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††††††††† GRANTEE ††††††††††††† GRANTOR YEAR
G. H. Qutz. M. Co. McLaughlin, J.M. 1865
G.H. Mining Co. Ross, John E. 1865
Gabbert, Francis M. United States 1885 (2)
Gable, A.A. Crowson, Geo. W. & Walthy W. 1894
Gabriel, Jacob Moon, A.S. & M.J. 1867
Gabriel, Jacob United States 1890 (3)
Gaby, Daniel Mitchell, Wesley et ux 1880
Gage, Jesse State of Oregon 1873
Gage, Joseph & Edwd. Ivory, James 1868
Gage, W.W. State of Oregon 1884
Gage, W.W. United States 1882
Gaines, James Byers, John 1887
Gaines, James Merritt, J.W. Trus. 1896
Gaines, James Olson, M.A. & J.E. 1897
Gaines, James Powell, B.W. 1888
Gaines, James Sheriff 1887
Gaines, James Simpson, A.H. 1890
Gaines, James Williams, Matilda & I.B. 1891
Gaines, James Charles, J. & H. 1889
Gaines, James & Williams, J.B. Williams, Isaac B. et ux 1890
Gainey, Mahala Noble, Goodman et ux 1890
Galbrath, Jas. & Eliz. Neal, Jas. C. & Mary 1898
Gale, Charles J. United States 1893
Galey, Ellen C. Galey & Carter 1890
Galey, Ellen C. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1887
Galey, Ellen C. Fiske, C.S. 1898
Galey, Ellen C. Grubb, W.B. & F. 1885
Galey, Ellen C. Holton, John & H.C. 1888
Galey, Ellen C. Walker, J.P. & M.A. 1885
Galey, Ellen M. et al Carter, H.H. et al 1897
Galey, S.B. Benn, W.P. & E.B. 1890
Galey, S.B. Birdsey, James G. (Shff) 1892
Galey, S.B. Carter, E.V. & A.M. 1890 (2)
Galey, S.B. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1892
Galey, S.B. Fox, Benj. & Mary Ann 1892
Galey, S.B. Fuller, Annie L. 1890
Galey, S.B. Helm, A.C. & Belle 1890
Galey, S.B. Helm, A.C. & B. 1888
Galey, S.B. Roper, F. & J.S. 1889
Galey, S.B. Roper, F. & J.S. 1890
Galey, S.B. Smith, Joel S. & P.J. 1888
Galey, S.B. Swift, J.A. & Sophia 1889
Galey, S.B. Watson, C.B. & E.J. 1889
Galey, S.B. Watts, F.A. & E.G. 1889
Galey, S.B. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1889
Galey, S.B. Luark, J.M. & M.P. 1889
Galey, S.B. Morine, S.F. & Marie E. 1890
Galey, S.B. et al Tolman, Jas. C. & E.E. 1888
Galey, Smith B. Hamilton, S.B. & M.C. 1887
Galey, Smith B. Helm, Mary J. & J.L. 1887
Galey, Smith B. Spencer, H.E. & M.E. 1884
Galey, Smith B. Spencer, H.E. & M.E. 1885 (2)
Gall Creek Mining & Dev. Co. Miller, R.B. 1899
Gall Creek Mining & Dev. Co. Durham, R.L. Trus. 1897
Gall Creek Mining & Dev. Co. Ryan, J.E. 1899
Gall Creek Mining & Dev. Co. Poppleton, Marshall A. 1898
Gall, A.L. Stanley, A.C. & Susan 1893
Gall, Albert France, Joseph & Sarah E. 1893
Gall, C.C. Hays, J.W. & S.J. 1875
Gall, Christopher C. United States 1886
Gall, Jacob United States 1881
Gall, Scott Smith, Samuel 1861
Gallagher, Bridgett Durham, John N. & M.A. 1875
Gallaher, Kate Hamlin, A.J. et ux 1894
Gallaher, Kate Miles, Julia 1894
Gallant, Alice M. Amy & Harbaugh 1889
Gallant, Alice M. Harbaugh, O. & D. 1889
Gallant, M. Alice Blair, Enos & Eliz. 1897
Gallant, M. Alice Blair, Enos & E. 1889
Gallant, M. Alice Chapman, Daniel & S.A. 1893
Gallant, M.A. et al Price, W.E. 1890
Galloway, Frank Andrews, W.R. & H. 1887
Galloway, Frank Childers, Spencer & M.E. 1887
Galloway, Frank Walton, Geo. S. & S. 1889
Galloway, Franklin Beekman, C.C. & J. 1885
Galloway, Franklin Childers, Spencer Jr. & Mary E. 1892
Galloway, Franklin Jacks, W.H. & Ida 1885
Galloway, Geo. W. LaBarre, H.A. et al by Sheriff 1897
Galloway, Geo. W. Galloway, Frank & Alice 1895
Galloway, Geo. W. Sheriff 1897
Galloway, George W. McCafrey, J.C. et al by Shff. 1897
Galloway, Hester A. Childers, Spencer & M.E. 1897
Galloway, Hester A. Conger, Samuel P. et ux 1893
Galloway, Hester A. Hockenjos, Eva 1895
Galloway, Hester A. Hover, G.A. et ux 1895
Galloway, Hester A. Maule, Milton & E. 1891
Galloway, Hester A. Pickel, E.B. & M. 1891
Galloway, Hester A. Tipton, M.J. & John E. 1894
Galloway, Hester A. Johnson, Carrie L 1897 (2)
Galloway, Hester A. Pierce, Gage M. 1893
Gamble, B.A. Walsh, J.W. 1887
Gamble, B.A. Willard, Geo. M. 1887
Ganes, James Townsend, Willis et ux 1896
Gangwisch, Albert Beide, Otto 1899 (2)
Gangwisch, Albert Hoffman, Kate F. 1895
Ganiard, A. Judson et ux Neil, L.A. et al 1894
Ganiard, J.A. et ux Briggs, E.D. et ux 1894
Ganiard, Lucinda Dungan, J.B. et ux 1896
Ganiard, Lucinda Ganiard, Oscar 1895
Ganiard, Lucinda Gay, James H. et ux 1894
Ganiard, Lucinda Million, Bennett et ux 1895
Ganiard, Lucinda Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Ganiard, Lucinda Or. & Trans. Co. 1888
Ganiard, Lucinda Powell, Wm. & R. 1898
Ganiard, Lucinda King, W.M. & J. 1887
Ganiard, Lucinda Jr. Ganiard, Lucinda Sr. 1898
Ganiard, O. Billings, G.F. et ux 1896
