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If you find a name of interest and would like a copy of the deed and/or a map showing the location of the property, click on the postal request form link below to display a request form. Complete, print, and mail the form to us along with a check payable to RVGS for $15 for a deed alone or $30 for both a deed and a map. Up to four additional deeds or maps can be requested at the same time at the rate of $5 each. Please use a separate request form for each additional deed or deed/map . Postal Deed and/or Map Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the online form below to make a secure online payment and to provide us with the information we will need to fulfill your request. Our librarian will make a copy of the deed and email it to you as an attached .jpg or picture file. When you receive it, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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Eachus, Sarah A. Messner, J.H. et ux 1899
Eachus, W.S. et al Whiteman, A.A. et ux 1899
Eads, John Miller, John F. & Z.E. 1883
Eagan, Wm. et al Broback, C.W. & F.A. 1884 (2)
Eagle Mill Co. Bridbard, Henry et al 1855
Eagle Mill Co. Thomas, Michael et al 1855
Eagon, L.M. et ux Helman, A.D. 1899
Eagon, Levi M. Alnutt, J.W. & H. 1887
Eagon, Levi M. Alnutt, J.W. & H. 1888
Eainonte, George Robbins, Abner 1868
Eainonte, George Robbins, Abner & C.L. 1870
Eainonte, George Crews, John B. & A. 1868
Eainonte, George Elmore, Dallas 1871
Earhart, Samuel Roberts, Mary E. & W.B. 1891
Earhart, Samuel Roberts, Mary E. et ux 1887
Earl Fruit Co. Landers, Geo. R. & E.C. 1888
Earnshaw, Wm. et al Ford, John & Payton 1864
East, Joseph et al Anderson, John et al 1861
Eastham, Augustus B. Mills, A.L. 1899
Eastham, Mrs. Dora Hocum, Chas. et ux 1898
Eaton, Albert United States 1897
Eaton, G.M. et al Messenger, H.C. & Bessie L. 1898
Eaton, Hattie Karnes, D.G. 1895
Eaton, Irene United States 1897
Eaton, William Rutherford, Celia 1878
Eaton, William Trustees J致ille 1878
Eby, S.M. Brown, J.H. 1899
Eby, S.M. Kahler, C.W. 1899
Eccles, George Donegan, John 1883
Eckelson, A.O. et al Williams, John et al 1878
Eckelson, A.O. et al Hamilton, W.A.A. et al 1878
Eckelson, A.O. et al Brogan, C.C. & L.H. 1879
Eddings, G.C. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1888
Eddings, G.C. Morse, E.P. 1890
Eddings, G.C. Billings, G.F. & F.M. 1888
Eddings, G.C. et al Johnson, A. & S.E. 1888
Eddings, Mary E. Hubbard, Mrs. Lydia A. 1894
Eddings, Minnie E. Mills, A.L. 1899
Eddings, Nellie A. Eddings, G.C. 1893
Eddy & Wright Gritton, John 1888
Eddy, Adolphus A. Ulrich, Wm. & E.A. 1888
Eddy, Adolphus A. United States 1888
Eddy, W.E.S. Skeeters, Grace Jane & Isaac 1892
Eddy, W.H. et al Gritton, Wm. & N. 1888
Edelbrite, D. Frank et al Pierce, Chas. H. 1890
Edelhoff, Emil Andrews, Geo. H. & Eppie 1893
Edict, Minerva Richard, Henry 1894
Edington, J.A. Ellis, Rachel A. & Anderson M. 1892
Edington, W.W. Downing, Fredk. T. & Lorena E. 1893
