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If you find a name of interest and would like a copy of the deed and/or a map showing the location of the property, click on the postal request form link below to display a request form. Complete, print, and mail the form to us along with a check payable to RVGS for $15 for a deed alone or $30 for both a deed and a map. Up to four additional deeds or maps can be requested at the same time at the rate of $5 each. Please use a separate request form for each additional deed or deed/map . Postal Deed and/or Map Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the online form below to make a secure online payment and to provide us with the information we will need to fulfill your request. Our librarian will make a copy of the deed and email it to you as an attached .jpg or picture file. When you receive it, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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††††††††† GRANTEE ††††††††††††† GRANTOR YEAR
Faber, C. Nettie Downing, Joseph et ux 1893
Fairchild, A.C. Abraham, Jane 1898
Fairchild, Hyman United States 1886
Fairclo, P.T. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Fairfowl, Jas. G. Helm, A.C. & Bella 1889 (2)
Faith, Charles F. Drew, Mary A. & N.S. 1891
Faith, Chas. F. Dunnington, S.E. 1893
Faith, Josiah B. Clarno, G.W. & H.J. 1885
Faith, Kitty & J.R. Faith, J.B. & Eliz. 1894
Falkenstein, Sarah A. et al McCrary, Benj. F. 1899
Falkner, Geo. State of Oregon 1889
Fallon, Robert Swope, Edwd. A. 1891
Fanning, Isabel L. Fanning, J.N. 1890
Fanning, J.N. Dickison, W.R. & M.A. 1889
Fanning, James N. et ux McCollough, Geo. 1894
Faris, Fred P. Kotze, A.L. 1893
Faris, Fred P. McCubbin, Zilpha E. 1893
Faris, J.H. Walker, E.F. & Prudence 1892
Faris, J.H. et al Britt, Peter 1889
Faris, J.H. et al Linn, D. & A.S. et al 1889
Faris, Jennie M. Mattox, J.W. & Maria 1892
Faris, Mrs. Jenny M. Faris, Fred P. 1897
Farish (Faris), F.G. Walker, G.W. 1861
Farleigh, John H. Welch, Mark P. et ux 1899
Farley, J.B. et al Ives, Peter T. 1878
Farley, Naomi P. Thornton, Eliz. & J. 1884
Farlow, Alice A. Farlow, H. et ux 1894
Farlow, Alice A. Helman, A.D. 1894
Farlow, Christian Walters, T.G. & C. 1880
Farlow, Christian Parham, J.G. & M. 1882
Farlow, E.J. Farlow, H. & L. 1889
Farlow, E.J. Fountain, J.D. & Grace 1880
Farlow, E.J. Inlow, H.T. & E. 1878
Farlow, E.J. & Mary D. Garrett, R.M. & S.E. 1891
Farlow, E.J. & Mary D. Helman, A.D. 1891
Farlow, Hiram Farlow, Christian & L. 1882
Farlow, Hiram Woodson, Jas. P. & L. 1873
Farlow, Hiram Woodson, John S. & N.S. 1868
Farlow, Hiram et al Shelton, Dyas 1885
Farlow, Mary D. Foudray, Sarah A. & E.D. 1893
Farlow, Mary D. Helman, A.D. (Guard.) 1891
Farlow, Mary D. et al Harvey, Charles W. et al 1897
Farlow, Mrs. M.D. Colver, Maria 1889 (4)
Farlow, Simeon & G. Taylor, Frank W. 1880
Farlow, Simeon & G. State of Oregon 1883
Farlow, Simeon & G. Leeke, Wm. & M.M. 1885
Farlow, W.P. Clopton, T.J. et ux 1887
Farmer, John W. Million, Ursula et ux 1892
Farmer, John William Homes, Fred C. & M.W. 1891
Farmer, Laddie Yocum, Eliz. et al 1898
Farmer, Narcissa Draman, W.F. & S.M. 1875
Farmers Flat Mining Co. Durphy, B.F. et ux 1894
Farnell, James Wells, Erastus & E.J. 1869
Farnham, Allen F. Sheriff 1864
Farnham, Allen F. Breitbarth, H.A. et al 1857
Farnham, Allen F. Sheriff 1863
Farnham, Allen F. Thomas, Michael & Tobias et al 1857
Farnham, Allen F. Haworth, J.R. & E.C. 1868
Farnham, Clarence Billings, G.F. & F.M. 1890
