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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1919)

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Below is an index to our 1919 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Gladys Lillian (Daughter of L.A.) 38
Adamson, (Infant Son of Lula) 41
Adkins, Benjamen Franklin 104
Anderson, Caroline Winefred 171
Anderson, George E. 71
Applegate, Meda L. 175
Armstrong, James 75
Ashpole, Mrs. Otilla Eliza 167
Baker, (Infant Son of Jasper J.) 39
Bartlett, Emma Jane 236
Beasley, Glenn O. 170
Bellinger, Caroline 212
Betz, August 182
Bigham, Mollie D. 162
Black, Ruth Edna (Daughter of Lee) 126
Borde, Wenzel (Son of Albert) 79
Bower, Elam P. 77
Bradshaw, Dellilah Allen 16
Brandenburg, James 25
Brown, Floyd M. 224
Brown, Lloyd Philip (Son of Luther) 116
Bunch, Baker Neubia 210
Butler, Basil N. 129
Calder, Richard Webster (Son of Richard James) 76
Carlton, Robert A. 88
Cavin, Guy Neal (Infant Son of W.J.) 196
Cendrey, Sarah Lou 105
Chaney, William Franklin 193
Clary, Charles F. 89
Clevenger, Silas Marion 156
Coleman, Kenneth Dale (Son of Grant) 9
Cook, Robert Andrew 50
Cooper, Plinn 19
Counts, James Carroll 217
Craddock, Iona Blanche (Daughter of Wm.) 183
Craddock, Vashti 176
Cranston, Elizabeth 141
Crawley, Silvia (Daughter of Dennis) 136
Creany, James 96
Crouch, Edna E. 102
Culbertson, Ivan James 153
Culy, Permelia Nebraska 199
Daney, J.A. 203
Danford, Barbara Jene (Infant Daughter of Beecher) 23
Davidson, Velma 155
Davis, Charles Edward 111
Davis, Chas 133
Davis, Geo. Norman 26
Day, Bessie June 115
Day, Myrtle B. 78
DeJarnatt, Evie 44
Densmore, Joseph M. 80
DePeatt, Antonette 205
Dickersen, Elise Perdicizet 2
Dickey, Eve Ellen 12
Dinwiddie, Elizabeth 20
Dox, Henry G. 186
Dusenbery, Margaret (Infant Daughter of Calvin L.) 45
Ellis, (Infant Son of Orin James) 206
Elmore, Thaddeus W. 74
English, Charles S. 221
Erickson, Jetta Florence 201
Evans, Hiram S. 3
Fisher, John 86
Fitzwater, Clay Vess 202
Florey, Etta Amarantha 18
Footit, John David 231
Ford, Edgar A. 188
Freel, Wilder 33
Frideger, Robert Harry (Son of I.R.) 55
Fuller, Emma H. 119
Galbraith, James 220
Gardner, Hezekiah J. 226
Gillett, George 241
Graffis, John 54
Grainger, Emery Ford 85
Gray, George Nelsen 180
Greer, Benjamin 69
Gregory, William J. 47
Grigsby, Minnie Awilda 28
Grissom, Andrew 31
Grubb, Wayne N. 181
Gunn, Blanch D. 5
Hale, Washington 109
Hall, Elsie Marie (Infant Daughter of Axel W.) 7
Hall, Mercy Elizabeth 214
Halley, Paschal J. 21
Halley, Robert Henry 87
Hamilton, Maggie J. 127
Hardwick, William 63
Harrell, Frances (Daughter of Wm. A.) 93
Harvey, William Harrison 147
Haselton, William Asher 15
Hatch, Bethuel Huntington 32
Hawkins, Lundy 158
Hawkins, Mary Malisa 110
Heckathorn, Isabell 140
Hendricks, Joseph Preston 138
Hillis, John Baker 168
Hobart, Ira Jacob 130
Hockenyos, Eva 36
Holt, Samuel H. 222
Hosh, Henderson 157
Howard, James Sulivan 215
Huston, Benjamin Winchester 219
Hyatt, Whiting Gilbert 64
Ivy, David 120
Jackson, Mrs. Margaret Reeve 27
Janes, Alice Maria 211
Johnson, John Robert 94
Johnson, Polly J. 227
Johnston, Mary Agness 239
Jones, Joseph 169
Kaufman, Charles Lewis 197
Kay, (Infant Son of Daniel F. Jr.) 35
Keizur, Geo. W. (Son of Ward) 73
Kerby, Sarah Hellen 213
Kirk, Hazel Alice (Daughter of Charles) 216
