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††††††††† GRANTEE ††††††††††††† GRANTOR YEAR
J.C. Land Assn. Beekman, C.C. & J. 1873 (2)
JíVille I.O.O.F. Frank, Fred et ux 1865
JíVille I.O.O.F. McCully, Jane M. 1865
Jac. Co. Land Asn. Glenn, James T. & M. 1873 (2)
Jac. Co. Land Assn Ish, Jacob & J. Ellen 1873 (2)
Jack, W.H. United States 1884
Jacks, W.H. Hoxie, Chas. H. & L.M. 1885
Jacks, W.H. Hoxie, Chas. H. & L.M. 1889
Jackson Co. Walker, John P. & M. 1887
Jackson Co. Magruder, C. et al 1888
Jackson Co. McBride, J.A. & Dan 1889
Jackson Co. Shff. (Alex Orme) 1899
Jackson Co. Agri. Assn. Amy, H. & J. 1890
Jackson Co. Agricultural Assn. Cooksey, Martha M. 1893
Jackson Co. L. Assoc. Turner, Wm. M. & E. 1873
Jackson Co. Ore. Chavner, Mary Ann 1889
Jackson County Clugage, James 1865
Jackson County Myer, W.C. & E. 1883
Jackson County Lacy, John S. 1897
Jackson County Shaw, T.A. 1897
Jackson County Walz, Jacob S. & Ada E. 1897
Jackson County Farnham, Clarence 1899
Jackson County Jackson, Eugenia L. & Husb. 1899
Jackson County Barneburg, Fredk. et ux 1899
Jackson County Griffith, Sarah A. et al 1899
Jackson Mt. Mining Co. Carr, C.L. & Clara B. 1897 (2)
Jackson Mt. Mining Co. Dodge, Nettie B. 1897
Jackson, A.L. Hooper, C.E. 1895
Jackson, Alford H. Damon, M.S. & C. 1888
Jackson, Anna T. Vawter, W.I. et al 1894
Jackson, D.H. Farnham, W. & C. 1897
Jackson, Dr. Will Trustees M.E. Church 1881
Jackson, Emma Eugenia Farnham, Clarence & Walter 1891
Jackson, Emma Eugenia et al Farnham, Clarence 1891
Jackson, Eugenia E. Farnham, Walter 1891
Jackson, Geo. A. United States 1874 (7)
Jackson, Geo. A. Alford, Albert & C. 1884
Jackson, Geo. A. Dawson, Ivan R. 1884
Jackson, Geo. A. Hoffman, Wm. & C.B. 1884
Jackson, Geo. A. Stites, Leander & M.E. 1885
Jackson, Hancock State of Oregon 1873
Jackson, Hattie Smith, Thos. & M.J. 1872
Jackson, James M. Newton, Josiah Admr. 1859
Jackson, Thos. A. United States 1878 (3)
Jackson, Will Fowler, O.N. et al 1890
Jackson, William Gilbert, O. & H.J. 1883
Jackson, Wm Inlow, H.T. & E. 1877
Jackson, Wm. B. Schatz, J.S. 1895
Jackson, Wm. B. Sheriff 1898
Jacksonville Kenny, T.J. 1889
Jacksonville Clugage, James 1874
Jacksonville Mensor, M. & M. 1880
Jacksonville Martin, John 1881
Jacksonville Zigler, Mrs. Sarah 1885
Jacksonville Reuter, A.L. & K. 1889
Jacksonville M. & M. Co. Reames, T.G. et ux 1899
Jacksonville, Town of Plymale, W.J. & Josephine E. 1890
Jacob, E. Orth, John & Ellen 1877
Jacobs, A.S. Smith, Thomas 1883
Jacobs, A.S. Zumwalt, L.S. & E. 1883
Jacobs, A.S. Coleman, L.C. & A. 1884
Jacobs, A.S. Hendrickson, V.K. & N.J. 1885
Jacobs, A.S. High, Wm. & O. 1885
Jacobs, A.S. McVicar, Wm. H. 1885
Jacobs, A.S. Coolidge, O. & M.J. 1886
Jacobs, A.S. Sly, Thos. & E.A. 1886
Jacobs, A.S. Magruder, Constantine, Trus. 1888
Jacobs, A.S. Jacobs, A. & A.M. 1889
Jacobs, A.S. Sheriff of J. Co. 1889