Edington, W.W. Edington, J.A. & Ellen 1892
Edington, W.W. Edington, J.A. & Ellen 1892
Edlund, Gust et ux Rice, John & Susan 1898
Edmonds, F.J. Powell, B.W. 1891
Edmunds, F.J. Brace, Chester H. 1891
Edmundson, Wm. Lee United States 1899
Edmunson, Helen Hopwood, Wm. & Salome Ellen 1898
Edmunson, Helen Hopwood, Wm. & Salome Ellen 1897
Edsall, John Colver, Samuel & Huldah 1893 (2)
Edsall, John Ford, Henry 1872
Edsall, John State of Oregon 1874
Edsall, John United States 1873
Edsall, John B. United States 1886
Edsall, Marg. J. United States 1882
Edsall, Margaret Dry, E.C. 1882
Edsall, Martha A. Stewart, A.J. 1889
Edsall, Martha A. Grieve, John A. & N.M. 1877
Edsall, S.B. United States 1895
Edsall, Sam値 B. Stought, John & S. 1884
Edsall, Sam値 B. Howard, H.C. & E.M. 1883
Edsall, Samuel B. Stewart, A.J. 1885
Edsen, Carl H. Receiver Land Ofs. 1891
Edwards, Alonzo et al Anderson, E.K. & G.N. 1893
Edwards, Alonzo et al Dyer, J., Dunlap, S. & Carlisle, S. 1893
Edwards, Alonzo et al Donahue, Mary & Patton, M. 1893
Edwards, Alonzo et al Dunlap, W.E. 1893
Edwards, Anna J. Shore, Laura B. et al 1898
Edwards, Eunice C. Childers, E.L. 1899
Edwards, G.W. et al Jacobs, A.S. & M. 1887
Edwards, Geo. W. Helms, Anderson et al 1891
Edwards, Geo. W. Klum, C.K. 1891
Edwards, Geo. W. Talent, A.P. & M.A. 1891
Edwards, J.E. Angle, L.L. & Alice 1890
Edwards, Jacob Morine, Charles E. 1899
Edwards, John S. & Wm. F. Edwards, Rufus 1890
Edwards, Julia Phipps, A.R. & M.P. 1891
Edwards, Julia & Wm. et al Maegley, A.H. (Assig) 1892
Edwards, Julia A. Edwards, Rufus 1890
Edwards, Julia A. Phipps, Alla R. 1887
Edwards, Julia A. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1887
Edwards, Julia A. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1891
Edwards, Julia D. Sheriff 1887 (2)
Edwards, Laura Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Edwards, Laura V. Brown, Wm. W. 1896
Edwards, Rufus O誰eil, P.B. 1890
Edwards, Rufus Roberts, W.B. & O誰eil, M.E. 1890
Egger, Samuel Orme, Alex et al 1878
Eggleston, Benj. Barbour, H.R. et ux 1896
Eggleston, Rebecca Anderson, Geo. N. 1898
Eginton, Kate W. State of Oregon 1892
Eichel, J. et al Walsh, J.W. et al 1887
Eichel, Jacob Willard, Geo. M. et ux 1887
Eide, Andrew S. & Maria Childers, Mary M. & John M. 1894 (2)
Eidson, Thos. J. United States 1899
Elder & Johnson Pippen, Wm. L. et al 1861
Elder, M.A. Johnson, Wm. A. 1862
Elder, M.A. et al Harner, John 1861
Elder, M.E.L. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Eldridge, H.H. Baldwin, Wallace 1857
Eldridge, Henry E. United States 1873
Eliason, C.A. Evans, Rebecca H. by W.P. Benn 1895
Eliason, C.A. Helman, A.D. et ux 1896
Eliason, C.A. Lyttleton, Wm. et ux 1895
Eliason, Charles A. Powell, Michael & Louisa 1893
Elksnat, G. & H. Pentz, S.S. 1889
Elksnat, Henrietta Hockenjos, John & Eva 1894
Ellerston, Martin Garey, L.C. 1880
Ellett, Innes United States 1892
Elliott, Albert Elliott, Jeremiah et ux 1877
Elliott, Arty Meesy Pinkham, Eben et ux 1874
Elliott, Arty Meesy Stephenson, Geo. W. et ux 1874