Ganiard, O. Houck, J.J. et ux 1895
Ganiard, O. Mayfield, J.H. & T.D. 1885
Ganiard, O. Oregon & Trans. Co. 1887 (3)
Ganiard, O. Roberts, H.M. et ux 1895
Ganiard, O. Wheeler, Adiline 1893
Ganiard, O. Zachary, J.Q. & T. 1883
Ganiard, O. Cryder, Dan W. & S. 1885
Ganiard, O. Habersham, F.E. & E.K. 1885
Ganiard, O. Osborn, B.S. 1888
Ganiard, O. Public 1888
Ganiard, O. Woods, John 1885
Ganiard, O.O. Chung Lew (Chong) 1893
Ganiard, O.O. Thornton, Emma E. et ux 1896
Ganiard, Oscar Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1886
Ganiard, Oscar Ayers, C.W. & E. E. 1888
Ganiard, Oscar Drewry, M. & C. 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Hammond, A.P. & E.J. 1886
Ganiard, Oscar Lambert, Chas. M. 1891
Ganiard, Oscar Long, M.N. & M.A. 1888
Ganiard, Oscar Talent, A.P. & M.A. 1886
Ganiard, Oscar United States 1887
Ganiard, Oscar Baldwin, R.T. 1896
Ganiard, Oscar Contner, William 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Donegan, P. & M. 1887
Ganiard, Oscar Earrionte, Geo. 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Evans, H.S. (Guard.) 1889
Ganiard, Oscar Fox, Benj. Et ux 1896
Ganiard, Oscar Gleason, Jasper 1888
Ganiard, Oscar Hanrahan, Jeremiah 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Hill, Mrs. F.E. 1889
Ganiard, Oscar Howard, Jas. S. & M.B. 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Humphrey, Solomon 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Kesterson, H.G. & M. 1890
Ganiard, Oscar Leslie, James 1873
Ganiard, Oscar Miller, John R. & V.R. 1887
Ganiard, Oscar Million, Bennett & A. 1887
Ganiard, Oscar Miner, E.E. & A.R. 1889
Ganiard, Oscar Piner, Stephen & M. 1886
Ganiard, Oscar Pracht, Max & M.W. 1889
Ganiard, Oscar Ryan, P.J. et ux 1872
Ganiard, Oscar Trumble, Emeline 1886
Ganiard, Oscar Turner, Wm. M. & E. 1872
Ganiard, Oscar United States 1873 (7)
Ganiard, Oscar United States 1895
Ganiard, Oscar Trumble, John 1893
Ganiard, Oscar et al Horn, D.H. & B. 1893
Ganiard, Oscar O. Million, Bennett et ux 1895
Ganiard, Sarah E. OíDonoughue, Laura 1897
Ganiard, Sarah E. OíDonoughue, Laura 1898
Ganiere, Charles Osborn, C.M. & S.A. 1888
Ganiere, Sophia Strange, F.G. & S.N. 1888
Ganung, Lewis Clugage, James 1858
Ganung, Lewis Cool, G.W. 1857
Ganung, Lewis Hoeflin, C. & Pape, H. 1861
Ganung, Lewis Kennedy, M.G. 1857 (2)
Ganung, Lewis Ryan, P.J. et ux 1871
Ganung, Mrs. Zany Clugage, James 1858
Ganung, Zana Glenn, Jas. T. & M. 1880
Ganung, Zany Clugage, James 1857
Gappert, George Fowler, Welcome et ux 1890
Gard, Vashti Mulvany, Rosa M. 1884
Gardner, H.J. Fredenburg, Thos. H. et ux 1895
Gardner, Hezekiah J. Welch, J.B. et ux 1896
Gardner, Wm. & Bro. Anderson, E.K. et al 1856
Gardner, Wm. & Bro. Anderson, J.F. et al 1856
Gardner, Wm. & Bro. Helman, A.D. et al 1856
Garey, Lewis C. United States 1880
Garfield Iron & L. Co. Burrage, C.W. & S.J. et al 1890
Garfield Iron & Lime Co. Blakely, Alex. 1891
Garfield, Charles E. Wilson, Arthur et ux 1872
Garland, F.J. State of Oregon 1889
Garland, Wm. D. Runyon, Wm. S. 1891
Garretson, Hattie Crowson, S.P. et ux 1894
Garretson, Mrs. Hattie Fox, Heaton et ux 1896
Garrett, Francis & M. Mickelson, Michael 1884
Garrett, G.C. Isaacs, Geo. W. et ux 1896
Garrett, George C. Isaacs, Geo. W. & Mary A. 1898
Garrett, Johnson F. Tabor, John A. 1868
Garrett, L.N. & R.E. Hill, T.E. et ux 1895
Garrett, L.W. & R.E. Davidson, L.J. et ux 1895
Garrett, M.H. United States 1895
Garrett, Moses H. Mickelson, M. 1870
Garrett, Mrs. S.E. Garrett, Robt. M. 1889
Garrett, Mrs. Sarah E. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1897
Garrett, R.M. Caton, Milo & S.A. 1889
Garrett, R.M. et al Roach, J.P. 1886
Garrett, Robert McHatton, T. et ux 1868
Garrett, Robert Helman, John R. & M.J. 1872
Garrett, Robt. M. Neil, Augusta S. & L.A. 1884
Garrett, Sarah E. Thornton, James et al 1887
Garrett, Sarah E. Anderson, E.K. et ux 1887
Garrett, Thos. H. Alford, Albert & C.K. 1881
Garrett, Wm. M. Plymire, Jas. W. & A.L. 1885
Garrick, Janet Mingus, C. & L. 1889
Garrick, Janet Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Garrison, Joseph F. O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co. 1899
Garrison, Joseph F. United States 1882
Garrison, Z.A. Isaacs, Geo. W. et ux 1872
Garrison, Z.A. United States 1877
Garvin, Barney United States 1893
Garvin, Emma Helms, James et ux 1899
Garvin, J.L. et ux Taggart, W.F. et ux 1895 (2)
Garvin, John Gregory, Jas. F. et ux 1894
Gass, Temperance Miller, C.H. & Mary 1857
Gaston, J. Blackman Howard & Co. 1863
Gaston, Joseph Riley, William 1862
Gaston, Joseph Prim, P.P. & Marie 1862
Gaston, W.L. Gregory, Davis S. 1862
