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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Members Meeting & Program Minutes
February 15, 2022 Via Zoom
CALL TO ORDER: President Kim Thurman called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m. via Zoom; a quorum was established. Kim welcomed everyone to our February Members’ meeting.
MINUTES APPROVAL: The minutes of the January 18, 2022, Members Meeting were presented by Secretary Loretta Barker.
Motion: Barbara Halvorsen moved that the minutes be approved as submitted. Marijo Medcraft seconded. Motion passed.
TREASURER’S REPORT. The Treasurer’s Report dated January 31 20, was presented by Treasurer Marijo Medcraft..
                                General Income                                                                   $     982.00
                                Program Income                                                                      1,602.06
                                                                Total Income                                             2,584.06
                                General Expense                                                                       2,511.61
                                Program Expense                                                                     2,236.45
                                                                Total Expenses                                          4,748.06
                                Interest                                                                                              1.67
                                Rewards Income                                                                            22.95
                                                                Net Income                                            $ -2,139.38
Treasurer Marijo Medcraft noted that she had paid our initial subscription to NewspaperArchive for $1,753.00; an additional $150 was paid to Cramer and Associates for 1099 preparation/mailing; $685 was received for five new and 11 renewal memberships; $1,220 was received for participation in classes and seminars; and $100 was donated by members for the Oregon Digital Newspaper Project 2022.
BOARD ACTIONS  Kim stated that since our Board meeting was just yesterday there aren’t many board actions to report.  She asked the members to review the Director’s Summary Reports shown on the agenda.  Our membership is presently 680.
FUTURE EVENTS  Kim again encouraged member to look at the Upcoming Classes and programs on the agenda and to regularly check our website for classes.  She did point out the “Who is my Oma “class on February17, which is on Jewish research.  Those with German heritage can benefit from this class also.  She also pointed out upcoming seminar on Saturday, April 2 on the 1950 Census presented by Sara A Scribner, CG.
PROGRAM  Pat Jenkins introduced Barbara Northop who joined RVGS in 2005.  She is also a member of our Education Committee, Seminar Chair and recently Board Trustee.  She organized our first virtual Genealogy Week.  In August 2021 she began a Board-Certified Genealogist.  Barbara told us all about Jasper Gleason (1835-1902) and how he managed to end up in Ashland, OR.  Jasper was a cobbler and had a shoe repair business in Ashland.  In 1887 he moved into the Railroad District at 8th and B St., where he lived until he died in 1902.  He is buried in the Ashland Cemetery.  Jasper’s story starts in Pennsylvania where he was born to Salem and Polly Houghton Gleason.  His father, Salem, was a Quaker, and when married Polly, a Baptist, he was disowned for marrying outside the Quaker faith.  In 1855 Jasper and his parents moved to Kansas to support the Nebraska-Kansas act which supported the anti-slavery movement. Their journey took 30 days via riverboat and wagon.  He bought land in Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kansas.  In 1860 he headed to the Colorado gold mines while his family stayed in Kansas.  Jasper’s journal records scenery, medicinal remedies, poems, the day labor he did, wildflowers, and a letter he wrote to his future wife, Ann Crane.  He also learned carpentry along the way.  He married Ann Crane in 1863 at Truckee Meadows, Nevada. In the spring of 1864, they moved to the Smith River area on the California/Oregon border where he worked at a lumber mill.  From there they headed to San Francisco, then to Eureka to work in the lumber trade.  They then headed to Pomona, California, where he worked in the citrus industry.  They stayed there about 20 years and then moved to Ashland, OR, where he had his shoe repair business.  The reason Barbara did so much research on Jasper was to try to determine whether Jasper’s grandfather Peter Gleason was also her 4th great grandfather.  Unfortunately, she and Jasper are not related!  She became so interested in his travels that she had to follow him through his travels.
Kim thanked Barbara for a very interesting program—we all wish we had a Jasper in our background.  She reminded everyone that our next member meeting on March 15, 2022, will feature member Sue Waldron talking about her new book, County Folk of Jackson County.   Anne Billeter pointed out that there is a circulating copy of this in our library.  Kim also reminded everyone of the upcoming Seminar on the 1950 census and to check the website calendar.
Meeting adjourned at 2:17 p.m. 
Loretta Barker, Secretary

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