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If you find a name of interest and would like a copy of the deed and/or a map showing the location of the property, click on the postal request form link below to display a request form. Complete, print, and mail the form to us along with a check payable to RVGS for $15 for a deed alone or $30 for both a deed and a map. Up to four additional deeds or maps can be requested at the same time at the rate of $5 each. Please use a separate request form for each additional deed or deed/map . Postal Deed and/or Map Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the online form below to make a secure online payment and to provide us with the information we will need to fulfill your request. Our librarian will make a copy of the deed and email it to you as an attached .jpg or picture file. When you receive it, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

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La Clair, X. & R. United States 1879
La Forest, Lora La Forest, Oscar 1899
La Tourette, A.E. State of Oregon 1894
La Tourette, John Barneburg, Fred et ux 1867
La Tourette, John Hamlin, Chas. H. et ux 1859
La Tourette, John Foudray, E.D. et ux 1869
La Tourette, John United States 1877
Lac Jung et al Turner, Wm. M. et ux 1872
Lachenal, Jos. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889 (2)
Lachenal, Joseph Maxum, H.D. & E.N. 1889
Lachenal, Joseph Sutton, R.K. & M.J. 1888
Lachenal, M. Maxum, H.D. & E.N. 1889
Lackland, S.W. Robb, Bamford 1880
Lacy, Emma J. Hutchings, J.B.R. 1884
Lacy, J.H. Nininger, C.E. et ux 1883
Lacy, J.H. Lacy, W.C. et al 1889
Lacy, J.H. & Wife Lacy, J.S. 1886
Lacy, J.S. Lacy, J.H. & E. 1886
Lacy, J.S. State of Oregon 1879
Lacy, John H. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Lacy, John S. & S. United States 1873 (2)
Lacy, W.C., L.G. & A.W. Lacy, J.S. et al 1889
Lacy, W.C., L.G. & A.W. Lacy, John S. et al 1889
Ladd, Frank C. State of Oregon 1893
Ladd, Frank C. United States 1892
Laine, J.H. Ryder, Charles et al 1895
Laist, Martin Beekman, C.C. 1878
Laist, Martin Kretzer, Christian 1882
Lake, Mrs. Ellen B. Runyon, Wm. S. 1888
Lake, Mrs. Ellen B. Runyon, Wm. S. 1892
Lakeland, S.W. et al Williams, John et al 1878
Lakin, John et al Barrett, John 1854
Lakin, John S. et al Hoffman, Wm. et al 1854
Lamb, Robert B. et al Collie Dog Mining & Milling Co. 1899
Lambert, Charles Ore. & Trans. Co. 1891
Lambert, Chas. Brumbaugh, Jos. 1891
Lambert, Chas. N. Morelock, J.B.R. & Mary J. 1893
Lame, Joseph H. Gilbert, Hannah J. & O. 1895
Lampert, Wm. Lindley, Morton 1896
Lance, Esther Ulrich, Wm. & Emma A. 1897
Lance, G.W. Beekman, C.C. et ux 1879
Lance, G.W. Magruder, E.B. & C. 1871
Lance, G.W. Sheriff 1876
Lance, G.W. Smith, Edwin et ux. 1874
Lance, G.W. Nye, Chauncy & A. 1876
Lance, G.W. & F.M. Sutherlin, W.D. & Rachel 1893
Lance, G.W. et al United States 1899
Lance, Geo. W. Hosmer, Nelson & M.J. 1881
Lance, Geo. W. Magruder, H.H. & E.E. 1878
Lance, Geo. W. United States 1895
Lance, Geo. W. State of Oregon 1895
Lance, Geo. W. Bilger, John & A. 1873
Lance, Geo. W. et al Egger, Samuel 1878
Lance, Geo. W. et al Dennis, Abraham 1879
Lance, Geo. W. et al Roberts, Morris 1895
Lance, Geo. W. Jr. & F.M. Jackson Co. Ld. Assn. 1898
Lance, George W. United States 1891 (2)
Lance, George W. Woester, A. et al 1879
Land, Louis Poe, A.N. & Wife 1874 (2)
Land, Louis Poe, James M. & Wife 1874
