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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1918)

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Below is an index to our 1918 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Allen, Emma Marria 64
Andersen, Verna Leona 126
Appelhoff, Nellie Ellen 202
Applegate, Ivan Decater 257
Archer, Margarete (Daughter of Wm.) 239
Arnold, Elizabeth 29
Arthur, John Wm. 181
Bailey, Mary Emma 172
Barnum, William Henry 184
Baughman, Henry Carlton 240
Beagle, William Thomas 133
Beck, Louise 132
Beeler, Charles Van Laudingham 39
Bell, Angie Elizabeth 30
Bell, Kirk B. 96
Bellinger, John H. 236
Bezold, Edna I. 187
Bezold, William Leonard 183
Bezold, William Loern (Son of W.L.) 186
Bielitz, Paul 76
Bishop, Matie Arlene 9
Bjerregaard, Julius 22
Blakely, Lloyd Herbert 227
Blakely, Pearl P. 237
Bliss, Amos 62
Boon, (Infant Daughter of Geo. A.) 12
Bostwick, Veronica Caroline 199
Boussum, Lord Roy 131
Boyden, Henry E. 228
Boyer, Andrew S. 174
Branam, Helen Francis (Daughter of L.L.) 242
Brown, Freeman A. 97
Buckhart, Rex Lamar (Infant Son of Claude) 67
Buckmaster, Frank Lewis 229
Bunnell, Ella May 266
Burnett, Frank A. 159
Burroughs, Grant 244
Butts, Festus 4
Cabler, Julia 95
Callahan, John Francis (Infant Son of John E.) 65
Cameron, Anna 79
Canwell, Jermaih 56
Cardwell, Etta 221
Carlson, Eric M. 211
Carlton, Jennie 258
Carpenter, Lovina S. 80
Carpenter, Walter W. 102
Casey, Mary F. 120
Cavin, Lulu (Daughter of Wm. J.) 70
Chapman, Percy 238
Chittenden, America E. 166
Churchill, Hanmer D. 70
Clark, Charles Rufus 208
Clemens, Elizabeth 262
Cleveland, Volney 82
Cochran, Edgar Louis 87
Coggins, Bessie (Infant Daughter of William E.) 45
Cole, Ella Mae 141
Cook, Samuel A. 155
Croft, Henry Harris 122
Culy, Alice 246
Cusick, Maurine Jewel (Daughter of J.C.) 42
Dart, Elizabeth Porter 83
Dawson, Thos. Benton 148
Day, David L. 85
Diess, Kizzy Ellen 190
Dinkens, Ruth Priscilla 35
Dole, Kate 204
Downing, Lorena 167
Dubell, Adial Telghman 253
Easterling, Gracie 203
Eaton, Lelia 124
Edler, Mary 75
Edmeads, Thomas 2
Edwards, Matild Jane 259
Emerson, Andrew Jackson 129
Enyeart, Frank Emery 69
Erickson, Joseph Stanley 231
Erskine, (Infant Son of Walter M.) 188
Everitt, Irma 73
Field, Alfred U. 92
Fielder, Mary Elizabeth 6
Fifer, James Robert 260
Firestone, Loretus 267
Foss, John 245
Freuer, Sidney 247
Fry, Stella 176
Gaines, Alma Agnes (Infant Daughter of Orville Henry) 158
Gateley, William H. 113
Gherkin, William Howard 219
Gill, Claud Hughs 248
Graham, June Moor 223
Grant, Lina Urana 91
Green, Roy Elmer 207
Grisez, Mary Catherine 71
Grubb, John Larkin 63
Gudmanson, Royal Leaf 61
Hainter, Henrietta C. 31
Hale, Mrs. Emma Alice 185
Harding, James 54
Haskins, Helen Lawton 171
Hastings, Laura Elkins 241
Hastings, Rice Wilson 224
Hedgpeth, Addie Winifred 232
Hemstritt, Annetta Fulton 145
Hendrick, Francis 205
Henshaw, Richard Davis 37
Hersey, Annie S. 50
Hesselgrave, George Nelson 212
Hicks, John Marshall 19
Hiff, August 60
Higginbotham, Jacob E. 114
Hitchcock, Charles Grevernor 115
Hodges, Isora Luellen 72
Hoefft, Elizabeth 150
Hoefft, Karl 21
Hogue, Patterson N. 128
Holden, John F. 40
Holst, Mary F.J. 130
Hosley, Charles Henry 17
Hurd, Gertrude M. 108
Hurt, Joseph Garlant 51
Jacobs, Charles J. 111
Johnson, (Infant Son of Ottis) 179
Johnston, Paul B. (Son of Thos. W.) 195
Jones, Eliagae 268
Justus, Geo. R. 177
Kelly, Herbert Westen 153
Kirshbaum, Mary G. 168
Kish, Evaline A. 217
Kleinhammer, Frances Ann 135
Knauer, Carl Diedrick 100
Knauer, Sophie Siegmund 139
Lee, Alta Pearl 233
