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Program & Member Meeting

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Members Meeting & Program Minutes
October 19, 2021    Via Zoom
CALL TO ORDER:  Vice-President Katie Haugse called the meeting to order at 1:32 p.m. via Zoom; a quorum was established.  Katie welcomed everyone to our October Members’ meeting.

MINUTES APPROVAL:  The minutes of the September 21, 2021, Members Meeting were read by Secretary Loretta Barker.  Anne Billeter suggested that it be in the minutes that Kim Thurman acknowledged we are a non-profit.
Motion:  Anne Billeter moved that the minutes be accepted as read with the correction noted above; Pat Jenkins seconded.  Motion passed.
TREASURER’S REPORT.  The Treasurer’s Report dated August 31, 2021, was presented by Loretta Barker in absence of Treasurer Barbara Shrewsberry.
                                General Income                                               $  7,127.00
                                Program Income                                                  1,026.82
                                                                Total                                       8,143.82
                                General Expense                                                  3,131.64
                                Program Expense                                                   872.94
                                                                Total                                       4,139.24
                                Interest                                                                         1.59
                                Endowment Donations                                             50.00
                                Life Membership                                                      500.00
                                                                Net Income                         $  4,690.83

MEMBER SHARING.  Maureen Battistella attended the Digital Public Library seminar for genealogy today.  She will write an article about this for our newsletter. 

BOARD ACTIONS.  Katie reviewed the Board items on the agenda.  The Education Committee is scheduling seminars and classes for 2020.  A task force just submitted a grant proposal for hybrid equipment for classes and meetings.  Total membership stands at 707. All subscription websites continue to be available online for home use while the library is only open part time. If you are a member and are interested in volunteering as a librarian, or otherwise, please complete the Volunteer Application on the RVGS website under “Support Us.”

NOMINATING COMMITTEE.  Mary Robsman submitted the following slate of officers for the 2022 year.  President:  Kim Thurman; Vice President:  Katie Haugse; Secretary:  Loretta Barker; Trustee:  Lynne Hunter.  The position of Treasurer is vacant at this time.  Katie called for nominations from the floor but none were forthcoming.  Suggestions for positions may be submitted to the library by email.  If you are interested in being on the Nominating Committee, please contact Kim Thurman.  Nominations will remain open until the Member Meeting in November when voting will take place.  Rich Miles noted that it is critical that we fill the Treasurer’s position; Barbara Shrewsberry was extremely gracious in extending her term by an additional year.  Katie suggested that those interested in positions on the Board attend a Board meeting to see how our Society works.

PROGRAM.  Pat Jenkins introduced today’s speaker, Cathy Wallace, Special Project Coordinator with BillionGraves, who will present “Cemetery Superstitions.”  Cathy started by explaining to us that when a photo is taken using the BillionGraves app, the grave is automatically identified by GPS.  In the Victorian Era, superstitions and traditions were often just a part of their lives as mourning could go on for a very long time.  Cathy told us that the term “Saved by the bell” came from ropes left inside casket, which were attached to bells outside the casket, so if the person buried were still alive, he/she could let someone know.  Also, the term “basket case” came from persons actually being buried in baskets.  Mourning clothes were often purchased years in advance because it took so long to get them.  Katie thanked Cathy for a very interesting program.
Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
Loretta Barker, Secretary

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