Landers, E.C. Dollarhide, H.C. & M. 1890
Landers, E.C. Jacobs, A.W. et ux 1896
Landers, Ella C. Blake, G.F. et ux 1887
Landers, Ella C. Fordyce, Sarah A. 1887
Landers, Ella C. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Landers, Ella C. Mark, John M. 1887
Landers, Ella C. Mark, John M. Guard. 1887
Landers, Ella C. Mark, Kittie I. 1887
Landers, George B. Landers, Ella C. 1887
Landers, George B. et al Dollarhide Bros. (H.C. & John) 1890
Landers, Mrs. Ella C. Roper, Fordyce & Julia S. 1897
Landers, O.S. Hutchings, J.B.R. & M. 1889
Landers, O.S. Shepherd, C.F. & R.M. 1889
Lane, J.H. Leever, E.M. & F.S. 1895
Lane, J.H. Williamson, J.R. et al 1895
Lang, James Sheriff 1895
Lang, John Sheriff 1864
Lang, John Sheriff 1865
Lang, John Cummins, John 1861
Lang, Madalene Lang, Chas. L. 1896
Langell & Bigham Braun, A. 1861
Langell & Bigham Bodine, Chas. C. 1861
Langell, Arthur Clugage, James 1859
Langell, Arthur et al Pool, James R. 1859 (2)
Langell, N. Fowler, W.W. et ux 1866
Langell, Nathaniel Judge, Henry et al 1863
Langell, Nathaniel Bigham, John et al 1861
Langford, Thos. et ux McIntire, E.M. et ux 1899
Langley, E.A. Ore. & Transcontinental Co. 1891
Langley, Lucy E. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Langley, Lucy E. Powell, B.W. 1888
Lanner, Laura C. Patton, J.K. 1886
Laport, Samuel Amy, Haskell et ux 1860
Laport, Samuel Rice, L.A. & Prudence 1860
Laport, Samuel Cameron, Theod. 1871
Laran, Francois United States 1896
Larken, Wm. P. Bradford, Emma C. & C. 1883
Larken, Wm. P. Peacock, R. & L.A. 1883
Larken, Wm. P. Ricketson, John H. et al 1883
Larkin, William P. Fletcher, Arthur F. & E.S. et al 1883
Larkin, William P. Fletcher, Gustav & M.F. 1883
Larkin, Wm. P. Howe, Mrs. Mary et al 1883
Larkin, Wm. P. Parr, Elmina H. & J. 1883
Larkin, Wm. P. Tinkham, Geo. C. & Levi et al 1883
Larsen, A.E. Norcross, W.H. & L. 1888
Larsen, Elisha United States 1873
Larsen, Frederick Peterson, Mrs. Sise 1891
Larson, Lars J. United States 1899
Larson, Lars J. Rice, Mrs. S. & Geo. S. 1899
Lathan, Milton S. O. & C. R.R. Co. 1870
Lauchlan, Mrs. Marg. Carey, R.L. et ux 1899
Lauer, H. et al Brunner, J.A. & P. 1864
Lauer, Henry heirs of Trustees J致ille 1873
Laur, Theobold Eme, Claude & M. 1860
Lavenburg, Daniel Sheriff 1863
Lavenburg, E. Colver, Sam値 & H. 1878
Lavenburg, E. Foudray, E.D. et ux 1879
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Lavenburg, Daniel 1888
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Sherman, M.J. 1884
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Cross, Geo. 1884
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Furry, Sam値 & A. 1883
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Liddle, Matthew 1886
Lavenburg, Elizabeth Liddle, Matthew 1884
Law, David United States 1893
Law, Herbert E. Davison, Mary A. 1887
Law, Sam値 & E. United States 1874
Law, Thomas C. Magruder, C. Trustee 1888
Law, Thomas C. Dean, Robt. H. & L.H. 1888
Lawerentz, Albert H. Mingus, C. & L. 1898
Lawrence, Mary J. Singletary, John M. et al 1888
Laws, Henry Peart, B.F. & L.I. 1893
Laws, Wm. Peart, B.F. & L.I. 1893
Lawson, Wm. Packard, M.L. & J.A. 1888
Lawton, Amelia R. Lawton, J. West & J. 1887
Lawton, D.J. Kellogg, C.D. & Emma 1898
Lawton, D.T. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1888
Lawton, D.T. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1888
Lawton, D.T. Gregory, A.R. & J.W.O. 1897
Lawton, D.T. Hamlin, E.S. 1889
Lawton, D.T. Mingus, C. & L. 1898
