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††††††††† GRANTEE ††††††††††††† GRANTOR YEAR
TíVault, Rhoda Chavner, Thos. et ux. 1879
TíVault, Rhoda Glenn, Jas. T. et ux. 1873
TíVault, Rhoda McCully, Jane M. 1865
TíVault, W.G. Burpee, Jos. S. 1856
TíVault, W.G. Clugage, James 1857
TíVault, Wm. G. Peebler, Wm. H. 1859
TíVault, Wm. G. United States 1873
Taber, Benjamin F. United States 1891
Table Rock Baptist Ch. Magruder, C. Trustee 1887
Table Rock Mining Co. R.R. Mining Co. 1860
Table Rock Sch. D. #44 Hansen, Fredk. C. & E. 1892
Tabor, Esick United States 1887
Tabor, John A. Helman, John R. 1868
Tabor, R.W. Logan, J.I. & U.J. 1885
Tabor, R.W. Ballard, A.E. & J.E. 1886
Tabor, Robt. M. Spencer, Isabel et ux 1886
Taggart, J.D. Messner, J.H. et ux 1896
Taggart, Wm. F. Moore, F.N. 1887
Taggart, Wm. F. U. S. 1898
Talbot, Demoville Applegate, Lindsay et ux 1881 (2)
Talbot, Demoville Helman, John R. et ux 1882 (2)
Talbot, Demoville Hursh, Margaret & Husb. 1882
Talbot, Demoville Jacobs, A.W. et ux 1882
Talbot, Demoville McHatton, F.M. et ux 1883 (2)
Talbot, Demoville Myer, William 1883
Talbot, Demoville Parham, Mary et al 1883
Talbot, Demoville Woodson, Jas. P. et ux 1883 (2)
Talbott, Demoville Parham, Mary et al 1895
Talent Talent, M.A. & A.P. et al 1888
Talent, A.P. Abbott, Wm. T. & L.M. 1889
Talent, A.P. Adams, J. et al 1889
Talent, A.P. Amerman, H. et al 1888
Talent, A.P. Beeson, W. et ux 1882
Talent, A.P. Beeson, W. & M.C. 1877
Talent, A.P. Drake, Alonzo et al 1884
Talent, A.P. Edwards, G.W. et al 1889
Talent, A.P. Fountain, Jas. D. & G. 1885
Talent, A.P. Helms, J. et al 1889 (2)
Talent, A.P. Helms, James & E. 1888
Talent, A.P. High, Mrs. O. & Wm. 1886
Talent, A.P. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1889
Talent, A.P. Mayfield, J.H. & T. 1886 (2)
Talent, A.P. Oatman, E.R. & S.A. 1889
Talent, A.P. Robinson, Jos. T. & M.G. 1888
Talent, A.P. Root, Horace & E.A. 1880
Talent, A.P. United States 1886 (2)
Talent, A.P. Oatman, S.A. 1887
Talent, A.P. Oatman, E.R. 1889
Talent, A.P. et al Talent, A.P. & M. 1884
Talent, A.P. et al Wilshire, W.A. 1885
Talent, A.P. et ux Hendrickson, V.K. & N.J. 1886
Talent, Martha A. Atkinson, W.H. & E.L. 1888
Talent, Martha A. Packard, Mary L. et ux 1887 (2)
Talent, Martha A. Talent, A.P. 1890
Talent, Ore. Talent, A.P. et al 1889
Tallman, E.L. Breckenfeld, Bertha H. 1894
Tallman, E.L. Parkinson, J. & Meta B. 1894
Tanner, Mrs. Lura C. Alnutt, J.W. & H. 1887
Tanner, Mrs. Lura C. Alnutt, Hattie & J.W. 1886
Tanner, Mrs. Lura C. Patton, J.R. & E. 1886
Tanner, W.G. Tanner, Lura C. 1896
Tanner, Wm. G. Tanner, Lura C. 1887 (2)
Tate, U.B. Griffiths, Daníl J. 1859
Tatom, James et al Jones, Vincent 1861
Tatom, James et al Faris, F.G. et al 1861
Tayler, Leila Mingus, Conrad & Wife 1889
Taylor, A.C. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1893
Taylor, A.C. Vawter, W.I. et al 1894
Taylor, A.J. State of Oregon 1889
Taylor, Albert C. Vawter, W.I. et al 1895
Taylor, Andrew United States 1892
Taylor, Augustus Clugage, James 1865
Taylor, Augustus Constant, Isaac & L. 1866
Taylor, Augustus & Kate J. Cawley, D.M. 1866
Taylor, C.C. Mundy, Ellen E. 1899
Taylor, C.W. McDaniel, Larkin & L. 1880
Taylor, C.W. Inlow, F.B. & S.E. et al 1889
Taylor, C.W. Mitchell, Fredk. W. 1892
Taylor, C.W. Brown, R.H. & C. 1894
Taylor, Clark Thornton, Eliz. & J. 1884
Taylor, Cory Clark Mundy, Ellen E. & Alfred J. 1894
Taylor, Cory Clark Stoddard, Mary & T. 1894
Taylor, Cory Clark Taylor, H.H. & Florence I. et al 1894
Taylor, Cory Clark Taylor, W.W. & Annie E. 1894
Taylor, D.H. Geiger, James V. 1859
Taylor, D.H. Chapin, Ezra E. 1862
Taylor, D.H. Barnes, Riley R. 1865
