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Monday, June 08, 2020

RVGS Board Meeting Minutes
Date:  June 8, 2020

The regular RVGS Board meeting was called to order by President, Katie Haugse, at 9:33 am via Zoom,  A quorum was declared.  Those present were:  Katie Haugse, Kim Thurman, Loretta Barker, Barbara Shrewsberry, Charlotte Wirfs, Karen Asche, Stephen Kazar, Julie Goodwine, Margaret Clark-Mayfield, Anne Billeter, and Rich Miles.  Guest present was Pat Jenkins.
Motion 2020-26. Karen Asche moved that the Minutes be approved as submitted.  Char Wirfs seconded.  Motion passed.
There was no correspondence.

Statement of Activity 
General Income  1,510.00
Program Income  400.26
Net Income  1,910.26
General Expense 3,899.69
           Program Expense  629.61
Net Expense  4,529.30
           Interest  2.75
           Rewards Income 57.25
Gross $  -2,559.04

It was noted that the Library was closed the entire month of May 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Motion 2020-24.  Rich Miles moved that we accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Karen Asche seconded.  Motion passed.

Next month the Board will review the CT-12 and 990 reports. Tracy Baird noted that it will be to our advantage to approve the 990 soon as there are grants available.  Rich thanked Tracy for donating back her monthly salary.
By-Law Changes.  Karen Asche has found more information on the Endowment language.  We need to get back to the original resolution and back to the basics of how policies govern what we do.  Karen, Rich, Kim, and Katie will meet to work through this.   By-Law Changes are postponed until July.
COVID-19 closure update.  We need a committee to finalize the update.  We don’t have an attorney; we should contact an attorney regarding contract tracing (who was in our library at a certain time.)  Steve questioned our insurance coverage; are we covered for clients who might contract the disease in our library?  We do have a member, Barbara Jarvis, who is an attorney.  Katie will reach out to her.  Steve suggested that we call Legal Hot Line to get some help.  Margaret has a monthly legal contact.  She will call and run our plan by them.  Anne will send an email query to the librarians to find out if they are comfortable coming back to work.  Rich asked about wearing masks—can be set our own rules as a private entity?  After a discussion, it was decided that we cannot set our own rules.  We will, however, assign computers.  We will install plastic dividers between the two rows of computers and in front of the computers nearer the reception desk.  The reception desk will have a plastic divider also.   Rich noted that when we do reopen, we will lose all of our websites at home.
Annual Fund.  There was a discussion about the letter we send out to our members.  We need to let them know the impact Covid19 has had on our library.  Katie and Steve will rework the letter.
Speaker contract.  Postponed until a later date.
Scholarship.  Marilyn Ayres stated that the committee is interested in continuing next year.  In November they will be sending out application for students.  Students will have until February to apply.  In March 2021 the selection will be made.  Students may apply these funds to their second semester, if desired.  Our Society has given five scholarships in the past five years, all from different high schools in the valley.  Marilyn will contact Alan about the donation he has given in the past.  It was suggested that maybe we could make a plea for people to donate to this fund when they make their donation to our Annual Fund Drive.
REPORTS – Approved without discussion unless action is noted below. (See Agenda for full reports)

A. Executive
  1. President—See Katie’s submitted report.
  2. Vice President—Strategic long-term planning has been tabled due to Covid-19.  Steve Kazar offered to help Kim with this.
  3. Trustee—Char Wirfs asked that if groups were meeting during this time, via Zoom or otherwise, please let her know how many people were at the meeting.  She needs this information for her report.
  4. Past President—Karen said that she is still working to have the By-Laws updated.
B. Directors
  1. Finance—Stephen Kazar stated that he was really excited to have the opportunity to work with all of us.  He met with Rich Miles and learned a lot.
  2. Volunteer—Terrie McCoy submitted her report.  It was suggested to check with Rene about the May 2020 volunteer hours.  Char will add these to her report.
  3. Library—Anne Billeter is impressed with the My Heritage usage.  She is working through the 900 Douglas Co. books.  She made the suggestion that when we open there should only be one person in the restroom at a time.  Should we have a sign that says “This is a known germ vector, enter at your own risk.”
  4. Education—Julie Goodwine noted that the Education Committee met via Zoom.  Andrea Patterson is trying to talk with Dr. Colletta about speaking next year or perhaps via Zoom.  Genealogy week is up in the air.  Two interest groups are starting to meet on Zoom.  At this time Lorita Cushman is physically unable to lead the Beginning and Advanced DNA groups.
  5. Membership—Margaret Clark-Mayfield thanked everyone for stepping in to help when she was ill.    Pat Jenkins will call and check in with members who have not rejoined this year.
  6. Technology and Data Management—Rich Miles asked that no one move any folders that are on our website.  See Rich’s report for more information.
 C. Committee Reports
  1. Publicity—No report submitted.
  2. Maintenance—Making sure the cleaning is still being done to help keep us safe.
  3. Editors:
eNews.  Due the 20th of each month
Rogue Digger.  Anne spoke to Cara.  Submission deadline for articles is July 31, 2020, with the goal of September 15 for publication.
4. Research—Kim Thurman stated that the librarian email account was not receiving the PayPal research orders since shifting to the new website.  The email notifications DO work if ordered through the old site.  We are currently averaging 12/15 per month.  Rich helped with getting notified of these requests.  Kim is working towards the notebook log being turned in to a spreadsheet.
 The next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2020, 9:30 a.m., TBA (Zoom or Library?)
The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Loretta Barker, Secretary

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