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If you find a name of interest and would like a copy of the deed and/or a map showing the location of the property, click on the postal request form link below to display a request form. Complete, print, and mail the form to us along with a check payable to RVGS for $15 for a deed alone or $30 for both a deed and a map. Up to four additional deeds or maps can be requested at the same time at the rate of $5 each. Please use a separate request form for each additional deed or deed/map . Postal Deed and/or Map Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the online form below to make a secure online payment and to provide us with the information we will need to fulfill your request. Our librarian will make a copy of the deed and email it to you as an attached .jpg or picture file. When you receive it, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Deed, Map, or Deed + Map
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Vale, Mary C. Scott, J.L. & Mary A. 1883
Valpy & Marsh Wagner, Jacob et al 1876
Valpy, H.B. Mitchell, W. & H. 1889
Valpy, H.B. Marsh, L.S.P. & H.G. 1874
Van Ailstyn (Van Alstyne), C.R. Helman, U.S. Grant 1890
Van Antwerp, Addie S. Van Antwerp, D.H. 1898
Van Antwerp, Addie S. Van Antwerp, Earl E. 1899
Van Antwerp, Addie S. Van Antwerp, Geo. L. & A. 1899
Van Antwerp, D.H. Urion, J.A. et ux 1896
Van Antwerp, D.H. Haskins, G.H. & Helen L. 1897
Van Cleave, Claudius M. Jones, A.C. Rec. 1890
Van Dorn, Isaac Klopfenstein, N. 1858 (2)
Van Dorn, Isaac Wright, William 1861
Van Dorn, Isaac United States 1879 (2)
Van Dyke, J.G. & Sarah S. Dinkelspiel, Joe L. 1896
Van Dyke, John United States 1897
Van Dyke, John G. United States 1890 (4)
Van Dyke, John G. Songer, W.F. & Cecilia 1890
Van Dyke, John G. Morgan, C.A. & L.E. 1899
Van Dyke, S.D. Sheriff 1863
Van Dyke, S.D. United States 1871 (2)
Van Dyke, S.D. Helman, A.D. 1889
Van Dyke, S.L. Worley, John P. et ux 1887
Van Dyke, Sarah S. Worley, J.P. & D.B. 1890
Van Dyke, Sarah S. Van Dyke, John G. 1896
Van Goethem, W.A. Muller, Max et ux 1899
Van Goethem, W.A. Muller, Max Trustee 1899
Van Goethem, Wm. A. Wilson, D.L. 1898
Van Hardenberg, J.J. Peninger, Fred et ux 1899
Van Hardenberg, Margaret Beedler (Beidler), A.T. 1899
Van Horn, John Walker, E.F. & P. 1884
Van Horn, John Wimer, J.O.C. et ux 1884
Van Horn, John United States 1891
Van Horn, L.M. Moomaw, A.R. et ux 1884
Van Horn, L.M. Moomaw, A.R. 1887
Van Horn, L.N. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1898 (2)
Van Horn, Loretus Van Horn, John & E. 1888
Van Horn, Sarah C. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Van Natta, Permelia Butterworth, Alice M. & J. 1898
Van Riper, Angie Mullen, Phillip 1899
Van Riper, Mrs. Sarah F. Mingus, C. & L. 1892 (2)
Van Riper, Sarah F. Alnutt, Hattie & J.W. 1892
Van Riper, Sarah F. Nickell, Charles 1892
Van Sant, J.K. Thornton, Eliz. & James 1895 (2)
Van Sant, J.K. Patrick, W.A. et ux 1897
Van Sant, J.K. Lyttleton, Wm. & E. 1898
Van Sant, J.K. Case, Lizzie S. 1899
Van Sant, J.K. Kingsbury, C.B. & C.L. 1892
Van Sant, Jas. K. Bank of Ashland 1888
Van Schuyer (Van Schuyver), W.J. State of Oregon 1893
Van Schuyver, W.J. Van Schuyver, W.J. et ux 1896
Van Tassel, George Hawn, R.G. & Malinda 1893
Van Tassell, Geo. O. & C. R.R. Co. 1899
Van Vleck, P.L. Carter, H.B. & H.H. 1890