Elliott, Arty Meesy Taylor, S.C. & M.A. 1879
Elliott, F.J. United States 1886
Elliott, Frank J. Logan, Chas. W. & H. 1890
Elliott, Frank J. United States 1890
Elliott, G.W. & Lena Buschey, Catherine 1880
Elliott, George et al Steel, T.H. & R. 1880
Elliott, Hugh Reuter, A.L. & Christine 1893
Elliott, James Cardwell, J.A. & C. 1876
Elliott, James Crosby, D.W. & M. 1882
Elliott, James Ficke, P.N. & H. 1880
Elliott, James Schultz, Catherine 1889
Elliott, Jeremiah United States 1885
Elliott, Jeremiah United States 1894 (2)
Elliott, John D. Elliott, Arty Meesy 1881
Elliott, John D. Elliott, Albert & M. 1882
Elliott, John D. Elliott, J. & A.M. 1885
Elliott, Malissa Merritt, J.W. Trus. Central Pt. 1898
Elliott, Merritt Fielder, Mary E. 1895
Elliott, Merritt Werth, Louis & Ninna 1897
Ellis, Andrew M. United States 1892
Ellis, E. Lincoln Carter, Ransom 1885
Ellis, Eli Jones, Chas. P. & C. 1891
Ellis, Harmon et ux Kepler, Louisa J. 1899
Ellis, I.W. Lofland, J.M. & M. 1884
Ellis, Kittie M. Pardue, McDonald 1897
Ellis, Kittie M. United States 1892
Ellis, Kittie M. United States 1899
Ellis, Perry Medynski, Ella & F.V. et al 1896
Ellis, Perry Palm, Callie & C.W. et al 1896
Ellis, Perry United States 1892
Ellis, Rachel A. Downing, F.T. & L.E. 1891
Ellis, Rachel A. Downing, Fredk. T. & Lorena E. 1892
Ellis, Rachel A. State of Oregon 1896
Ellison, Henrietta Orchard Home Assn. 1894
Ellison, Thomas B. Armstrong, Jane 1894
Ellison, Wm. Lumsden, D.J., E.M., H.U. & B.F. 1892
Ellison, Wm. Orchard Home Assoc. 1893
Ellison, Wm. Wood, H.F. 1893
Ellmaker, Byron Conrad, D.G. & L.M. 1871
Elmer, Peter Mills, Jacob & Jane 1885
Elmer, Peter et ux DeRoboam, Emil et al 1896
Elmore, Benton United States 1879
Elmore, C.B. Fritz, Reuben 1894
Elmore, C.H. Boyd, Edw. D. 1899
Elmore, C.H. Harley (Hurley), J.M. 1894
Elmore, Dallas United States 1887
Elmore, H.W. Downing, J.H. & S.E. 1891
Elmore, P.M. Downing, J.H. & S.E. 1890
Elviage, R.T. Reeser, M.J. & B.F. 1889
Elviage, R.T. White, Mrs. J.E. 1890
Elwood, E.D. Fronk, C.K. 1899
Ely, John S. Trustees J致ille 1868
Eme, Claud & Maria Lauer et al 1894
Eme, Claude Barnhart, Albert 1862
Eme, Claude Guihenance, J.L. 1862
Eme, Claude Lauer, Theobold 1862
Eme, Claude Wilkins, John R. & L. 1858
Eme, Claude Wilkins, John R. & L. 1859
Emerson, B.W. Gibbins, W.E. & Wm. B. 1871
Emerson, D.C. Emerson, B.W. 1879
Emerson, Wm. H. Borden, Edwin G. 1899 (2)
Emery, Alwilda C. Helman, A.D. 1890
Emery, Alwilda C. Helman, A.D. 1891
Emery, E. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888 (2)
Emery, Eber Daley, A.J. & R.A. 1889
Emery, Eber Daley, John & L. 1888 (3)
Emery, Eber Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1888
Emery, Eber Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1889
Emery, Eber Helman, John R. 1861
Emery, Eber Helman, John R. 1862
Emery, Eber Helman, John R. 1867
Emery, Eber True, Hanes & C. 1877
Emery, Eber United States 1879
Emery, Eber Wilson, Chas. C. & E.J. 1872
Emery, Eber McCall, J.M. & T.R. 1872
Emery, Ebery United States 1874