Jacobs, A.S. Cormack, A.W. & Alice 1891
Jacobs, A.S. Jacobs, N.A. & Emma 1891
Jacobs, A.S. & M. Jacobs, L.L. & H. 1890
Jacobs, A.S. et al Naylor, G. & Minerva 1873
Jacobs, A.W. Helman, A.D. & M.G. 1889
Jacobs, Aaron Dean, N.C. & Ann 1866
Jacobs, Aaron Dean, Samuel P. 1866
Jacobs, Aaron Harman, Sol et al 1866
Jacobs, Addie M. Smith, Thomas 1883
Jacobs, Anson Smith, Thomas 1882
Jacobs, Anson W. Alfred, S.W. et ux 1894
Jacobs, Anson W. Finley, Henry et ux 1894
Jacobs, Anson W. & A.N. Smith, Thomas 1887
Jacobs, E. Plymale, Sebastian & N. 1878
Jacobs, E. et al Horn, D.H. et ux 1893
Jacobs, Emma Royal, M.G. & T.B. 1888
Jacobs, Emma Price, C.S. et ux 1895
Jacobs, J. et al Brittain, W. et al 1861
Jacobs, John W. Wimer, J.O.C. & Wife 1889
Jacobs, Joseph Barrett, John 1857 (2)
Jacobs, Joseph Thomas, M. 1857
Jacobs, L.L. Jacobs, N.A. et ux 1887
Jacobs, L.L. Horn, John A. 1897
Jacobs, L.L. Horn, Willard F. et ux 1897
Jacobs, L.L. Parker, Mary A. & F.M. 1898
Jacobs, L.L. Horn, Chas. N. et ux 1899
Jacobs, L.L. Horn, D.H. et ux 1899
Jacobs, L.L. & H. Jacobs, A.S. & M. 1890
Jacobs, L.L. et al Reames, T.J. et us et al 1896
Jacobs, N.A. Broback, C.W. et ux 1885
Jacobs, N.A. Beauchamp, W.H. et ux 1887
Jacobs, N.A. Roper, Fordyce & J.S. 1888
Jacobs, N.A. Jacobs, A.S. & M. 1889
Jacobs, N.A. May, John & C.E. 1889
Jacobs, N.A. Merritt, J.W. Trus. 1894
Jacobs, N.A. Jacobs, John W. 1895
Jacobs, N.A. et al Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Jacobs, N.A. et al Kinney, H. 1885
Jacobs, NA. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1885
Jacobs, Newton A. United States 1892
Jacobs, O. Davenport, John C. et ux 1861 (2)
Jacobs, O. Pool, James R. 1867
Jacobs, O. Ryan, P.J. et ux 1868
Jacobs, O. Thompson, L.S. et ux 1868
Jacobs, O. Truax, Sewall 1868
Jacobs, O. & Lucinda Foudray, E.D. 1861
Jacobs, O. et al Sheriff 1873
Jacobs, Orange Colver, Samíl Jr. et ux 1858 (2)
Jacobs, Orange Wait, Sylvester et ux 1860
Jacobs, Rosalia Jacobs, E. 1894
Jacobs, S.A. Slinger, Wm. & E. 1889
Jacobs, W.E. et al Roper, Fordyce & Julia S. 1891
Jacobs, W.E. et al Benn, W.P. et ux 1896
Jacobs, Walter E. et al Sheriff 1896
Jacoby Bros. Thomas, Mahala 1887
Jacoby Bros. Thomas, T. & I. 1889
Jacoby, Max P. & Wm. P. Nickell, Chas. & Wife 1887
Jacoby, Mrs. Sophia Jacoby, Max et al 1887
Jacoby, Mrs. Sophie Jacoby, Max P. & Wm P. 1890 (2)
Jacoby, Mrs. Sophie Or. & Transcontinental Co. 1890
Jacoby, Wm P. Jacoby, Sophie 1893
Jacoby, Wm. P. & M.P. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Jaggi, John A. Stanley, A.C. et ux 1884
Jallaher, John Maxum, H.D. & E.N. 1889
James, C.M. State of Oregon 1873
James, Thomas Anderson, E.K. et ux 1898 (2)
James, Thomas Butler, G.S. et al 1898
James, Thomas Dean, Sula I. et al 1898
James, Thomas Hindman, M.E. & M.E. 1897
James, Thomas Parham, Mrs. M. et al 1898
James, Thomas Robison, S.M. 1898
Jamison, Jane Rice, Mary M. 1891