Gates, Sarah H. Magruder, C. (Trustee) 1888
Gates, Sarah H. Morgan, C.J. & J.S. 1888
Gates, Sarah H. Morgan, C.J. & J.S. 1889
Gates, Sarah H. Morgan, C.J. (Guardian) 1888
Gaugwisch, Albert Hoffman, Kate F. 1895
Gault, James L. et ux Patrick, W.A. & M.E. 1897
Gaunenitz, Otto Oltman, Chas. 1894
Gaunt, Elizabeth M. High, Govan et ux 1892
Gay, James H. Cooksey, Martha M. 1890
Gay, James H. May, John & C.E. 1889
Gay, Nellie E. Pracht, Max & Mary Winings 1894
Gay, Rachel F. Cooksey, Martha M. 1896
Gaylord, Wm. L. et al Dawes, Byron N. et al 1854
Ge John (Bill of Sale) Lannes, B. et al 1858
Ge Sue et al Jim 1866
Ge Tong et al Linn 1870
Gearin, P. State of Oregon 1890
Geary & Vawter Walker, Charles 1890
Geary, Agnes M. Geary, E.P. 1890
Geary, Agnes M. Shideler, Lewis & D. 1890
Geary, Agnes M. Maxon, A.V. & J.D. 1887
Geary, E.P. Amann, F. & Elma 1889
Geary, E.P. Beauchamp, L.E. & W.H. 1887
Geary, E.P. Brandenburg, J.A. et al 1889
Geary, E.P. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884 (3)
Geary, E.P. Neville, Baker, Noon, Bryant, Osborn et al 1890
Geary, E.P. White, Sarah Ann et al 1889
Geary, E.P. et al Murphy, L.A. & E.E. 1888 (3)
Gee Fong et al Luong Chow 1872
Gee, H.M. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1890
Gee, H.M. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1891
Gee, Hugh I. Gee, Harry M. & Mary C. 1893
Gee, J.H. Davis, Wm. M. 1889
Gee, William Dennis, J. & E. 1887
Gee, William Lynch, G.H. Guard., etc. 1892
Gee, William Nininger, C.E. & S.A. 1887
Gee, Wm. Gee, Harry M. & Mary C. 1892
Geer, C.J. Gibson, J.M. & S.C. 1889
Geer, C.J. Cooksey, Martha M. 1889
Geiger, James B. Colver, Samíl & H. 1858
Geisel, Henry J. Huber, Henry 1862
Gendar, L.J. Garvin, John & J.L. 1896
Gendar, Mrs. L.G. Gendar, H.W. 1895
Gentner, John United States 1883
George, A.F. Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1888 (2)
George, Elizabeth S. West, William 1863
George, Eva W. Miner, E.E. & Alida R. 1893
George, Eva W. & Lawrence Crowson, Sarah P. & Geo. 1898
George, John W. United States 1873
George, L. Sheriff 1896
George, Lawrence Hevener, Wm. & Mary C.D. 1893
Geppert, George Fowler, Palm et al 1890
Geppert, Josephine Geppert, Joseph 1890
Gerdan, John Holst, H. & M.F.J. 1890
Gere, Lucia B. Beatty, M.E. et al 1888
Gere, Lucia B. Oatman, Jas. H. & P. 1888
Gere, Lucia B. Walker, Charles 1888
Gerlinger, George T. State of Oregon 1899
Gerlinger, Louis Mills, A.L. 1899
Gerlinger, Louis State of Oregon 1899 (2)
Gerlinger, Louis Wilcox, E. 1899
German Baptist Brethren Nininger, Chas. E. et ux 1898
German Baptist Church Harvey, James & M. 1890
German Baptist Church Harvey, James & M. 1895
German Lutheran Ch. Med. Palm & Hamilton et ux 1899
German Savings & Loan Soc. Sheriff (A.S. Barnes) 1899
Getchell, Benj. F. United States 1883
Gianini, Thos. Ross, John E. et ux 1874
Gibbon, Wm. V. Stevens, Andrew et ux 1897
Gibbs, Albert D. United States 1892
Gibbs, Charles R. Fitch, John A. et al 185_
Gibbs, Charles R. Fitch, John A. 1865
Gibbs, Charles R. Gibbs, Leonard 1854
Gibbs, Charles R. Gibbs, Leonard 1865
Gibbs, Charles R. Sanford, George et ux 1865
Gibbs, Charles R. Sanford, Geo. et al 185_
Gibbs, F.W. Johnston, N.R. & M.M. 1897
Gibbs, F.W. Karnes, D.G. 1895 (2)
Gibbs, John United States 1882
Gibson, Alice R. Barnum, Belinda & J.H. 1898
Gibson, Alice R. Myer, B.F. et al 1895 (2)
Gibson, J.M. by C.W. Kahler Adm. Cooksey, Martha M. 1899
Gibson, J.R. Strange, S.N. & F.G. 1889
Gibson, J.R. et al Stone, Eliz. 1896
Gibson, J.R. et al Willey, A.L. & L. 1889
Gibson, John Patterson, Sarah & M.B. 1887
Gibson, John United States 1872
Gibson, John Willey, A.L. & L.B. 1887
Gibson, John M. Cooksey, Martha M. 1893 (2)
Gibson, John M. Metcalf, Almira R. 1887
Gibson, John R. Heeley, Wm. & F. 1898
Gicker, Lewis Receiver Land Ofs. 1891
Giddings, A.F. State of Oregon 1873
Giddings, Eliza E. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1888
Giddings, Eliza E. Helman, John R. 1868
Giffin, Andrew Walton, Geo. S. & S.C. 1888
Giffin, Andrew Bradley, Jay & L. 1888
Gilbert, D.W. et al Windom, John 1889
Gilbert, Hannah J. Beidleman, W.D. et ux 1895
Gilbert, Hannah J. Ralls, Catherine 1883
Gilbert, Jane Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1890
Gilbert, Mrs. Cora A. Colton, W.B. & S.S. 1888
Gilbert, Mrs. H.J. TíVault, Rhoda 1880
Gilbert, Orson Hansen, Oliver et ux 1898
Gilbert, Orson Helman, John R. 1879
Gilbert, Orson United States 1883
Gilbert, Orson Garrison, J.A. & L.A. 1872
Gilbert, W.H. McCall, J.M. et al 1892
Gilbert, Wm. H. Colton, W.B. & S.S. 1888
Gilbertson, Laura E. Harper, Wm. & S. 1890
