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If you find a name of interest and would like a copy of the deed and/or a map showing the location of the property, click on the postal request form link below to display a request form. Complete, print, and mail the form to us along with a check payable to RVGS for $15 for a deed alone or $30 for both a deed and a map. Up to four additional deeds or maps can be requested at the same time at the rate of $5 each. Please use a separate request form for each additional deed or deed/map . Postal Deed and/or Map Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the online form below to make a secure online payment and to provide us with the information we will need to fulfill your request. Our librarian will make a copy of the deed and email it to you as an attached .jpg or picture file. When you receive it, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Deed, Map, or Deed + Map
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††††††††† GRANTEE ††††††††††††† GRANTOR YEAR
I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 10 McCully, John N. 1861
I.O.R.M. Kahler, C.W. 1891
I.O.R.M. Nickell, Chas. 1891
I.O.R.M. Orth, Ellen 1891
Ide, C.D. Fitzgerald, W.S. & M.C. 1885
Idelmann, Abe Dongelmann, H. et ux 1895
Idly, Chris Crawford, A.M. Receiver 1891
Ingalls, Laura B. Fryer, J.J. & V.J. 1878
Ingraham, F.M. Deuvaul, E.M. 1891
Ingraham, George B. Alcorn, Miles F. 1861
Ingraham, Joseph et al Oatman, Harvey B. & L. 1859
Ingram, F.M. Graham, Henry et ux 1895
Ingram, George V. Lovell, Jonathan & P. 1861
Ingram, George V. Oglesby, M.M. 1865
Ingram, J.E. Beck, T.L. 1882
Ingram, Mary P. et al McCrary, Benj. F. 1899
Inlow & Ashpole Whitney, L.L. & L.L. 1888
Inlow, C.A. United States 1887 (2)
Inlow, Cornelius Neil, Claiborn 1889
Inlow, Cornelius A. United States 1892
Inlow, Elizabeth Inlow, J.I. & U.J. 1894 (2)
Inlow, F.B. Ashpole, John & Adaline 1892 (2)
Inlow, F.B. Inlow, H.T. & E. 1879
Inlow, F.B. et al Smith, Isaac D. 1891
Inlow, H.F. Fountain, J.D. & G. 1880
Inlow, H.T. Simon, Peter & E. 1875
Inlow, H.T. Emery, Eber et al 1879
Inlow, H.T. Hargadine, R.B. & M.W. 1868
Inlow, H.T. Hill, Geo. A. & M.J. 1887
Inlow, H.T. Modisette, B.N. & S.N. 1875
Inlow, H.T. Wells, Erastus & Ellen J. 1892
Inlow, H.T. et al Miller, Isaac & E. 1875
Inlow, Henry T. State of Oregon 1879
Inlow, Henry T. United States 1879
Inlow, Henry T. Farlow, E.J. & M.D. 1879
Inlow, J.T. Huntley, Eben et al 1869
Inlow, Sarepta E. Dawson, Levi et ux 1898 (2)
Inlow, Sarepta E. Holton, John & H.C. 1888
Inlow, Sarepta E. Knighten, Wm. G. et ux 1896
Inlow, Sarepta E. O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co. 1899
Inlow, Sarepta E. Holton, John & H. 1885
Irby, John et al Gallagher, H.H. & J.A. 1862
Ireland, John T. United States 1891
Ireland, Minnie F. McPhee, Daniel 1898
Ireland, Wm. Coffman, J.W. & C.E. 1897
Irwin, Charles Savage, James & Margaret 1893
Irwin, David T. Leabo, J.K. et ux 1898
Irwin, Geo. et ux Willits, L.F. et ux 1896
Irwin, Geo. et ux Myer, W.C. 1896
Irwin, George Robinson, Henry H. et ux 1892
Isaac, G.W. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1885
Isaac, Geo. W. Caruthers, J.H. & M. 1889
Isaac, Geo. W. Or. & Trans. Co. 1889
Isaacs, G.W. Wilson, Arthur & U. 1885
Isaacs, G.W. Wertz, F. & M.E.V. 1886
Isaacs, G.W. Sheriff 1887
Isaacs, G.W. Taylor, M. & E.J. 1887
Isaacs, G.W. Newton, D.L. & Frances C. 1897 (2)
Isaacs, G.W. Armstrong, J.F. 1896
Isaacs, G.W. Smith, C.E. 1899
Isaacs, G.W. Oviatt, P.H. et ux 1899
Isaacs, G.W. et al (Trus.) Pryce, Mary A. et al 1898
Isaacs, G.W. et al (Trustees) Matney, James M. 1890
Isaacs, G.W. Trus. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Isaacs, Geo. W. United States 1873 (9)
Isaacs, Geo. W. Bowen, Samíl & E.A. 1867
Isaacs, Geo. W. Anderson, John & L. 1869