Van Vleck, P.L. Eddings, G.C, & Nellie A. 1893
Van Vliet, Emma J. Downing, Sarah E. & J.H. 1899
Van Vliet, L.E. Leever, W.T. et ux 1899
Van Vliet, L.E. Downing, L.E. & F.T. 1894
Van Voorst, Clara United States 1886
Vancleave, Claudius M. United States 1894
Vandemark, James A. Walker, Jos. C. 1866
Vandyke, John Helman, A.D. et ux 1883
Vandyke, John G. State of Oregon 1874
Vandyke, John G. Vandyke, Sarah L. 1880
Vandyke, John G. Payne, David et ux 1884
Vandyke, John G. Vandyke, Sarah L. 1884
Vandyke, John G. Elliott, Jeremiah & Wife 1889
Vandyke, S.D. Thurber, John Jr. 1868
Vandyke, S.D. Colver, Sam値 & H. 1868
Vandyke, S.D. Helman, John R. 1868
Vandyke, S.D. Helman, A.D. & M.J. 1871
Vandyke, S.G. Williams, Sarah L. et al 1899
Vandyke, Sarah L. Vandyke, J.G. et ux 1881
Vanhardenberg, Peter J. Hansen, Fred 1894
Vanina, Frank Morris, Eda M. & John 1897
Vanina, Fulgenzio Halley, Wm. F. et al 1896
Vannatta, George O. Price, W.E. 1891
Vannoy, J.C. Phipps, I.J. & Husb. 1886
Vansant, J.K. Winsell, Eli A. 1899
Vansickle, John Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Vansickle, John Phipps, I.J. & C.P. 1889
Vansickle, John Smith, E.A. & J.M. 1891
Vansin, L.J. Hand, James 1865
Vaupel, C.H. Young, E.M. 1890
Vaupel, C.H. et ux Pracht, Max et ux 1899
Vaupel, C.W. Or. & Trans. Co. 1887
Vawter & Geary Walker, Charles 1890
Vawter & Howard Sheriff 1899
Vawter, Etta M. Haskins, Geo. H. & H.L. 1896
Vawter, Etta M. Pickel, E.B. & Mattie E. 1894
Vawter, W.I et al Faris, J.H. & Jennie M. 1892
Vawter, W.I. Cox, John C. et al 1893
Vawter, W.I. Damon, M.S. & C.E. 1889
Vawter, W.I. Finley, Geo. & Ina et al 1893
Vawter, W.I. Hamilton, E. & I.L. 1898
Vawter, W.I. Howard, G.W. & G.A. 1891
Vawter, W.I. Hull S.H. & Wife 1889
Vawter, W.I. Kohn, Jacob & Annie 1892
Vawter, W.I. Lumsden, Carrie L. 1890
Vawter, W.I. Muller, Max, assignee 1896
Vawter, W.I. Powell, B.W. 1896
Vawter, W.I. Stanley, Susan & A.C. 1896 (4)
Vawter, W.I. Palm, C.W. & C. 1890
Vawter, W.I. Noland, Catherine 1897
Vawter, W.I. et al Baker, H.E. & Sophenia I. 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Kellogg, C.D. 1893
Vawter, W.I. et al Lumsden, D.J. et al 1893
Vawter, W.I. et al Damon, Caroline E. & M.S. 1897
Vawter, W.I. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1892
Vawter, W.I. et al Proudfoot, Robert A. et ux 1899
Vawter, W.I. et al Baker, Geo. H. & Julia 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Barker, Emma E. & Wm. 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Fitch, Peter & Minerva 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Leonard, J.A. et al 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Patton, M.J. & M. 1889 (2)
Vawter, W.I. et al Skeeters, C.F. et al 1891
Vawter, W.I. et al Shadle, J.M. 1889
Vawter, W.I. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1889
Vawter, W.I. et al Howard, G.W. & G.A 1890
Vawter, W.I. et al Ore. & Trans. Co. 1890
Vawter, W.I. et al Cox, M.D.L. & I.D. 1891 (2)
Vawter, W.I. et al Welch, M.S. et ux 1897
Vawter, W.I. et al McGee, O. & John B. 1897
Vawter, Wm. I. Davis, A.A. & Angelia M. 1894
Veght, C.H. Giddings, Eliza E. & A.F. 1897
Veghte, C.H. Atkinson, W.H. et al 1890
Veghte, C.H. Hite, R.C. 1899
Veghte, C.H. Russ, A.K. et ux 1898
Veghte, C.H. Teel, H.J. et ux 1898
Veghte, C.H. Thompson, Jacob et ux 1897
Veghte, Charles H. Nininger, C.E. 1898
Veghte, Chas. H. Moore, Helen E. & Isaac C. 1892
