) 20
Fry, Sarah Gobie 91
Gall, Christopher Columbus 236
Goble, Anna A. 119
Goodale, Randilla 187
Gorden, Margarete 15
Greene, Carrie O. 71
Grim, David 156
Grisez, Margaret 143
Hall, Albert A. 123
Hansen, Maybelle 92
Harnish, Susana Elvira 201
Harrell, Piera 150
Hatfield, Frank B. 82
Hazelrigg, Eliza Ann 144
Headlee, Edgar Glenwood 88
Henry, Charles Auguest 51
Herford, (Infant Son of J.C.) 93
Higinbotham, Susie 189
Higinbothem, Thomas Benton 238
Holmes, Wilber Blackman 174
Holst, Juennesse (Daughter of John D.) 69
Hooker, James Leonard 47
Howard, Martha B. 97
Hueners, Christina 62
Huley, Frederika R. 9
Hull, Benjamin E. 235
Hull, William (Son of Fred P.) 37
Huls, John 263
Humphrey, William T. 59
Huston, Lidia S. 4
Johnson, Russell B. 16
Johnson, Thomas J. 8
Jones, Elizabeth V. 105
Jones, Even L. 209
Jones, Sarah 199
Kaiser, Mary Anne 182
Kent, James 149
Kerby, Charles P. 181
Kerby, Tolie Guy 269
Kinney, Mary Elizabeth 117
Klippels, Jacob 98
Knutzen, Leona 232
Koester, Lucinda Ann 231
Koyama, Sadamu (Infant Son of Joe) 22
Laack, Carl 230
Langford, Guilford J. 52
Leach, Sadie Leo 261
Lee, Etta Ella 85
Leffler, Thomas Maywood 264
Leslie, Archibald Henry 204
Lewis, Alfred 162
Lewis, Edwin H. 258
Lindley, Nolo Milton 170
Lindsay, Margaret 219
Lundberg, Victor Hugo 240
Lynch, George Henry 243
Lynch, Lehman Gail (Son of T.M.) 237
Lyon, Cora Etta 203
Margreiter, John D. 53
Marsh, Denver 164
Martin, Alice M. Sedgwick 121
Martin, Wm. S. 158
Mattingly, James 142
Mayham, Rachel 157
McGalligat, Dennis 72
McGee, Laura Belle 226
McKee, Fort A. 76
McKeen, Mrs. Sarah M. 5
McLeod, Ellen J. 28
Mee, James W. 89
Merriman, Artinecia 7
Meyer, Mary Amanda 249
Michel, Dora 127
Mickey, Alllen Guy 252
Miller, Charles D. 73
Miller, David Henry 35
Million, Joseph T. 42
Mills, Edward James (Adopted) 256
Miltenberger, Mrs. Julia C. 70
Mitchell, Horace Vernin (Son of Horace V.) 39
Moore, Mary Louise 185
Morris, Sarah E. 102
Morris, William M. 44
Muller, Robert Lloyd (Son of Robert) 188
Murray, Mary Elizabeth 2
Murtaugh, John 78
Nah, Ng 250
Neil, James Russell 260
Nelson, Lind 207
Nelson, Olaf Nicolas 222
Newman, Albert E. 234
Noonon, Mary A. 57
Norton, Everett S. 134
Nuttall, Elizabeth 31
Nygren, August 116
Oatman, Frank Benjamin 34
Osborn, Ebenizer V. 169
Ostrom, Charles 255
Owings, Jesse James (Son of Geo. P.) 210
Pankey, Mrs. Effie 208
Pankey, Nancy Jane 87
Peck, Leuella M. 99
Percival, Albert E.J. 60
Perry, George William 254
Peterson, John 173
Plymate, June (Infant Daughter of M.E.) 94
Potter, Ralph Erwin 251
Powell, Rosannah Ann 183
Price, William Elias 193
Pruett, Charles Allen 246
Purdy, Samuel Pressley 265
Ragsdale, John Lee 139
Raimey, Edwin Franklin 74
Redifer, Ada Hannah 184
Reid, Esther J. 63
Rhodes, Cecil (Son of A.R.) 100
Ritter, Myrtle Mary (Infant Daughter of John Jacob) 262
Robertson, James W. 130
Robinsen, George 191
Robinson, Wm. 23
Rumsey, Burtis H. 21
Rush, John Henry (Infant Son of F.L.) 216
Sayle, Ray F. 176
Sears, William 107
Shidiler, John H. 159
Shoults, Ella Jane 13
Showalter, Silas Gideon 160
Silva, Frank Joseph 266
Skaggs, Mrs. Sarah A. 77
Smack, John Vincent 17
Smith, Joseph R. 126
Smith, Levi H. 154
Speyer, Benjamin R. 29
Stacy, Abbie Elizabeth 190
Stein, Julius 104
Stephensen, Emma Alta 124
Stephenson, Henery 247
Stewart, Joseph McDonald 228
Stewart, William H. 11
Stoaks, Charles Peter 49
Storm, Ella B. 32
Stover, Dorris Morgie (Daughter of Walter S.) 40
Swartzfager, Dora May 171
Tederick, Harold Leroy (Infant Son of Clarance C.) 54
Thomas, Illtid William 24
Thomas, Mary K. 172
Thompson, Isaac L. 65
Thrasher, Nancy V. 131
Tiffany, Genevieve 196
Tilton, Grace Stafford 64
Tucker, James P. 221
Tuffs, Reginald L. 225
Tull, Edward Smith 178
Van Liere, Teddy Lee (Infant Son of W.) 200
Van Nice, Lucinda Jane 115
Van Tassel, George I. 55
Vincent, Elizabeth 101
Wallace, Norris 241
Ward, Mary Eliza 81
Warner, Harriet Malinda 48
Waterman, Jane 175
Waters, Nancy Ellen 61
Weaver, (Infant Son of Earll C.) 33
Webb, Albert Thedore (Son of Thedore) 218
Webb, George 79
Webster, Alma Talbot 50
Weedon, Thomas H. 141
Welch, Mark P. (Infant Son of Harley) 19
Wells, James F. 223
Wells, John W. 155
Weren, Eric 145
White, Ellen Lorena 244
White, Julie Fern 227
White, Mattie May 120
Wiley, Sabra 3
Wilhite, Elias D. 270
Wilkinson, Merritt 1
Williams, Catherine 186
Williams, Jerome D. 192
Wong, Wong 18
Woolf, Mrs. Eva Dora 213
Wright, Rozetta Caroline 215
Yant, Ezra B. 136
Yeago, Angelo 214