Gilead Mill Co. Newhouse, Wm. et ux 1854
Gilfillen, A. Staeuble, T.G. & F. 1891
Gilfoyle, Jeanne Clugage, James 1866
Gill, B.M. United States 1889
Gill, Benj. M. United States 1892
Gill, J.S. Trus. et al Donaldson, S. et al 1894
Gillette, A.V. Dunn, P. & M. 1866
Gillette, A.V. Emery, Eber Admr. 1870
Gillette, A.V. Helman, John R. 1863
Gillette, A.V. Helman, John R. 1865
Gillette, A.V. Hill, L.H. & Elizabeth 1866
Gillette, A.V. Russell, Jas. H. & Annie 1866
Gillette, Chas. H. Gillette, Martha L. 1886
Gillette, Martha L. Helman, John R. & M.J. 1887
Gilmer, L.V. Crenshaw, R.A. & L.J. 1889
Gilmore, Eliza J. Rice, Mary M. & D.B. 1889
Gilmore, J.P. & Eliza J. Dunn, P. et ux 1892
Gilpin, John United States 1896
Gilroy, Della Helman, A.D. 1890
Gilroy, Wm. M. Coolidge, O. & M.J. 1887
Gilroy, Wm. M. Youle, Geo. E. 1889
Gilroy, Wm. M. et al Tozer, J.R. et al 1885 (3)
Gilson, Alice R. Sheriff Alex Orme 1899
Gilson, Ansil Gilson, Thos. H. et ux 1898
Gilson, Anson et al Armstrong, Geo. J. et ux 1887
Gilson, Ellis Ulrich, Christian & A. 1891
Gilson, Thomas H. Hayden, U.S. 1877
Gilson, Thomas W. Armstrong, R.S. & E. et al 1874
Gilson, Thos. H. Youngs, D.S. et ux 1899
Gilson, Thos. H. Hards, Helen M. 1897
Gilson, Thos. H. Hollingsworth, Lucy 1897
Gilson, Thos. H. Thurman, Wm. & J. LeRoy 1897
Gilson, Thos. H. Cameron, Theod. 1874
Gilson, Thos. H. Sheriff A. Orme 1899
Gilson, Thos. H. United States 1875
Gilson, Thos. H. Ives, Peter T. 1878
Giltner, J.S. Lyon, W.H. et ux 1896
Gin Lin Cameron, R.J. 1887
Gin Lin Lackland, S.W. 1881
Gin Lin Lu Ly 1875
Gin Lin Toy K. Sing 1881
Gin Lin Chapin, H.M. & S.A. 1874
Gin Lin Cameron, D. et al 1898
Gin Lin Wakeman, Miles S. 1874
Gin Lin et al Chapin, H.M. & S.A. 1873
Girdlestone, C.H. Roper, Fordyce & J.S. 1897
Gittens, Edward Coolidge, O. & M.J. 1885
Givan, George Givan, Lindsey et ux 1899
Givan, George Nunan, J. et ux 1896
Givan, George Richardson, Harvey et ux 1894
Givan, Lindsey Taylor, Andrew J. et ux 1892
Givans, John F. Lake, Ellen B. & Wm. B. 1892
Givens, George Dunn, R.R. 1899
Glascock, L.F. Walker, Enoch F. 1898
Glass, S.H. Vincent, C.O. & L.J. 1889
Glass, S.H. Vincent, C.O. & L.J. 1893
Glass, S.H. Vincent, Mary A. 1889
Glass, S.H. & Susan Constant, Wm. T. et ux 1898
Gleaser (Gleason), Jasper Noah, Alonzo & F.J. 1888
Gleason, Jaspar Lindsay, Chas. B. & M. 1887
Gleason, Jasper Noah, A. & F.J. 1889
Gleason, Jasper Ore. & Trans. Co. 1892
Gleason, Miss Hattie F. Meek, Jno. S. et ux 1895
Gleave, Philip Garrison, Jos. F. 1882
Gleave, Philip Clugage Heirs 1899
Gleave, Philip Rose, Anton et ux 1899
Gleave, Philip Swingle, Jos. & Ida A. 1861
Glenn & Anderson Richardson, W.H. 1861
Glenn, D.L. Graham, A.E. 1898
Glenn, D.L. Sherman, Eliz. 1899
Glenn, Daniel L. Gallant, M. Alice & G.R. 1893
Glenn, J.T. United States 1890 (2)
Glenn, James Brown, Frank 1863 (2)
Glenn, James T. United States 1873
Glenn, James T. Amerman, Jas. V. & E. 1870
Glenn, James T. Amy, Haskell 1870
Glenn, James T. Anderson, Elizabeth 1889
Glenn, James T. Amy, H. 1870
Glenn, James T. Caldwell, M. & M.J. 1870
Glenn, James T. Coats, J.B. 1879
Glenn, James T. Hayden, U.S. 1866
Glenn, James T. Helms, H. Admr. 1870
Glenn, James T. Helms, James & E. 1869
Glenn, James T. Hoffman, Wm. Admr. 1872
Glenn, James T. Moore, Green S. & Nancy 1867
Glenn, James T. Moore, Green S. & N.M. 1871
Glenn, James T. Pelton, John E. (Shff) 1892
Glenn, James T. Sheriff of Jackson Co. 1892
Glenn, James T. Sifers, John B. 1861
Glenn, James T. Logier, Charles 1861
Glenn, James T. Sheriff 1872 (2)
Glenn, James T. Sheriff 1877 (3)
Glenn, James T. State of Oregon 1871
Glenn, James T. Strickland, P.G. 1859
Glenn, James T. Swinden, John et ux 1866
Glenn, James T. Trustees Jíville 1868 (2)
Glenn, James T. United States 1889
Glenn, James T. Howard, J.S. & M.B. 1871
Glenn, James T. Wade, Jas. R. 1871
Glenn, James T. Sisters of Holey Jesus Name 1889
Glenn, James T. Martin, Alexander 1889
Glenn, James T. Sheriff 1863
Glenn, James T. Pool, James R. 1866
Glenn, James T. & M. Penn, J.H. & M.A. 1877
Glenn, James T. et al Clugage, James 1865 (2)
Glenn, James T. et al Hayden, U.S. 1865
Glenn, James T. et al Anderson, John & Lizzie 1863
Glenn, James T. et al Sheriff 1862
Glenn, James T. et al Sheriff 1863 (2)
Glenn, James T. et al Pinkham, Levi 1859
Glenn, James T. et al Smith, Samuel Trustee 1860
Glenn, James T. et al Wilkins, John R. et ux 1860
Glenn, James T. et al Epperson, Jas. A. 1862
Glenn, James T. et al Ryan, P.J. et ux 1865
Glenn, Jas. T. Sheriff 1864 (3)
Glenn, Jas. T. Smith, Edwin & M. 1873
Glenn, Jas. T. Griffin, Wm. M. & M.A. 1870