Taylor, D.H. Taylor, S.C. & M.A. 1871
Taylor, Daniel H. United States 1873
Taylor, David H. United States 1873 (2)
Taylor, David M. Buckner, A.C. & N. 1898
Taylor, F.W. Emery, H.S. & A.A. 1890
Taylor, F.W. Smith, Thos. 1890
Taylor, F.W. State of Oregon 1896
Taylor, Frank W. Taylor, Stephen et ux 1874
Taylor, Frank W. Taylor, Stephen et ux 1875
Taylor, Frank W. Helman, A.D. & M.J. 1885
Taylor, Frank W. Durkee, J.C. & Hannah A. 1890
Taylor, G.D. & Wife United States 1888
Taylor, Geo. D. Crawford, A.M. 1890
Taylor, Geo. D. U. S. 1892
Taylor, Henry Hobart Stoddard, Mary A. et al 1894
Taylor, Henry Hobart Taylor, Willis Wesley et al 1894
Taylor, J.B. Chapman, Daníl et ux 1883
Taylor, J.B. Chapman, H.H. 1883
Taylor, J.B. Chapman, Daníl et ux 1887
Taylor, J.N. & Wife Cornell, Henry C. 1885
Taylor, James Willeke, J.U. 1899
Taylor, John United States 1883
Taylor, John B. United States 1880 (3)
Taylor, John M. Smith, Francis W. et ux 1881
Taylor, John M. Barron, H.F. & M.A. 1894
Taylor, Luther F. Wilson, W.W. 1895
Taylor, Marion United States 1875
Taylor, Marion United States 1876
Taylor, Martin V. Million, Bennett 1863
Taylor, Martin V. United States 1885
Taylor, Mary A. Vroman, Ernest E. 1899
Taylor, Mary Ann Helman, A.D. 1892
Taylor, Mary Ann Taylor, Chas. W. 1894
Taylor, Mrs. Eliz. J. Taylor, Wm. R. et ux 1895
Taylor, Mrs. Melissa C. Amy, Haskell & Jessie 1890
Taylor, Phebe Watts, John J. 1893
Taylor, Phebe Faris, Fred P. 1893
Taylor, Phebe McCubbin, Zilpha E. 1893
Taylor, R. et al Emery, H.S. & A.A. 1889
Taylor, Robert High, Govan et ux 1886
Taylor, Robert Miller, Daníl & F. 1887
Taylor, Robert Sheriff 1891
Taylor, Robert Beswick, R. assignee 1896
Taylor, Robert Martin, L. & J.A. 1887
Taylor, Robert et al Roach, John P. 1886
Taylor, Robt. & Barneburg DePeatt, Antoinette 1898
Taylor, Robt. et al Hargadine, M.W. et al 1884
Taylor, Robt. et al Emery, H.S. & A.C. 1888
Taylor, S. C. Elliott, Jeremiah et ux 1879
Taylor, S.C. Hoffman, Wm. & C.B. 1866
Taylor, S.C. Larson, Elisha et ux 1866
Taylor, S.C. Peterson, Howard 1868
Taylor, S.C. United States 1873 (5)
Taylor, S.C. Ganiard, Oscar & L. 1875
Taylor, S.C. Barneburg, Fred & E. 1877
Taylor, S.C. United States 1879 (2)
Taylor, S.C. Elliott, Jeremiah et ux 1878
Taylor, S.C. Elliott, J.D. & J.A. 1885
Taylor, S.C. et al Trustees Or. & Trans. Co. 1884
Taylor, S.P. Taylor, David H. 1862
Taylor, S.P. Sheriff 1864
Taylor, S.R. Sheriff 1896
Taylor, Samuel C. U. S. 1894
Taylor, Stephen Laporte, Samuel 1873
Taylor, Stephen & A. United States 1874
Taylor, Stephen & M.A. United States 1873
Taylor, Stephen D. Sexton, David H. & C. 1873
Taylor, Stephen D. Laporte, Samuel 1874
Taylor, Stephen D. United States 1879
Taylor, Willis Wesley Stoddard, Mary A. et al 1894
Taylor, Willis Wesley Taylor, Henry Hobart et al 1894
Taylor, Wm. R. Taylor, Andrew et ux 1899
Teal, J.N. Blake, Chris F. et ux 1887
Teale, J.H. et al Stearns, S.E. 1890 (2)
Tedford, Mary Woods, John 1894
Teel, H.J. Fordyce, Sarah Ann 1884
Teel, H.J. Hansen, Fred H.T. et ux 1896
Teel, H.J. McCall, J.M. & M.E. 1893
Teel, H.J. Norcross, Jacob & Ellen 1890
Teel, H.J. Norcross, Jacob & Ellen 1893
Teel, H.J. Sheriff 1899
Teeson, Joseph Broback, C.W. et ux 1887
Teeson, Thomas Broback, C.W. et ux 1885
Templeton, S.R. Mitchell, Geo. 1860
Templeton, S.R. Evans, Davis 1860
Templeton, S.R. et al Haymond, Benj. 1859 (2)
Tenbrook, Adam & S.A. United States 1874
Tenbrook, H. United States 1890
Tenbrook, Robert State of Oregon 1872
Tepper, John & Doris United States 1879
Terrill, Byron Terrill, H.J. et ux 1878
Terrill, D. et al Payne, David 1889
Terrill, H.J. Collins, J.W. 1886
Terrill, H.J. Fidler, Jane et ux 1873
Terrill, H.J. Terrill, Byron 1884