Jamison, John A. McCall, M.L. & A. 1888 (2)
Jaques, Rebecca Wimer, E.R. & E.A. 1884
Jaquett, Sarah E. Wimer, J.O.C. & N.A. 1887
Jaquett, W. et al Naylor, G. & Minerva 1873
Jaquett, Wm. H. United States 1878
Jarvis Mtge. Trust Co. Pelton, John E. Shff. 1894
Jarvis, James W. United States 1897
Jarvis, Ollie M. Jarvis, James W. 1897
Jean Ye & Co. Kimball, Chas. & Co. 185_
Jeffers, Caleb Amy, H. & J. 1889
Jeffers, Geo. W. Ford, Edgar et ux 1899
Jeffers, Mary M. Gittins, Edwd. & J.C. 1887
Jeffrey, Anna Winters, Charles 1899
Jeffrey, J.A. Tripp, H. & M.L. 1897
Jeffries, Francis M. Childers, J.M. & R.E. 1883
Jeffries, Francis M. Craddock, R.C. & M.A. 1883
Jenkins, C.C. Wilkinson, H.C. & M.J. 1892
Jennings & Ray O. & C. R.R. Co. 1898
Jennings, Bill Homes (Holmes), A.C. & R.M. 1883
Jennings, E.B. Vincent, A.L. et ux 1898
Jennings, E.B. et al. Hodges, S.T. 1898
Jennings, I.A. et al Wagner, Henry M. 1894
Jennings, J.A. Broback, C.W. & F.A. 1884 (2)
Jennings, Mary S. Hansen, Emilie C. 1896
Jennings, Mary S. Hansen, Fred et ux 1896
Jennings, Mary S. Walker, Ella J. & G.K. 1899
Jesse, W.H. & A. Davis, Wm. H. & M. 1879
Jeter, Martin M. Schumpf, Ellen 1899
Jett, Starling B. United States 1890
Jewell, L.L. Bailey, W.S. 1898
Jewell, L.L. et al Davidson, C.T. et ux 1898
Jewett, T.H. & R.S. Douthitt, D.H. 1863
Jim & Co. Hougham, J.R. 1864
Johansson, Johan et al Brown, W.H. 1887
Johansson, John United States 1891
John, L.M. Concklin, Chas. & L. 1887
John, L.M. Swank, G.W. & V.A. 1887
John, Lucinda M. John, Wm. J. 1885
John, W.J. Thornton, Jas. & E. 1885
John, Wm. J. Nininger, W.T. & L.A. 1886
Johnson & Elder Pippen, Wm. L. et al 1861
Johnson, A.G. Dray, Joseph & Wife 1888
Johnson, A.L. Coker, C.W. 1883
Johnson, A.L. Burton, Elijah 1884
Johnson, A.L. Coker, C.W. 1885
Johnson, A.L. Coker, C.W. 1885
Johnson, A.L. & L. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Johnson, A.S. Frakes, Andrew 1885
Johnson, A.S. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1885
Johnson, A.S. Rowland, J.J. & M.J. 1887
Johnson, A.S. Rowland, J.J. 1889
Johnson, A.S. et al Trustees Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Johnson, Albert Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1888
Johnson, Amos F. United States 1888
Johnson, Augustus Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Johnson, Augustus Dray, Joseph & N.B. 1887
Johnson, Augustus S. Dray, Jos. & N.A. 1887
Johnson, Avery McCall, Mary E. & J.M. 1886
Johnson, Avery Miller, E.M. & S.M. 1885
Johnson, Avery Nininger, C.E. et ux 1886
Johnson, Carrie Lillian Adkins, B.F. et ux 1895
Johnson, Carrie Lillian Adkins, B.F. et ux 1896
Johnson, Cristie Farlow, Christian & Wife 1887
Johnson, David F. Tullis, Vincent 1861
Johnson, E.A. Thomas, J.A. 1893
Johnson, E.A. Mingus, Conrad et ux 1896
Johnson, E.A. & Lizzie Lumsden, H.U. & Bessie F. 1891
Johnson, Edw. A. Short, John W. & Ella L. 1892
