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Katie's Tidbit - RVGS President

Dear Members,
I hope this finds you all well this month!  We sure are exploring unchartered ways of life in facing the COVID-19 Virus!  Image what our descendants will read in our diaries!
Even though we have had to close the library doors and canceled the spring 2020 seminar with Dr. Colletta, on immigration, we are busy behind the scenes working on rescheduling many fun classes and programs.  Keep your eyes on the this new website!   The website is also getting updates in many areas for you to search and keep you informed about our status!
In the meantime there are some wonderful free sites for you to explore on your home computer:
Have your Jackson County Library card handy and log into the library service at www.jcls.org click on RESEARCH, then down to HISTORY & GENEALOGY.  You will be able to access Heritage Quest!
Set up a free account on Family Search or Find A Grave
Cyndi’s List is another great site with links to wonderful sites and interesting articles! 

Kim Thurman also recommends:
Sites with an immigration focus (now that we’ve cancelled our spring seminar)
  • stevemorse.org - great tools for immigration records, census records, vital records, as well as other applications
  • https://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/manifests/ - A guide to interpreting passenger list annotations; great for those doing immigration research
  • norwayheritage.com - wonderful research resource if you have Norwegian immigrant ancestors
  • Update from Oregon State Archives - new records available in 2020!
    • Birth Certificates for 1919
    • Death Certificates for 1969
    • Marriage and Divorce Returns for 1969
  • Contact reference.archives@oregon.gov or 503-373-0701, option 1
  • linkpendium.com - resource directory for internet information on countries (U.S., U.K., and Ireland links) and surnames
  • https://www.census.gov/history/ - website for the U.S. Census Bureau, has information on census instructions, questionnaires and overviews of the 1790-2010 censuses
  • hathitrust.org - similar to Google Books, with millions of digitized public domain titles available for viewing. Free guest login available using Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Microsoft.
If you have made any wonderful discoveries, please let us know!  Email your story to the eNews editor to share next month!  eNews@rvgslibrary.org
I would also like to send Thank You to the RVGS Board, Directors and Volunteers who are doing so many projects at home while the library is closed!
Wishing you all well and wonderful discoveries!  Looking forward to seeing you as soon as we can!
Katie Haugse, President RVGS

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