Lawton, D.T. Or. & Trans. Co. 1886
Lawton, D.T. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Lawton, D.T. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Lawton, D.T. Patton, M.J. & M. 1889
Lawton, D.T. Robinson, Rose S. 1888 (2)
Lawton, D.T. Robinson, Rose S. 1889 (2)
Lawton, D.T. Sampson, Mrs. Emma 1899
Lawton, D.T. Shadle, Jacob 1888
Lawton, D.T. & J.W. Deuel, F.K. 1896
Lawton, D.T. et al Matney, James M. 1890 (2)
Lawton, Denison T. Cowles, I.C. & I.S. 1888
Lawton, J. West Lawton, D.T. & Millie R. 1890 (2)
Lawton, J. West Mulvaney, Rosa et ux 1884
Lawton, J. West Pickel, E.B. & Mattie 1891
Lawton, J.W. Kellogg, Jason & Amanda A. 1890
Lawton, J.W. Wortman, S.G. & Elizabeth A. 1891
Lawton, M.R. Lawton, J. West & E.L. 1897
Lawton, Millie Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1885
Lawton, Millie R. Rice, Bethnal 1895
Lawton, Mrs. M.R. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1892
Lawton, West Pickel, E.B. & Mattie 1891
Lawton, West J. (J. West) Brown, Andrew 1893
Layman, James et al Penny, John 1865
Layman, James et al Harris, Geo. M. 1863
Layton, Edward E. Bolt, John & Eliz. 1897
Layton, J.T. O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co. 1897
Layton, J.T. Provolt, E.V. 1899
Layton, J.T. Union Trust Co. 1897
Layton, J.T. et al Robinson, Jesse 1853 (2)
Layton, John Badger, Austin et al 1855
Layton, John Smith, N.D. et al 1855
Layton, John Robinson, Jesse 1853
Layton, John T. Darneille, A. & M. 1887
Layton, John T. Robinson, & Lavina J. 1853
Layton, John T. United States 1894 (2)
Layton, John T. et al Slagle, David & C. 1874
Le Monchurch, et al Linn 1870
Leabo, J.K. Messenger, H.C. & B.L. 1887
Leabo, J.K. Smith, G.W. et ux 1899
Leabo, J.K. et al Hummer, Emily & James 1891
Leabo, J.K. et ux Sheriff A.S. Barnes 1899
Leabo, James K. Senter, E. & Wife et al 1891
Leake, Carr W. United States 1887
Learned, Albert Klippel, Henry 1888
Learned, Albert Klippel, Henry & E.A. 1888
Ledford, Sarah Jane Walker, Nancy M. 1858
Ledgord, Sarah Jane Walker, Nancy M. 1858 (2)
Lee Jake et al Wells, John & Jane 1874
Lee Jim et al Williams, Chas. et al 1873
Lee Yoke et al Ferguson, R.S. & S. 1869
Lee, Allen Colver, Sam値 et ux 1864
Lee, Allen Sheriff 1863
Lee, Booth Merritt, J.W. Trus. 1895
Lee, Booth & Scott, W.W. Beekman, C.C. et al 1898
Lee, Booth et al Beekman, C.C. et al 1895
Lee, Daniel T. Lance, Geo. W. 1898
Lee, H.A. Harbaugh, O. & D. 1889
Lee, J.A. Angle, L.L. & A.W. 1889
Lee, J.D.B. United States 1882
Lee, J.D.B. United States 1890
Lee, Jonas A. Klippel, Henry & Elizabeth A. 1890
Lee, Joseph D. Abraham, Jane 1893
Lee, M.S. Lee, Booth 1895 (2)
Lee, Thos. Marsh, Jos. & H. 1882
Lee, Thos. Pool, Arthur & A. 1882
Leech, Mrs. J. Swope, Edw. A. 1892
Leeds, W.H. Wagner, Jacob & E.H. 1887
Leeds, W.H. et al Blackwood, Lillie L. et ux 1886
Leeds, W.H. et al Walker, J.P. & M.A. 1887
Leeds, Wm. H. Dosier, Andrew & L. 1887
Leeds, Wm. H. Wagner, J. & E.H. 1889
Leeke, W.F. et al Anderson, E.K. et ux 1878
Leeke, W.T. Gray, R.A. 1874
Leeke, Wm. T. United States 1884 (2)
Leeks, W.T. Arant, Mrs. M.J. 1876
Leeson, Geo. W. Simpkins, O. et ux 1895 (3)
Leet, F. Mingus, C. & L. 1890
Leet, Frank Kingsbury, C.B. & C.L. 1890
Leet, Frank Kingsbury, C.B. & C.L. 1891
Leever, Elizabeth M. Owen, Julia Ann & W.A. et al 1891
Leever, Elizabeth M. Constant, Isaac et al 1891
Leever, Elizabeth M. Leever, Wm. T. 1899 (2)
Leever, Elizabeth M. Magruder, Margery & C. et al 1891