Farnham, Clarence Chitwood, H.T. 1892
Farnham, Clarence Farnham, Walter 1893
Farnham, Clarence Farnham, Walter et al 1891
Farnham, Clarence Farnham, Walter et al 1897
Farnham, Mrs. S.A. Tryon, Mary & E. 1887
Farnham, Sarah A. Bagley, Jas. A. & M.E. 1879
Farnham, Sarah A. Day, Silas J. & M.E. 1880
Farnham, Walter Farnham, Clarence et al 1891
Farnham, Walter et al Farnham, Clarence 1891
Farra, Clara E. Dean, Anna 1899
Farra, E.L. Dean, Anna 1899
Farra, E.L. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Farra, E.L. Fradenburgh, Fred T. et ux 1893
Farra, E.L. Central Pt. Townsite Co. Trust. 1894
Farra, E.L. et al Birdseye, F.G. 1898
Farris (Faris), J.H. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1888 (2)
Farris (Faris), J.H. Hamlin, Jas. & E.J. 1888
Faucett, L.H. Huff, Martin H. & Mina 1892
Faucett, L.H. Poe, Josephine & F.M. 1892
Faught, James Johnson, Rachel M. & A.S. 1897
Faulconer, E.E. Brace, Edw. & Isabella C. 1892
Faulds, Richard B. et ux Rogers, Catherine & L.W. et al 1899
Faulkner, George State of Oregon 1896 (2)
Faussett, Anna J. Arant, Samíl F. 1899
Fawcett, Edw. H. et al Holden, Emil 1894
Fay, Gertrude Pool, James R. et al 1867
Fay, James D. Constant, Isaac Trustee 1868
Fay, James D. OíNeil, Felix & P. 1873
Fearing, Henry United States 1894
Febely, Mrs. Fannie Powell, B.W. 1892
Feike, Nicolas Brauns, Anton 1868
Fellows, Rufus A. Gartman, Levi 1888
Felts, W.W. Nininger, C.E. & S.A. 1889
Fenton, Jack et al Ash. Electric Power & Light Co. 1898
Fenton, John L. Costel, August (single) 1899
Fergerson, A.L. Beidleman, W.D. & C.J. 1896
Fergus, Francis A. Walker, John P. et ux 1895
Fergus, Francis A. Walker, John P. et ux 1892
Fergus, Frank Miller, Ella 1894
Fergus, Samuel Fergus, Francis A. et ux 1895
Ferguson, A.D. & M. Fox, Heaton et ux 1895 (2)
Ferguson, A.L. et al Smith, Edw. et ux 1895
Ferguson, Allen D. Meliza, Perry & Amanda 1897
Ferguson, Allen D. Rhodes, S.M. & Sadie J. 1893
Ferguson, H.A. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1888
Ferguson, H.A. Roper, F. & J.S. et al 1889
Ferguson, H.A. Roper, F. & J.S. et al 1888
Ferguson, H.A. Atkins, H.E. & J.C. 1888
Ferguson, J.C. Lobdell, A.W. et ux 1899
Ferguson, J.C. et al Gillette, Martha et al 1899
Ferguson, John Davis, E. & H. 1894
Ferguson, John C. Graves, Wm. 1899
Ferguson, Juliette Speas, S.W. et ux 1895
Ferguson, Malvina Hills, Emily E. & T.E. 1898
Ferguson, Malvina Rhodes, S.M. & Sadie J. 1897
Ferguson, Mrs. Mary Sheppard, Louisa et ux 1899
Ferguson, Robert Pryce, Mary A. et al 1898
Ferguson, Susanna Billenbrook, J.H. 1864
Ferguson, Susanna United States 1887
Ferguson, Susanna S. Oviatt, P.H. & S.C. 1890
Ferguson, Thomas United States 1899
Ferns, Amelia B. Ferns, Wm. T. 1899
Ferns, W.T. Carver, John W. et al 1898
Ferre, David J. Harris, W.P. 1871
Ferre, Eusebia Hull, Levi & July Ann 1861
Ferrell, James M. Beach, Sarah M. 1899
Ferrier, Andrew J. Newlin, James M. & E.T. 1871
Ferry, Levi W. Gould, Geo. P. 1899
Fewel, James Nickell, Chas. 1895
Fewel, Jane Morris, Sarah M. et ux 1892
Fewel, Mrs. Jane Patterson, J. et al 1892
Fewel, Mrs. Jane Patterson, Joseph et al 1892
Fewel, Mrs. Jane Patterson, S. et al 1892
Fewel, Mrs. Jane Patterson, Wm. et ux 1892
Fewel, Mrs. Jane Thornton, C.E. & James et al 1892
Fick, George Tryon, Dorlon 1893
Ficke, Henrietta Winters, Charles 1899
Ficke, Nicholas Glenn, Jas. T. & M. 1880
Ficke, P.N. Beekman, C.C. & J.E. 1889
Ficke, P.N. Williams, J.H. & E. 1889
Ficke, P.N. Elliott, James 1882
