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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1923)

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Below is an index to our 1923 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Austin, Wilbur Jahile 39
Badger, Martha Ellen 72
Baker, Wm. D. 44
Bates, Sidney Lloyd 193
Beardsley, Albert 223
Beck, John 173
Beltz, John F. 199
Bethel, Sarah Jane 220
Blackburn, Abel Smith 201
Bodenhamer, Barbara Lee (Infant Daughter of Lester D.) 154
Bonham, Octavia Green 231
Bottoms, James Alva 93
Briggs, George R. 51
Brophy, Benjamin H. 161
Brown, Amanda Jane 109
Brown, William Henry 86
Brush, Leonard A. 242
Buck, Charles Patterson 203
Burchell, Elsie Christina 189
Carpenter, Nancy Jane 91
Caster, Labon B. 206
Charley, Merrit 207
Clark, Frank Lawerence 153
Clemens, Hannah Jane 30
Coffee, Emma Elizabeth 98
Colbaugh, Deryl 107
Coleman, Sabra A. 214
Comstock, Lucy A. 152
Conaty, Edward J. 114
Conley, Jacob 13
Corthell, Eva 212
Coy, Helen (Infant Daughter of P.D.) 145
Crandell, Mrs. Jettie 210
Crews, Ackie L. 58
Cronemiller, James M. 82
Daily, Ethel Marie (Daughter of Harry) 94
Dalton, Mary Jane 111
Davis, Nathaniel Elkin 78
Dean, Lee 132
Denny, Sarah Frances 83
Denny, William 36
Devlin, Annie 180
Dole, Dallas Lyle (Son of James) 103
Dougherty, Elvyn Earl 195
Douglass, May Gilmer 137
Drew, Robert Harris 118
Driskel, Daniel Wellington 171
Dunaway, Hennrietta 183
Dupray, Anthony 211
Dusenberry, Lucetta Alice 50
Dyke, Emily Alice 217
Eads, Ibbie Belle 76
Earl, (Infant Daughter of R.J.) 22
East, Hughes 46
Eckler, Nancy 162
Edwards, Eunice C. 28
Eisenhour, John Monroe 229
Ellis, William Ned 85
Evans, James S. 237
Everhard, Effie L. 62
Foster, Charles S. 143
French, Mary A. 218
Garnett, Helen Elizabeth (Infant Daughter of M.) 159
Garrett, Robert Martin 150
Gaylord, Miriam 5
Gillispie, Annie E. 49
Gober, Emily (Infant Daughter of Lawrence) 178
Goodhue, Mary J. 73
Grainger, Gawn Marion 81
Griffiths, Mary 97
Griffitts, Clara Ople (Daughter of C.E.) 47
Grigsby, Alphonzo D. 141
Grubb, Mary Lois (Infant Daughter of Benjamin H.) 129
Hall, Richard Femley (Infant Son of William) 158
Hammond, (Infant Son of Frank) 71
Hanson, Carl F. 26
Harding, Edward G. 157
Hartley, Elizabeth Ann 134
Hast, Inez Elzora 92
Hazle, Martha Adeline 131
Helms, Amonda 187
Hemphill, Earl Nelson 182
Hiibsch, Allie Loy 147
Hill, Sarah Russell 202
Hines, Pauline 105
Houston, Milton A. 1
Huff, (Infant Daughter of Chas. E.) 185
Hull, Nannie 133
Huson, Byron Franklin 115
Ingram, LeRoy 18
Janes, Milton Sanford 215
Jaurez, H. 69
Jobson, Jesse William 53
Johnson, Charles Orrin 192
Johnson, Nancie Paine 56
Jones, James Crystal 186
Jones, Sarilda J. 213
Kane, James 169
Kane, Marinda Elizabeth 174
Kay, Marietta May 140
Kay, Marietta May 140-A
Keegan, Nancy 57
Ketchum, George Henry 41
Kilborn, Norman Lenard (Son of Ira) 24
Kime, Ira J. 95
King, Mary A. 232
King, Walter Sheridan 240
Kinkle, Agnes Irene (Daughter of Charles G.) 239
Kirkham, Martha 188
Klippel Allie Elizabeth 205
Knopp, Henry Clay 37
Koob, John M. 142
Kreiger, Charles 176
Krutzler, Wilhelmina 32
LaDu, Harlon 25
Land, Cyntha Elizabeth 175
Lane, Anna 89
Langdon, Webster Clay 35
Lindstrom, August E. 60