Isaacs, Geo. W. Sheriff 1869
Isaacs, Geo. W. United States 1873 (10)
Isaacs, Geo. W. Williams, I.B. & M. 1879
Isaacs, Geo. W. Mace, Geo. W. & S.P. 1880
Isaacs, Geo. W. Reames, Thos. G. et ux 1881
Isaacs, Geo. W. McDaniel, Lewis 1883
Isaacs, Geo. W. Galloway, F. & A. 1889
Isaacs, Geo. W. Or. & Trans. Co. 1890
Isaacs, Geo. W. Williams, John B. & Callie 1891
Isaacs, Geo. W. Murphy, L.A. & E.E. 1897
Isaacs, Geo. W. Sheriff (A.S. Barnes) 1897
Isaacs, Geo. W. Prall, Wm. & Cora 1897
Isaacs, Geo. W. McDaniel, Lewis 1884
Isaacs, Geo. W. Hall, Emma F. 1899
Isaacs, Geo. W. et al Patterson, Catherine 1878 (2)
Isaacs, Geo. W. et al Taylor, M. & E.J. 1878
Isaacs, Geo. W. et al Mingus, C. & L. 1889 (2)
Isaacs, Geo. W. et al Sheriff 1878
Isaacs, Geo. W. Sr. Johnson, Carrie L. 1898 (2)
Isaacs, Geo. W. Trustee Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Isaacs, George W. United States 1888
Isaacs, George W. Gaines, J. et ux 1895
Isaacs, George W. et al (Trus.) Morey, John A. & Ida I. 1893
Isbell, F.I. Taylor, Geo. D. 1892
Isbell, Frank I. United States 1899
Ish & Donegan United States 1882
Ish Sallie E. Harbaugh, O. & Dora 1898
Ish to yoth lemah United States 1871
Ish, Geo. H. Swinden, John 1863
Ish, H.L. Mathews, D.P. 1892
Ish, Horace L. Reed, Abel 1853
Ish, Horace L. United States 1871
Ish, Horace L. United States 1879
Ish, Horace L. Sackett, David A. 1888
Ish, J. Ellen Ish, Horace L. 1871
Ish, J. Ellen Ish, R.L. 1871
Ish, Jacob Coats, J.B. 1879
Ish, Jacob Ish, M.R. 1864
Ish, Jacob Ish, M.R. 1865
Ish, Jacob Watson, John 1865
Ish, Jacob Ish, Mat. R. 1866
Ish, Jacob Sherwood, Lilly 1867
Ish, Jacob United States 1882 (13)
Ish, Jacob Bruner, J.A. & H.A. 1870
Ish, Jacob Ish, Wm. K. & Ann 1870
Ish, Jacob Ish, Matt. R. 1871
Ish, Jacob United States 1871
Ish, Jacob United States 1881 (9)
Ish, Jacob Smith, Edwin & M. 1873
Ish, Jacob State of Oregon 1873
Ish, Jacob Reynolds, Isaac H. et ux 1876
Ish, Jacob Donegan, Pat & M. 1878 (2)
Ish, Jacob Ganiard, O. & L. 1878
Ish, Jacob Manning, J.W. 1878
Ish, Jacob Taylor, D.H. & Jennie 1878
Ish, Jacob Walker, Enoch & P.M. 1878
Ish, Jacob Carnell, Henry 1879
Ish, Jacob Ish, H.L. 1879
Ish, Jacob Murray, Jas. & F.A. 1879
Ish, Jacob Hoffman, Wm 1880
Ish, Jacob United States 1882 (2)
Ish, Jacob McFerrin, S.B. 1881 (2)
Ish, Jacob State of Oregon 1881
Ish, Jacob United States 1882
Ish, Jacob McFerrin, S.B. & J.E. 1883
Ish, Jacob State of Oregon 1883
Ish, Jacob United States 1873
Ish, Jacob et al Plymale, F.M. & J.E. 1880
Ish, Jacob et al United States 1880
Ish, Jacob et al Howard, Jas. S. & M.B. 1871
Ish, Jacob Heirs of Turner, Wm. & E. 1884
Ish, Mathew R. Ish, Horace L. 1861
Ish, Matthew R. Hyde, W.H.S. 1860
Ish, Matthew R. Drake, John M. 1861
Ish, Matthew R. Witt, N. 1862
Ish, Matthew R. Alberts, A.C. 1862
Ish, Matthew R. Trustees Jíville 1871
Ish, R.L. Manning, J.W. & S. 1872
Ish, R.L. et al Manning, J.W. et ux 1880
Ish, Sallie Pryce, Mary A. 1898
Ish, Sallie E. Cochran, Elmira 1889
Ish, Sallie E. Ish, Sophenia J. 1889
Ish, Sallie E. Plymale, Francis M. & Jane 1891
Ish, Sallie E. Plymale, N.J. & Josephine L. 1891
Ish, Sallie E. Harbaugh, O. & Dora 1898
Ish, Sallie E. & S.J. Glenn, Jas. T. & M. 1882
Ish, Sallie E. & S.J. State of Oregon 1884
Ish, Sallie E. et al (Trustees) Morey, John A. & Ida I. 1893
Ish, Sophenia Overbeck, H.S. & E. 1858
Ish, Wm. K. et al Anderson, E.K. et al 1855
Isler, Jacob State of Oregon 1899
Ivens, Charles Wimer, J.O.C. & N.A. 1884
Ives, P.T. Kleinhammer, Claus & F.A. et al 1875
Ives, P.T. Reynolds, Silas 1875
Ives, Peter J. Saltmarsh, R. et al 1877
Ivory, Edward Stow, Jas. M. & Jane 1879
Ivory, Edward McAndrew, Thos. Guard. 1880
Ivory, James Bower, John B. et ux 186_
Ivory, Patrick United States 1883
Ivory, Patrick Karewski, G. & H. 1885
Ivory, Patrick Muller, Max Admr. 1897
Ivory, Patrick B. Ivory, Patrick 1888