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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1921)

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Below is an index to our 1921 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Adams, Emma A. 25
Ahlstrom, Nels 239
Akers, John Calvin 80
Alavarado, Clemente 190
Alford, Albert 208
Allen, Aurora Z. 104
Alnutt, Hattie Amanda 9
Amick, Melissa 123
Andersen, Elizabeth Nessby 11
Anderson, Laura Bernice 145
Bain, William 204
Baker, Lydia 172
Banks, Ronald (Infant Son of Clifford C.) 19
Beebe, Dora Byford (Infant Daughter of Carl R.) 29
Belcher, Milton 213
Bellamy, Sarah E. 94
Bertelson, (Infant Son of Wallace B.) 209
Blackert, Sarah Jane 87
Blevins, Francis Marion, Sr. 195
Boardman, Chas. Morgan 143
Booker, Hathaway Jacob 62
Borde, Albert 231
Bowers, Benton 101
Brandon, Nancy Jane 130
Briggs, (Infant Son of Wm. M.) 157
Bristow, Elizabeth J. 68
Brown, Dale L. 81
Brown, Lela Augusta 67
Brown, William Herrick 71
Buck, Bruce 78
Burrows, Fred A. 153
Butler, William Wesley 185
Cantrall, Anna 10
Cantrall, Robert Vernon (Infant Son of J.E.) 174
Carr, William 4
Cator, Jennie Ludlow 49
Chapin, Nancy Ann 160
Childers, Louisa 111
Childers, Ruth M. (Infant Daughter of S.A.) 39
Childers, William Layfayette 113
Clay, Daniel Ellsworth 64
Clement, James Lemont (Son of James A.) 233
Clute, Byron Merle (Son of Bert M.) 37
Colburn, Ford 188
Collins, Mary D. 246
Combest, Valentine 96
Conley, Rebecca Jennett 88
Cook, Eva Myrtle (Daughter of Wm.) 228
Corum, Anna Laura 6
Courts, William Roland 240
Coy, Clark Westerly (Son of Samual F.) 210
Crandell, William Alfred 149
Croft, (Infant Daughter of Warran) 76
Culy, George Clement 61
Cunningham, Nancy Jane 51
Danielson, Bina 109
Davidson, John W. 44
Davis, James Francis 193
Davis, Joshua Bayles 41
Davisson, Eli Adams 114
Dayton, Mary Jane 31
Dean, Willis J. 54
Delin, Lorette Reddy 198
Dodge, Warren Page 207
Dodson, George W. 180
Dopp, Doris Mildred (Infant Daughter of R. H.) 162
Doran, Louis 21
Dow, Ana Eliza 223
Duer, Henry 92
Duncan, Jesse H. 226
Dunham, Malissa Catherine 163
Dusenberry, Robert Lane 245
Eaton, Samuel Webster 46
Eckenstein, Harry Edward 119
Eddy, Julia A. 137
Edich, Richard M. 178
Edmondson, Benjamin Franklin Clark 217
Ericson, John 196
Estes, Mary M. 225
Evensizer, James Harrison 214
Farmer, Gerald Wayne (Infant Son of Chas. D.) 152
Farrell, Timothy M. 26
Fattig, Jacob H. 55
Findlay, Frank L. 60
Flater, Isabell 107
Florey, Andrew J. 14
Force, Laura Pauline (Infant Daughter of William R.) 136
Freed, John Thomas (Son of Philip H.) 132
Freeman, Charles Talmage 73
Furer, Emma W. 244
Ganiere, Charles 238
Gardner, Anne Maud 70
Garnett, John Hardin 77
Gash, Annie 229
Gilbert, Waldo Everett 243
Gillasby, Frances 45
Glasgow, William Wallace 242
Glasgow, Willie Etta 33
Greb, Edith May 140
Greer, Jennie 3
Grey, Sadie 202
Grubb, William Byard 179
Gruetter, Minnie 84
Gunn, Laura I. 52
Hall, Ida Genora 171
Hamilton, Bertha Maude (Daughter of Clyde M.) 230
Hanscom, Robert Carl (Infant Son of D.G.) 173
Harbaugh, Oliver 124
Hart, Evelyn Hazel 194
Hartzell, Fred 232
Hayes, Dr. James P. 183
Hegler, Oliver C. 125
Helms, Edward Herman V. 219
Herr, Mabel Elma 199
Hinkle, Matillda A. 98
Hogan, Eliza 59
Holcomb, Jesse P. 218
Hoover, Frank Sylvester 105
Houston, Josephine 34
Howell, Hanna Margaret 30
Hubbard, Charlotte Allen 220
Hull, Betsy Ellestad 89
Huson, Melvin W. 189
Hutchinson, Grace Marie 151