Leever, Elizabeth M. Robinson, Lavina Jane & Jesse 1891
Leever, Elizabeth M. Kincaid, Julia B. & James H. et al 1891
Leever, W.C. Magruder, Constantine 1886
Leever, W.T. Miller, Peter E. et ux 1857
Leever, W.T. & Wife Bellinger, John 1887
Leever, Wm. C. Magruder, C. Trustee 1889
Leever, Wm. C. & J.C. Leever, E.M. & Wm. T. 1899
Leever, Wm. T. Field, M.H. 1883
Legate, Lizzie Legate, W.P.H. 1895
Legate, Lizzie M.E. Church, by Trustees 1896
Legate, Lizzie Ulrich, Wm. & Emma A. 1893
Legate, Mrs. Lizzie Webb, B.S. & Nettie L. 1893
Legate, W.P.H. Windom, John 1889
Legate, W.P.H. Netherland, M. (nee Crosby) et ux 1894
Legate, W.P.H. Ulrich, Wm. & Emma A. 1890
Legate, W.P.H. et al Finney, W.E. 1895
Leghorn, Geo. H. Tozer, J.R. et al 1885 (2)
Leghorn, Geo. H. Leghorn, Geo. E. 1885
Lehners, D. Olwell, P.W. & M. 1888
Leighton, H. White, James 1899
Leitzel, D.M. Debord, E.F. et ux 1894
Leland, Barbara E. Stacy, Susanna & L. 1893
Leogg, Francis et al Attebury, John 1885
Leonard, J.A. et al Flindt, H. & E.L. 1890
Lerch, George United States 1892
Lerch, George Crawford, A.M. Receiver 1891
Leslie, James Burke, Wm. 1854
Leslie, James State of Oregon 1871
Leslie, James United States 1887 (3)
Leslie, James et al Sheriff 1873
Lesser, Frendzi State of Oregon 1891
Lesser, Jacob State of Oregon 1891
Letteken, A.H. Coakley, Louisa & Jas. W. 1893
Letteken, J.H. & W.A. Scribner, Harlow & D. 1894
Lettekin, A.H. et al McIntire, E.M. et ux 1893
Levens, D.A. Powell, B.W. 1886
Levens, Douglas McGinnis, John 1886
Lever, Wm. T. Field, M.H. 1882
Levi, H. & Co. Van Riper, G.B. & S.F. 1897
Levi, Johanna Greenman, E.H. & M.J. 1870
Levy, B. Jacobs, Aaron 1867
Levy, Bernard Little, A. et al 1855
Levy, Bernard McCully, John W. 1855
Levy, Bernard Snyder, A.J. 185_
Levy, Estella Karewski, Johanna 1894
Levy, Lewis McCully, John W. 1855
Lewellen, Frank Broback, C.W. et ux 1885
Lewellen, Frank et al Egan, Wm et al 1884
Lewellen, Melinda J. Burch, Lavinia & Husb. 1899
Lewellen, Melinda Jane Gorden, A. & M. 1897
Lewis, Ada L. Britt, P. 1890
Lewis, Ada L. Purcell, Eley P. & L. 1889
Lewis, Anna R. Cowan, Alice G. & H. 1895
Lewis, Annie N. Crystal, Catherine E. & G.W. 1892
Lewis, Annie N. Angle, Wm. et al 1892
Lewis, Edwin P. Crawford, A.M. (Rec.) 1890
Lewis, Geo. N. Cozzens, Samuel 1891
Lewis, Geo. N. Buker, Frank et ux 1895
Lewis, George N. Kenney, Thos. J. Admn. 1891
Lewis, George N. McCully, Jane M. 1897
Lewis, George N. McCully, Jane M. 1898
Lewis, H.C. Gates, S.H. & Wm. 1889 (4)
Lewis, H.C. Larkin, Wm. P. 1890
Lewis, H.C. Young, N.A. 1889
Lewis, Ida B. Mulvyhill, F.R. & Husb. 1895
Lewis, J.F. Brown, Mary A. & R.G. 1898
Lewis, John Newland, E.F. 1857
Lewis, John N. Newland, E.F. 1856
Lewis, John N. Coakley, John & Prudy 1857
Lewis, Mrs. Annie N. Fehely, F.P. et ux 1899
Lewis, Wm. H. & I. Mulvyhill, Stephen 1893
Lewman, John A. United States 1892
Liddle, Mathew Beeson, W. & M.C. 1882
Liddle, Mathew Burris, J.P. & Rebecca J. 1859
Liddle, Matthew Oatman, J.H. & P. 1880
Liddle, Matthew Colver, Sam値 & H. 1882
Liddle, Matthew Payne, F.A.O. & P.H.D. 1860
Liddle, Matthew Wait, S.M. & Mary 1870
Liebmann, M. Inlow, F.B. et ux 1896
Lighty, A.J. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Likins, J.L. Sawyer, A.M. et ux 1896
Likins, J.L. Likins, Mrs. Jas. et al 1896
Lillie, W.H. Moore, Jane & J.B. 1897
Lin & Co. Wilson, John A. 1864
Lin Chow & Co. Longendyke, Paul 1865
Lin Gin & Co. Payne, Wm. I. 1867
Lin Gin et al Reynolds, Ithamer 1878
