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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1924)

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Below is an index to our 1924 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Albert, Eli 188
Anderson, Thomas 4
Arens, Dennis Harold (Infant Son of George) 240
Armstrong, Alice S. 211
Ashpole, (Infant Twin Daughter of C.W.) 132
Ashpole, (Infant Twin Son of C.W.) 130
Ayres, Fielden 189
Baer, Victoria 66
Bailey, Essie Genevieve 42
Baker, (Infant Son of J.A.) 62
Baker, Keith (Infant Son of J.A.) 159
Barnes, Hezekiah E. 162
Baxter, Jessie A. 114
Beall, Ann Maria 73
Beaulien, Deihless 135
Bellis, Chauncey L. 14
Benham, Thomas J. 272
Bennett, Goldie May (Daughter of Jesse) 145
Bennett, Samuel Louis 108
Berrian, James W. 219
Biden, Elizabeth Isabell 175
Blackburn, Raymond 170
Blake, Susan G. 225
Bolt, Frederick Joseph 11
Bolt, Sophia M. 187
Bolz, Justine 194
Bowman, Maggie 26
Breeding, William George 10
Briggs, Ilene (Daughter of George) 281
Brooke, John Sullivan 123
Brown, Flora May (Infant Daughter of A.J.) 148
Brown, Frank Anthony 203
Brush, Luther P. 214
Calhoun, John D. 110
Campbell, Abner B. 40
Campbell, James (Son of James Campbell Nolan) 78
Canton, Donald (Infant Son of Wm.) 61
Carless, William 138
Carley, Franklin Alva 199
Carpenter, Stephen 58
Cavin, Samuel 105
Chambers, Mary Ann 118
Champlin, Charles Pope 49
Charley, Andremeda 17
Clark, Edward 263
Clarkson, Lewis S. 152
Clarno, Ora Belle 167
Clausen, John M. 104
Coggins, Amanda 230
Collins, George Richard 212
Colvig, Volney 236
Corby, James Louis 234
Coy, Charles Edward (Infant Son of Perl Dorris) 252
Crabtree, Abraham 75
Cure, Harry Benjamin 184
Daily, Winifred 246
Dallaire, Delphine 265
Daniels, Clinton Charles 45
Davey, David Nathan 178
Denten, William Magill 101
Dillon, Helen Olive 267
Dixon, John 216
Dixon, William T. (Infant Son of Samuel) 243
Downing, Charles Edwin 85
Drake, Anna Eliza 160
Dufur, Addie Alice 5
Durham, James Daniel (Infant Son of D.C.) 146
Eaton, Irene 39
Eaton, Prior 147
Elksnat, Gott 63
Elliott, George 51
Ells, George 12
Estabrook, Albert 221
Evans, James Butler 67
Ewing, Doctor Leslie (Son of Doctor L.) 205
Ewing, Mrs. Vivian Crump 50
Farmer, Belzora 116
Farnsley, Margaret E. 249
Farrell, Lillian Maude Halfhill 91
Finnell, John Wesley 275
Fish, Carrie Sears 87
Flannagan, George (Son of Joe) 196
Foss, Emma Louisa Josephine 60
French, Hattie A. 191
Fries, Mary Ellen 127
Frost, Orthena (Infant Daughter of C.W.) 56
Gale, Henry C. 89
Ganiard, Margaret M. 174
Givan, Earnest Truman (Son of E.T.) 224
Glenn, Mary C. 259
Gosney, Viola Rae (Infant Daughter of C.R.) 113
Graham, Robert E. 157
Greenman, Dieceius L. 172
Gregg, Emma Della 232
Gregg, Milton Franklin 43
Grow, Ethel Evelyn (Daughter of H.S.) 173
Grubb, James C. 133
Gwin, Joseph Willis 177
Haley, Alice V. 183
Hall, Ada May 257
Hall, Alexander H. 247
Hammond, Edward J. 261
Hanks, Mabel 38
Harrison, Hattie H. 120
Harrison, Helena Alice 111
Hartman, Ellen 282
Hausman, Wilhelmina 30
Helman, Emma Tolman 195
Henderson, Jessie (Infant Daughter of R.J.) 266
Henselman, (Infant Daughter of E.G.) 48
Hensler, Florence Edith (Daughter of Albert) 210
Herbst, Elmer Frederick 124
Heublein, John Franklin (Infant Son of Lee) 197
Hickey, John F. 149
Hicks, Anna Elymira 239
Hittson, Laura Belle 165
Holdridge, Ella Alsine 169
Horn, Barbara N. 215
Howard, Wesley S. 269
Howe, Nancy Ellen 151
Howlett, Alfred Cobb 140
Hubbard, Harriett Knapp 97
Huson, A.R. 21
Ibbitsen, William 271
Irwin, Allen Montana 20
Isaacs, Mary Ann 96
Jacks, John Wilbur (Son of Wilbur) 33
Jackson, Andrew 82
Jackson, David F. 37
Jackson, William Bartlet 79
James, Emma Pitford 268
Janavaras, Sanuel 95
Jenkins, Caroline 7
Jennings, Charles H. 80
Jensen, Albert J. 53