Johnson, Edward A. Ulrich, Wm. & Emma A. 1894
Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Amos T. 1870
Johnson, Elizabeth United States 1882
Johnson, Elizabeth Mayer, Marcus et ux 1884
Johnson, Elizabeth Mayer, Marcus & S. 1886
Johnson, Francis L. Reames, T.G. et al 1882
Johnson, G.W. & Wm. et al Bashford, G.W. 1893
Johnson, George B. Spangler, Thos. B. et ux 1892
Johnson, H.B. Webb, I.A. & K.L. 1890
Johnson, Hugh Reuter, A.L. & K. 1889
Johnson, J.J. Hibbard, F.C. et al 1899
Johnson, J.L. et al Neathamer, John J. 1896
Johnson, J.O. Wilson, Wm. & L. 1889 (2)
Johnson, J.O. State of Oregon 1889
Johnson, J.O. Nail, James R. & Elizabeth 1891
Johnson, J.O. Pickens, E.P. et ux 1892
Johnson, J.O. Buhlmeyer, Hellen 1894
Johnson, J.O. Childers, S. & M.E. 1896 (2)
Johnson, J.O. Hansen, Fred et ux 1894
Johnson, J.O. Redden, J.N. et ux 1896
Johnson, J.O. Deuel, F.K. et ux 1896
Johnson, J.O. Morine, S.F. et ux 1896
Johnson, J.O. Pickens, E.P. et ux 1896
Johnson, J.O. et al Childers, A. et al 1889
Johnson, J.O. et al Lacy, L.G. et al 1889
Johnson, J.O. et al Drum, R.E. et ux 1894 (2)
Johnson, J.O. et al Pendleton, M.H. & Husb. 1894
Johnson, J.O. et al Nealon, S.M. et ux 1896
Johnson, Jacob United States 1884
Johnson, Jacob Allen, M.D. & J.O. 1889
Johnson, Jacob Nickell, Charles 1889
Johnson, Jacob Musty, Francis X. & Elmira A. 1891
Johnson, Jacob Hall, Albert A. & Mary A. 1892
Johnson, John Bolt, John Admin. 1876
Johnson, John State of Oregon 1876
Johnson, John Bolt, John Admin. 1877
Johnson, John W. & M. United States 1887
Johnson, Lafayette & R. Reed, Thos. Wm. 1860
Johnson, Lizzie Payne, David & E.J. 1885
Johnson, Lizzie Payne, David & E.J. 1886
Johnson, Lizzie Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Johnson, Lizzie H. Lumsden, D.J. et al 1892
Johnson, Lizzie H. Kame, Mary C. & W.T. 1897
Johnson, Martha A. Johnson, W.L. 1876
Johnson, Mary J. Hannah, Mary S. & J. 1883
Johnson, Mrs. E. Butler, G.S. et ux 1884
Johnson, Mrs. R.C. Moomaw, A.R. 1885 (2)
Johnson, O.O. Hassett, Henry M. & M. 1894
Johnson, O.O. Butler, Hilda, J.C. & P. 1895
Johnson, Pauline A. State of Oregon 1888
Johnson, R.C. McBride, R.J. 1887
Johnson, Rachel M. Howard, G.W. & Georgia A. 1892
Johnson, Rachel M. Porter, Luther G. & Ada 1892
Johnson, Rachel M. Crump, Jno. G. & Mary A. 1894
Johnson, S. et al Spicer, Wm. et al 1861
Johnson, Samuel E. Burch, T.S. et al 1862
Johnson, Sarah E. Johnson, Charles H. 1894
Johnson, Sarah E. Helman, A.D. & S.A. 1895
Johnson, T.W. Or. & Trans. Co. 1888
Johnson, T.W. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1888
Johnson, T.W. Short, J.W. & E.L. et al 1889
Johnson, T.W. Helms, James & Eliz. 1891
Johnson, T.W. Havely, J.C. & Anna 1892
Johnson, Thos. J. State of Oregon 1882
Johnson, W.A. Harner, John 1861
Johnson, W.L Bell, T.J. & Nancy 1874
Johnson, W.L. Helman, A.D. & M.J. 1876