Lin Jung et al Ferguson, R.S. & S. 1869
Lin Saing & Co. Irvine, J.B. et ux 1864
Lin Tiang & Co. Henderson, D.R. et al 1864
Linch, Warren Applegate, Alice C. 1890
Lincoln, Henry H. Hogg, Jennie M. & Husb. 1896
Lindahl, Nels Crawford, A.M. Receiver 1890
Lindley, G.P. Roberts, Mary E. & W.B. 1894
Lindley, Geo. P. Steel, W.W. & Katie M. 1894
Lindley, Geo. P. Beidelman, W.D. et ux 1898
Lindley, Geo. P. et ux Stewart, Perry & Annie 1896
Lindley, Geo. R. Mounce, I.A. et ux 1895
Lindley, Geo. R. Purdin, M. et ux 1899
Lindley, George P. Higgins, Lillian M. & A.J. 1898
Lindley, George R. Lindley, Sarah A. 1894
Lindley, Milton Castleman, P.F. 1857
Lindley, Milton Colver, Sam値 et ux 1857
Lindley, Milton Dowell, B.F. 1878
Lindley, Milton Parks, Ephriam M. 1886
Lindley, Morton Signorotti, Barth 1892
Lindley, Morton Holden, Emil 1894
Lindley, Sarah A. Mitchell, Geo. & Lucinda 1893
Lindsay, C.B. Myer, B.F. 1884
Lindsay, Charles & William Wells, B.P. 1899
Lindsay, Charles & William Wells, Ellen I. 1899
Lindsay, J.W. McCully, J.M. 1882
Lindsay, Margaret Myer, W.C. 1889
Lindsley, Lizzie Cox, Franklin & M. 1888
Lindsley, Wm. G. State of Oregon 1894
Linebaugh, C.B. Frisley, Thos. & Sarah J. 1893
Linebaugh, Kate H. Linebaugh, C.B. 1895
Ling Yung Sears, J.W. et al 1867
Linksweiler, T.L. Hayes, James 1862
Linkswiler, T.L. United States 1882
Linn & Burpee Berry, Wm. J. & Violet 1858
Linn & Burpee Clugage, James 1857
Linn & Co. McManus, P.F. et ux. 1864
Linn & Kay Hubbard, James 1865
Linn, D. et al Nunan, J. & D. 1889
Linn, David Burpee, Jos. & I.J. 1862 (2)
Linn, David Burpee, Jos. F. et ux 1861
Linn, David Hyde, W.H.S 1864
Linn, David Drum, John S. et ux 1866
Linn, David Hall, Samuel & C. 1871
Linn, David Sheriff 1873
Linn, David Sheriff 1875
Linn, David Sheriff 1879
Linn, David Shipley, Florence E. 1886
Linn, David Kahler, C.W. Exr. A.L. Reuter Est. 1896
Linn, David Clugage, James 1860
Linn, David Coriell, Sela 1862
Linn, David Donegan, John & M.A. 1880
Linn, David et al Savage, C.W. et ux 1865
Linn, David et al Thompson, L.S. 1866
Linn, David et al Reuter, A.L. et ux 1894
Linn, David et al Kenney, Daniel M. 1856
Linnemann, Casper United States 1898
Linnemann, Mary A. Linnemann, Casper 1898
Linville, John Simpson, B.H. 1878
Linville, John Elliott, James 1879
Linville, W.P. Briscoe, J.G. & D.A. 1886
Lipman, David Rosenthal, S. 1889
Lister, Ed & Calvert, J.L. Stevens, J.D. 1898
Lister, Edward Piatt, Wm. & B.A. 1884
Little, J.V. Lumbard, Irene F. 1857
Little, James B. Bandy & Dooly 1861
Little, Margaret Clugage, James 1860
Little, Margaret Trustees J致ille 1877
Little, Mary H. Stanley, Tyra et ux 1895
Little, Mrs. Geo. Ulrich, Christian et ux 1898
Little, Wm. Little, Margaret 1888
Littleton, P. Flowers, Wm. & M.A. 1879
Littleton, P. Ryan, P.J. & E. 1879
Littleton, Wm. Cruming, Edward 1897
Littleton, Wm. Sheriff A.S. Barnes 1897
Livens, D.A. Gross, John B. & M.J. 1881
Livesay, D.S. Walker, John P. et ux 1886
Livingstone, Dewitt C. United States 1879
Livingstone, H. et al Enyart, Peter S. et ux 1865
Livingstone, L. et al Fleckenstein & Mayer et ux 1894
Livingstone, Robt. Trus. Schultz, A.F. & M.J. 1897
Lloyd, Harry L. & Wm. R. Yeager, D.D.H. 1890
Lobacker, John Darling, Thomas 1863
Lobdell, A.W. Sheriff Alex Orme 1899
Lobdell, A.W. Gillette, Martha L. 1899
Locke, Martha Hodgman, J.H. & D. 1885
Lockwood, L.D. et al Davenport, Curtis & M.A. 1867
Lockyear, Wm. C. Butler, G.S. & Alice 1898