Terrill, H.J. & L.A. Cary, Clinton & M. 1888
Terrill, Mary M. Brown, Geo. B. by Guar. 1895
Terrill, Mary M. Brown, Martha M. et al 1895
Terrill, Wm. Patrick, W.A. 1899
Terry, John L. Dean, Elizabeth M. 1891 (2)
Tetherow, Geo. W. Sexton, Chas. D. 1884
Tetherow, Geo. W. & Wife United States 1881
Tharp, Netta Crowson, Geo. W. et ux 1899
Tharp, S.L. Cooper, J.R. 1886
Thatcher, H.M. Seybert, H.B. 1873
Thatcher, H.M. Seybert, Horace B. 1874
Thayer, W.W. State of Oregon 1873
Thayer, W.W. et al Reed, J.H. 1878
Thayer, W.W. et al Klippel, H. et al 1878
Thayer, W.W. et al Wilson, Jas. & F. 1878
Thayer, W.W. et al U. S. 1895
The 1st Congregational Ch. Ash. Roper, Fordyce & J.S. 1888
The Golden Spike Ming. Co. Baker, G.H. & J.E. & H.E. 1888
The Public Short, Ella L. 1888
The Public Hargadine, M.W. et al 1888
The R. R. Ming. Co. Coulter, S. & H.E. 1888
The Sterling Ming Co. Youdes, Geo. & A. 1888
The Town of Medford Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Theiss, B.P. et al Slinger, Wm. & Eliza J. 1891
Theiss, B.P. et al West, T.F. 1891
Theiss, B.P. et al Ish, Sallie E. 1891
Theiss, M.G. Palm, C.W. & Callie 1898
Theolocker, Jacob F. Hubbard, Jas. & M. 1868
Thettleplace, Harriet R. Livingstone, D.C. et ux 1869
Thiele, W.C. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1895
Thielson, Hans United States 1891
Thomas & Bros. Lakin, John S. 1856
Thomas Bros. & Co. Eagle Mill Co. 1855
Thomas Bros. & Co. Barrett, John 1854
Thomas T. et al Thomas, M. 1857
Thomas, Aranthus E. United States 1895
Thomas, Baldwin United States 1893
Thomas, Benj. F. U. S. 1892
Thomas, Benjamin Reeser, M.J. & B.F. 1891
Thomas, C.H. Carter Land Co. 1899
Thomas, Catherine K. Thomas, I.W. 1897
Thomas, David H. Worlow, Jacob & M.E. 1880
Thomas, Emily Miller, John E. & Lena 1893
Thomas, I.W. Beekman-Reames 1898
Thomas, I.W. Gray, Daniel & E.A. 1878
Thomas, I.W. Gray, George S. et al 1878
Thomas, I.W. Gray, R.U. & J.D. 1878
Thomas, I.W. Gray, Wm. B. & M. 1878
Thomas, I.W. Whetstone, David et ux 1877
Thomas, I.W. Gray, Robt. A. 1878
Thomas, I.W. Gray, Wm. & M.C. 1878
Thomas, I.W. Pinkham, Jos. et al 1878
Thomas, I.W. Harbaugh, O. & D. 1887
Thomas, I.W. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1888
Thomas, I.W. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1888
Thomas, I.W. Thomas, Joe A. 1894
Thomas, I.W. Beekman & Reames 1898
Thomas, I.W. & Joe A. Anderson, M. & J.D. 1893
Thomas, Iona Ore. & Trans. Co. 1893
Thomas, Iona Chavner, M. et al 1896
Thomas, J.A. Mingus, C. & L. 1894
Thomas, J.B. United States 1879 (2)
Thomas, J.E. Crawford, A.M. Rec. 1890
Thomas, Jesse B. Morrison, Wm. E. & M.E. 1878
Thomas, John N. United States 1891
Thomas, John S. McAulay, Angus 1892
Thomas, John S. State of Oregon 1893
Thomas, M. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Thomas, M. & T. Eagle Mill Co. 1856
Thomas, M. & T. Applegate, L. 1859
Thomas, M. & T. Farnham, A.F. 1862
Thomas, M. et al Thomas, Tobias et al 1859
Thomas, Mahala Riley, Thomas 1881
Thomas, Mahala Stanley, A.C. et ux 1885
Thomas, Michael Breitbarth, H.A. 1855
Thomas, Michael & Tobias Barrett, Thos. et al 1857
Thomas, Michael & Tobias Breitbarth, H.A. 1857
Thomas, Michael & Tobias Barrett, John 1857 (2)
Thomas, Mrs. Catherine K. Thomas, Joe A. 1896
Thomas, Mrs. M. Thomas, T.T. et al 1888
Thomas, Thurston T. Thomas, J.B. & M. 1880
Thomas, Tobias Breitbarth, H.A. 1857
Thomas, Tobias Newhouse, Wm. et ux 1857
Thomas, Tobias Breitbarth, H.A. 1861
Thompson, A.E. State of Oregon 1898
Thompson, Alexander McKee, Frederick 1876
Thompson, Alexander Heber, Frederick 1882
Thompson, Bessie Fowler, Welcome et al 1892
Thompson, Carrie V. Speas, S.W. et ux 1895