Ficke, P.N. Linville, John & N.A. 1881
Fiddler, George & Jane United States 1873
Fiddler, James Davis, Benj. T. 1860
Fiddler, Jane Trustees Jíville 1866
Fiddler, Wm., V., M.A. & A. Fiddler, George 1859
Field, M.H. Lauer, Wm. T. 1882
Field, Myron H. United States 1885
Fielder, Mary E. Downing, Fred T. & L.E. 1885
Fielder, Mary E. West, T.F. 1897
Fielder, Thos. H. White, J.B. 1873
Fielder, Thos. H. Smith, Samíl Jr. 1865
Fielder, Thos. H. State of Oregon 1873
Fielder, Thos. H. Woods, John 1873
Fielder, Thos. H. & J.H. & Jas. et al Hillis, Wm. P. & M. 1881
Fields, J.W. Dunlap, R.S. 1859
Fields, W.C. & C. Cunningham, W.J. & E.D. 1892
Fields, Wm. C. United States 1879
Fiester, S.F. Nutley, Geo. & Annie 1890
Fink, A.W. O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co. 1899
Fink, Arthur W. Swenson, Carl J. & Sine 1897
Fink, Victor Holst, M.F.J. et ux 1895
Finley, George et al Slinger, Vawter & Palm et al 1891
Finley, George et al Fowler, Welcome & M.J. et al 1891
Finley, Henry Saxman, Maggie A. 1884
Finley, Wm. W. Cantrall, John & S.A. 1888
Finney, Rebecca A. Mingus, Conrad & L. 1887
Finney, W.E. et al Turner, Emeline 1894
Finney, W.E. et al Beckner, John 1894
Finster, Henry C. Bachelor, Charles 1898
Firestone, N.D. et ux Firestone, Sarah J. 1896
Firestone, Nathan D. Firestone, Sarah 1886
Firestone, Nathan D. Firestone, Sarah A. 1885
Firestone, Nathan D. Sackett, L.A. & H.E. 1886
Firestone, Sarah A. Bower, Eliz. et al 1892
Firestone, Sarah A. Gish, Susan et al 1892
Firestone, Sarah A. Moomaw, Mary A. et al 1892
Firestone, Sarah A. Nininger, Margaret et al 1885
Firestone, Sarah A. Nininger, Margaret et al 1892
Firestone, Sarah A. Renfro, C.R. et al 1892
Firestone, Sarah J. Moomaw, A.R. & M.A. 1883
Firestone, Sarah J. Nininger, A.J. et ux 1892
Firestone, Sarah J. Nininger, Margaret et al 1892 (2)
Firestone, Sarah J. Nininger, Margaret 1894 (2)
First Baptist Church Holmes, A.C. & R. 1885
First Spiritual Soc. of Sou. Oregon Holton, J. et ux 1896
Fish, James Isaacs, G.W. & M.A. 1888
Fish, Thomas F. Haymond, Ben & H. 1887
Fish, Thos F. John, Mrs. L.M. & W.J. 1887
Fish, Thos. F. Fitzgerald, John 1887 (2)
Fish, Thos. F. Solomon, Louis 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Triplett, C.W. & F.L. 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Bayley, Geo. H. 1887
Fish, Thos. F. Benn, W.P. & Emma B. 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Brown, R.H. & C. 1887
Fish, Thos. F. Chavner, Thos. & R. 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Haymond & Magruder et al 1894
Fish, Thos. F. Herrin, John S. & N.C. 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Oatman, Jas. H. & P. 1888
Fish, Thos. F. Stancliff, Henry F. & E. 1887
Fish, Thos. F. Wyant, Lewis 1895
Fish, Thos. F. Walker, Charles 1887
Fish, Thos. F. Stancliff, H.F. & E. 1887
Fisher, A. Trustees Jíville 1866
Fisher, A. United States 1873
Fisher, A. & Bro. Sheriff 1862
Fisher, A. & N. Miller, W.C. & R.A. 1879
Fisher, A. & N. United States 1873 (3)
Fisher, A. & N. Linn, David & Anna 1873
Fisher, A. & N. Mensor, M. & Matilda 1874
Fisher, A. & Newman Jacobs, A.S (Shff.) 1892
Fisher, Abraham Trustees Jíville 1866
Fisher, August F. Grubb, Wm. S. & J.I. 1889
Fisher, B. Manning, Wm. et al 1884
Fisher, Daniel F. United States 1873
Fisher, Daniel F. United States 1883
Fisher, Lenord DeBord, E.F. et ux 1895
Fisher, Mrs. Ida Short, Wm. 1896
Fisher, Mrs. Mary Kincaid, John J. 1869
Fisher, Nathan W. United States 1896
Fisher, Newman Parker, W.H. Admr. 1885
