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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1922)

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Below is an index to our 1922 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Luther Allen 153
Akers, William Carrol 16
Allen, Eliza Jane 98
Ames, Frank B. 163
Anderson, Bertha May 138
Andrews, Henry W. 118
Anglel, Levi Little 42
Arrasmith, Nancy 124
Badger, Mary McClelland 188
Baker, William Samuel 214
Bassett, Lucas 14
Beck, Nola Pearl 115
Benedict, William 38
Benson, Nellie May (Daughter of W.A.) 102
Bergman, Christopher 148
Bingham, Emily J. 281
Blackburn, Frank Edwin 201
Blaker, Mona Elizabeth 112
Blankinship, Barnett Jacob 128
Boyd, James 129
Briscoe, Florence Annette 198
Brittsan, Isaac F. 80
Brooks, Roy (Son of Jas.) 123
Brown, John Clay 131
Buck, Cynthia E. 269
Budgeon, John 68
Butler, William Clarendon 101
Butterfield, Harriett M. 191
Calkins, Wallas Homer 15
Card, Todd J. 185
Carlton, Jesse M. 70
Casad, Ralph Emerson 149
Cavin, Abbigal 103
Chaubin, Mrs. Julia 256
Close, Bernice L. 7
Clyde, Jemima Mercer 181
Coghill, Sara 273
Cormany, Arnold Gaylord (Son of Walter A.) 71
Cornelius, Rowland Pryor 65
Cowart, Rufus Newit (Son of R. N.) 244
Crain, Sarah Jane 22
Cronemiller, Kate 166
Crowell, William S. 21
Crum, Ray Vernon 132
Cushman, William H. 284
Darling, Ester Nellie 86
Darnell, Ernest Grover 157
Davis, Allen 3
Davis, Minnie Belle (Infant Daughter of C. W.) 210
Day, William George 122
De Ford, Benjamin Ensley (Son of Wm.) 287
De Haas, Eliza Jane 1
De Roboam, Emil 283
Denham, William H. 74
Denton, Harold Allen (Son of Elijah) 127
Dodge, Donald Frank 146
Dollar, Ruby Edith 203
Dorland, Frank 190
Dow, Herman F. 62
Drake, C.W. 236
Duggan, Dennis 36
Dussault, Alphonse M. 216
Eads, William 92
Eaton, Velma Jane (Daughter of Jas.) 46
Edwards, Chas. M. 66
Edwards, Samuel G. 2
Eliasen, Charles Alfrey 144
Epperson, Anna Idella 130
Erskine, John H. 158
Esbensen, Hans T. 13
Eske, Albert 106
Evans, Annie 50
Evensizer, Harold Orville (Infant Son of Everett) 63
Fales, Mrs. Virginia 116
Farlow, William Lee 47
Fay, Mary Margaret (Daughter of John J.) 26
Fitzgerald, Amanda Leora 275
Fitzgerald, Charles Byron 251
Foley, Michael 67
Forsythe, Samuel Wells 263
Foss, Julius E. 264
Fox, Elisha Philips 51
Frost, Jennie Gertrude 192
Fuller, Daniel Wm. 61
Funston, Robert 121
Gay, Rachel 48
Gebauer, Hermann 43
Gilliland, William Chester 81
Glass, Susan 265
Goodwyn, Thomas J. 17
Gordon, Elmina F. 187
Gottsche, Christina Amelia 247
Gowland, Ann 286
Gray, Nathan Henry 266
Gray, Walter Neil (Son of Charles E.) 184
Green, Jack (Infant Son of Joseph) 278
Greenman, Frank 32
Gundye, Joe 167
Hall, Oatis 94
Hammond, Charles Wesley 282
Hannaford, Alva D. 245
Hansen, Elanor Grace (Daughter of William) 221
Hardy, Fannie M. 262
Hardy, William 155
Harr, Louise 249
Harrington, Elmer Le-Roy (Son of Ralph) 268
Harris, Carl H. 189
Hart, Henry 259
Hartley, (Infant Son of Chas.) 208
Harvey, Ella O. 174
Haskins, John Alanzo 238
Haunen, J. T. 145
Hawks, Stephen A. 285
Hayman, James Millard 136
Heer, Leslie James 276
Helman, Grace Arvilla Yonkers 142
Henson, Robert Jackson (Son of Robt. E.) 176
Herman, Elsie Mabel (Daughter of Charles V.) 95
Higinbotham, Edward Milton (Son of Jas. Edward) 91
Hippensteel, Dora May 25
Hitzler, Mattie L. 194
Hoagland, Frances D. 29
Holman, William H. 223
Holmer, Marion Jean (Infant Daughter of John T.) 177
Holmes Joseph Bright 27
Holt, Mineva May Bailey 113
Horn, Willard F. 243
Hovey, Annie Fickett 150
Howard, Lillian Elizabeth 54
Hurley, Harriett Alice 39
Ingram, Wesley 209
Inman, Elaine Veone (Infant Daughter of Glenn L.) 233
Jennings, Louise 239
Job, Ona Wayne (Son of Ona) 89
Johnson, ((Infant Son of C.A.) 59
Johnson, Charles 64
Johnson, Matthew L. 204
Jones, Virginia Etta 168
Jordan, Lydia 227
Joy, John 196
Keith, Ida M. 156