Lowe, Mary Nelsen Birchfield 54
Luke, David W. 121
Lyon, Orval Ray (Son of R.W.) 160
Mainer, Maud 9
Martin, Sarah M. 146
Martinez, Elias (Son of Theodore) 84
Mason, Harry Leslie 196
McClanahan, Anice 200
McCourry, Doc Nelson 102
McKinney, Samantha A. 222
McNulty, Thomas Edward 38
McVay, Charles A. 128
Meier, Carl 227
Merrill, Geo. E 63
Merriman, Mary E. 190
Mershon, Benjamin Franklin 75
Mickey, George Marion 219
Miller, John William 148
Miller, Sarah F. 12
Million, Mattie 138
Millsaps, Donald James (Son of Grover) 209
Minkler, David L. 184
Monroe, (Infant Daughter of F.A.) 55
Moore, Homer Clark 110
Moore, Maudanna Carr 77
Moore, William H. 31
Morelock, (Infant Son of Richard O.) 151
Morgan, Mike 7
Morris, Bertie Mae 19
Morris, Eddie Muriel (Daughter of Charles T.) 17
Morse, Charles L. 20
Morton, Bernice M. (Daughter of John) 166
Murphy, Gertrude Neil 228
Myers, Upton T. 233
Nary, Albert J. (Infant Son of Albert J.) 10
Newsome, Ben 122
Nichols, Louise A. 225
Norris, Theodore R. 170
Norton, Sarah Elizabeth 45
Orinpriest, Bert Ernest 6
Osborne, William 2
O'Shaughnessy, Catherine (Sister Catherine) 106
Palmer, Annie M. 74
Pankey, Sarah Millisa 48
Parker, Frank Noble 99
Parker, Nancy Ellen Conger 66
Parker, Rosella Howard 123
Parman, Giles Gilbert 15
Parsell, Mrs. Julia M. 149
Parsons, N.R. 165
Patterson, Mary Louise 108
Pearce, Daniel Jones Sweeny 221
Peck, Maggie 156
Petit, Joseph Charles 43
Phillips, Beulah (Daughter of Lester M.) 163
Phipps, Minnie Ardella 167
Pillsbury, Loami Goodell 243
Praytor, John Calhoun 117
Ragsdale, Jane 68
Reachart, Henry Ruphus 198
Reames, Lucinda 235
Reed, Alfred B. 179
Richardson, Samuel Taylor 120
Rock, Elizabeth Atha 88
Rogers, William 127
Rose, Mary Elizabeth 112
Rose, Orlando E. 216
Rothrock, Lucy Jane 208
Salvestrin, Antonio 204
Schuchard, Milton E. 113
Scott, Jennie 172
Seavey, William Franklin 79
Seng, Marvin Benjamin 194
Shuler, Ida Evaline 64
Sizemore, Nancy Langley 177
Slade, Charles Wells 8
Smith, Amelia Messner 27
Smith, Charles Franklin 96
Smith, Clifford Oscar 67
Smith, Lydia Anna 234
Smith, Margaret Elizabeth 130
Smith, Silas Avery 191
Smyers, W.A. 226
Snell, Luther Landon 224
Sparks, Wesley Richard 181
Spencer, Minnie Ellen (Daughter of Roy) 33
Stewart, Charlotte Wright 144
Stewart, Edward Denall 90
Stokes, Arthur Dale (Infant Son of Dale) 21
Stump, Daniel 4
Taber, Lenora Roberts 14
Taylor, James 100
Taylor, Margaret Stockton 241
Taylor, Marion Francis 101
Taylor, Owen B. 29
Tepovac, George (Son of Bozy) 124
Thompson, Nels 136
Train, Norman W. (Infant Son of Orrin W.) 42
Tryer, Harriet B. 155
Turner, Samual James 197
Turpin, Zerilda 230
Walker, Elizabeth Cruger T. 3
Walker, Lee O. 119
Walters, George Wm. 16
Walton, Kate 59
Ward, James C. 238
Warner, John W., Jr. (Infant Son of John) 116
Weaver, (Infant Daughter of C.H.) 126
Weaver, Margaret A. 65
Welch, John Beadle 70
Wentner, Emily Jane 61
Whipple, James Hamilton 11
White, Elvina 135
Wilcox, Adeline Sperry 52
Williams, Warren Emory 168
Willits, Amos R. 244
Wimer, George W. 40
Winder, Joseph Albright 139
Wolfe, (Infant Daughter of R.H.) 125
Woods, Francis Ellenor 23
Worden, Susie 104
Wright, Ida 80
Wyatt, Thomas 34
Yeo, William 164
Young, Lula May Wood 87
Young, William W. 236