Loder, Frances Elizabeth (Daughter of Frank) 143
Lofland, Everett (Son of P.D.) 225
Lowrey, Charles 218
Lydiard, Mrs. Lola Fay Hough 255
Lynch, Thomas Mellvin 94
Maize, Margaret DeSheng (Daughter of E.H.) 23
Maness, Anna 142
Martin, Jane 249
Martinez, Mena (Infant Daughter of Francisco) 263
Mastier, Harold Burten 144
Matthews, William H. 112
Maxedon, Ruth 99
McDonald, James A. 140
McKee, William H. 36
Merritt, James Edward 250
Miers, Georgia Anna 197
Milam, Emma Elizabeth 103
Miller, Frederick Edward, Jr.(Son of Frederick Edward) 16
Miller, Sarah M. 11
Monroe, Sarah 201
Morey, John A. 170
Mori, Takuji 234
Murphy, Clyde C. (Son of J.J.) 5
Murray, Samuel H. 156
Myers, Samuel Austin 1
Neil, Gerald Loosley (Son of Fred R.) 157
Neville, Henry Julien 33
Nicholl, Matilda D. 93
O'Brien, Susie Leda 104
O'Hara, Lena Mary 206
Olson, Mahala Ann 90
Ord, Alonzo 13
Otto, Julius 193
Parker, Lucinda 49
Patterson, Joyce Arelene (Infant Daughter of Dexter E.) 101
Patton, Willie Veronica 89
Payne, James Wm. 198
Payne, Lyman E. 127
Peart, Charles William 121
Penney, Stephen A. 154
Pericich, Pete 78
Perry, Edward 261
Perry, Ida 147
Plumerth, Maria E.H. 265
Plymale, Dr. John Turley 98
Poley, Joseph 116
Porter, Caroline Elizabeth 20
Provost, Marie Ann Helen 28
Ramsby, Ephriam B. 264
Redden, Leventine C. 32
Reddy, Martin J. 256
Rhodes, Clyde 151
Richardson, George Henry 243
Richardson, Jeannette Catherine (Daughter of Samuel) 235
Riebe, Cora Evelyn 24
Ritter, Mary Ellen 173
Roberts, Robert 47
Roberts, Robert C. 44
Robinson, Estella M. 222
Robinson, Lilah G. 192
Rogers, Jennie Cloe 18
Rogers, Levi W. 182
Roseberry, Mary Ann 175
Ross, Louis Granville 251
Royse, Wm. H. 136
Rutledge, James 58
Sander, Mary Agnes (Daughter of W.G.) 88
Schulz, Ida Clara (Daughter of Max) 52
Scott, Warren 77
Seymen, George (Infant Son of Theodore) 164
Shang, Fong To 123
Shaw, Mary Ann 66
Silser, Harold Albert 214
Silva, Ester 107
Sisty, John 220
Skenns, Lorane Mildred (Daughter of J.J.) 119
Slaughter, J.A. Thomas 137
Smith, Harry Seeley 10
Smith, John Andrews 152
Smith, Josiephine 209
Smith, Robert Leland (Infant Son of Leroy) 194
Soliss, Daniel Bleanves 117
Spencer, Thelma (Infant Daughter of Lester) 146
Sperry, Mary Ann 74
Stannard, Edward Merrill 68
Stannard, George Turner 180
Stansbie, Warren G. 210
Stearns, Amanda 81
Stennett, Charles 226
Stickel, Hunter Lynch 41
Stickel, Orpha R. 215
Stille, Elizabeth 84
Stout, Carl David 252
Stover, Joel 86
Stream, Peter E. 109
Stremming, Anna Belle 55
Stroinski, John 178
Sullivan, Helen Jane 59
Svendsen, Niels Clemmen 8
Swanson, Charles A. 138
Tarener, Mary Elizabeth 110
Taylor, Rolan Hobert (Infant Son of Leon C.) 106
Taylor, Stephen Peabody 165
Terrill, Lucy 213
Thriadgoued, Mrs. Ann 46
Tripp, Maria L. 14
True, (Infant Daughter of Chas.) 200
Tull, Virginia Mary (Infant Daughter of Chas.) 160
Unknown (African Male about 65 years old) 149
Van Scoy, William Thomas 58
Walker, Evelyn L. 161
Wamsley, George Harlan 163
Warner, Lymon B. 3
Warner, Mova May 53
Watson, Hamilton Smith 105
Wattenberg, John Frederic 189
Wells, S. Orion 254
Weston, Anna Marie 7
Wheeler, Sarah Ann 57
Whetstone, Hannah Harriott 43
White, Elizabeth Hunter 34
White, James Thomas 230
White, John 26
Wilkins, Charlotte Bronte Pracht 134
Wilkison, Samantha E. 125
Williams, Ella 118
Williams, John M. 169
Williams, Mary E. 27
Williamson, Janet 162
Wilson, Mrs. Lucinda 38
Withrow, Blanche 191
Withrow, Darrell William (Son of Wm.) 196
Wooley, Christopher 202
Wooley, Margaret 48
Yeats, Abraham 15
Yokum, Ida May 216
Zimmerman, Charles H. 25