Glenn, Minerva Crutcher, Jas. H. 1873
Goble, A.A. Crowson, G.W. & W.W. 1894
Goddard, B.C. Morrison, John R. & S.E. 1885
Goddard, B.C. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1884
Goddard, B.C. Rice, Horace 1885
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Childers, A.R & L.P. 1885
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Goddard, B.C. Sr. 1883
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Guches, J.M. & S.E. 1888
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Priddy, G.W. & A. 1888
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Rowland, Eva A. 1888
Goddard, B.C. Jr. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Goddard, B.C. Jr. & Wife Mingus, Conrad 1883
Goddard, Blin C. Robison, Boyd & A. 1888
Goddard, Blin C. Owen, W.A. & J.A. 1880
Goddard, Blin C. Stearns, O.L. 1868
Goddard, Blin C. Stephen, L.B. & Sarah 1868
Goddard, Blin C. United States 1896 (2)
Goddard, Blin C. Anderson, Eli K. et al 1877
Goddard, Blin C. Jr. Wrisley, John B. & Eliza 1882
Goddard, Hendrick H. United States 1894
Goerlich, Charles State of Oregon 1893
Goff, John W. Field, Wm. C. 1879
Goff, John W. United States 1884 (4)
Goff, Kate Shepherd, C.F. et ux 1898
Goheen, Samuel Richardson, Wm. 1862
Goheen, Samuel Dean, N.C. 1864
Gold & Cinnabar Mining Co. Challen, Joseph H. 1894
Gold Belt Mining & Land Co. Cundall, B.M. et ux 1896
Gold Hill Chavner, T. & R. 1888
Gold Hill Dev. Co. Beeman, J.H. et ux 1899
Gold Hill Dev. Co. Earhart, E. et ux 1899
Gold Hill H. L.D. Co. McClure, W.L. 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Ray, I.W. 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Smith, E.A.L. 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Dungan, J.B. 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Douden, Jos. et ux 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Houck, J.J. et ux 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Armstrong, J.W. 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Black, Myrtilla 1899
Gold Hill H.L.D. Co. Dickey, Lucy A.A. 1899
Gold Hill Lodge #129 I.O.O.F. Birdsey, Fannie C. 1898
Gold Hill Quartz M. Co. Drew, C.S. et al 1865
Gold Hill Quartz Min. Co. Rhinehart, M.I. & J.B. 1897
Gold Hill Quartz Mining Co. Hebert, N. Ricard et al 1898
Gold Hill Quartz Mining Co. Smith, Edw. Sanderson 1896
Gold Hill Quartz Mining Co. Decree of Circuit Court 1899
Gold Hill School Dist. #57 Chavner, Michael et al 1894
Gold Hill, City Council of Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1896
Gold Hill, Town of Pryce, Mary A. 1899
Gold Hill, Trus. Emery, Sophia 1898
Gold Hill, Trus. of Town of Chavner, M. & M.J. et al 1896
Gold Mines Dev. Co. Shearer, A.W. et ux et al 1896
Golden Spike Mng. Co. Baker, G.H. & Julia 1888
Goldman, Joseph H. Meyer, C.E. 1890
Goldner, Mathew J. Sanford, Geo. S. 1894
Goldner, Mathew J. et al Hammond, A.P. et ux 1894
Goldsby, John Finley, Wm. W. & N.A. 1890
Goldsby, John United States 1899
Goldsby, Walter Goldsby, John 1899
Goldsmith & Brunner Furbay, Fred et al 1853
Goldsmith, D. Van Horn, D. & S.C. 1889
Goldsmith, Delphine Angle, Plymale, Short et al 1890
Goldsmith, Delphine Connell, G.W. 1891
Goldsmith, H. et al Brunner, J. & P. 1864
Goldsmith, Henry et al Trustees Jíville 1873
Goldstein, Ida & N.A. Smith, E. et ux 1895
Goldsworthy, J. et ux Marksberry, J.W. et ux 1895
Goldsworthy, Jos. et al Williams, William 1878
Goldsworthy, Jos. et al Koster, Sebande 1879
Goldsworthy, Jos. et ux Chavner, M. & M.J. et al 1895 (2)
Goldsworthy, Jos. et ux Thomas, Ione et al 1895
Goldsworthy, Joseph United States 1891
Goldworthy, Joseph McKnight, W.G. et ux 1896
Gooch, T.F. Hamlin, Jas. & E.J. & J.L. & F.H. 1891
Gooch, T.F. Ward, J.W. & Eliz. A. 1899
Gooch, T.F. Webster, Volna 1891
Gooch, T.F. Webster, Volna 1892
Good, A.J. Farlow, Mary D. & E.J. 1898
Good, C.P. Farlow, Mary D. & E.J. 1898
Good, David D. Richardson, D.N. et ux 1896
Good, Lora G. Colver, Huldah 1894
Good, Nettie Houck, Jesse et ux 1898
Goodburn, W.H. Dean, Wm. M. & H.M. 1893
Goodchild, C. & E. et al Wellman, R.S. 1874 (2)
Goodchild, Chas. et al Myer, B.F. et al 1874
Goodchild, Mrs. E. Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1877
Goodfellow, Reuben S. Herrington, Wm. & I.M. 1890
Goodfellow, Reuben S. Fuller, Amelia & Ira 1892
Goodfellow, Reuben S. Miner, Julius E. 1896
Goodfellow, Reuben S. Miner, Julius E. et ux 1892 (2)
Goodfellow, Reuben S. Thurston, Robt. B. et ux 1896
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Ellis, Andrew M. & R.A. 1898
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Ellis, Kittie M. 1898