Loder, Annie M. Childers, Mary M. Admx. 1899
Lofftus, Elizabeth Lofftus, Edward H. 1894
Lofland, J.M. Dollarhide, Jesse et ux 1884
Lofland, J.M. Piatt, Wm. & B.A. 1883
Lofland, J.M. Sheriff 1891
Loftland, J. Mason Haymond, Benj. Guard. 1883
Loftus, E.H. DePeatt, E. & A. 1877
Loftus, E.H. Mickelson, M. 1885
Loftus, E.H. Mickelson, M. 1887
Loftus, E.H. Sheriff 1864
Loftus, E.H. Tatom, Jas. & Nancy 1864
Loftus, E.H. Miller, Isaac & E. 1869
Loftus, J.W. Loftus, E.H. & Eliz. 1894
Loftus, Wm. H. Mears, H.A. & Ella 1899
Logan, C.W. Hargadine, M.W. et al 1886
Logan, C.W. Reeser, B.F. & M.J. 1890
Logan, Chas. W. Brown, W.H. 1882
Logan, Hattie M. Gum, Jehu & E. 1881
Logan, Hattie M. Myer, B.F. 1887 (2)
Logan, James I. McCall, J.M. et al 1883
Logden, David Haines, I.D. & Bro. 1861
Logden, David Collins, Richard 1860
Logg, F. & McDonnell, J.N. Bauten, Donegan et al 1898
Logg, Frances & McDonnell, J.N. Nunan, Jerry et ux 1898
Logg, Francis United States 1876
Logg, Francis et al Attebury, John F. 1893 (2)
Logg, Frank et al Thompson, Chris. et al 1882
Logier, Charles Glenn, Jas. T. 1862
Logier, Jeanne Anderson, John & E. 1859
Logier, Jeanne Clugage, James 1860
Lohman, Isaac Pengra, B.J. et ux 1874
Lombard Liquidation Co. Hyatt, Abram M. et al 1898
Lombard Liquidation Co. Sheriff 1898
London & San Francisco Bank Ld. Sheriff 1892
London & San Francisco Bk. Ltd. Sheriff 1897
Long, A.J. Hall, Samuel 1860
Long, A.J. Kinney, Jas. & M. 1860
Long, A.W. Costel, August 1898
Long, A.W. Martin, Dagmar & J.H. 1897
Long, Callie B. Willis, W.D. 1899
Long, Franklin P. Fisher, D.F. & Mary 1889 (2)
Long, Gabriel Brandon, James M. 1890
Long, Gabriel Coolidge, Mary J. 1899
Long, Geo. & Margaret United States 1898
Long, George Green, John 185_
Long, George Buckley, John 1862
Long, Hannah I. Coolidge, O. & Mary J. 1891
Long, James F. Long, Gabriel & Hannah I. 1891
Long, John et al McCully, John W. 1857
Long, John et al Graser, Matt 1857
Long, M.N. Butler, G.S. et ux 1886
Long, M.N. Chitwood, J.H. 1884
Long, M.N. Chitwood, J.H. 1887
Long, M.N. Clary, S.W. 1895
Long, M.N. Helms, James & E. et al 1882
Long, M.N. Matheny, J.C. & E.A. 1889
Long, M.N. McCall, J.M. et ux 1882
Long, M.N. Roach, John P. 1886
Long, M.N. Myer, B.F. 1890
Long, M.N. O. & C. R.R. Co. 1889
Long, M.N. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Long, M.N. Thompson, Jacob et ux 1886
Long, M.N. United States 1899
Long, M.N. Trefren, Geo. W. 1899
Long, M.N. et al Smith, Harry & M.A. 1883
Long, M.N. et al De Peatt, E. Admn. 1883
Long, Mary M. Woodson, Jas. P. & L.J. 1882 (2)
Long, Mathew N. United States 1891
Long, Matthew N. Long, Thomas 1888 (2)
Long, Mrs. C.B. Prather, E.L. & Mary A. 1893 (2)
Long, Thomas United States 1890
Longendyke, Paul Johnson, Sam値 E. 1863 (3)
Longfellow, Stephen United States 1891
Longfellow, Stephen United States 1897
Longworth, John United States 1878 (2)
Look, Ella M. Waite, Sarah & Husb. 1895
Loomis, Chas. L. et ux Alford, A. et ux 1899
Loomis, Chas. L. et ux Preston, Wm. et ux 1899
Loomis, E.F. Atkinson, W.H. et al 1889
Loomis, E.F. Atkinson et al 1895
Loomis, E.F. Ferguson, H.A. & M. 1889
Loomis, E.F. Leeds, W.H. & N.W. 1889
Loomis, E.F. Leeds, W.H. & Wife et al 1895
Loomis, E.F. Rice, A.C. et ux 1895
Loomis, E.F. Walker, J.P. & Mary A. 1893
Loomis, E.F. Ganiard, Lucinda 1898
Loomis, E.F. et al Shepherd, J.H. et al 1893
Loomis, Emma M. et al Shepherd, J.H. et al 1893
Loomis, James United States 1883