Thompson, Carrie V. Hall, Emma F. 1896
Thompson, Carrie V. Speas, S.W. et ux 1896
Thompson, E.E. Hansen, Oliver et ux 1895
Thompson, E.E. Speas, S.W. et ux 1895
Thompson, Ewart United States 1877
Thompson, J. Hargadine, M.W. et al 1889
Thompson, J. et al Wilshire, W.A. 1884
Thompson, J. et al Hargadine, Geo. R. 1889
Thompson, J. et al Gunnison, Ole C. 1889
Thompson, J. et al Winniford, D.R.B. & R.M. 1889
Thompson, J.W. & J.H. Ragsdale, C.C. Admr. 1890
Thompson, Jacob Anderson, J.F. 1857
Thompson, Jacob Helman, J.R. & M.J. 1868
Thompson, Jacob State of Oregon 1874 (3)
Thompson, Jacob Rockfellow, A.G. et ux 1880
Thompson, Jacob Beals, J.O. & M.A. 1881
Thompson, Jacob Hargadine, M.W. et ux 1884 (2)
Thompson, Jacob Stephenson, Geo. W. et ux 1885
Thompson, Jacob Butler, G.S. et ux 1887
Thompson, Jacob Helman, John R. et ux 1887
Thompson, Jacob Rockfellow, S.B. et ux 1887
Thompson, Jacob Reeser, B.F. & M.J. 1888
Thompson, Jacob Billings, G.F. & F.M. 1888
Thompson, Jacob Miner, E.E. & A.R. 1888
Thompson, Jacob Stephenson, Geo. W. & L.E. 1888 (2)
Thompson, Jacob Burton, Armstread D. 1893
Thompson, Jacob Ish, Sallie E. 1894
Thompson, Jacob O. & C. R.R. Co. & U. T. Co 1898
Thompson, Jacob Hargadine, M.W. 1883
Thompson, Jacob DePeatt, A. & E. 1887
Thompson, Jacob Hargadine, C.H. & C.E. 1889
Thompson, Jacob King, W.J. 1896
Thompson, Jacob et al DePeatt, E. Admr. 1883
Thompson, Jacob et al Klum, C.K. & L.H. 1888
Thompson, Jacob et al Smith, Harry & M.A. 1883
Thompson, Jacob et al Gunnison, Ole C. 1890
Thompson, L.L. et al Howard, Jas. S. et ux 1878
Thompson, L.S. Peters, James R. 1858
Thompson, L.S. Savage, C.W. & L.S. 1861
Thompson, L.S. Underwood, D.C. 1866
Thompson, L.S. Hill, Miles H. 1863
Thompson, L.S. Clugage, James 1864
Thompson, L.S. Clugage, James 1865
Thompson, L.S. Pool, James R. 1866
Thompson, L.S. Hayden, U.S. 1865
Thompson, L.S. Gaston, J. & N.J. 1870
Thompson, L.S. et al Gregory, Thos. J. 1861
Thompson, L.S. et al Glenn, Jas. T. 1862
Thompson, L.S. et al Hoffman, Wm. et al 1866
Thompson, Lewis S. Neuber, John 1863
Thompson, Lewis S. Clugage, James 1863
Thompson, Miss M.A. Baker, G.H. & J. et al 1888
Thompson, Nancy Thomas, I.W. et ux 1898
Thompson, Permelia Simon, Charles 1858
Thompson, T.W. Cardwell, J.A. & C. 1879
Thompson, Thomas United States 1873
Thompson, Thos. P. United States 1879
Thorndyke, J.H. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1893
Thorndyke, J.H. Davis, Mary E. & Wm. K. 1899
Thorndyke, J.L. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1893
Thorndyke, John H. Oviatt, P.H. & Sarah C. 1892
Thornton, Elizabeth McCall, J.M. et al 1884
Thornton, Elizabeth Thornton, James 1894
Thornton, Elizabeth C. Helman, John R. et al 1868
Thornton, Elizabeth C. Helman, A.D. 1890
Thornton, Henry Thornton, James et ux 1894
Thornton, J. Rockfellow, A.G. et ux 1861
Thornton, J. & H. United States 1889 (2)
Thornton, James Applegate, Ivan D. et ux 1875
Thornton, James Goodchild, Chas. & E. et al 1875
Thornton, James Marshall, Geo. H. et al 1875
Thornton, James Rockfellow, A.G. et ux 1875
Thornton, James Thornton, Henry et ux 1875
Thornton, James Goodchild, Chas. & E. 1878
Thornton, James Marshall, N.S. et ux 1878
Thornton, James Thornton, Jas. et al 1879
Thornton, James Anderson, E.K. et ux 1881
Thornton, James Andrus, Kate A. et al 1883
Thornton, James Garrett, Robt. M. & S.E. et al 1883
Thornton, James Thornton, James & E. et al 1884
Thornton, James Goodchild, Chas. & E. 1886
Thornton, James Marshall, Geo. H. 1886
Thornton, James Marshall, Jane S. 1886
Thornton, James Marshall, N.S. & M. 1886
Thornton, James Atkinson, W.H. et al 1887
Thornton, James Andrus, L.L. & K.T. 1887