Hutchison, Francis William 15
Inman, Mary Josephine 2
Isabell, Clara M. 35
Jacks, Wilbur Leroy 181
Jackson, Cora Bernice 57
Jackson, Sarah Lyons 250
Jackson, Susan 222
Jacobs, John W. 236
Jacques, (Infant Daughter of Joseph A.) 216
Jenkins, Mary A. 134
Johnson, Katherine 158
Johnson, Lucetta French 53
Johnson, William Jasper 48
Jones, Alta Viola 16
Jones, John Heston 65
Jones, Lenore Mildred (Infant Daughter of Thomas Edward) 12
Kahler, William Edward 161
Kennedy, Elvin Theodore (Infant Son of Elvin) 32
Kincaid, Elizabeth B. 166
Kingsbury, Albert Miron 155
Kirk, James Elliott 91
Klausing, Charlotte 27
Klingle, Margaret Ann 182
Knotts, John Hodson 224
Larder, Mary 234
Leach, Sarah Jane 115
Leeds, William Howard 47
Lewman, George Ammond (Son of Thomas E.) 7
Long, Norman Everett (Son of E.A.) 187
Lorrar, William 138
Lousignont, Francis B. 175
Luce, Mildred 86
Luman, Walter (Infant Son of Charles) 75
Lydiard, Joseph Howe 82
Mansfield, Nancy Missouri 24
Mardon, Iola Belle 112
Mason, Raymond Victor (Infant Son of John Victor) 106
Mastier, Any Sophrinia 42
Matteson, William Harrison 129
Maun, George Lincoln 176
Mayfield, Florence Josephine (Daughter of Joseph) 23
Mayfield, Henry Albert (Infant Son of J.D.) 168
Mayfield, William 156
McCullough, Fred 192
McDonald, Eurena Ann 128
McDonald, Sarah Catherine 108
McMurtrey, Kate 102
McNicholl, John 203
Mee, Drusilla 22
Mee, Jennie Armstrong 38
Merriman, Barbara Alyse (Infant Daughter of Merritt B.) 17
Merritt, John W. 120
Miller, Ava Leedham 154
Miller, Mary 146
Mills, John W. 69
Minning, George Harrison 215
Moore, John Kimmer 197
Morgan, William Henry 131
Morrison, Genevieve 8
Mosier, John B. 66
Murray, William 74
Myers, Earl Edgar (Son of Thos.) 170
Myers, Elbert Frederick (Infant Son of J.E.) 100
Neeley, Lincoln 139
Newell, Gladys May (Daughter of Earnest) 164
Newstrum, Irene 118
Nosler, Alexander 186
Orr, DeWitt Spencer 141
Patrick, George H. 177
Patterson, Joshua 79
Payne, Andrew Scribner 211
Pearce, Enan H. 144
Pellett, Emma E. 58
Pemberton, John W. 93
Perry, Joseph Robert 116
Pickle, Byron Lyle (Infant Son of Lyle) 150
Pipes, Lowell Adron 36
Poor, Ella Idel 227
Porter, Luther Goodwyn 148
Powers, Styles Burr 40
Ramsey, (Infant Son of Clarence) 5
Ramsey, Charlie 72
Riley, William A. 235
Roberts, Frank N. 122
Robertson, Cleo Emma (Daughter of John) 249
Robinson, Adelbert Leroy 50
Robinson, Minnie Pearl (Daughter of E.F.) 18
Root, Charles W. 43
Rule, Anna Maria 241
Sackett, George Edwin 95
Sargent, Herbert Howland 184
Scott, Charles 97
Silver, Oscar F. (Infant Son of Oscar F.) 56
Sivers, Mrs. Nancy Jane 1
Slover, Elias 13
Smithton, Hellen Annaline (Infant Daughter of Hugh) 110
Snyder, Mildred 248
Stancliff, Elizabeth 83
Stevens, James Madison 90
Stillwell, Samuel James 200
Stratten, Paul Vernon (Infant Son of Percy C.) 117
Stuart, Dorthy 169
Taylor, John Monroe 127
Thompson, Oscar 221
Tunnell, Edward Lynn 126
Turrell, Nellie Vilma (Daughter of Albert E.) 237
Vetter, Ethel Adell 99
Victory, Gemes 159
Vilas, Joseph Stillwell 135
Vincent, Benton 28
Walker, Leo D. 20
Watkins, Grace Edith (Daughter of Jesse W.) 165
Weldon, Ernest 206
Wells, Penceilla 205
Wells, William Nathan 142
Westerberg, Mabel 103
Whipple, Rena Allice 212
White, Edmund Edwin 121
Wilcox, Wilburn 133
Wilhelm, Loxis (Son of Wilson P.) 63
Williams, Isaac Franklin 247
Williams, John Franklin 85
Wilson, John 167
Wolgamott, Margaret Jane 147
Wooldridge, Edith May 191
Ziders, Mary Ellen 201