Loomis, Jasper Inlow, H.T. & E. 1887
Loomis, Jasper H. Williams, H. & L.A. 1888
Loomis, Minerva A. Loomis, E.F. 1894
Loomis, W.F. Atkinson, W.H. et al 1889
Loomis, W.F. Fox, Wm. et ux 1899
Loraine, Bernard Brown, H.R. & M.A. 1875
Loran, Bernard Wetterer, Jos. Admr. 1873
Loring, D. Trus. Mingus, Conrad et al 1890
Loring, D. Trus. Beekman, C.C. et al 1890
Loring, D. Trus. Broback, C.W. et al 1890
Loring, D. Trus. Phipps, I.J. et al 1890
Loring, Daniel Snook, S.C. et al 1883
Loring, David Ball, Martha et al 1883
Loring, David Beekman, C.C. & Wife 1883
Loring, David Crenshaw, L.J. & R.A. 1883
Loring, David Hammond, A.E. 1883
Loring, David Hammond, A.E. 1885
Loring, David Hurlburt, J.A. & M. 1886
Loring, David Hurlburt, John A. 1883
Loring, David Justus, Geo. R. & S. 1883
Loring, David State of Oregon 1886
Loring, David W. Pracht, M. & M.W. 1890
Loring, Frank C. Reynolds, G.F. et al 1899 (2)
Loring, Ruth W. Loring, D.W. et ux 1895
Losey, Daniel R. United States 1888
Louden, Sarah A. Louden, Jas. A. 1886
Loui, Frederick Young, G.W. & L. 1874
Love & Bilger Sachs, L. & S. 1861
Love, Fannie M. Love, Geo. M. 1889
Love, Fannie M. Love, J.A. & L.R. 1890
Love, Fannie M. Beekman & Reames 1899
Love, Geo. et al Kincaid, W.B. et ux 1885
Love, Geo. M. Fisher, Daniel F. 1882
Love, Geo. M. et al Hoffman, Wm. & B.A. 1883
Love, Geo. M. et al United States 1886
Love, Geo. W. Donoghue, P.H. & Mrs. H. 1897
Love, Geo. W. Green, Hamlet 1897
Love, Geo. W. Carpenter, I. & A. 1893 (2)
Love, John S. Bilger, John et ux 1867
Love, John S. Clugage, James 1865
Love, John S. Drum, John S. & S.J. 1864
Love, John S. Linn, David et ux 1864
Love, John S. et al Clugage, James 1858
Love, John S. et al Kennedy, M.G. 1856
Love, John S. et al Pool, James R. 1859
Love, John S. et al Duncan, L.J.C. 1861
Love, John S. et al Jones, W.L. 1856
Love, John S. et al Truchot, J.B. 1857
Love, L.L. Morine, S.F. et ux 1894
Love, L.L. Patrick, Harry et ux 1899
Love, Mrs. F.M. Love, John A. 1889
Lovell, G.W. et al Hathaway, John G. 1861
Lovell, Johnathan Alcorn, Miles F. 1860
Lovesee, John & Lizzie C. Ganiard, Sarah E. 1898
Low, C.C. et al Colver, Sam値 & H. 1883
Low, Charles Ellmaker, Byron et ux 1872
Low, Chas. C. et al Sergent, C.S. & L. 1879
Low, Levi B. United States 1889
Low, Thomas United States 1881
Lowe, Lucian Perry, Albert 1899
Lowell, Mary H. Rood, Manly G. 1896
Lowell, Mrs. Eliza T. Jennings, Mary S. & E.B. 1896
Lowell, Sidney Bruner, Wm. W. 1894
Lowenberg, Daniel Sheriff 1863
Lowengart, Philip Lowengart, Jos. et al 1896
Lown, Geo. W. & N.S. Churchman, E.J. 1896
Lowry, John S. Norton, John G. et ux 1899
Lowry, L. Palm, C.W. et al 1894
Loynachan, Thomas Elksnat, G. & Henrietta 1893
Lozier, L.F. Dimond, G.M. et ux 1899
Lozier, Lewis F. Harbaugh, O. & D. 1893
Lu Ly et al Chapin, H.M. & S.A. 1873
Luark, J.M. Gunnison, Ole C. 1888
Luark, J.M. Morse, E.E. & Hettie 1888
Luark, J.M. Norcross, Ellen & J. 1889
Luark, James M. Helm, Asbury C. & B. 1887
Luark, James M. Pracht, Max & M.W. 1888
Luark, Jas. M. Helm, A.C. & B. 1889
Luark, Jas. M. Russell, Jas. H. & A.H. 1888
Lubock (Lulock), Hattie Pracht, Max & M.W. 1888
Lucas, Myra E. Lucas, Oscar 1889
Lucas, Ruth A. Pennington, Anna M. & J. 1894
Lucas, Ruth A. Woodruff, Esther 1899
Lucke, Karl Blecher, Henry 1860
Luddington, Wm. Penny, John 1866
Luellen, Reason Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1888
Luellen, Reason Simpson, Sarah J. & J.F. 1888
Luich, Warren Mickelson, Alice C. 1890