Thornton, James Patterson, J.L. & Mrs. D. 1887
Thornton, James United States 1888
Thornton, James Anderson, E.K. & E.N. 1887
Thornton, James & H. United States 1888 (3)
Thornton, James & Wife Fraley, Naomi P. 1884
Thornton, James et al Tweed, Henry 1881
Thornton, James et al Walker, E.F. et ux 1881
Thornton, James et al Ash. Woolen Mills 1892
Thornton, James et ux United States 1883
Thornton, Jas. Willey, A.L. & L. 1889
Thornton, Mrs. C.E. May, John & C.E. 1887
Thornton, Mrs. Lizzie Patterson, Geo. 1880
Thornton, Sheridan F. Thornton, James et ux 1894
Thrash, David V. Crawford, A.M. Rec. 1890
Throckmorton, A. et al Coffman, W.I. 1896
Thuman, Wilhelmina Chastain, John A. 1890
Thumann, Wilhelmina Chastain, Mary J. 1888
Thumberg, Fred Isaacs, Geo. W. & M.A. 1889
Thurber, John State of Oregon 1875
Thurber, John United States 1873
Thurber, John Jr. United States 1873 (4)
Thurber, John Sr. Thurber, John Jr. 1861
Thurber, Roxana Hawkins, Samíl & R.A. 1868
Thurber, Roxanna Thurber, John Sr. 1861
Thurman, Charles L. United States 1878
Thurston, C.C. Orchard Home Assn. 1893
Thurston, Robert B. Rose, Edgar D. et ux 1895
Thurston, Wm. et al Taylor, David H. 1861
Tibbetts, E.N. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1899
Tice, Charley Cowles, J.C. & I.S. 1887
Tice, J.R. et al Herrin, John S. Adm. 1861
Tice, John R. Davison, Andrew et ux 1883
Tice, John R. State of Oregon 1884
Tice, John R. United States 1873
Tice, John R. State of Oregon 1882
Tice, John R. et al Co. School Supt. 1859
Tice, Joseph R. et al Collins, Jas. N. et al 1856
Tice, Margaret Tice, Charley 1889
Tice, Martha L. Woolf, Isaac & Nannie M. 1897
Tice, Martha S. Nicholson, Wm. E. 1898
Ticknor, Clara C.O. Stewart, Mary A. & A.J. et al 1890
Tiffany, Luman H. Sheriff 1897
Tiffany, O.C. Haymond, Benj. Referee 1896
Tiffany, O.C. et al Horn, D.H. & Barbara 1893
Tiffany, Oliver C. U. S. 1893
Tilden, Geo. A. Le Clair, W.H. 1887
Tilyou, Charles Hurley, James M. & A. 1894
Tilyou, Charles Cooksey, Martha M. 1894
Times Printing Co. Fleming, R.M. et ux 1899
Tinker, Charles Harbaugh, O. & Dora 1889
Tinkham, Levi United States 1874
Tinkham, Levi Wells, Justus & C. 1864
Tinkham, Levi et al Gibson, John 1859
Tinsley, F.P. Benson, Josephine 1899
Tinsley, James A. McBride, J.H. & Julia A. 1899
Tipton, M.J. Galloway, Hester A. & G.W. 1894
Tipton, Mrs. M.J. Goddard, Alice A. 1891
Tipton, Mrs. M.J. Lyon, Lanzie M. & Cora E. 1891
To Whom It May Concern Wilson, Josephine 1894
Toale (Teale), J.H. Stearns, J.E. 1889
Toepper, John Jones, A.C. & E. 1881
Toepper, John Brown, James H. 1896
Toepper, John Ralls, Catherine Admr. 1883
Toepper, John Sheriff 1887
Toepper, John United States 1885
Toevs, F.F. State of Oregon 1896
Toffelinger, J.S. Brown, H.H. 1857
Toft, J.E. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1899
Toft, Ray Wilson, Frank & Anna 1899
Toft, Raymon H. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1899
Tole Town Site Co. Griffin, Scott et al 1889
Tolman, Elizabeth E. Pracht, Max & Mary W. 1891 (2)
Tolman, Emma Eubanks, J.S. et ux 1883
Tolman, Emma Helman, A.D. 1890
Tolman, Emma Tolman, Eliz. E. & J.C. 1897
Tolman, Emma Tolman, Jas. C. et ux 1886
Tolman, Hattie Tolman, Jas. C. et ux 1886
Tolman, J.C. Blount, P.H. et ux 1890
Tolman, J.C. Helm, A.C. & B. 1889
Tolman, J.C. Blackwood, Lillie D. & R.T. 1890
Tolman, J.C. Blount, O.H. & H. 1889
Tolman, J.C. United States 1889
Tolman, J.C. & E.E. (his wife) Ore. & Cal. R.R. Co. 1890
Tolman, James C. Taylor, William 1873
Tolman, James C. Overbeck, Andrew B. 1859
Tolman, James C. Tolman, John C. & Minnie A. 1891
Tolman, James C. Condrey, Furnie G. 1859
Tolman, James C. Mosher, L.F. et al 1860
