​Church Records

These can be rich sources of family information, containing detailed information on births, marriages and deaths.  Often family relationships are included, allowing you to confirm parents, siblings and other relatives.  Most were kept in great detail over the centuries.

In German areas, there are clusters of Catholic areas and (what we now call) Protestant areas.  It’s important to note that Protestants were divided into several major groups: Lutherans, Evangelicals, Mennonites, Moravians, and so on. 
  1. Archion. German Protestant records (and it also has a tutorial on reading old German script!)
  2. Matricula. German Catholic Parish records
  3. German Huguenot Society
  4. Foundation for East European Family History Studies: Hutterites.  
  5. Foundation for East European Family History Studies: Mennonites.
  6. FamilySearch Latin Wiki: Helps with translating Latin used in genealogy, particularly by the Catholic Church. 
  7. St. Louis County (Missouri) Library, History & Genealogy Department;   Church records including the Westliche Post, etc. They do free lookups by email and send you a PDF.
  8. Google Books.  Search by town name; use translating tools.
  1. Series: Map Guide to German Parish Register.  By principality.  Kevan M. Hansen.  RVGS Library. Available for circulation.  This series breaks down the parishes by parish, identifies which towns belong to which parish, provides maps and a wealth of information.  
  2. German Immigrants in American Church Records, Vol. 1-28. Locates many Protestant churches in the United States. 

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