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Ellis, Perry 1898
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Clements, Marg. A. & Husb. 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Dean, Frank et ux 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Pleasants, Emlen & Belle 1898
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Salstrom, Anna C. 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Smith, Geo. W. 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Ulrich, Wm. et ux 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Williams, Augustus L. 1899
Goodfellow, Wm. E. Williams, I.B. et ux 1899
Goodlow, Laura J. Thompson, Alex et ux 1882
Goodman, S.E. et al Mayer, Marcus & S. 1884
Goodpasture, Mary F. Goodpasture, Thos. B. 1896
Goodrean, Joseph United States 1899
Goodrean, Lida Goodrean, Joseph 1894
Goodsell, L.M. Jackson Co. Agr. Assn 1892 (2)
Goodsell, Wallace Goodsell, L.M. 1896
Goodwin, L.L. Ore. & Cal. R.R. Co. 1897
Goodwin, Sarah Cline, Emma et al 1896
Goodyear, Robert Eubanks, Geo. F. & A.M. 1898
Goodyear, Robert Talbott, Demoville & A. 1883
Gordan, Bernhard Olaine, Inga 1894
Gorden, Alfred United States 1888
Gorden, Henry J. United States 1897
Gorden, Henry J. Gorden, James L. 1897
Gorden, J.H. Friel, W. & M.A. 1889
Gorden, James L. Gorden, Henry J. 1892
Gorden, James L. United States 1892
Gorden, Priscilla B. Clokessy, M.J. 1892
Gordon, Alfred Cowles, J.C. et ux 1899
Gordon, Alfred Tucker, Jas. T. & C.E. 1867
Gordon, Alfred United States 1897
Gordon, Alfred. Johnson, Elizabeth 1875
Gordon, S.J. Fairclo, Mrs. Anna & H.G. 1897
Gordon, Uriah United States 1887
Gordon, Uriah Gordon, Alfred & M. 1897
Gore, Annetta J. Van Dyke, S.D. & S.L. 1877
Gore, Carolita A. Gore, E.E. & M.E. 1876
Gore, E.E. Gore, John G. & Edw. E. 1899
Gore, E.E. Gore, W.S. & C.A. 1889
Gore, E.E. Hoxie, Chas. 1875
Gore, E.E. Hoxie, Eliza Ann et al 1875
Gore, E.E. Hoxie, Geo. W. 1875
Gore, E.E. Jones, Hannah & Alexander et al 1875
Gore, E.E. State of Oregon 1883
Gore, E.E. United States 1889
Gore, E.E. United States 1885
Gore, E.E. & W.S. Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Gore, E.E. & Wife Medford 1888
Gore, Edward E. Gore, John G. 1899
Gore, Emerson United States 1873
Gore, Emerson & E. Jones, Saul 1866
Gore, Emerson E. Burns, Jas. P. & R. 1859
Gore, Emerson E. Hoxie, Chas. H. 1879
Gore, Emerson E. Hoxie, G.W. 1879
Gore, Emerson E. & Mary E. Gray, R.A. 1892
Gore, Emery E. Plymale, M.A. 1861
Gore, Geo. W. et al Williams, S.A. 1898
Gore, John G. Gore, Mary E. & E.E. 1893
Gore, John G. Gore, Edward E. 1899
Gore, John G. & Edw. E. Gore, E.E. 1899
Gore, M.E. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Gore, Mary E. Gore, Walter S. & C.A. 1887
Gore, Mrs. C.A. Williams, Mrs. S.L. 1899
Gore, W.S. Or. & Trans. Co. 1886
Gore, W.S. Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Gore, W.S. Or. & Trans. Co. 1885
Gorlinger (Gerlinger), Geo. T. State of Oregon 1899
Gorsline, O.E. Pottenger, T.E. 1899
Gortman, Levi United States 1898 (3)
Goss, Moses S. Woolen, Isaac & E. 1882
Goucher, E.E. et al Traverso, Damiano 1895
Gould, Geo. P. United States 1897
Gould, Geo. P. Walker, Helen A. & Husb. 1899
Gove, C.A. Fisher, D.F. 1888
Gove, C.A. Habersham, F.E. & E.K. 1888
Gove, C.A. Weideman, Rose S. & J. 1899
Gove, H.M. Foevs, F.F. et ux 1896
Gove, Julia Gove, C.A. 1899
Gowell, Orrin Rideout, N.D. & P.M. 1875
Graffis, Donna Lacy, John S. 1899
Graffis, Donna M. Furry, Amelia & Samíl 1897
Graham, A.E. Helman, A.D. 1890
Graham, A.E. Raynolds, Geo. F. et al 1899
Graham, Eliza (Guardian) Wright, Philander D. 1859
Graham, Eliza (Guardian) Wright, Jas. & C.E. 1859
Graham, Henry Alfred, S.U. et ux 1893
Graham, Henry & Mary F.I. Ingram, F.M. 1893
Graham, M.A. Boland, Joseph 1896
Grainger, F.M. Price, W.E. 1889
Grainger, F.M. et ux Sayles, H.L. & Alice B. 1898
Grainger, G.M. Helman, A.D. 1891
Grainger, G.M. Stone, Clark B. 1889
Grainger, G.M. et al Allen, David 1897
Gramling & Thomas Anderson & Glenn 1862
Granger, G.M. Amerman, H. et al 1890
Granine, Thos. Ross, John E. & Eliz. 1874
Granite Hall Giddings, E.E. & A. 1886
Grant, A.E. Zeller, J.A. et ux 1899
Grant, D.B. Dyer, F.R. & Susie E. 1898
Grant, D.B. Tucker, H.A. 1899
Grant, Mrs. F.M. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1886
Graser, Matthias Hensley, William 1858
Graser, Matthias Hoeflin, C. & Pape, H. 1861
Grass, Most Rev. Wm. H. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1893
Graupner, Edward United States 1882
Graupner, Edward Kleinhammer, C. & F. 1894
Graupner, Edward Kleinhammer, Claus 1865