Tolman, James C. Norton, Jemima J. 1891
Tolman, James C. Pracht, Max & Mary W. 1891 (2)
Tolman, James C. United States 1873
Tolman, James C. Smith, Thomas 1867
Tolman, James C. Clayton, H.W. 1867
Tolman, James C. Dyer, Henry W. 1867
Tolman, James C. Drum, Patrick 1867
Tolman, James C. & John C. Blackwood, Lillie D. & R.T. 1891
Tolman, James C. Trustee Overbeck, A.B. 1861
Tolman, Jas. C. Gray, Nettie J. et ux 1883
Tolman, Jas. C. United States 1887 (2)
Tolman, Jas. C. State of Oregon 1889
Tolman, Jas. C. & E.E. United States 1879 (5)
Tolman, John C. Tolman, James C. & E.E. 1893 (2)
Tolman, Mrs. E.E. Harrison, H. & H.A. 1890
Tolman, Mrs. E.E. Myer, Wm. et al 1890
Tolo Mining Co. Reid, Wm. H. et ux 1894
Tolo Mining Co. McDonough, James 1894
Tolo Townsite & Milling Co. Prim, P.P. & T.M. 1888
Tolo Townsite & Milling Co. Ragsdale, C.C. & C.B. et al 1889
Tomlinson, N.P. Matlock, J.W. & A.I. 1896
Tomlinson, S. Curry, John W. & Anna 1890
Tomlinson, Silvia Beekman, C.C. & J.E. 1889
Tong Hock et al Turner, Wm. M. & E. 1872
Topper (Toepper), John Feck, P.N. 1875
Torrey, Mary A. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1885
Torry, Mary Talent, A.P. & M.A. 1890
Touchette, Harriet J. Chisholm, L.J. & James 1899
Town of Ashland Ivens, Chas. & C.M. 1888
Town of Ashland Goodyear, R. & M.J. et al 1888
Town of Medford Beekman, C.C. & J.E 1888
Town of Medford Gore, E.E. & M.E. 1888
Town of Medford Patton, M.J. & M. 1889
Town of Tolo Map 1888
Town, F.W. Colver, Samíl & H. 1889
Towne, Geo. et al Gilson, Thos. H. 1899
Towne, W.F. Biede, Otto & Marie 1891
Towne, W.F. Morgan, Lucretia F. & Edwin 1891
Towne, W.F. Sergent, C.S. & L. 1886
Towne, W.F. Mentz, Fred. et ux 1882
Towne, Wm. F. United States 1876
Towne, Wm. F. Beeson, W. & M.C. 1882 (2)
Towne, Wm. F. Sergent, C.S. & L. 1882
Townsend, J.T. & S.C. Townsend, W.L. 1893
Townsend, Jennie Howard, G.W. & Husb. 1892
Townsend, Jennie Morris, Eda M. & J. 1895
Townsend, L. Emery, H.S. et ux 1883
Townsend, Lena Townsend, Lizzie 1896
Townsend, Lizzie Wilson, Jesse H. et al 1894
Townsend, Maggie S. Kime, Mary 1897
Townsend, Mary Eldred, H.W. & A. L. 1892
Townsend, S.C. Root, Horace & E.A. 1890
Townsend, Sarah L. Chapman, Daniel & Sarah A. 1890
Townsend, W.J. et al McFarren, S.V. et ux 1899
Townsend, W.L. Townsend, S.C. & J.T. 1891
Townsend, Willis Townsend, Jennie 1892
Toy Cheng et al Williams, Chas. et al 1873
Toy Sing Schumpf, George et ux 1878
Tozer, J.R. Crowson, Geo. et al 1889
Tozer, J.R. McCall, J.M. et al 1896
Tozer, J.R. State of Oregon 1886
Tozer, J.R. Helman, J.R. et ux 1883
Tozer, J.R. et al Daley, W.C. & Mrs. L. 1885 (2)
Tozer, Job R. Helman, John R. et ux 1872
Tozer, Job R. Blake, C.F. & S.G. 1873
Tozer, Louisa C. Tozer, Job R. 1895
Tracy, E.W. Crain, R.B. et al 1855
Train, O.W. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1891
Trainor, Barnard Crawford, A.M. Rec. 1890
Trammel, Asa Willott, William 1861
Traylor, J.N. Simpson, A.H. 1882
Trefren, Geo. W. Amerman, Henry 1899
Trefren, Geo. W. Neal, James A. et ux 1897
Trefren, Geo. W. Mulhall, Ella M. 1897
Trefren, Geo. W. & Mary F. Sonnichsen, Monroe 1899
Trefren, Geo. W. et ux Cummons, C.D. et ux 1899
Trefren, George W. Raimey, W.W. & Alex. B. 1897
Trefren, Louisa A. Trefren, Geo. W. & Mary F. 1898
Trefren, Mary F. Shepherd, C.F. & R.M. 1894
Trefren, Mary F. Smith, G.W. et ux 1898
Trefren, Mrs. Louisa Sinclair, Esther 1899
Tremble, Thomas J. United States 1891
Trimble, Huldy Green, A. 1862
Trimble, James Ryan, P.J. et ux 1876
Trimble, James United States 1879
Triplett, Claiborn W. Triplett, Harrison H. 1887
Triplett, H.H. Triplett, Jas. H. 1881
Tripp, Hiram Roberts, Mary E. & W.B. 1894
