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Program & Member Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Members Meeting & Program Minutes
February 16, 2021   Via Zoom
CALL TO ORDER:  President Kim Thurman called the meeting to order at 1:33 p.m. via Zoom. A quorum was not established. There were no actions requiring approval on the agenda, so the member meeting proceeded.
MINUTES APPROVAL:  The minutes of the January 19, 2021, Members Meeting were not available for approval by the membership. They will be presented to the membership at the March 16, 2021, Members Meeting.
TREASURER’S REPORT.  The Treasurer’s Report dated January 31, 2021, was presented by Stephen Kazar, in absence of Treasurer, Barbara Shrewsberry.
                General Income                                                    $ 7,480.00
                Program Income                                                         975.72
                           Total                                                             $ 8,455.72
                General Expense                                                      2,084.54
                Program Expense                                                        643.36
                           Total                                                              $ 2,727.90
                Interest                                                                               1.39
                Rewards Income                                                              32.88
                   Net Income                                                            $ 5,812.09
It was noted that the Library was closed the entire month of January.
Member Sharing. 
Board Actions.  Kim Thurman reviewed the Directors’ Summary Reports and Future Events as shown on the Agenda.
Program.  Maureen Battistella presented “Nectar of the Gods: The Mysteries and Histories of Rogue Valley Wine.” Maureen organized two sensory exercises for our group. Southern Oregon has long been recognized as a successful grape-growing area and is now designated an AVA. Members were led through a vinotype sensitivity assessment and what your score may reveal regarding your wine preferences. Peter Britt, a Rogue Valley pioneer, established the first commercial winery on the West Coast in Jacksonville. Currently, the area is undergoing a shift from an orchard-growing economy to vineyards. While Pinot Noir remains the varietal that Oregon is most well-known for, nearly all of the state’s production is done in the Willamette Valley. Prohibition impacted the wine industry, and Dr. Porter Lombard was a key contributor in the resurgence of the industry. Maureen also reviewed a number of wineries in the Southern Oregon area. At the end of the presentation, the members participated in a visual identification quiz of area wineries to win their choice of a bottle of wine. Winners were Margueritte Hickman and Rich Miles.
Closing.  Kim closed the meeting and reminded everyone to register for our February 20, 2021 seminar with Steven W. Morrison, as well as our other upcoming classes.
Meeting adjourned at 3:02 p.m.                                                               Kim Thurman for Loretta Barker, Secretary

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