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Activities for Homebound Genealogists

Old Photos
Being homebound can have some positives. With nowhere to go and nowhere we have to be, we can get to those projects that we have put off for so long or explore things we have not had the time for in the past. Here are some ideas to get you going. If you have other ideas, email them to! Happy digging!

Check out your Irish roots via email courtesy of the Accredited Genealogists of Ireland
Every day in April, Legacy Family Tree Webinars is offering a free webinar. Upcoming webinars include: Jumpstart Your MyHeritage Family Tree with Instant Discoveries, Was Great Grandmother Really Native American?, Road Crews and Jury Selection: How Do We Find Where Our Ancestors Lived and Their Neighbors.
You can access Ancestry from home! If you have a Jackson County Library Services card, go to, the Research Databases and Electronic Books page. In the "A" database list, click on Ancestry Library Edition to access at-home use! You will need to login to your library account using your JCLS ID number.​
Do you find great genealogy websites, bookmark them and then forget about them? My "genealogy links" folder was a mess! This weekend I went through all of them, and all my other bookmarks, deleted the dead ones and the, "Why did I save this one?" then sorted the remainder into folders. What a great feeling. If you're not sure how to do this, every web browser has a feature that allows you to clean up your bookmarks or favorites. Here's a site with some pretty easy to follow instructions
FamilySearch has collected a lot of new resources and tips to extend your family tree from the recent RootsTech conference. Discover the latest from industry leaders surrounding DNA, plus outstanding keynote speeches and more.
The U.S. Census is said to be the cornerstone of genealogy research. Have you found your ancestors in every census? MyHeritage is granting free access to all U.S. Census records. They are also hosting a webinar, MyHeritage Ask The Expert - How To Work with U.S. Census Records​, on Thursday, April 2, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM. Register here.
Kathy O. on Facebook suggests using this time to backup your computers. Such a great idea! You should try to have at least two extra copies of all your work, one on an external drive at home and one off-site like in "the cloud."
Now that you have some time, sort through that box of old photos and start scanning! If you find some that are faded or damaged, have them restored! Check out our Photo Restoration service! 
Explore all the amazing genealogy web links at The links are placed in broad categories. Try exploring one or two new sites every day!

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