Johnson, W.L. Baldwin, Martha 1884
Johnson, W.L. Baldwin, R.T. 1884
Johnson, W.L. United States 1889 (2)
Johnson, W.L. Woolen, Isaac & E. 1884
Johnson, W.O. Helman, A.D. 1893
Johnson, W.R. State of Oregon 1890
Johnson, W.R. Neil, J.R. Admr. 1897
Johnson, W.R. Rees, Lewis Est. of by Adm. 1897
Johnson, W.R. et al Neil, J.R. Admr. 1897
Johnson, W.R., T.J. & Frances L. Rees, Lewis, Geo. R. Neil Adm. 1895
Johnson, Wm R. Johnson, F.L. 1887
Johnson, Wm. State of Oregon 1890
Johnson, Wm. & G.W. et al Andrews, Geo. H. & Eppie 1892
Johnson, Wm. A. (Assignee) United States 1895
Johnson, Wm. L. Baldwin, R.T. & M.A. 1880
Johnson, Wm. L. Johnson, W.O. 1895
Johnson, Wm. R. et al Neil, Geo. R., Admr. Est. L. Rees 1895
Johnston, A.G. Cowles, J.C. & I.S. 1889
Johnston, A.G. & Mary J. Warthen, Mrs. Eliza J. 1890
Johnston, Geo. B. United States 1896
Johnston, Geo. B. et al Ish, Sallie E. 1892
Johnston, Martha M. Karnes, D.G. 1896
Johnston, Mary J. & A.G. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1889
Johnston, Mary J. & A.G. Howard, J.S. & Martha B. 1890
Johnston, N.R. Muller, Max et ux 1896
Johnston, N.R. & Martha Karnes, D.G. 1896
Johnston, N.R. & Martha M. Gibbs, F.W. 1899
Johrden, Louis et al Zoellner, F.E. 1891
Jolley, Oliver P. Brophy, Nicholas D. & Annie 1892
Jonas, James A. Emery, Eber & S. 1888
Jones & Otten Carter, B.F. & S.E. 1890
Jones & Otten Carter, B.F. & S.E. 1892
Jones & Otten Hill, E.M. & Rebecca 1898
Jones, A.C. Hopkins, David L. 1877
Jones, B.A. State of Oregon 1899
Jones, B.F. Jones, W.N. et ux 1899
Jones, Bettie A. & W.A. Jones, Wm R. 1895
Jones, Bettie E. Day, Silas J. & M.E. 1879
Jones, C.P. Engle, George & Angie 1891
Jones, Catherine Jones, Charles P. 1892
Jones, Charles P. Alnutt, J.W. Assignee of Wickham 1890
Jones, Charles P. Wickham, W.H. & Mary J. 1890 (3)
Jones, Chas. F. United States 1873
Jones, E.H. State of Oregon 1899
Jones, Elijah Ryan, P.J. et ux 1872
Jones, Elijah United States 1884 (2)
Jones, G.H. Kahler, C.W. 1893
Jones, G.W. Dosier, John & Milly 1898
Jones, Garl T. Short, Ella L. & Jno. W. 1893
Jones, Geo. W. Houck, Johanna 1899
Jones, George E. United States 1896
Jones, Hannah D. Hoxie, Chas. H. et ux 1883
Jones, Hannah D. Hoxie, Geo. W. et ux 1883
Jones, Hannah D. Hoxie, O.D. & Eliza A. 1868
Jones, Hannah D. Thurber, Roxana 1875
Jones, J.B. Short, J.W. & E.L. et al 1888
Jones, J.C. Morrison, J.R. & S.E. 1888
Jones, J.S. Klippel, Henry 1863
Jones, James T. Peebler, W.H. 1863
Jones, John A.Z. Parker, J.P. 1860
Jones, John K. & Wife United States 1883
Jones, John L. Eme, Claude 1859
Jones, L. Phipps, I.J. et ux 1894 (2)
Jones, Lillie L. Jones, G.H. 1895
Jones, Lou Della Clarke, William 1891
Jones, Lou Della Palm, C.W. et al 1892
Jones, M.L et al Brooks, E.S. 1898
Jones, M.P. et al Pengra, B.J. & C.E. 1874
Jones, Mary Chancy, Elijah 1861
Jones, Michael P. Holbrook, C.H. & J.M. 1876
