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Jackson County Death Certificate Index (1929)

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Below is an index to our 1929 volume of Jackson County Death Certificates. It includes the name of the the deceased person and the page reference within the volume. If you would like to receive a copy of the death certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Fill it out completely and print it, then send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, year, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Name Page
Abel, Frank K. 320
Abel, Frank K. 320-A
Agee, William Jackson (Infant Son of L.G.) 14
Ahlstrom, Elwood (Infant Son of Leigh) 8
Akers, Viola (Daughter of S.F.) 212
Allen, Eunice Rose 45
Almle, Johanna P. Brunoss 188
Andrews, George 61
Antle, Katherine Margaret 318
Applegate, Daniel A. 271
Ashpole, John 21
Baldwin, Josephine N. 293
Banta, Florinda Hulda (Daughter of Lester T.) 108
Bartlett, James 267
Bateman, Irvin Roland 257
Bates, Dora Victora (Daughter of Luther H.) 126
Bates, Dorothy Evelyn 131
Bauer, Henry Lester (Son of Henry) 307
Beale, Mary Aseneth 176
Beers, Austin Johnson 343
Belcher, Sarah Jane 77
Benedict, George Washington 203
Bennett, Alma Tower 190
Bennett, Josephine 324
Berry, Dora Lavonia 280
Bieberstedt, Carl 145
Bills, Francis Albert 345
Bishop, Julia Evyln 142
Blach, Marie Alice (Infant Daughter of Warren Jesse) 144
Blackburn, Nancy K. 277
Blackmer, Ray Colman 306
Blore, Frank Leslie (Son of Frank L.) 231
Bohnert, Frederick Norman (Infant Son of Otto Henry) 285
Bolt, Elizabeth 107
Bowles, Jane Ann 85
Brauman, Marsena 18
Breimo, Charlotte Kristine 260
Brewster, George Ottis 309
Brittenham, Armilda J. 78
Brittsan, Sarah Catherine 186
Brooks, Minnie Amelia 157
Brosins, Frank P. 10
Brothers, Sarah Catherine 240
Brown, William 31
Brown, William 213
Bundy, George Louis 342
Bunnell, Morris B. 136
Burkhart, Elizabeth M. 27
Calen, (Infant Son of Adolph) 29
Calene, Marie Dorthy 41
Cameron, Mary A. 269
Campbell, Dora E. 12
Campbell, Jean 222
Campbell, William Nelson 11
Cantrall, Andrew 80
Carlson, Nelson 15
Carlton, Alsameda 326
Carson, Thos. David 194
Ceccato, Guiseppe (Son of Frank) 339
Chamberlain, Edgar Joseph 279
Chamberlin, Bonnie Mildred (Infant Daughter of Raymond H.) 175
Chase, Joshua F. 283
Chastain, Henrietta G. 33
Childers, Mary J. 195
Clairage, Ella 237
Clark, James 189
Clark, James A. 81
Clark, James Boyd 334
Clark, Jeneva California 24
Clarkson, William Simpson 254
Claspill, Scott H. 113
Clayborne, Merritt 67
Cleland, Permelia A. 99
Clement, James J. (Infant Son of Pete) 227
Clymer, Earl Lemoin (Infant Son of Earl L.) 301
Coats, Minnie 49
Coder, E.H. 305
Colbaugh, Clint D. (Infant Son of C.D.) 328
Cole, Charles Sidney 58
Cole, Reta Ethel 220
Conover, Owen O. 39
Converse, Edward 209
Cook, Robert Alva (Infant Son of Alva E.) 192
Craft, Ella Rowena 88
Crocker, James Grant (Infant Son of John C.) 211
Crosby, Margaret 298
Crowl, Harold Junior (Son of H.E.) 82
Crowson, James Edward 79
Culbertson, Emma Jane (Daughter of Thomas A.) 198
Davidson, Vera Mae (Daughter of Orba) 351
Davis, Anna Eliza 253
Davis, Ernest Wealey (Infant Son of C.W.) 51
Davis, Ruth Marion 226
Davis, Samuel B. 286
Day, Susan A. 199
Delameter, Ruby Eline 274
Dellenbach, Elizabeth 265
Demmer, Mathias 147
Denison, Mollie A. 166