Jensen, James C. 107
Johnson, James 227
Johnson, Wallace F. (Son of Samuel) 182
Johnson, William 46
Jones, Albert H. 19
Jones, Frederick Walter (Infant Son of Austin E.) 228
Jones, Mary Francis (Infant Daughter of Theo. R.) 29
Justice, William Merchant 192
Kannasto, Eugene (Son of John) 241
Kellogg, Basil Boyce 248
Kendell, H.J. 180
Kincaid, Ophelia Jane 245
King, William 238
King, William Paul 98
Kirk, Josephine Ellen 233
Kirkpatrick, Guy 115
Klum, Lucinda Hariette 202
Knock, Malcolm A. 166
Kroy, Clara Frances 190
La Chance, Maude Lee 179
Leaming, Edward Waldo 92
Lee, Lulu (Daughter of Robert E.) 163
LeMasters, Eunice M. (Infant Daughter of T.D.) 54
Lewis, James Knox Polk 144
Lighty, Indiana H. 32
Loomis, Charles Lewis 201
Loomis, Hannah Belle 6
Loveland, Julia Roberta 206
Mansfield, James Nicholas 84
March, Martha Morning 278
Martin, Leroy 59
Marting, John E. 260
Maxfield, Ruby Elizabeth 218
McAbee, Ramona Margery (Daughter of Pink J.) 231
McAhron, Jacob L. 198
McClendon, Susan 181
McConochie, Lizzie Frances 209
McCouville, Hugh 129
McDermott, William E. 64
McDonald, Beatrice Lenore (Daughter of Wm. L.) 143
McDonald, James 139
McDowell, Lennie M. 171
McKeever, Emma Hendry 279
McVey, Joe 226
Meece, James 121
Michael, Dorothy May (Infant Daughter of Walter) 128
Mickey, Caroline D. 52
Miller, Serepta Elnora 70
Minick, Sterling Charles 119
Montgomery, Janette 155
Morris, Alice Luticia 9
Mosher, Charles D. 8
Newkirk, Edwin Charles 13
Newman, Louisa 153
Ngui, Li 126
Nussbaum, Wilhelmina Ernestina 229
Oden, Cecil Levi Lloyd 137
Olsson, Paulus 103
Owen, Glenn 176
Owens, E.W. 3
Page, Arthur Edward 250
Palmer, Mary A. 134
Pankey, Mary Cordelia 136
Parks, Agnes T. 35
Parsons, George W. 158
Patterson, Elizabeth Jane 156
Paul, Florence 274
Payne, Lucy E. 94
Pech, Henrietta Otillia 41
Pickel, Francis Edna 23
Pigney, Eliza B. 106
Pigney, John Kershaw 142
Pitard, Albert 93
Prescott, Jacob Melvin 47
Pullman, Tydfil (Daughter of George M.) 131
Reed, James Eugene 237
Reeder, Thomas T. 193
Reynolds, Lillian May 83
Rhodes, Emma R. 242
Richardson, Mabel Frances 222
Roberts, Abygail E. 68
Roe, Mrs. Mary E. 16
Rookard, (Infant Son of W.C.) 150
Ross, Franklin 100
Sample, Jennetta T.L. 168
Sanders, George A. 277
Sandifer, Alta May 27
Schafer, Lewis L. 235
Schendel, Gustavas 185
Schleichert, Grace Isabelle 154
Schutt, Martin Eugene 2
Scranton, Helen Way 125
Seaman, Effie N. 164
Sheffel, Caroline (Infant Daughter of Fred W.) 255
Shepherd, Charles F. 141
Short, William Aaron 220
Shull, Martha Ellen 28
Smith, Henry Conklin 270
Smith, James Oliver (Infant Son of J.R.) 72
Smith, John 283
Smith, Lester Winningham 86
Smith, William Brown 244
Spencer, Isabel Porter 90
Stacy, William S. 200
Stanley, Cora Carlton 264
Stearns, Charles Henry 25
Stelberg, Carl Albert 31
Stevens, Bertrand 55
Stevens, Emily E. 207
Stewart, William Jay 109
Stone, Julia P. 69
Stone, Julia P. 71
Striker, Wm. Hanley 76
Struthers, Luther 24
Swaner, Joseph 102
Tallman, Samuel Brown 273
Tavener, George 1
Taylor, David 36
Taylor, Margaret 186
Thomas, Ann Maria 204
Thompson, George Henry 99
Trowbridge, Ai Henry 34
Unknown, Male (Found in the Rogue River) 122
Van Scoyoc, Charles Edwin 254
Vanderpool, Gladys Etta (Infant Daughter of Chas. E.) 256
Verbick, Anna Ruth 258
Vroman, Elmer Edward 161
Wadsworth, Abbie 88
Wagoner, Eunice 112
Walker, Lelah Augusta 44
Walker, Serepta 117
Wall, Everett R. 213
Watson, Margery (Infant Daughter of Dan D.) 15
Weidner, Andreas 280
Wells, Phebe Jane 65
Westerlund, John Albert 57
Wetmore, Martin D. 208
Whitley, Orra Metcalf 262
Willis, John Thomas 81
Wilson, Alex 251
Wilson, Karen Christina 253
Wimer, Deliah A. 18
Wood, Marvin Sylvester 74
Wood, Rachael 22
Woodcock, Loran, R. 276
Wu, Wong 77
York, (Infant Son of Jessie L.) 217
York, (Infant Son of Jessie L.) 223