Lum, Sam et al Wells, John & Jane 1874
Lumbard, Irene F. Kenney, John 1856
Lumbard, Irene F. Kenney, Jonathan 1858
Lumbard, Irene F. Cozart, J.J. 185_
Lumsden, Carrie Or. & Trans. Co. 1888
Lumsden, D.J. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1888
Lumsden, D.J. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1890
Lumsden, David J. Lumsden, H.U. & B.F. 1889
Lumsden, David J. Barnum, J.H. & B. 1887
Lumsden, Eunice M. Baker, G.H. & J. 1888
Lumsden, Eunice M. Lumsden, Carrie L. 1897
Lumsden, Eunice M. Lumsden, D.J. 1893
Lumsden, H.N. Baker, G.H. & J. 1888
Lumsden, H.N. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1890
Lumsden, H.N. Lumsden, D.J. & E.M. 1888 (2)
Lumsden, H.U. Berlin, A.N. & Jessie 1897
Lumsden, H.U. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1889
Lumsden, H.U. Lumsden, D.J. & E.M. 1889
Lumsden, H.U. Lumsden, Eunice M. 1894
Lumsden, H.U. & Bessie F. Clark, M.B. 1898
Lumsden, H.U. et al Wolverton, C.E. et ux 1896
Lumsden, Harold W. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1888
Lundy, Silvester United States 1892
Lung Chow & Co. Amede, J. 1858
Lunning, Nicholas et al Pengra, B.J. & C.E. 1874 (2)
Lupton, J.A. et al Bridbard, Henry et al 1855
Lupton, James A. United States 1873
Luscombe, Philip Sutherland, Donald 1887
Luten, O.W. et al Gibbins, Wm. E. et al 1867
Luten, W.O. et al Scranton, Romeo E. 1867
Lutkemeir, F.W. Johnson, Wm. et al 1892
Luy, Fred Muller, Louisa & Max 1899
Lyman, George McDonald, Jas. et ux by Atty. 1895
Lyman, Kate Lyman, Geo. 1897
Lynch, Clara E. Lynch, G.H. 1891
Lynch, Geo. H. Martin, Alex. & M.F. 1888
Lynch, George Furman, B.C. et al 1894
Lynch, George H. Brake, Lillie R. 1886
Lynch, George H. Glenn, Jas. T. et ux 1872
Lynch, George H. Williams, Isaacher & V.P. 1870
Lynch, George H. Furman, B.C. Guar. 1895
Lynch, H.S. Pengra, Louise S. 1899
Lynch, H.S. Prim, T.M. 1899
Lynch, Harry S. Lynch, G.H. 1891
Lynch, Lillie R. Lynch, G.H. 1891
Lynch, Margaret Medynski, F.V. & Ella 1898
Lynch, Travis H. Lynch, G.H. 1891
Lynch, Travis H. Lynch, G.H. 1892
Lynch, William Helman, A.D. 1886
Lynch, William Broback, C.W & F.A. 1891
Lynch, William Childers, A.R. et al 1886
Lynch, Wm. et al Eagan, Wm. et al 1884
Lynde, Abrilda Goff, Kate & E.W. 1899
Lyndi (Lynde), Abrilda Rice, John & Susan T. 1893
Lyon, Alberta Stewart, F.M. Guard. 1898
Lyon, Cora E. Lyon, J.A. & Martha A. 1897
Lyon, Cora E. Mingus, C. et ux 1896
Lyon, Cora E. Parker, Louise R. & M.F. 1898
Lyon, Cora E. Tipton, M.J. & T.E. 1891
Lyon, J.A. Speas, S.W. et ux 1896
Lyon, J.A. Reinhart, L.J. 1898
Lyon, Jacob A. Ferguson, J.C. et ux 1896
Lyon, Jacob A. Squire, A.C. & Sarah 1895
Lyon, Jacob A. et al Smith, Edw. et ux 1895
Lyon, L.M. Barr, Nannie & W.H. 1888
Lyon, L.M. Geary, E.P. & Agnes M. 1891
Lyon, L.M. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1890
Lyon, L.M. et al Miller, D.H. 1893
Lyon, Mrs. S.J. Cooksey, M.M. 1889
Lyon, Samuel H. Linn, D. et ux 1886
Lyon, Sarah J. Giltner, J.S. & Martha M. 1897
Lyon, Wm. H. Luark, J.M. & M.P. 1889
Lyon, Wm. H. Luark, James M. & M.P. 1888
Lyttleton, P. Helman, A.D. et al 1889
Lyttleton, Patrick Walker, Daniel & L.J. 1888
Lyttleton, Patrick Sheriff of Jackson Co. 1888
Lyttleton, Wm. Gould, M.A. & Husb. 1895
Lyttleton, Wm. Lyttleton, J. et ux et al 1895
Lyttleton, Wm. Miller, Willis W. et ux 1895
Lyttleton, Wm. Colvig, Wm. M. admin. 1897
Lyttleton, Wm. New, M. & J. 1895
Lyttleton, Wm. Sheriff 1897