Kelley, Patrick 49
Kinden, (Infant Daughter of Mark N.) 33
King, (Infant Son of H.G.) 134
Kingsbury, Cornelia 8
Kittredge, (Infant Son of Walter) 41
Knight, George Horace 120
Knighton, Julia Ann 56
Langtwalt, Pearl Mildred 200
Laws, Lester Le Roy (Infant Son of Garfield) 37
Libby, Celia Viola 12
Lowe, James L. 267
Magerle, Donald T. (Son of Daniel) 88
Mahoney, William M. 44
Malone, Thomas 219
Mathes, Jessie A. 96
Mc Crary, Benjamin Franklin 207
McCabe, Thomas Floyd 165
McCormick, Martha G. 220
McCurdy, David Austin 119
McHale, John Ruel (Son of James) 253
McLaughlin, Robert Kirkwood 222
McMahon, Fred H. 170
McNeil, Anna 19
McTeague, William 241
MdClendon, Christopher C. 213
Merriman, Isaac 280
Messecar, Lewis Walter (Infant Son of Walter E.) 173
Miller, Joseph Samuel 182
Minter, Robert R. 217
Mitchell, Dr. Harry Irvine 274
Mitchell, Nicholas Joseph 85
Morgan, Chas. Douglas 151
Morris, Joseph Elza 159
Mulit, Marietta Smith 40
Murphy, Jas. Henry 55
Myers, Jennie 73
Nance, Calvin 9
Neathamer, Daniel Edward 143
Neil, Elmo Sissen 271
Neil, Robert Proctor 197
Nichols, Charles J. 235
Nickersen, Bertha Weeks 172
North, Sara 90
Norwood, John Samuel 225
Nye, Amarantha 193
Orr, Mary B. 255
Packard, R. B. 79
Patterson, Sophia 105
Paxsen, Latha Jane 77
Peart, Lou R. 125
Peppers, Walter Scott 169
Perdue, John Ensley 258
Perl, Frederick Louis (Son of John A.) 107
Perry, Frank 211
Phelan, Mrs. Margret Nancy 240
Phelps, Charles S. 31
Pickel, Betty Nadine (Daughter of Lyle H.) 28
Plymale, Jane Elizabeth 6
Poague, Laura Frances (Daughter of S.S.) 178
Porter, Martha V. 110
Poyer, Gustave Herman 100
Price, Minnie 60
Putney, Elizette Ann 206
Rakestraw, Maisie Ruby 162
Ramsey, Lilly May (Infant Daughter of Clarence) 231
Randall, Margaret 10
Renault, John B. 232
Rencilard, Edward (Infant Son of Homer) 78
Riggin, William H. 164
Rippan, Elizabeth May 272
Roberts, George 52
Roberts, William J. 76
Robinson, Samuel A. 224
Rock, Thos. Richard 140
Rose, Antone 82
Sayle, Malissa Jane 246
Schleichert, Charles 202
Scott, William Wright 53
Seaman, Charles Grant 212
Shaver, Charles Newton 230
Shideler, Clara Mageline 154
Simmons, William H. 83
Simpson, Winnifred Merrill 99
Slyter, Samuel 215
Smith, Ethel M. 111
Smith, Harvey Buhuanus 84
Smith, Iva May (Daughter of Louis E.) 179
Smith, Katherine 35
Smith, Theodore F. 171
Smith, Walter H. 72
Smith, William Junior 97
Smith, William Passins 152
Spencer, Winifred Grace 234
Sperry, Ira William 252
Starr, Ann Elizabeth 218
Stelle, Eliza L. 260
Stephenson, John C. 248
Stevenson, George Washington 175
Stewart, Charles Rowlin 126
Stump, Sarah Jane 108
Sutton, Philip 254
Swan, Jean Wilson 186
Tackstrom, Emma Zetta 117
Takao, Henry (Infant Son of Kay) 104
Taylor, Louisa 199
Taylor, Minerva Jane 30
Thompson, Lucinda 183
Thompson, Martha Mahala 20
Thornton, James 18
Thrasher, James 160
Toepper, August 34
Tomlinson, Thomas C. 135
Townsend, Alexander P. 180
Trask, James K. Polk 161
Treesh, George Jacob 5
Trefren, Frank Edgar 24
Trudell, Alexander 237
Trusty, Jean Esther (Infant Daughter of Rufus) 270
Vaughn, Everett Leroy (Infant Son of Roy) 257
Vaughn, M. 250
Velin, Martha Elizabeth 139
Waits, Sarah Judith 87
Walbridge, Alice Isador 133
Walch, (Infant Daughter of John) 69
Walker, Ora (Daughter of Geo. W.) 45
Walker, Pearl Eleanor (Daughter of J.J.) 57
Walker, Rebecca Marie 58
Walla, (Infant Son of Stanley) 229
Wamker, Louis 226
Webb, Hanah Maria 147
Webster, Volna 279
Weitman, Frank D. 228
Weren, Donald (Infant Son of E.H.) 277
West, Eleanor Louise (Infant Daughter of Arthur) 109
West, William Dennison 75
White, Ella 4
White, Relief Cleveland 137
Wilder, Elvira Ellecta 261
Willhite, Anna 141
Williams, Donald Purvess (Son of Warren) 11
Williams, Isaac B. 242
Wilson, James L. 23
Winkleblec, George Frank 93
Wold, Mary (Infant Daughter of Ingolf) 114
Wolgamott, Ernest S. 195
Wright, Phoebe 205