Graupner, Edward United States 1889 (3)
Graves, C.M. Armbust, C.M. & P.M. 1898
Graves, D.W. et al Bassett, Isaac F. 1878
Graves, Wm. J. United States 1897
Gray, Annetta Gray, G.T. 1885
Gray, Annetta J. Colver, Samíl et ux 1892
Gray, Annetta J. Gray, Robert A. 1892
Gray, C.A. Wrisley, John B. et ux 1894
Gray, Charles Hamilton, I.L. et al 1897
Gray, Flora A. Gray, Robert U. 1865
Gray, George T. United States 1885
Gray, John T. Pinkham, Ebenezer 1860
Gray, Raley Glenn & Anderson 1862
Gray, Riley Anderson & Glenn 1862
Gray, Robert Beeson, Welborn et ux 1873
Gray, Robert Gray, Flora A. 1878
Gray, Robt. N. Gore, E.E. Admin. 1865
Green, A. et ux Hagey, John S. et ux 1896
Green, A.P. Soliss, D.B. et ux 1895
Green, Aaron et al Bloom, Herman 1863
Green, F. Elda Green, A.P. 1895
Green, Frank Baker, G.H. et al 1892
Green, G.W. Harris & Kellogg & Layman 1863
Green, G.W. Kennedy, M.G. 1854
Green, Hamlet Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Green, John K. Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1890
Green, John K. Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1889
Green, John K. Fryer, James J. & V.J. 1893
Green, Lizzie A. Maegley, A.H. et ux 1893
Greenman, E.H. Cronemiller, D. & A. 1867
Greenman, E.H. Overbeck, Emeline 1866
Greenman, E.H. State of Oregon 1873
Greenman, E.H. Truax, Sewall & S.E. 1865
Greenman, E.H. United States 1873
Greenman, E.H. Beekman, C.C. et ux 1866
Greenman, W.C. et al Ewing, Joseph 1871
Greer, G.W. Kennedy, M.G. 1856
Gregerson, James Martin, Thos. & M.A. 1888
Gregory, Ann R. Gregory, J.W.O. 1897
Gregory, Ann R. Gregory, John M. 1891
Gregory, Anna R. Smith, Eliz. A. 1899
Gregory, Elizabeth Kilgore, Silas W. 1898
Gregory, Henry L. Alnutt, Hattie et al 1899
Gregory, J.F. Stone, Eliz. 1894
Gregory, J.M. et ux et al Smith, Eliz. A. 1896
Gregory, J.M. et ux et al Smith, Minerva 1896
Gregory, James F. Taber, R.N. & Ellen 1885
Gregory, James F. United States 1883
Gregory, James F. Isaacs, Geo. W. et ux 1873
Gregory, James F. Parker, W.H. Admr. 1885
Gregory, James W.O. United States 1883
Gregory, James W.O. Durkee, J.C. & H.A. 1886
Gregory, James W.O. Alnutt, J.W. & H. 1887
Gregory, Jas. W.O. Drum, R.E. & N.M. 1885
Gregory, John M. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Gregory, Levi N. United States 1872 (2)
Gregory, Levi N. United States 1884
Gregory, Sarah J. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1879
Gregory, Thos. J. Hamlin, James 1860
Gregory, W.J. et al Hoagland, H.W. & M.J. 1884
Gregory, William Smith, Jonathan J. & M.C. 1873
Gregory, Wm. H. Martin, Peterson & E. 1867
Gregory, Wm. J. United States 1889
Gregory, Wm. J. Gregory, Levi N. & S.J. 1872
Gregory, Wm. J. Gregory, Levi N. & S. 1873
Gregory, Wm. J. Peterson, Martin & E. 1867
Gregory, Wm. J. Peterson, Martin & E. 1873 (2)
Gregory, Wm. J. United States 1873 (3)
Greive, E.R. & Thos. J. Greive, R.B. 1899
Greive, Robt. B. United States 1899 (2)
Greive, T.J. et al Wright, Wm. A. et ux 1894
Greive, Walter S. United States 1899
Gridley, George W. Hadley, Robt. G. 1862
Gridley, John A. DeVis, Cornelia 1881
Gridley, Wallace A. United States 1881
Gridley, Wallace A. Stephens, Benj. & S. 1875
Gridley, Wallace A. Stephens, S. & Benj. 1881
Grieve, John A. Kilgore, Jas. & M. et al 1869
Grieve, Thos. J. & R.B. Grieve, E.R. et ux 1899
Griffin, B.B. & S. United States 1883
Griffin, Jennie E. Fowler, O.N. et al 1890
Griffin, Jennie E. Griffin, Scott 1894
Griffin, Jennie E. McCubbin, Zilpha E. 1892
Griffin, John B. State of Oregon 1889
Griffin, John B. United States 1894
Griffin, Joseph F. United States 1890
Griffin, Josephine Griffin, Sallie 1885
Griffin, Marion Tolo T.S. & M. Co. 1889
Griffin, Mary A. Hamlin, Eliza J. 1894
Griffin, Mary A. Hamlin, Eliza J. et al 1897
Griffin, Mary A. et al Hamlin, Eliza J. 1896
Griffin, Mary Ann et al Hamlin, James 1889
Griffin, Mary E. Wilson, Josephine et ux 1895
Griffin, Mary E. Wilson, Josephine & J.L. 1897 (2)
Griffin, Scott Bailey, Chas. D. & E.J. 1888
Griffin, Scott Ragsdale, Peart, Bontrager et al 1890
Griffin, Scott Hitch, L.D. & S.A. 1889
Griffin, Scott Pac. Improvement Co. 1889
Griffin, Scott Ragsdale, C.C. & C.B. 1888
Griffin, Scott Ragsdale, C.C. 1890
Griffin, Scott Ragsdale, J.F. & M.J. 1889 (2)
Griffin, Scott Kahler, C.W. 1888
Griffin, Scott Kincaid, John J. 1888
Griffin, Scott Kincaid, W.D. 1890
Griffin, Squire Kimball, E. & M.A. 1863
Griffin, Squire United States 1885
Griffin, Wm. United States 1869
Griffin, Wm. M. Trustees Jíville 1869 (2)
Griffis, Jennie E. Vawter, W.I. et al 1890
Griffis, Viola Griffiths, John H. 1897