Emery, H.S. Emery, Eber & S. 1880
Emery, H.S. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1883
Emery, H.S. McCall, J.M. et ux 1883
Emery, H.S. McClung, T.J. 1885
Emery, H.S. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Emery, H.S. Saxman, Maggie A. 1884
Emery, H.S. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1882
Emery, H.S. Myer, B.F. et al 1885
Emery, H.S. et al Daley, W.C. & L. 1885 (2)
Emery, Henry Mecum, J.R. 1872
Emery, Henry S. Helman, John R. 1868
Emery, Henry S. Miller, H.B. & M.L. 1888
Emery, Sophia Davis, J.F. & Lillie T. et al 1893
Emery, Sophia Emery, H.S. & A.C. et al 1893
Emmett, E.E. Sheriff 1891
Emmett, John Arant, M.J. 1897
Engel Bros. Lavenburg, E. 1889
Engel Bros. Sheriff 1887
Engel Bros. Foudray, E.D. & S.A. 1887
Engel, A.M. Engel, H.C. 1889
Engel, Henry C. Anderson, S.N. & M.J. 1888
Engel, Herman O. & H.C. Smith, Benj. et al 1885
Engel, T.H.F. Colver, S. & H. 1889 (3)
Engel, T.H.F. Engel, Emma 1889
Engel, T.H.F. Engel, F.J.W. 1889
Engel, T.H.F. Engel, H.C. & A. 1889
Engel, T.H.F. et al Barr, T.M. & E. 1889
Engel, T.H.F. et al Sheriff 1889
Engel, T.H.F. et al Sutton, R.K. & M.J. 1889
Engel, Theodore Coleman, L.C. 1892
Engel, Theodore H.F. Anderson, Mrs. Nancy 1892
Engelbrecht, Henry Helms, H. Admr. 1870
Engelbrecht, Son & Co. Belfils, L. & L. 1889
Engle Bros. Foudray, E.D. & S.A. 1887
Engle, A. Engle, Geo. 1889
Engle, Geo. Wickham, W.H. & M.J. 1889
Engle, George Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Engle, George Helm, A.C. & B. 1887
Engle, George Hildreth, Buel 1894
Engle, George Hildreth, E.A. 1894
Engle, George Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Engle, George Roper, Fordyce & J.S. 1888
Engle, Henry E. Reeser, B.F. & M.J. 1885
Engle, Margaret J. Sutton, R.K. et ux 1895
Engledow, Anna Hodge, Allen et ux 1895
English, Frank Drake, Elmer et al 1890
English, Frank Teale, J.H. et al 1890
English, Frank Volmer, August 1884
English, Frank M. Baker, J.C. et al 1890
Engwicht, George & Helen J. Rhodes, S.M. et ux 1898
Ennis, Frank Foudray, E.D. Adm. 1883
Ennis, Wm. A. Pyle, W.L. 1898
Enyart, J.E. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1890
Enyart, J.E. Jacobs, N.A. et ux 1897
Enyart, J.E. Kennedy, J.R. & M.L. 1889
Enyart, Peter S. Billups, Wm. P. 1862
Epperson, Greenville S. Walker, Nancy M. 1895
Epperson, N. Or. & Trans. Co. 1888
Epps, Geo. L. Colver, Sam値 & H. 1889
Epps, Jane Lewis, Louisa Ann 1898
Epps, Jane Sergent, C.S. et ux 1896
Epps, Mrs. Jane Colver, Sam値 & H. 1889
Erb, Frocine Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1878
Erb, George Henry Walker, Minus 1868
Erb, W.W. Gray, L. & A. 1889
Erb, W.W. Burris, I.W. & F. 1889
Erb, W.W. Broadsword, S. & L 1889
Erb, W.W. Wells, Phebe 1889
Erdman, Wm. Holst, H. & M.F.J. 1890 (2)
Erford, J.R. Cowles, J.C. & I.S. 1889 (2)
Erickson, F. Robison, Jos. & M.G. 1891
Erickson, F. Terrill, H.J. & L.A. 1891
Erlwein, Charles Radir, W.T. 1894
Errickson (Erickson), E. Chanslor, C.K. et al 1885
Erven, Dudley T. Brown, Robt. H. & C. 1888