Fisher, Newman Preater, A. & Elizabeth 1869
Fisher, Newman Rodgers, W.C. & C.L. 1889
Fisher, Newman Sherwood, Lily 1866
Fisher, Newman Wulf, August et ux 1893
Fisher, Newman et al Reuter, A.L. et ux 1894
Fisher, Rachel Simon, Sam 1899
Fisk, Abbie J. Wortman, Sam G. et ux 1893
Fiske, Charlotte S. Engle, A.L. & Geo. 1892
Fiske, Nathan W. et ux United States 1896
Fitch, Francis Lawton, D.T. & M.R. 1890
Fitch, Francis Sly, Geo. T. & S.F. 1890
Fitch, Francis et al Klippel, Henry 1890
Fitch, Francis et al Whipp, J.C. & T.E. 1893
Fitch, G.A. & Clara Billings, G.F. & F.M. 1891
Fitch, Peter Davis, W. & R.A. 1890
Fitzgerald, Amanda L. Ganiard, O. & L. 1883
Fitzgerald, David A. Youngs, D.S. et ux 1896
Fitzgerald, Ida M. Purdin, M. 1886
Fitzgerald, John Smith, Z.T. & M. 1884 (2)
Fitzgerald, M.C. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1895
Fitzgerald, M.C. Oregon & Trans. Co. 1892
Fitzgerald, Mary C. Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Fitzgerald, Mary C. Or. & Trans. Co. 1886
Fitzgerald, Susan Wittham, Addie F. & A.M. 1884
Fitzgerald, W.S. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1895
Fitzgerald, W.S. State of Oregon 1883
Fitzgerald, W.S. et al Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1895
Fitzwater, Peter E. Yager, Geo. et ux 1894
Flakus, John Phipps, I.J. 1894
Flanagan, W.H. Flanagan, V.S. 1884
Flanagan, W.H. & Wife Tuffs, J.P. et al 1884
Flanagan, W.H. et al Anderson, E.K. 1893
Flanagan, Wm. H. Mansfield, G.B. et ux 1895
Flanagan, Wm. H. Mansfield, James W. et ux 1895
Fleckenstein & Mayer Stanley, A.C. & S. 1885
Fleming, A. Turner, Anson 1858
Fleming, H.C. Peterson, Martha & E. 1873
Fleming, H.C. Richard, H. & H.M. 1888
Fleming, H.C. Wagner, Jacob et al 1871
Fleming, H.C. Wright, Jackson & M. 1885
Fleming, H.C. Seyforth, John E. & S.J. 1872
Fleming, H.C. United States 1874
Fleming, H.C. United States 1886
Fleming, Katie (Mrs.) Fountain, Sarah 1888
Fleming, Robert M. United States 1894
Fletcher, M. Jones, J.S. 1861
Flindt, H. Russ, E. & M.E. 1889
Flippen, William Chavner, Michael et al 1895
Flippen, William Hays, J.W. et ux 1895 (2)
Flippen, Wm. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1895
Flippen, Wm. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1897
Flippin, W.J. Magruder, C. (Trustee) 1888
Flippin, W.J. Priddy, Geo. W. et al 1888
Flobeck, W. State of Oregon 1890
Flood, James Brown, Francis M. 1862
Flood, James Clugage, James 1865
Flook, Ethna I. Colton, W.B. (Exr.) 1898
Florey, A.J. Daley, A.J. & R.A. 1890
Flowers, W.K. Moore, Rufus S. 1899
Flowers, William Helman, A.D. & M.J. 1876
Foeller, Daniel United States 1896
Foley, Michael Johnson, Jacob W. et ux 1888
Folk, Frank DeRoboam, E. 1878
Follett, Louisa F. Follett, S.R. 1889
Follett, S.R. Or. & Trans. Co. 1889 (2)
Follett, S.R. et al Shadle, J.M. 1889
Follett, Samíl. et al Stanley, H.B. 1889
Foo Hang et al Morris, Peter 1867 (2)
Forbes, W.A. Evans, W.C. & Mrs. O. I. 1893
Forbes, W.A. Ragsdale, C.C. & Cora B. 1891
Forbes, W.A. Wood, H.F. 1893
Forbes, William A. Scott, Peter C. 1888
Forbes, Wm. A. Williams, M.L. & L.J. 1888
Force, David S. Chavner, Michael et al 1893
Ford, A.M. Leever, W.T. (Admin.) 1897 (2)
Ford, Anson M. Amy, H. Est. by S.J. Day Admr. 1898
Ford, Anson M. Fielder, Mary E. 1889
Ford, Anson M. Ford, E.A. et ux 1894
Ford, Anson M. Magruder, Constantine Trus. 1892
Ford, Anson M. McClendon, Mrs. E.J. et ux 1894
Ford, Edgar A. Ford, Anson M. 1892
Ford, Edgar A. Merritt, J.W. Trustee 1897
