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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1926)

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Below is an index to our 1926 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abbott, Jennett Ethel (Infant Daughter of Archie Everett) 35
Albert, Murle (Infant Son of Glenn W.H.) 143
Amick, George W. 144
Anderson, Alfred John 71
Anderson, Lena 189
Anderson, William Edgard 276
Applegate, Margaret Hutchison 266
Bailey, Isaac William 231
Balch, Maria S. 261
Barlow, William Henry 68
Bartges, Orlena 271
Beckett, Thomas Clifford 54
Beckwith, Nadine Pearl (Infant Daughter of Acel Carloss) 20
Beeson, Elizabeth A. 38
Behnke, Theodore H. 74
Beige, Cardelia 220
Beige, Nathan Theodore 213
Bemis, Annette Henderson 122
Bennett, Delbert Franklin 287
Bernst, Mrs. Katie 296
Bishop, Laura Lue 278
Blackwell, William 127
Bolton, Thomas K. 50
Bonney, Margaret May (Daughter of Henry C.) 60
Booker, Sabery Ann 47
Bowling, James 85
Boyer, Mabel A. 171
Boyer, Vida Henrietta 92
Bradley, Ira Ellette 181
Bradley, Mabel Juanita 267
Bragg, Ishmael Marshall 270
Brandhern, Frank 152
Brenner, Edward E. 130
Brenner, Lillie Jane 95
Britten, Frank 131
Brown, John Sanford 16
Brown, Maryiette 66
Bunnell, Laurissa Young 80
Bushman, Ruth M. 83
Butcher, Thomas J. 24
Byers, George 33
Caldwell, Alonzo C. 116
Caris, Bettie Jane (Infant Daughter of Rollie) 196
Caster, Nancy Frances 248
Champlin, Abbie J. 187
Chandler, Eldora S. (Daughter of Frank E.) 250
Chase, Bates 244
Clayton, Thomas 13
Clearwater, Nancy S. 221
Clevenger, Elizabeth Orlena 34
Cochrane, Meda Ethle 284
Coffeen, Annie Sarah 174
Cohrs, Kenneth DAle (Son of Frank) 183
Coll, Frank 204
Condon, George 222
Conner, John 263
Conser, Catherine J. 1
Courter, Katherine Maria 109
Crane, Albert 9
Dahack, John (Infant Son of Everett) 151
Dahuff, Amos 43
Daugherty, Martha 281
Davis, Henry Everett 295
Davis, Mildred Marie (Daughter of C.E.) 69
Davison, Mary A. 201
Dewey, Harvey S. 27
Dey, Samuel Birchfield 134
Dunlap, Ira 167
Dunlap, Owen 108
Duran, Charles William 208
Edimonson, Kavvie N. 59
Edwards, Harriett Ealeonor 149
Edwards, Sarah Ann 100
Engledow, Arthur Leroy 218
Ferns, Livonia Jane 186
Fincher, Warren 126
Flater, Daniel 294
Fountain, Octavia Cooper 81
Frost, Elizabeth H. 262
Gardner, George Arthur 14
Garrison, Charles F. 173
Garrison, George 53
Gay, James H. 256
Gee, Lillian Belle 238
Giddings, Ellen 139
Gleim, Margaret Annie (Daughter of C.W.) 113
Green, Bercele A. 280
Green, Susan 99
Hall, Adaline 200
Hall, Mary Francis 52
Hammett, Anna 237
Hamrick, Thomas Miltadus 133
Hansen, Morten Herman 32
Hay, Jas. Willis 94
Heath, Elizabeth 197
Hedgpeth, John W. 293
Hendrickson, Donald William (Son of Wm. N.) 96
Henry, Patrick Bronson (Infant Son of C.W.) 178
Hicks, John Ernest 118
Hickson, Eula Belle 184
Hitzler, Maria 93
Hodges, Margaret Maria 115`
Hogan, Michael D. 77
Hollars, John Marshall 7
Hollmyer, John Prentice 31
Holmes, Robert Alvin 255
Howard, Mary Melvina 119
Howarth, Jake 269
Howel, Thomas Andres 146
Hughes, Luella 150
Hukill, Oren Wm. (Infant Son of Oren E.) 206
Ingling, Altha Emma 65
Ingram, Leroy J. 72
Irwin, Jennie 4
Jalo, Conrad C. 258
Janson, Peter Gustave 246
Jarvis, Mary Olive 236
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth 70
Johnson, Mary Jane 277
Johnston, Howard Leroy 114
Jones, (Infant Son of Edw. W.) 97
Jones, William 110
Jorgensen, Elizabeth Loraine (Infant Daughter of R.C.) 101
Kasshafer, Mary Elizabeth 23
Kennard, Alice Gertrude 73
Kerby, Joseph M. 161
Kerns, Quentin Scott 225
Kershaw, Laura M. 253
Kich, George 233
Kilgore, Edward Gaey 78
Kincaid, Harold T. (Son of A.R.) 179
Kitchen, Jesse R. 211
Knight, James Alburn 290
Kollath, Jane 207
Konkel, Sarah Frances 102
Kroegher, Ollie B. 274
Kurz, Lena Louise 268
Lanham, Dollie Eveline 145
Law, Thomas Cobb 76
Lee, Josephine 190
Leer, Eula Merle 193
Lewis, Ida Marie 282
Long, Thomas 106
Love, Sarah Jane 62
Lyman, Minnie 228
Lyman, William Collins 158