Erwing, Charles Menge, Fried 1861
Esmond, Cornelius Esmond, Edward 1893
Esmond, Edw. United States 1893
Esmond, Edward United States 1874
Esmond, Edward United States 1884
Estabrook, Geo. A. Estabrook, Charles W. 1895
Estes, I.J. Leever, W.T. Admr. Constant Est. 1897
Estes, I.J. Merritt, J.W. et ux 1897
Esther Mine Co. Browning, L.N. & E.G. 1876
Ethie, Wm. et al Eme, Claude & M. 1860
Etler, Samuel Swope, Edw. A. 1891
Etter, Anna Etter, Samuel 1899
Etzenhouser, Conrad United States 1873
Eubanks, G.G. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1890
Eubanks, G.G. Eubanks, J.S. & H. 1890
Eubanks, G.G.. & Amanda M. Goodyear, Robt. & Jennie 1898
Eubanks, George G. Eubanks, Hannah & J.S. 1887
Eubanks, Hannah Thornton, Eliz. & J. 1883
Eubanks, J.S. Van Dyke, S.D. 1876
Eubanks, J.S. Eubanks, J.C. 1887
European & Ore. Land Co. Lathan, Milton S. 1871
European Or. Ld Co. Villard, Henry 1875
Euson, John Or. & Trans. Co. 1890
Evans, Anna E. Williams, Chas. 1891
Evans, D. Damon (Braman), J. et al 185_
Evans, D. Roper, F. & J.S. 1890
Evans, Davis Marks & Abraham 1858
Evans, Davis Ambrose, Geo. H. & E. 1859
Evans, Davis Brunner, J.A. & Bro. 1861
Evans, Davis Co. School Supt. 1859
Evans, Davis Haymond, Benj. 1860
Evans, Davis Nolen, Alex J. 1860
Evans, Davis Rayner, James & O. Co. 1859
Evans, Davis Todhunter, John 1855
Evans, Davis Robinson, George 1858
Evans, Davis & Mary Templeton, S.R. et al 1860
Evans, Davis & Mary Adams, J.C. & Helen 1860
Evans, Davis et al Scholes, Joshua Jr. 1862
Evans, Davis et al Ingram, George V. 1861
Evans, Dudley Wells Fargo & Co. 1877
Evans, E.A. Landers, Wm. & L.T. 1882
Evans, H.S. Carter, H.B. & H.H. et al 1890
Evans, H.S. High, D. & L. 1887
Evans, H.S. High, Laura & D. 1886
Evans, H.S. Inlow, H.T. & Eliz. 1892
Evans, H.S. Porter, Eliz. & Jas. 1898
Evans, H.S. Taylor, Robt. & Louise 1887
Evans, H.S. Ayers, C.W. & E. 1892
Evans, Hiram S. Smith, E.A. 1899
Evans, Hiram S. United States 1892
Evans, J.R. Beekman, C.C. & J.E. 1889
Evans, J.R. Ford, R.C. & S. 1889
Evans, J.R. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Evans, Jacob United States 1881
Evans, Jacob et al Gin Lin et al 1876
Evans, James Holmes, Wm. M. et ux 1899
Evans, James Merritt, J.W. Trus. 1899
Evans, Jesse Clark, William & M.J. 1883
Evans, John R. Justus, Emma 1889
Evans, Julia Andrews, Geo. H. & E. 1899
Evans, Napoleon B. United States 1859
Evans, Napoleon B. United States 1886
Evans, Oliver P. Evans, Richard 1866
Evans, Rebecca Benn, W.P. & E.B. by Atty. 1894
Evans, Rebecca Benn, W.P. & E.B. by Atty 1895
Evans, S.J. Smith, G.W. et ux 1898
Evans, Thos. J. Carberry, William 1861
Evans, W.C.D. Dietrick (Dietrich), Geo. 1889
Everette, Dr. Willis E. Moon, A.S. & M.J. 1894
Ewan, Nellie G. & Emma Patrick, W.A. et ux 1891
Ewan, Nellie G. & Emma Patrick, W.A. et ux 1894
Ewan, Rebecca J. Patrick, W.A. et ux 1888
Ewen, Dudley Thos. Brown, R.H. & C. 1888
Ewing, Harriet & F.M. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1887
Ewing, James Adams, Chas. & C. 1887