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Index to Jackson County Circuit Court Judgment Rolls JR1970-JR2054

The Jackson County Genealogy Library is in the process of scanning and digitizing microfilm records housed in the Jackson County, Oregon Archives. These include mostly divorce records and some criminal cases beginning in 1912.

Divorces: Most divorce files contain 15 to 20 pages, but some have over 100 pages. Many of the pages have no genealogical value, but are legal documents pertaining to summons, certificate of serving summons, waiver of district attorney and default motion and order. Most of these contain just the name of the plaintiff and defendant and that the case is a divorce. Almost every document also has a cover page with the names of the plaintiff and defendant, the attorney, the type of document and the date it was filed with the circuit court. The remaining pages, which do contain genealogical information, include the complaint, the findings and conclusion at law and the decree (usually 5 to 7 pages total).

Although most divorces were granted by default, there are instances when the defendant “answers” the complaint and gives their side. There are sometimes custody issues or property issues that increase the number of pages. Lastly, if the defendant is not within Jackson County, Oregon, the summons may contain information as to their whereabouts that could be helpful in establishing their place of residency when the divorce suit was filed.

Criminal cases: These are usually smaller files with 7 to 10 pages (with one or two cover pages) and give the crime prosecuted by Jackson County, the verdict (if the case went to trial) and the sentence.

Note: The microfilm images are sometimes very dark, very light, cut off or blurred. We try, with the scanner we have, to correct the images to the best possible quality, but some are still difficult to read.

Our fees are $10 for one to three pages and $15 for four to ten pages. If more than ten pages are involved, our fee will depend on the length of the file. You will only be sent the pages that contain genealogical information unless you request that the entire file be sent. Please email us with the information we will need to determine the length of the file. Our email address for digital records is librarian@rvgslibrary.org. You can either mail us a check along with the request form or, if the file is no longer than ten pages, you can make a secure online payment. If the request and payment are by mail, the file will be mailed to you; if the request and payment are made online, the file will be emailed to you.

If you would like to make your payment by mail, display the Postal Request Form by following the link below. Complete and print the request form, then send it to us at the address on the form along with a check for the appropriate amount payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. Remember to email us first to determine the exact cost of the file. We will mail the file to you.

Postal Request Form

If you would like to make your payment via email and the file you wish is no longer than ten pages, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form includes spaces for the information we will need to fulfill your request. Be sure to email our librarian first to determine the cost. Our librarian will make a copy of the requested record and will send it to you via email as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy. If the file you wish is more than ten pages in length, you will have to use the postal request form above and mail it to us along with a check for the requested amount. The file will be mailed to you.

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Name Plaintiff Defendant Other Case File# Year
Bates, Charles F. X     Divorce JR2032 1922
Bates, Jane L.   X   Divorce JR2032 1922
Chaney, Mattie A.   X   Divorce JR2051 1922
Chaney, R. N. X     Divorce JR2051 1922
Clement, Herbert Lee     X Divorce JR2040 1922
Clement, Janet Adam   X   Divorce JR2040 1922
Clement, Joseph L. X     Divorce JR2040 1922
Cook, Adelaide   X   Divorce JR2030 1922
Cook, Leslie X     Divorce JR2030 1922
Cripps, Esther       Annulment JR2024 1921
Cripps, O. G.   X   Annulment JR2024 1921
Cripps, Ora F. Smith X     Annulment JR2024 1921
Hensley, Annie E. X     Divorce JR2009 1923
Hensley, Genevieve     X Divorce JR2009 1923
Hensley, Robert C.   X   Divorce JR2009 1923
Paxson, Edith   X   Divorce JR2041 1922
Paxson, James G. X     Divorce JR2041 1922
Smith, Arthur L.   X   Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Smith, Beulah     X Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Smith, Heldon James     X Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Smith, Lloyd     X Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Smith, Mark N.     X Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Smith, Pearl W. X     Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927
Stroud, Eula M. Slaughter X     Divorce JR2025 1921
Stroud, John F.   X   Divorce JR2025 1921
Whitney, H. C.     X Divorce/Non-Support JR2029 1927