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RVGS Board Meeting

Monday, August 09, 2021

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Board Meeting Minutes
Date:  August 9, 2021
The regular RVGS Board meeting was called to order by President Kim Thurman, at 9:35 am via Zoom; a quorum was declared.  Those present were:  Katie Haugse, Loretta Barker, Barbara Shrewsberry, Barbara Northrop, Stephen Kazar, Pat Jenkins, Barbara Halvorsen, Anne Billeter, and Rich Miles.
There were corrections to be made to the minutes, so they will be approved at the September Board meeting.

Statement of Activity
            General Income                                                               8,460.00
            Program Income                                                                 801.78
                                                Total Income                               9,261.78
            General Expenses                                                            2,119.46
            Program Expenses                                                           1,640.90
                                                Total Expenses                             3,760.36
            Interest                                                                                    0.97
            Rewards Income                                                                   1.00
                                                Net Income                             $  5,503.39
It is noted that the library was re-opened on July 13 for three hours a day, 1-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
Motion 2021-36.  Pat Jenkins moved that we accept the Treasurer’s report for June 2021 as submitted.  Katie Haugse seconded.  Motion passed.
Kim Thurman noted that we are doing well financially, even with our recent shutdown, and if we end the year on a positive note perhaps, we can address the remaining HVAC unit that needs replacement.
NewspaperArchive Subscription.  Kim reported that we have received a proposal from NewspaperArchive in which they quoted us an annual fee of $1,461.00 for in-house use.  This fee would increase to $1,753 for remote access use.  Kim will forward this information to the Board members to review.  The Budget committee will meet on Wednesday and it would be helpful to have a consensus as to whether or not we want to pursue this.  Anne Billeter suggested that this be in addition to and not a replacement of our Collection.  Kim asked that Board members give their feedback to her by Wednesday morning.
Recruiting new volunteers.  It is becoming critical that we get more volunteers to help with projects.  Kim Thurman asked each Board member to look for volunteers—never know where you might find one.  Andrea & Jack Patterson will be moving to Central Oregon next year, so their volunteering will be minimal at best.  Pat Jenkins suggested that at the beginning of each of our meetings/classes we could let people know what volunteer position are needed.  It was also suggested that we make up a Volunteer Task List and put it on an easel in the library foyer.  We really need a Volunteer Director who is comfortable with electronics and good with people. Kim Thurman will look into updating our volunteer application.  Please send any ideas to Kim.  It was further suggested that perhaps we can combine the membership form and volunteer form; adding birthdates could be very helpful with demographics for grants.
Card and Arrangement for Charleen Brown.  Kim asked Loretta to get a sympathy card for Charleen Brown; Loretta said she would do so and put it in her box at the library so everyone can have a chance to sign it.  There was a discussion about where to order a plant for her and who would deliver to her remote location in Butte Falls.  Suggestions were Amazon and Heaven Scent.  Kim will take care of ordering the plant.
Trash at library.  Kim will stop by our neighbor’s, All-Natural Pest Elimination, to see if they might be open to the possibility of our depositing our trash into their large container for a fee.  This would require librarians to take trash over there at least once a week.
2020 State and Federal tax form status.  Barbara Shrewsberry said she spoke with Brenda and that Brenda said she was going to get on this this week. 
REPORTS – Approved without discussion unless action is noted below.
A.  Executive
  1. President—Nothing more.
  2. Vice President—Nothing more.
  3. Trustee—Barbara Northrop submitted her report; however, since she had not received the Membership report, the numbers for total members are incomplete.  She will update these numbers when she receives the report.
  4. Past President— vacant
B.   Directors
  1. Finance—Stephen Kazar is working on the 2022 Jackson County Cultural Coalition grant and gathering the needed data.  We do not have a commitment from Tina Beaird, so we cannot include this in the grant at this time.  Stephen will be out of town August 18 to the 27.  This grant is due the 13th of September.
  2. Volunteer—vacant.  Volunteer hours as reported by Rene Forncrook are:  Total July hours--816; Board member hours--325; number of volunteers--95; Total hours to date 2021—4,046. 
  3. Library—Anne Billeter said that looking at the library usage, she thinks it is just about right for the hours we are open.  She said that the librarians have not received any complaints from our patrons about wearing masks.
  4. Education—Pat Jenkins is working on classes for next year.  She has commitments from members for 11 classes at this point.  General Meeting programs have been taken care of and she is beginning to work on programs for next year’s meetings.  She also noted that Kate Eakman is working on a medical genealogy program.  Also, about 5 or 6 people have signed up for the Irish Interest Group, which Barbara Halvorsen will facilitate.
  5. Membership—No report.
  6. Technology—Rich Miles said that when there is a new scanning project,  someone needs to oversee how files are named for consistency so we don’t end up with the problems he had with the map scans.  He also said that Kim Thurman figured out how to program our LED sign so he is now able to post current events.
C.     Committee Reports
  1. Publicity—It was noted that one person had signed up for Deb Shell’s class through Conference Keeper. 
  2. Maintenance— No report.
  3. NGS Delegate- Katie Haugse said there is a meeting scheduled on the 24th of August.
  4. Editors
    1. eNews—Deadline is the 20th of the month.  Rich Miles.  The eNews is in need of articles.  If you have something of interest, please submit it to
    2. The Rogue Digger—submit papers to Cara Davis-Jacobson.  Cara has a fall issue which will feature Dave Horton’s submission.
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2021, place to be determined.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

Loretta Barker

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