Trout, B.N. Holmes, W.G. & Ada M. 1892
Trouton, Robert Pratt, Carroll 1898
Truax, Sewall Rankin, John & Jane 1856
Truax, Sewall Clugage, James 1859 (2)
Truax, Sewall Clugage, James 1860 (2)
Truax, Sewall United States 1875
Truax, Sewell Bourroughs, Daníl H. 1859
Truax, Sewell McConell, A.W.A. 1859
Truax, Sewell Rankin, John & J. 1875
Truchot, J.B. Alexander, D. 1854
True, Celesta Neil, Augusta & L.A. 1884
True, Hanes United States 1890
True, J.P. Redpath, David et ux 1872
True, J.P. Arnold, Ezra 1884
True, J.P. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1884
True, J.P. Montgomery, John et al 1894
True, J.P. et al Miller, D.H. 1893
True, Jeremiah T. U. S. 1894
True, O.V. Cowles, J.C. & I.S. 1889
Truitt, Hayden B. Clark, Wm. et ux 1899
Trullinger, J.C. et al Thurston, C.H. & H. 1879
Trumble, Emeline Trumble, John et al 1884
Trumble, Eugene S. Owings, Ephraim 1888
Trumble, James United States 1879
Trumble, John & Bro. Ganiard, O. & L. 1882
Trumbull, John & J.C. et al Ganiard, O. & L. 1882
Trus. 1st Cong. Church Atkinson, Geo. H. & Wife 1888
Trus. Ashland I.O.O.F. #45 Applegate, L. et al 1875
Trus. New Hope Bap. Church Bowman, Jacob & Mary Jane 1891
Trustee Livingstone, Robert Schultz, A.F. & M.J. 1897
Trustee, Hays, J.W. Jr. Flippen Wm. & Eliz. 1897
Trustees 1st Christian Church Ash. Robbins, F.D. 1899
Trustees 1st Christian Church Med. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1896
Trustees 1st Christian Church Med. American Christ. Missionary Soc. 1897
Trustees Ashland I.O.O.F. Stephenson, G.W. et ux 1875
Trustees Bap. Ch. Woolen, Isaac & E. 1883
Trustees Baptist Ch. Gore, E.E. et ux 1871
Trustees Baptist Church Medford Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Trustees Baptist Col. McMinnville Satterfield, C.A.N. 1895
Trustees Central Point Cemetery Amy, H. and J. 1885
Trustees Central Point Cemetery Hoagland, H.W. et ux 1884
Trustees Central Point Cemetery Hoagland, H.W. & M.J. 1888
Trustees Church of Christ Kentnor, W.W. & S.A. 1877
Trustees Gold Hill M.E. Church Beidler, W.H. et ux 1899
Trustees I.O.O.F. # 10 Jíville Miller, J.N.T. et ux 1864
Trustees I.O.O.F. #10 Frank, Fred K. et al 1865
Trustees I.O.O.F. #10 McCully, Jane M. 1865
Trustees I.O.O.F. #10 Fronk, Fred 1865
Trustees I.O.O.F. #38 Short, John M. & E.L. 1887
Trustees I.O.O.F. Jíville McCully, John M. 1865
Trustees Jíville Glenn, James T. et ux 1871
Trustees Jíville I.O.O.F. Fowler, W.W. & T. 1874
Trustees Jíville I.O.O.F. #10 Miller, J.N.T. et ux 1872
Trustees Jíville I.O.R.M. Miller, J.N.T. et ux 1872
Trustees Jacksonville I.O.R.M. Savage, Chas. W. et ux 1884
Trustees Lodge I.O.O.F. #129 Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1897
Trustees M.E. Ch. Helman, John R. et ux 1878
Trustees M.E. Ch. South Riggs, Michael 1864
Trustees M.E. Church Clugage, James 1859
Trustees M.E. Church Prim, P.P. et ux 1866
Trustees M.E. Church Myer, W.C. & E. 1879
Trustees M.E. Church Hockenjos, John & Eve 1881
Trustees M.E. Church Knight, J.I. 1889
Trustees M.E. Church Med. Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1899
Trustees M.E. Church South Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1870
Trustees M.E. Church South Colver, Samíl & H. 1879
Trustees M.E. Church South Ray, Wm. & M.L. 1891
Trustees M.E. Church South Harper, Wm. & Sarah 1891
Trustees Med. Lodge #12 I.O.O.F. Adkins, B.F. et al 1892
Trustees Medford M.E. Church Ore. & Trans. Co. 1891
Trustees Medford M.E. Church So. Morey, John A. & Ida I. 1893
Trustees of Ashland Helman, A.D. et al 1880
Trustees of Jíville Krause, Frank 1865
Trustees of JíVille Ganung, L. & Z. 1861
Trustees of Jíville United States 1866