Ford, Edgar A. Trustee Merritt, J.W. 1897
Ford, Henry State of Oregon 1872
Ford, Louisa C. Trus. Colfax College 1893
Ford, Lucinda J. Ford, Anson M. 1893
Ford, R.C. Poe, F.M. & J. 1888
Ford, R.C. Suckan, A.E. & E.A. 1889
Fordney, W.W. Evans, Eliza & Husb. 1899
Fordyce, Asa Kellogg, Clarence D. et ux 1899
Fordyce, Asa G. United States 1883 (4)
Fordyce, Asa P. State of Oregon 1872
Fordyce, G.W. et al Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1889
Fordyce, Geo. W. Crain, J.A. & S. et al 1883 (2)
Fordyce, Geo. W. Fordyce, Asa G. & S.A. 1878
Fordyce, Geo. W. State of Oregon 1873
Fordyce, Geo. W. United States 1873 (2)
Fordyce, Geo. W. United States 1879
Fordyce, Geo. W. Walker, Minus 1869
Fordyce, Geo. W. Yandell, Freeman 1867
Fordyce, George W. Davison, A. & M.A. et al 1883
Fordyce, George W. United States 1883
Fordyce, George W. Wright, J.T. & E.J. 1883
Fordyce, George W. Wright, Wm. & I. 1883
Fordyce, Sarah A. Dodge, Ira C. & M.A. 1886
Foreman, Mike Olwell, Phillip W. et ux 1885
Foreman, Mike Taylor, Abigail 1884
Forman, Mack Magruder, C. (Trustee) 1890
Forman, Michael Davison, Jeptha & L. 1882
Forman, Michael Fryer, J.J. et ux 1886
Forrester, Leonard E. United States 1887
Forrester, William Van Horn, John & E. 1887
Forsyth, Wm. United States 1899
Forsyth, Wm. & Ellen Neil, Wm. L. & P.A. 1877
Forsythe, Ellen Forsythe, Wm. 1888
Forsythe, John Hoxie, Geo. W. 1856
Foss, Emma L.J. Beeson, Welborn et ux 1890
Foss, Julius Helman, John R. 1868
Foss, Julius E. Barlow, W.H. & Minnie 1897
Foss, Julius E. Woolen, Isaac & E. 1874
Foster, Adelia Nola Foster, R.D. 1898
Foster, C.J. Helman, A.D. 1891
Foster, C.J. Hellman (Helman), A.D. 1892
Foster, C.J. & Alta H. Holmes, H.P. & Grace 1898
Foster, Frank A. Reeser, M.J. & B.F. 1894
Foster, I.I. et al Hoffman, Wm. P. 1861
Foster, May C. Ulrich & Slinger et ux 1898
Foster, Mort W. Sears, L.J. et ux 1896
Foster, Mort. W Hall, Emma F. 1896
Foster, Mrs. L.J. Chilcott, N.W. 1886
Foster, Mrs. L.J. Chilcott, N.W. & F. 1888
Foster, Mrs. Lou Schneider, Fred & S.J. 1885
Foster, Perry United States 1890
Foster, R.D. State of Oregon 1888
Foster, R.D. United States 1886
Foster, R.D. & Margretta Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Foster, Robert United States 1890
Foudray E.D. Jacobs, O. & Lucinda 1861
Foudray, Abi Sisley, Lewis & Martha 1862
Foudray, E.D. Colver, Maria 1867
Foudray, E.D. Colver, Samuel & Huldah 1863
Foudray, E.D. Colver, Solon 1878
Foudray, E.D. Glenn, James T. & M. 1874
Foudray, E.D. Hanna, H.K. 1876
Foudray, E.D. Helms, James Admr. 1874
Foudray, E.D. Hesse, William & Adeline 1864
Foudray, E.D. Mickelson, Olney 1868
Foudray, E.D. Sachs, Isaac & C. 1877
Foudray, E.D. Stuart, William 1868
Foudray, E.D. Wait, S.M. 1861
Foudray, E.D. et al Glenn, Jas. T. et al 1880
Foudray, Sarah A. Farlow, M.D. et ux 1894
Foudray, Sarah A. Farlow, Mary D. & E.J. 1891
Foudray, Sarah A. Farlow, Mary D. & E.J. 1893
Foudray, Sarah A. Foudray, E.D. 1882 (2)
Foudray, Sarah A. Helman, A.D. (Guard.) 1891
Foudray, Sarah A. Klippel, Mattie 1893
Foudray, Sarah A. Klippel, Mattie A. 1891
Foudray, Sarah A. Knootz (Koontz), Etta 1893
Foudray, Sarah A. Near, Lottie et al 1893
Foudray, Sarah A. Sisley, Frank et al 1893
Foudray, Sarah A. Sisley, Dunlap, Koontz & others 1891
Foudray, Sarah A. et al Harvey, Charles M. et al 1897
Fountain, Grace Wolgamott, M.J. 1889
Fountain, J.D. Amerman, H. et al 1889
Fountain, J.D. Amerman, H. et al 1899
Fountain, J.D. Tanner, W.G. & L.C. 1888
