​Family History Books (Sippenbuch)

These are sometimes referred to as Sippenbucher or OFB (Ortsfamilienbuch).  While it’s true that the German military in the Third Reich required these books to “prove” racial purity, the tradition of keeping family books is a far older and honorable tradition and the books are of great value to the researcher.  Many families keep their own books, while in many towns and provinces, the information is collectively gathered.

Don’t be discouraged! If you don’t find a book for your family at one of these sites, it doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist. 
  1. Genealogy.net
  2. Genealogy.net: An English language, scaled-down version of CompGen with access to online Ortsfamilienbuchers, address books, gazetteers, obituaries, and many other great databases.   

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