Dennis, William Bert 330
Donegan, John Thomas 206
Drake, Lavinia A. 316
Duggan, Mary Agnes 235
Durfee, Hiram John 303
Eldridge, Lottie 140
Elwood, Lloyd R. 356
Emmens, Amelia Holmes 174
Engel, Theodore 312
Everton, Walter 187
Ferns, Harold Charles (Son of Chas. T.) 204
Fields, Andrew H. 125
Fields, Doloris Maxine (Daughter of Clyde E.) 42
Fields, Irene Louise (Daughter of Clyde E.) 43
Fifield, Altha M. 239
Finney, Mark A. 323
Fish, Jessie Leona 263
Florey, Andrew J. 335
Fountain, John Marion 76
Fowler, Alice D. 164
Frazier, Mattie E. 75
Frisby, Bessie 94
Fulton, Lilian S. 72
Gale, Lewis L. 137
Garrison, Dexter E. 272
Geppert, Joseph 165
Gilham, Thomas 152
Gill, Davis H. 117
Gillaspy, Jasper 168
Gillmoore, Boyd 120
Glass, Ermina 336
Gleim, Harry Spaulding 129
Glenn, Billy (Son of A.W.) 247
Godding, Anna Belle 66
Goff, Lemuel 229
Gooding, Harrie (Daughter of H.S.) 116
Gregory, (Infant Son of Charles Daniel) 340
Gregory, Loren H. 173
Grieve, Eliza 73
Grigsby, Thomas Upton 346
Guches, Sarah A. 154
Guedecke, Marie E. 57
Guy, Fred G. 278
Hager, Marion 353
Hall, John H. 52
Hamlin, Lavina Ann 68
Hammond, Vivian 289
Hansen, James Peter 273
Hansen, William Peter 114
Harrison, Frederick John (Infant Son of John) 4
Hart, Suzan Carolina 105
Haselton, Allen L. 228
Hayman, Howard Wilbur (Infant Son of Bruce) 310
Hearing, mary E. 151
Heckman, Sallie Messick 327
Heier, Walter Ray (Son of F.H.) 241
High, Ora Alice 109
Hildreth, Eliza Ann 159
Hobson, Mary E.A. 26
Holbrook, William P. 91
Hollis, Frank W. 138
Houck, Oliver Ellsworth 347
Howard, Harry 288
Hughes, John Perry 300
Hukill, Orpha Hester 28
Hurd, Carrie May 40
Hurd, Elijah Harlan 87
Hurley, William Henry 97
Hurt, James Ballard 350
Huson, Edward B. 50
Hylton, Shirley Fern (Infant Daughter of Alex) 322
Jackson, David H. 135
Jacobs, F. 158
James, William Mason 317
Jennings, Gene B. 295
Jensen, George Frederick 86
Jensen, Josephine L.M. 169
Jensen, Mildred 238
Jessiman, Adam 143
Johnson, Luema 311
Johnson, Richard Roy 89
Johnson, Walter Lee 275
Johnston, Katherine Bennett 348
Jones, Eva Louise 264
Jones, Melvin Dewitt 70
Jones, Tryphena Icadore 106
Jordan, Anna H. 259
Kirkland, William M. 146
Knowles, Alma Ruth 302
Kratzer, Alice Jane 71
Kronholm, Iris Jean (Infant Daughter of Thos.) 287
Kruggel, Ana 128
Lange, Augustus F. 19
Launspach, George 46
Laws, Ada Bell 181
Laws, Harriet Ann 127
Laws, Henry 329
Leabo, James E. 47
Leek, John 162
Lees, John Henry 13
Lenderman, Raymond (Son of T.W.) 197
Lewis, Della Ann 74
Lewis, Minnie Krah 95
Lichterhand, Clara 349
Lisenbee, Nora Alice (Daughter of Dutch) 249
Looker, William Henry 184
Loos, William Earl Jr. (Son of William Earl) 308
Lord, Harvey H. 123
Lovell, Isabelle 230
Lowe, Newton Ross 60
Luckett, Aziel Wesley 7
Luman, Ellen Hannah 250
Mac Collister, Ruth Edith (Daughter of C.E.) 83
Magee, Myrl Zella (Daughter of Hugh) 337
Malmgren, Theodore John 98
Marion, Ruby Leona 161
Martin, Archie John 321
Martin, Mary R. 246
Massengill, Mary Rose (Infant Daughter of H.E.) 30
Masters, Fannie Arthurs 262
Matthews, Miss Mary 23
Maxedon, Emma J. 290
McCulley, R.H. 219
McFerren, James 93
McHardie, Robert 102
McIntire, Cecil Audrey (Infant Daughter of Harry Wayne) 244
McIntyre, William I. 59
McKay, Sarah Ann 232
McRae, Elizabeth 333
McWilliams, Francis Gerald 200
Meehan, Peter 341
Mellor, Mary Ann 163
Merrill, Frank Reginald 208