Fountain, J.D. et al Wilshire, W.A. 1885
Fountain, James D. Anderson, E.K. & E.N. 1882
Fountain, James D. Chandler, John & S.E. 1882
Fountain, James D. Farlow, E.J. & M.D. 1881
Fountain, James D. Helman, A.D. & M.J. 1880
Fountain, James D. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1880
Fountain, James D. Fountain, J.M. & O.H. 1887
Fountain, James D. Gillette, A.V. & M.L. 1882
Fountain, James D. Helman, John R. & M.J. 1878
Fountain, James D. Taylor, J.M. & A. 1881
Fountain, James D. United States 1885
Fountain, James D. Wimer, J.O.C. & N.A. 1882
Fountain, James D. Zumwalt, L.S. & E. 1887
Fountain, James D. Inlow, H.T. & E. 1878
Fountain, Jas. D. et al Talent, A.P. & M. 1884
Fountain, John M. Burch, John W. et al 1875
Fountain, John M. Fountain, P.L. & R.E. 1886
Fountain, John M. State of Oregon 1880
Fountain, Mathew Glenn, Jas. T. & M. 1870
Fountain, Mathew United States 1873 (3)
Fountain, Mathew United States 1884
Fountain, Matthew State of Oregon 1884
Fountain, P.L Fountain, Sarah 1884
Fountain, P.L. Fountain, Jas. G. & G. 1884
Fountain, Pleasant L. Fountain, J.D. & G. 1882
Fountain, Sarah Fountain, J.D. et al 1884
Fountain, Sarah Fountain, J.M. & O. 1884
Fountain, Sarah Fountain, P.L. & R.E. 1883
Fountain, Sarah Russell, Jas. H. & A.H. 1884
Fowler & Brown (Barron) Davis, Joseph H. 1856
Fowler & Price Helms, Albert M. & Mary E. 1892
Fowler & Savery Duncan, L.J.C. et al 1858
Fowler, Chester A. United States 1898
Fowler, J.K. State of Oregon 1873
Fowler, J.M. & O.N. Stanley, H.B. 1889
Fowler, O.N. Follett, Louisa F. 1889
Fowler, O.N. Baker, G.H. & J. et al 1888
Fowler, O.N. et al Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1890
Fowler, O.N. et al Patton, M.J. & M. 1889
Fowler, O.N. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Fowler, Price Helms, A.M. & M.E. 1892
Fowler, Temperance Anderson, John & E. 1874
Fowler, Temperance Clugage, James 1865
Fowler, Temperance Sheriff 1863
Fowler, Temperance & W.W. Clugage, Frank 1863
Fowler, W.W. Bartlett, Thos. P. 1857
Fowler, W.W. Leslie, James 1854
Fowler, W.W. Morford, R.B. 1856
Fowler, W.W. Bartlett, Thos. P. 1857
Fowler, W.W. & Co. Barnes, Jas. et al 1861
Fowler, W.W. & Co. Epperson, Jos. A. 1862
Fowler, W.W. & Co. Cook, Robert A. 1861
Fowler, W.W. et al Russell, Jas. H. & A. 1860
Fowler, W.W. et al Sheriff 1860
Fowler, Welcome Fowler, O.N. 1890
Fowler, Welcome et al Galppert (Gappert), George 1890
Fowler, Wm. W. United States 1874
Fox, Benj. Atkinson, Eugenia L. 1895
Fox, Benjamin Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1889
Fox, Benjamin Fox, H. & M. 1889
Fox, Benjamin Atkinson, W.H. et al 1887
Fox, Benjamin Payne, Clara & R.A. 1888
Fox, Benjamin Kingsbury, C.B. & C.L. 1887
Fox, Benjamin Woolen, Esther & I. 1889
Fox, D.F. Stephenson, G.W. & L.E. 1891
Fox, Fannie Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1888
Fox, Fannie E. Morine, S.F. & M.E. 1888 (2)
Fox, Fannie E. & Susie Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1884
Fox, G.E. Phipps, I.J. 1896
Fox, G.E. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1899
Fox, H. et al Naylor, G. & Minerva 1873
Fox, H. et al Rockfellow, A.G. & S.B. 1874
Fox, Heaton Alnutt, J.W. 1877
Fox, Heaton Fox, Benj. & M.A. 1889
Fox, Heaton Hargadine, R.B. & M. 1879
Fox, Heaton Mickelson, M. 1883
Fox, Heaton Million, Bennett & A. 1879
Fox, Heaton Or. & Trans. Co. 1886
Fox, Heaton Ore.& Trans. Co. 1888
Fox, Heaton Prentice, C.E. & L.M. 1875
Fox, Heaton United States 1880 (3)