Kneight, George 91
Lacy, Delphia (Infant Daughter of Lester Glenn) 8
Lamb, Lydia J. 92
Lamb, Mary L. 172
Lane, Thomas Alexander 235
Leach, Lester Clarence 51
Leaming, Harold Gilbert (Infant Son of Edward W.) 198
Lewis, Richard Kidney 107
Lewman, John Ammond 59
Line, George Martin 37
Linville, Thomas D. 164
Loomis, Alenon Laverne 1
Lowden, (Infant Son of W.M.) 165
Lozier, Levi 48
MacDonald, Norman 131
Martin, Walter Scott 154
May, Taylor H. 117
Mays, Eva M. 160
McCarthy, Everett E. 62
McQuilkin, Andrew Richie 61
Meyer, Margaret Arletta 174
Minard, Louis Benjamen 190
Monia, Ivan Russell (Son of Jacob) 13
Montgomery, Eugenie 84
Moore, Adelbert Ernest 184
Moore, Sarah S. 243
Morrison, John 163
Murphy, Mrs. Frances 90
Nadean, Oliver 208
Nealon, Stephen Myers 112
Neil, Leander Andrew 124
Nicholson, Abigail 177
Nickell, (Infant Daughter of William A.) 145
Norman, Robert (Son of Charles) 195
Nourse, Martin Luther 125
Ohlstrim, Lovenia 58
Osborne, Mrs. Harriet N. 151
Parman, Margaret Evaline 142
Payne, Champion C. 24
Pence, Calvin Monroe 97
Pernoll, Nancy 232
Philbrook, Mrs. Maude M. 234
Pierce, Bertha Caroline 98
Poffenbarger, Ephran Otto 95
Pohland, Herman F. 204
Pomeroy, Elmer Grant 173
Pool, Arthusa 132
Poyer, Violet E. (Daughter of E.B.) 42
Prescott, Clarence 240
Provolt, Samuel 29
Pruitt, Hetty O. Beck 46
Ray, Irvin Walter 122
Rhoten, Elizabeth 189
Richardson, Harvey 230
Ritter, Nathaniel 139
Roberts, Amanda C. 191
Rose, Genevieve Roberts 99
Ross, Frances I. 229
Rouse, Belle Viola (Daughter of C.E.) 134
Rowland, Charles M. 228
Rowley, Ralph Augusta 209
Schieffelin, Charles Lyons 11
Schneir, Frances Mary (Infant Daughter of William A.) 200
Schumpf, Sebastian S. 22
Scott, Walter Wayland 152
Seaman, Leland Charles (Infant Son of Roy A.) 53
Settles, Annie Magdelina 237
Sheffs, Susie 187
Simen, John D. 60
Simens, James D. 56
Simons, John Sharp 103
Singleton, Sarah 148
Smedley, Bartholomew Mercer 159
Smith, Albion C. 65
Smith, Joseph M. 143
Sprink, James Louis 52
Stevens, Lillian Eaden 100
Stoddard, Chauncy D. 178
Strong, Stella Malinda 14
Sullivan, Jess 40
Summers, Gordon (Infant Son of Wm. C.) 67
Summers, Melvin (Son of Wm. C.) 34
Summers, William Calvin 68
Svendsen, Christian 83
Swift, George Alfonso (Infant Son of Charles Henry) 146
Tamblyn, Harry 218
Tedrick, (Infant Son of Clarance) 113
Tibletts, Amanda Horton 6
Torey, Catherine 144
Trusty-Adamson (Infant Son of Marion) 41
Tungate, Francis Marion 137
Tunnell, Mary Ann 179
Van Fossen, Harman Jesse 161
Vanderpool, George Washington 149
Venable, Charles Early 150
Vickers, Mary H. 43
Wade, B.F. 57
Wade, John 135
Wakeman, Miles S. 81
Wakeman, Robert 4
Walker, Mary Ann 101
Walker, William R. 207
Walrod, Eugene 185
Walther, Cherrie Johns 66
Watterman, Frank G. 49
Webb, Henry Wallace 192
Weeks, Sarah Elizabeth 128
Weisenburger, Anna Maria 223
Weren, Gerald Eric (Infant Son of Eric H.) 233
Whillock, James Carl (Son of Chas. W.) 106
Whitney, Sususanah 225
Whittingten, James Lee 17
Williams, Bridget E. 108
Williamson, Thos. James 82
Willoughby, William B. 114
Wilson, Gowen Wilbur 166
Wilson, Orin M. 30
Wilson, Robert 72
Wilson, Robert Bruce 121
Winklebleck, Sarah E. 70
Wirth, John 242
Wood, Lucelia Elizabeth 194
Woolf, Nancy Macklin 123
Yeager, Daniel 118
Young, George Henry 238
Young, Joshua 10