Trustees of Jíville Miller, J.N.T. et ux 1865
Trustees of Jíville Davenport, C. & M. 1866
Trustees of M.E. Church Mench, B. & Wife 1872
Trustees of Woodville Cemetery Breeding, J.H. & E.A. 1889
Trustees of Woodville Cemetery Harper, Wm. & S. 1889
Trustees Phoenix Cemetery Colver, Samíl & H. 1874
Trustees Portland University Abraham, John 1893
Trustees Pres. Ch. Ash. Lodge I.O.O.F. #45 1878
Trustees Presby. Church Hoffman, Wm. et ux 1883
Trustees Presbyterian Ch. Medford Beekman, C.C. et ux 1885
Trustees Rock Point Cemetery White, J.B. & A.A. 1874
Trustees Table Rock Lodge #81 Whiteman, B.M. & A.A. 1898
Trustees Town of Gold Hill Chavner, M. et al 1896
Trustees United Brethren True, J.P. et ux 1872
Trustees Wagner Ck. Baptist Ch. Root, Horace et ux 1871
Trustees Wagner Ck. Cemetery Stearns, Orson A. et al 1888
Tryer, Edward W. Tryer, J.F. et ux 1899
Tryer, Harriet B. Tryer, J.F. et ux 1899
Tryer, J.F. Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Tryer, J.F. Hutchens, Jas. 1888
Tryer, Marion E. Tryer, J.F. 1891
Tryer, Marion E. Tryer, J.F. et ux 1895
Tryer, Marion E. Howard, M.B. & J.S. 1890
Tryon, Dorlon McCully, Jane M. 1890
Tryon, Dorlon Eddy, A.F & Mary E. 1890
Tucker, Angeline United States 1867
Tucker, Edward H. Compton, John & R. 1897
Tucker, Hiram A. Hill, T.W. et ux 1899
Tucker, Hiram A. et al Corbett, J. Leslie 1899
Tucker, Hiram A. et al Hill, Estella G. & Husb. 1899
Tucker, James T. Collins, Jas. W. et ux 1856
Tucker, James T. Hoffman, Wm. & C.B. 1857
Tucker, James T. U. S. 1897 (2)
Tucker, L.B. State of Oregon 1884
Tucker, L.H. Anderson, J.A. et ux 1896
Tucker, Lewis B. Nunan, J. & Delia 1875
Tucker, Woodson United States 1867
Tuffs, James P. Hoover, Daniel et ux 1878
Tuffs, James P. State of Oregon 1884 (2)
Tuffs, Margarette Croxton, Thos. & H. 1867
Tuffs, Margarette Scholes, Joshua & Wife 1869
Tullis, Vincent Clawson, Ebenezer 1861
Tupper, John Bruns, Anton 1882
Tupper, John Maury, Reuben F. & E.B. 1858
Tupper, John Peugh, Jonathan 1863
Tupper, John Willard, Titus B. 1858
Turner, Clifford C. West, L.D. et ux 1899
Turner, Emeline Berry, Jackson 1892
Turner, Emeline Greenman, E.H. 1868
Turner, Emeline et al Fay, James D. 1889
Turner, Jane Speer, Abram C. & Isabell 1891
Turner, M.E. West, L.D. et ux 1899
Turner, Wm. Turner, Wm. H. 1893
Turner, Wm. H. Powell, B.W. 1888
Turner, Wm. M. Smith, Edwin & M. 1873
Turner, Wm. M. United States 1872
Turner, Wm. M. United States 1873 (3)
Turner, Wm. M. United States 1887 (3)
Turner, Wm. M. Field, M.H. 1882
Turner, Wm. M. Krause, Frank 1879
Turner, Wm. M. Turner, Emeline 1886
Turner, Wm. M. United States 1872
Turnham, Wm. United States 1892
Turpin, H.C. Gregory, L.N. et ux 1878
Turpin, H.C. State of Oregon 1883
Turpin, Hamilton United States 1874
Turpin, Zerilda Pryce, Mary A. 1898
Turpin, Zerilda Turpin, H.C. 1890
Tuson, Thos. Bourne, Jonathan Jr. 1884
Tutthill, Stephen J. Zeller, J.A. & Jennie G. 1895
Tweed, Henry Colver, Samíl et ux 1878 (2)
Tweed, Henry Reames, J.R. & A. 1883 (2)
Tweed, Henry United States 1880
Tweed, Henry Colver, Samíl & H. 1882
Tweed, Mary Colver, Samíl & H. 1882
Tweedy, S.C. Moon, Melissa J. 1899
Tweedy, Sam Pryce, Mary A. et al 1899
Tweedy, Samuel C. Parker, F.M. & Mary A. 1898
Twitchell, J.C. Ray, J.H. et ux 1899
Twogood, Daniel P. Talent, Martha A. & A.P. 1897
Tydeman, James J. Metcalf, A.R. 1894
Tyler, Elizabeth Beach, B. & Mrs. Sarah 1893
Tyler, Elizabeth Beach, B. et ux 1895
Tyler, Elizabeth Holmes, Ada M., decíd by Admr. 1894
Tyler, Elizabeth Holmes, W.G. & Ada M. 1892
Tyler, Geo. H. Baldwin, W. & Phebe Alice 1894
Tyree, Thos. et al Moors, John E. 1866
Tyrell, John H. United States 1886
Tyrell, Oscar Henry, G.M. 1885