Fox, Heaton United States 1883
Fox, Heaton Withrow, C.W. 1886 (2)
Fox, Heaton et ux Ferguson, A.D. et ux 1895
Fox, Kate G. Countryman, M. 1889
Fox, Mrs. Kate Countryman, Mrs. M. 1888
Fox, Sarah R. Allen, S.L & Husb. 1895
Fox, Sarah R. Allen, Susie & David 1895
Fox, Susie Fox, Fannie E. 1889
Fox, William Hefling, John L. (single) 1899
Fox, Wm. Huston, B.W. 1899
Fox, Wm. C. Donoghue, Mrs. H. & P.H. 1897
Foy Mo et al Turner, Wm. M. & E. 1872
Fradenburgh, F.T. Farra, E.L. et ux 1893
Fradenburgh, F.T. Hershberger, Geo. T. et ux 1893
Fradenburgh, F.T. Sugar Pine Door & Lumber Co. 1893
Fradenburgh, F.T. Walsworth, Eliz. & Chas. 1892
Fradenburgh, F.T. Youmans, Edw. & L.W. 1895
Frain, Frederick Moore, Isaac C. et ux 1899
Frain, Ida C. Moore, Helen E. et al 1899
Frakes, Andrew Broback, C.W. et ux 1885
Frakes, Wm. Davidson, C.T. & J.E. 1898
Fraley, John Thornton, Jas. & E. 1882
Framer, Narcissa Draman, W.F. & S.M. 1875
Framers Flat Mining Co. Durphy, B.F. & M.E. 1894
France, J. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
France, Joseph Kent, T.B. Admr. 1885
France, Joseph Mitchell, H.H. & M.E. 1885
France, Joseph & S.E. Nichols, W.J. & J.A. 1888
Frank, Frederick Hayes, James & Caroline 1863
Frank, Frederick et al Sheriff 1862
Frank, Joseph Hogg, Jennie M. & F.W. 1899
Frank, Joseph Warner, M.O. 1899
Franklin, Benj. A. Colver, Samíl & H. 1877
Franklin, Geo. B. United States 1887
Fraser, J.W. et al Mulvany, H.C. & R.M. 1887
Frazier, J.W. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1891
Fredenberg, Andrew J. Evans, Edmond A. & M.C. 1882
Fredenburg, A.J. Cox, John 1889
Fredenburg, A.J. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1889
Fredenburg, A.J. Sheriff 1889
Fredenburg, Andrew J. Fredenburg, W.J. 1893
Fredenburg, Francis M. United States 1886
Fredenburg, James I. OíNeil, P.B. et al 1895
Fredenburg, Mary A.M. McClendon, S.W. et ux. 1894
Fredenburg, T.H. Amy, Frank M. et ux 1899
Fredenburg, Thomas Newton, L.H. et ux 1897
Fredenburg, W.J. Fredenburg, A.J. & S.T. 1892 (2)
Fredenburgh, Thos. H. United States 1895
Freel, Jas. M. Beach, Sarah M. 1899
Freel, M.A. Constant, I. & L. 1889
Freel, Martha Gordon, Alfred et ux 1897
Freel, Martha A. Leever, E.M. & W.T. 1899
Freel, Wilder Constant, E.N. et al 1897
Freel, Wilder Leever, E.M. et al 1897
Freel, Wilder et ux Harbaugh, O. et ux 1899
Freeland, B.R. Brandenburg, N.A. & J.A. 1890
Freeland, B.R. Freeland, F.M. 1889
Freeland, Charles E. Freeland, E.L. et ux 1897
Freeland, E.L. Stone, Mary A. & C.B. 1894
Freeland, Francis M. Donegan, Pat & M. 1880
Freeland, Mary A. Coolidge, O. & M.J. 1887
Freeland, Mary A. Royal, M.G. & T.B. 1887
Freeland, Mrs. M.A. Durkee, J.C. & H.A. 1888
Freeland, Sarah B. Gillette, Martha L. 1886
Freeland, Sarah B. Gillette, Martha et al 1885
Freeland, Sarah I. Wimer, J.O.C. & N.A. 1885
Freeland, Sarah I. Ivens, Chas. & C.M. 1884
Freeman, L.L. Reinholtz, Albert V. et al 1897
Freeman, Laura A. Kline, J.L. 1890
Freeman, Laverne Reinholtz, Albert et al 1897
Freeman, W.J. & L.L. Walker, Alex. 1893
Frelkenson, J.F. State of Oregon 1873
French, Henry French, Elizabeth 1889
French, Wm. W. United States 1884
Frenna, H.A. & M.M. Birdsey, Jas. G. et ux 1891
Freshour, S.A. Freshour, J.W. 1889
Freshour, Thomas United States 1897
Frey, Geo. W. Kime, John & Mary 1884
Frey, George Swingle, Joseph 1888
Friedman, J.J. et al Ralls, Dan et al 185_ (2)
Friel, Wilder United States 1879
Frierson, Otis Pickens, E.P. & Eliz. 1894
Frierson, Otis et al Nealon, S.M. et ux 1896