Griffis, W.S. Coleman, John & M.M. 1891
Griffith, Charles A. Reames, Thos. G. 1787
Griffith, Henry Donegan, Patrick & M. 1883
Griffith, Henry Donegan, Patrick Guard. 1883
Griffith, J. Henry Stout, John & M.D. 1884
Griffith, J. Henry Ganiard, O. & L. 1884
Griffith, Lincoln Severson, Ole 1883
Griffith, Mary A. Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1880
Griffith, Mary A. Ingalls, Jas. H. & L.B. 1885
Griffiths, Charles United States 1878
Griffiths, John H. United States 1893
Griffiths, Thos. M. United States 1899
Grigsby, Emma E. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Grigsby, H.A. Sheriff 1871
Grigsby, Henry Amy, H. et al 1876
Grigsby, Henry A. Sheriff 1872
Grigsby, Henry A. Chambers, M.A. et al 1871
Grigsby, Henry A. Chambers, Mary A. et al 1876
Grigsby, J.M. Bybee, Wm. & E.A. 1871
Grigsby, J.M. United States 1873
Grigsby, J.S. United States 1884
Grigsby, Mary A. Pomeroy, E.C. & A.J. 1893
Grimes, Mrs. Ellinor Plymale, Mrs. J.L. & W.J. 1897
Grimsley, Nelson Hendery, David 1892
Griner, Henry O. & C. R.R. Co. & U.T. Co. 1897
Griner, Henry Pomeroy, A.J. & E.C. 1899
Griswold, Lydia Griswold, P. 1891
Griswold, Lydia Hammond, A.P. & E.J. 1884
Griswold, Lydia Hammond, A.P. et ux 1895 (2)
Griswold, Lydia Myer, B.F. 1895
Griswold, Lydia Myer, B.F. 1892
Griswold, Lydia Myer, B.F. 1887
Griswold, Lydia Real, John H. & L.C. 1884
Griswold, Philander United States 1891
Grob, Agnes Grob, Frederick 1884
Grob, Jacob Ritchard, Fredk. 1886
Grob, Jacob United States 1890 (2)
Groelmond, Jacob McManus, P. & L.J. 1870
Gross, Joseph Holman, John J. 185_
Gross, The Most Revíd W.H. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1893
Gross, W.H. Messner, A. & P. 1897
Gross, W.H. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1897
Grossman, J.G. Barnum, W.S. & B.S. 1891
Grossman, J.G. Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1880
Grossman, J.G. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1887
Grossman, J.G. et al Pool, Arthur & L.A. 1885
Grossman, Jacob Naylor, Granville et ux 1871
Grotz, George Hart, James 1881
Grovener, Chas. Trustee Riggs, Michael 1864
Grover, Mary Eliza Daily, Wm. B. 1893
Groves, S.A. Sexton, Charles D. 1883
Groves, Wesley Taylor, A.J. & R. 1889
Grow, Isabella M. Reeser, B.F. & M.J. 1891 (2)
Grow, John Brown, Geo. et al 1864
Grow, John Earnshaw, Wm et al 1864
Grow, Mahala Brown, Angus 1863
Grow, Rachel Oviatt, P.H. et ux 1895
Grubb, A.M. Benn, W.P. & E.B. 1891
Grubb, J.L. & W.B. & E.B. Applegate, L.B. & M.E. 1888
Grubb, John A. (L.) et al Applegate, L.B. et ux 1899
Grubb, John L. Grubb, Samíl & E. 1878
Grubb, John L. Grubb, Samíl & E. 1867
Grubb, John L. United States 1892
Grubb, John L. Walker, J.P. & M.A. 1869
Grubb, John L. Wells, John W. 1878
Grubb, John L. United States 1886 (2)
Grubb, John L. et al Walker, Sarah J. et al 1892
Grubb, John L. et al Grubb, W.B. et al 1892
Grubb, Samíl et ux. Smith, Peter 1861
Grubb, Samuel Beekman, C.C. & J.E. 1871
Grubb, Samuel Dunn, Patrick et ux 1867
Grubb, Samuel Grubb, John L. & M.E. 1878
Grubb, Samuel Howard, Jas. S. & M.B. 1871
Grubb, Samuel Smith, Frank et al 1864
Grubb, Samuel United States 1873 (7)
Grubb, Samuel United States 1889 (6)
Grubb, Samuel United States 1886
Grubb, W.B. Brown, W.H. 1887
Grubb, W.B. Walker, John P. & M.A. 1878
Grubb, W.B. & Wife Inlow, C.A. 1887
Grubb, Wm. S. et al Long, Matthew M. & M.A. 1888
Grube, Franklin Judge, Henry & Annie 1868
Grube, Franklin Martin, Alex et ux 1868
Grube, Frederick Brennan, Michael 1876
Grund, Charles H. State of Oregon 1895
Gruner, George et al Muller, Max 1862
Guches, J.M. Priddy, Nancy A. et ux 1887
Guches, J.M. Wilson, Josephine & J.L. 1891
Guches, J.M. Ish, Sallie E. 1891
Guches, John M. Bellinger, Merritt & C. 1888
Guches, Sarah A. Short, J.W. & E.L. et al 1888
Guihenence, Louis Mignet, Frank 1861
Gulick, S.T. Strang, Rosetta L. & T.O. 1893
Gum, Ellen Gum, S.A.D. & M.E. 1881
Gum, John Emery, E. & S. 1889
Gum, John Emery, Eber & S. 1880
Gum, S.A.D. Gum, Jehu & Ellen 1881
Gum, Stephen A.D. Emery, Eber & S. 1881
Gund, Geo. F. et al Anderson, E.K. & G.N. 1893
Gunn, A.F. Babcock, Jasper 1888
Gunn, A.F. State of Oregon 1888
Gunn, Adam F. Babcock, Jasper 1891
Gunn, Adam F. Horner, J.B. et ux 1898
Gunnison, O. Hutchings, J.B.R. 1884
Gunnison, O.C. Merriman, Mrs. A. 1883
Gunnison, Ole Hoxie, O.D. & Eliza 1867
Gunnison, Ole C. McCain, J.S. & S.A. 1883
Gunnison, Ole C. Pool, James R. 1867
Gunnison, Ole C. Sheriff 1867
Gunnison, Ole C. Dungan, R.J. 1883
Guthrie, A.C. Baltimore, J.R. & A. 1897
Guthrie, A.C. Sheriff 1898
Guthrie, D.T. Short, Ella L. & J.W. 1891