Veghte, Ida A. Beach, Baldwin & Susie M. 1892
Veit, Henry L. Veit, John 1891
Veit, John Brittain, D.P. et ux 1894
Veit, John Brittain, Dan値 P. 1899
Velin, Charles E. Swope, Edw. A. 1892
Venable, Wm. H. Gangwisch, Albert 1899
Venable, Wm. H. Saltmarsh, J.B. & Ella 1898
Vermeren, Frederic Linkswiler, Tobias L. 1894
Vermeren, Frederic Potter, B.A. 1893
Vermeren, Frederic Potter, Sam値 A. & C. 1893
Vest, A.R. Cooke, N. & Annie 1879
Vest, A.R. Grigsby, H.A. 1877
Vest, A.R. Isaacs, Geo. W. 1878
Vestal, Sam値 J. Donegan, P. & M. 1884
Vestal, Samuel J. Neil, J.R. & Minnie 1898
Vial, L.P. Noltner, M.N. & A. 1890
Viceroy (Vickroy), E.P. Reed, Carlos D. & C. 1884
Vicker, George Sexton, David 1874
Vickroy, E.P. Goheen, Samuel et al 1867 (2)
Vickroy, E.P. Maegley, A.H. & Cecelia L. 1890 (2)
Viggers, Elizabeth State of Oregon 1891
Villard, Henry Europ. & Or. Ld. Co. 1875
Villard, Henry O. & C. R.R. Co. 1881
Vincent, Benton Conley, Jacob & R. 1877
Vincent, Charles O. Vincent, John R. 1893
Vincent, Charles O. et al Vincent, Wm. T. 1898
Vincent, Chas. O. State of Oregon 1889
Vincent, Joel B. United States 1895
Vincent, Mary A. Stanley, A.C. 1889
Vincent, Oliver Ball, Francis & M. 1880
Vincent, Oliver State of Oregon 1884
Vincent, Oliver United States 1884
Vincent, Oliver et ux Hassett, Henry M. et ux 1883
Vining, Irving E. Grainger, G.M. & Kate F. 1897
Vining, Mary H. Ashland Woolen Mills 1889
Vining, Mary H. Chitwood, J.H. Trustee 1884
Vining, Mary H. McCall, J.M. & M.E. et al 1883
Vining, Mary H. Thompson, Jacob et ux 1882
Vining, Mary H. Alford, Rachael L. & M.L. 1891
Vining, R.L. Patterson, S. & S.E. 1893
Vinson, Elias Buzzell, A.A. 1865
Vinson, Elias Duncan, Sam値 & H.E. 1869
Vinson, Elias Osborn, John 1864
Vinson, Elmira Long, M.N. & M.A. 1884
Vinson, Elmira Long, M.N. & M.A. 1888
Virgil, Andy Low, Oscar D. et al 1892
Virgin, Andy Briner, Hugh et al 1892
Virgin, Arestia C. Hooper, Pearl & Husb. 1898
Virgin, Arestia C. Van Sant, J.K. et ux 1899
Virgin, Arestia C. Virgin, Wm. J. 1896
Virgin, Arestia C. Virgin, Wm. J. 1897
Virgin, W.J. Klum, C.K. Admr. 1895
Virgin, W.J. Neil, R.P. 1899
Virgin, W.J. et al Potter, C. & S.A. 1897
Virgin, W.J. et al Benn, W.P et ux 1896
Virgin, W.J. et al Welch, M.S. & Mary 1897
Virgin, W.J. et al Ashland, City of 1897
Virgin, W.J. et al Roper, Fordyce & Julia S. 1891
Virgin, W.J. et al Sheriff 1896
Voegli, Henry Justus, Geo. R. 1899
Voegli, Henry United States 1899
Vollmer, August United States 1879
Von der Hellen, H.C. Williams, I.B. & M. 1889
Von der Hellen, H.C.A. Sheriff 1889
Voorhees (Voorhies), Gordon Stewart, Jos. H. et ux 1899
Voorhies, Firman B. Broback, C.W. et ux 1885
Vose, Sam値 W. Trustees J致ille 1872
Vowels, Wm. & Mary Hutchison, F.W. 1898
Voyle, Joseph Johnston, A.A. et ux 1899 (2)
Voyle, Joseph Jackson, Hattie & Will 1899
Voyle, Joseph Voyle, Charlotte 1899
Vroman & Miller Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Vroman, C. Cox, Joseph 1899
Vroman, C. Hays, J.W. et ux 1897
Vroman, C. Horn, D.H. et ux 1896
Vroman, C. Roberts, T.K. et ux 1897
Vroman, C. United States 1892
Vroman, C. Ferguson, Robt. A. 1898
Vroman, Cyrenus Mathis, Samuel 1882
Vroman, Cyrenus Pyle, Wm. L. & E. 1897 (2)
Vroman, Earnest E. Vroman, C. & Ella 1898
Vroman, Martin Berry, A.M. 1882
Vroman, Martin Berry, Mary A. 1883
Vroman, Mrs. C.W. & M.F. Broback, C.W. et ux 1884
Vroom, C. Andrews, Geo. H. et ux 1897