Fries, C.M. Sowell, Sarah M. & Jos. L. 1894
Fries, Christian M. United States 1893
Fries, Mary E. Cooksey, Martha M. 1889 (2)
Frisbee, John Taylor, John M. et ux 1898
Frisby, Thomas Crowson, Geo. W. & W.W. 1888
Frisley, Thomas Beamer, Orlin M. 1893
Fritz, Mary E. Cooksey, Geo. W. & M.M. 1888
Fritz, Reuben Sears, Granville 1890
Fritz, Reuben, C. Sears, Granville 1889
Frizell, Gordon B. Frizell, Susan 1898
Fronk, C.K. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1886
Frooman (Froman), M. Talent, A.P. & M.A. 1884
Frost, Armilda A. Ryan, T.R. et ux 1898
Frulan, J.T. Mott, E.B. & Electa 1894
Fry, G.W. Petzold, J.E. Louis 1875
Fry, George Schumpf, Geo. & M. 1877
Fry, John T. Wilson, Josephine & J.L. 1891
Fry, John T. Ore. & Cal. R.R. Co. et al 1893
Fryer, Arglee (Arglu) Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1886
Fryer, Gladions Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1886
Fryer, J.J. Grossman, J.G. 1889
Fryer, J.J. Adair, J.M. & M. 1889
Fryer, J.J. Emery, Eber & S. 1889
Fryer, J.J. Weidner, Andreas 1889
Fryer, J.J. Cameron, Theod. 1858
Fryer, J.J. et al Westgate, Fred & P.B. 1865
Fryer, James J. Emery, Eber & S. 1885
Fryer, James J. Higinbotham, T.B. & S. 1886
Fryer, James J. United States 1886 (2)
Fryer, James J. Green, John K. et ux 1893
Fryer, James J. United States 1878
Fryer, Lelah Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1889
Fryer, Lelah Fryer, J.J. 1898
Fryer, V.J. Fryer, J.J. 1889
Fuller, A.L. Roper, F. & Julia S. 1890
Fuller, Amelia Aiken, Ida M. & S.S. 1890
Fuller, Amelia Boothby, Jennie & A.H. 1891 (2)
Fuller, Amelia Brown, John S. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Clements, John & M.A. 1891 (2)
Fuller, Amelia Dean, Lydia H. & Robt. H. 1891 (2)
Fuller, Amelia Fuller, Andrew J. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Gay, Charles B. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Kahler, T.P. & Ida C. 1891
Fuller, Amelia McCall, Ervin 1891
Fuller, Amelia Moore, Edwin S. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Pattee (Pattie), Chas. V. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Porter, L.G. & Ada 1891 (2)
Fuller, Amelia Rose, Edgar D. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Taylor, Phebe 1891
Fuller, Amelia Watts, John J. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Woodruff, Joseph & H. 1891
Fuller, Amelia Kinney, Herbert L. 1891
Fuller, Jessie D. United States 1874
Fuller, Rachel Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1891
Fullum, John Wickham, W.H. & M.J. 1887
Funk, Geo. P. Terre (Ferre), Eusebia 1863
Funk, Geo. P. Trustees Jíville 1867
Funk, George P. Muller, Max & L. 1868
Funk, George P. Schmidt, Adam 1863
Funk, George P. Trustees of Jacksonville 1867
Funk, George P. Wade, James R. 1862
Funk, George P. Brunner, Jacob A. 1862
Furman, Arthur W. State of Oregon 1893
Furman, Barba C. et al Furman, Arthur W. 1893
Furman, Carrie H. Holmes, Wm. M. et al 1886
Furman, E.M. Baker, G.H. & J. et al 1889
Furman, Eli J. et al Furman, Arthur W. 1893
Furman, Mrs. Carrie H. English, Frank & A. 1887
Furry, Amelia Baker, H.E. 1888
Furry, Donna Furry, A. & Samíl 1888
Furry, Fred E. Furry, Amelia & Samuel 1897
Furry, Milly Colver, Samíl & H. 1889
Furry, Samuel Bishop, Wallace et ux 1886
Furry, Samuel Oliver, Wayne & C.M. 1867
Furry, Samuel Randle, A.F. & H. 1879
Furry, Samuel Sheriff 1864
Furry, Samuel State of Oregon 1877
Furry, Samuel Stephenson, Geo. W. 1876
Furry, Samuel Wilson, James A. & F. 1877