Jones, Mrs. C.M. Hanson, I.J. et ux 1899
Jones, Mrs. E.H. O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co. 1899 (2)
Jones, Mrs. Emma H. et al Brooks, E.S. 1898
Jones, Mrs. Margaret J. Gore, W.H. et al 1897
Jones, Mrs. Margaret J. Glenn, James T. & Minerva 1897
Jones, Mrs. Margaret J. Klippel, Henry & Eliz. A. 1897
Jones, Nat. Winders, John 1891
Jones, Sam T. United States 1885
Jones, Sam T. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1885 (2)
Jones, Stoughton P. Nunan, J. & Delia 1874
Jones, T.E. Morris, J.W. 1888
Jones, T.E. Or. & Trans. Co. 1888
Jones, T.L. Hanna, Alice C. & Lyman P. 1894
Jones, V. et al Farris, F.G. et al 1861
Jones, W.N. Woodruff, Newton et ux 1899
Jones, W.S. Standley, J.R. & Olive 1892
Jones, W.U. Norbery, Benson & Belle 1899
Jones, Walter S. United States 1899
Jones, William Martin, Thos. F. & M. 1884
Jones, Wm. State of Oregon 1890
Jones, Wm. A. United States 1886
Jones, Wm. R. & Wilbur A. Ross, Elizabeth 1891 (2)
Jones, Wm. R. & Wilbur A. Ross, Elizabeth, Executrix etc. 1891
Jones, Wm. R. & Wilbur A. Nunan, Jeremiah & Delia 1891
Jones, Wm. R. et ux Ross, John E. & E. 1886
Jones, Wm. V. et al Lance, G.W. & E. 1885
Jones, Wm. V. et al United States 1899
Jordan, Anna Beidleman, W.D. et ux 1896
Jordan, Francis M. Allen, Noah & Mary J. 1895
Jordan, Francis M. Brittain, D.P. & M.A. 1894
Jordan, Mary A. et al Fiddler, George 1859
Jordan, Z.T. & F.T. Blei, Robt. et ux 1895
Jory, J.W. Morris, John et ux 1899
Joseph, Thomas Turpin, H.C. & Z. 1889
Josephine G. & S. Co. Post, I.D. 1877
Judge, Annie Willits, Levi F. et ux 1886 (2)
Judge, Henry Clugage, James 1867
Judge, Henry Savage, C.W. & L.J. 1873
Judge, Henry Schumpf, Geo. & M. 1880
Judge, Henry Sheriff 1862
Judge, Henry Sheriff 1863
Judge, Henry Wilshire, G.W. et al 1884
Judge, Henry Horne, Louis & M.E. 1874
Judson, T.P. Chanslor, Chas. K. et al 1885
Judson, T.P. Miller, H.B. & M.L. et al 1885
Judson, T.P. Moss, Joe et al 1885
Judy, T.W. Hamlin, T.J. et ux 1899
Julien, N.D. Colwell, Mary & M. 1882
Julien, U.D. Simpson, Jas. W. & C. 1882
Jumper, Peter M. Crawford, A.M. Receiver 1890
Jurgensen, Mary Hancock, L.E. et al 1894
Justus, Emma Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1889
Justus, Emma Riddle, J.M. & J. 1889
Justus, Emma Rowland, Eva E. 1889
Justus, Geo. R. McKnight, W.G. 1896
Justus, Geo. R. Andrews, Geo. H. & Eppie 1899
Justus, Geo. R. Oliver, G.W. et ux 1896
Justus, Geo. R. Voegili, Henry 1899
Justus, Lucinda Evans, N.B. & Mary 1858
Justus, Sarah Jane Crystal, Catherine E. & G.W. 1891
Justus, Sarah Jane Howard, G.W. et al 1892
Justus, Sarah Jane Woods, A.E. & N.E. 1892
Justus, William Hayden, U.S. 1870
Justus, William State of Oregon 1871
Justus, William United States 1885
Justus, Wm. Gunnison, Ole C. & A. 1883
Justus, Wm. United States 1883 (2)
Justus, Wm. United States 1889
Justus, Wm. & L. United States 1888