McClarin, John Knox 232
McCoy, Alford David 37
McDonough, Sarah Elizabeth 89
McIntyre, Harvey Moon 229
McNelly, Anna Katherine 194
McRae, Keneth 29
Mellor, William Herket Spencer 12
Messner, Georgia Anna 138
Miles, Cassius M. 235
Miller, Carrie 121
Miller, Charles Kendric (Infant Son of Harrold Hammond) 82
Miller, Cyril Dan (Son of Dan) 137
Minor, Azilda 5
Mintle, David Lonzo 191
Monia, Jacob 84
Moore, Isaac C. 162
Moore, Martha Lucina 40
Mordoff, George Myron 79
Morelock, James B.R. 142
Morris, Maria Catherine 226
Mosher, Rosalie Rebecca 98
Musty, Frances Xavier 230
Myers, Emily Ewing 239
Myers, Sidney James 25
Neiman, John 56
Nelson (or Nilson), Axel 247
Nelson, Clarance Sylvester 51
Newman, Catherine 259
Newman, Dorothy Jane (Infant Daughter of Edward) 2
Nichols, Thomas Everett 209
Nichols, Thomas Marion 10
Nickerson, Clifford Henry 46
Norris, Dewitt Talmidge 217
Norris, Dewitt Talmidge Jr. (Son of Dewitt Talmidge) 214
Norris, Georgia Mary (Daughter of Dewitt Talmidge) 215
Norris, Sarah (Daughter of Dewitt Talmidge) 216
Obenchain, Nancy Morse 141
Oden, Virgle Stuart 18
Olson, Anna 205
Olson, Lester Orris 227
O'Neal, (Infant Daughter of Jonas Runnels) 192
Orr, Edith Annie 87
Pankey, Ronald Lee Buteau (Son of Phil) 159
Patterson, Robert Benjinam 292
Pearce, Sarah Alice 86
Pech, Henry (Son of Henry G.) 264
Perry, Melissa 202
Pickel, Helen M. 288
Pierce, Frederick Brittain 265
Pillsbury, Emma Oliva 223
Pitz, Henry 8
Pokorny, Josephine (Daughter of Philip) 91
Putney, Foskett Maynard 240
Rasor, John S. 140
Rasor, Millington 61
Ratcliff, Anderson 124
Raymond, Abner 58
Ream, Edward Charles 157
Rhodes, Leonard Millard 199
Rhodes, Sam Myer 153
Richards, Anna Sophia 245
Richardson, Samuel Arthur 160
Rifner, Charles D. 182
Robertson, Ralph 210
Robinson, Donald E. 164
Robinson, John W. 176
Rodman, Hazel May (Infant Daughter of John F.) 17
Rumley, Frances 26
Sander, Atha Otto (Son of Fred C.) 154
Sanger, Frank B. 75
Saunders, Clara Elizabeth 249
Sawyer, Rita Doris (Daughter of Ivy J.) 285
Saylor, Janet May (Infant Daughter of Claude) 147
Schmitt, Joseph J. 42
Schmitt, Leonie Daoust 44
Schock, John J. 19
Schutte, Henry G. 185
Schwein, Ludwig 3
Seares, George 168
Sheibley, David Alexander 41
Shelby, Mary M. 165
Sherman, Mary Jane 45
Shinn, Matilda Caroline 15
Sisty, Eva 234
Sleppy, Lorenzo Jacob 169
Sloan, Rosa Ellen 28
Slover, Charley 283
Smead, Nancy 155
Smeadley, William A. 172
Smith, Lorena May 48
Sorensen, Mary 103
Stancliff, Walter Spencer 188
Stearns, Orson Avery 175
Steelman, John Wesley 22
Stefani, James Wadell 136
Stennett, Lafayette A. 291
Stine, Isabelle J. 272
Stride, Edward J. 170
Stringer, Threisa 148
Sullivan, Alice Elizabeth 111
Sullivan, Beatrice Eilen (Daughter of Arthur W.) 57
Swem, Jack Stewart (Son of John) 279
Switzer, Marion M. 163
Syron, Mary Ann 132
Taylor, Hulda 242
Taylor, Thos. H. Benton 125
Taylor, William Chalmers 49
Thatcher, Emma Launer 180
Theumler, Gertrude (Infant Daughter of T.L.) 135
Thomas, America 177
Thomas, Nellie 123
Thompson, Arthur Ray 289
Tice, Margaret 166
Tilley, Joseph N. 212
Turnbow, James Albert 63
Twomey, William P. 90
Ulrich, Christian 251
Van Dermark, Peter R. 88
Vest, Benjamin Ely 195
Vincent, Isaac 39
Wakefield, Harold Marshall (Son of L.H.) 286
Walch, Easter Venita (Daughter of Draper) 105
Waldron, Clara Oneta 198
Wallace, Orin Delbert (Infant Son of Delbert) 273
Walter, George Jr. 64
Ward, Samuel Francis 36
Warren, Clifford 107
Watkins, Lee 156
Watkins, Rannus Perrine 252
Watsen, Walter Thurber (Infant Son of W.) 30
Watson, Katherine A. 203
Watts, John S. Jr. 104
Webb, John Mayfield 67
Wehrli, Rudolph 241
Welt, Mary L. 254
Weren, Desideria 275
Wharkamp, Harry 117
Williams, Mary Ellen 257
Wilson, Josephine 11
Wiltrout, John 21
Winches, Martinus 6
Wing, Emily F. 129
Wing, Eunice (Daughter of J.Z.) 128
Winkelman, John Herbert 224
Winkleman, Clifford Ray (Infant Son of Pearle) 260
Wittenbach, Addie M. 112
Wolfe, John 243
Wright, Annie 120
Yost, George Albert 219
Young, Catharine 55