Messenger, Walter Jerome 242
Miller, James Monroe 266
Miller, Judd V. 160
Miller, LaVonne Maxine (Infant Daughter of Henry F.) 6
Millett, John 255
Mills, Lila Edith 132
Minkler, Mary Josephine 332
Moon, Carrie Rachel 331
Moore, Edgar L. 119
Moreland, Sarah Melissa 281
Morgan, Oscar T. 180
Morris, Alton B. 150
Morton, James Thomas 65
Murray, James 182
Myers, Fred L. 258
Nichols, Edward Francis 64
Nickell, Daisy Blanche 221
Noble, Margaret Frances 338
Norby, Robert Herman (Son of J.P.) 171
Norton, DeWalt 34
Norval, Catherine 111
Oard, Peter Royal 63
O'Brien, Mary 118
Oden, Ruben Ross 104
Oliver, Sebrun Nathan (Infant Son of Walter D.) 252
Olsen, Charles Julius 153
Palmer, Alonzo 234
Parker, Mike S. 110
Parker, Sumner Austin 217
Patterson, Ella G. 2
Patterson, Hattie H. 344
Paxson, Robert Hambleton 38
Payne, Elizabeth 96
Perry, John Robert (Infant Son of Joseph R.) 69
Peterson, Swan 218
Petri, Margaret D. 32
Phais, Earl Smith 299
Phillips, James B. 291
Plymale, Ben H. 53
Pointer, William A. 36
Poston, Homer (Son of Alfred) 55
Powell, Anson 177
Prescott, Elizabeth Ann 207
Prose, Emma 56
Pursel, Charles Collins (Infant Son of G.H.) 256
Randall, Platt Talcott 139
Ray, Enola Ruth 193
Reames, Serisa Lovica 297
Rease, Edson Monroe 179
Reeder, George Washington 37
Rice, William Crews 48
Rickman, Thomas T. 5
Ritter, Carl Brown 261
Roberts, T.A. 224
Robertson, James Ralph 133
Robinson, Lennard Dougles (Infant Son of L.J.) 103
Rogers, Barry H. 314
Saltzman, George D. 223
Saulsbury, Laura Flagg 100
Schatz, Sophie E. 216
Schiffer, Minnie 243
Schleigh, Leona Imogene (Infant Daughter of Lester) 236
Scholer, John Jacob 121
Schuman, Dorothy Laverne (Daughter of Herman B.) 115
Scott, Della 191
Severin, Jacob 9
Shafer, Edmond 201
Shafer, Elizabeth Katherine 319
Shafer, Margaret Lorane (Daughter of Henry) 282
Shaw, Thurston Thomas 352
Shaw, Victor Bayard 148
Sheaffer, Harry O. 112
Sherman, Frances E. 122
Simons, John Henry 313
Sizemore, Evelyn Rosella (Daughter of Frank Oran) 196
Slover, Sarah Ellen 276
Smith, Elizabeth A. 17
Smith, John Robert 251
Smith, Thomas E. 248
Speck, Charles Manley 202
Spence, Silas M. 16
Spink, Alice M. 225
Sprague, Roland (Infant Son of Mahlon) 167
St. Louis, Moses E. 210
Starboard, Maggie 185
Steinbaugh, Carrie A. 183
Steinbaugh, Phillip A. 205
Stephens, Isaac Harvey 20
Stinson, Rose Ella 172
Stinson, William Henry 354
Storm, Elzina Jane 35
Strahan, Meda Mae 178
Stratten, Kenneth Percival (Son of Percy) 90
Sullivan, Melville C. 92
Sullivan, Mrs. Jane 156
Sunderman, Gwendall Smith 214
Sutton, Sylvia Sabina (Infant Daughter of Marion L.) 1
Taylor, Ellen 134
Taylor, Nellie 44
Thompson, Adon H. 149
Thompson, Anna M. 130
Tonn, Ludwig 355
Torbell, Roberta Doris (Infant Daughter of Orvile J.) 296
Turner, Charles Lewis 284
Underwood, William Irvin 268
VanEvery, Mary Vardy 170
Vargas, Felipe (Son of Julis) 245
Venable, Horace 124
Vermeer, Richard 141
Wagner, Ellen Hendrix 270
Walden, Lavernia 54
Walker, Cathryn Jane (Daughter of William H.) 215
Walsh, Michael A. 22
Ward, Joseph William 101
Watson, Daniel E. 294
Wertz, Santford G. (Son of Grant) 155
Whitney, Andrew D. 233
Wilkinson, Roy L. (Infanat Son of R.L.) 304
Wilson, Phil Owen (Son of Ralph M.) 325
Wilson, Simpson 3
Wines, Abijah 315
Wright, William Frederick 25
Young, Estella Anna 62
Young, Russell (Son of James W.) 84
Zimmerlee, Maggie 292