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Program & Member Meeting

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Members Meeting & Program Minutes
September 20, 2022,  Via Zoom
CALL TO ORDER: President Kim Thurman  called the meeting to order at 1:31 p.m. via Zoom; a quorum was established. Kim welcomed everyone to our September Members’ meeting. 
MINUTES APPROVAL: The minutes of the June 21, 2022, Members Meeting were presented by Secretary Loretta Barker.   Rich Miles posted the minutes to Zoom for everyone to review.  Kim Thurman mentioned that we show a negative income but we still are running in the black. 
Motion:  Barbara Halvorsen moved that the minutes of June 21, 2022, be approved as submitted. Anne Billeter  seconded. Motion carried.
TREASURER’S REPORT. The Treasurer’s Report for the period ending August 31, 2022, was presented by Treasurer Marijo Medcraft.
                                General Income                                                                    $  1,737.00
                                Program Income                                                                          378.00
                                                                Total Income                                             2,115.00
                                General Expense                                                                       1,983.65
                                Program Expense                                                                       396.43
                                                                Total Expenses                                         2,380.08
                                Interest                                                                                             2.57
                                Rewards Income                                                                            49.45
                                                                Net Income                                             $  --213.06
Treasurer Marijo Medcraft reported that she paid a number of our annual on-line resources this month.  Nineteen members renewed including two families; and one member rejoined.   $500 was received toward our Annual Fund drive.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Kim Thurman announced that nominations for next year’s officers are now open.  All Officer positions on the board are open for next year.  She noted that she has had some people reach out to say that they plan to run for an office but we need more volunteers for these positions.  By law.  we MUST have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer in order to continue operating.  If these positions are not filled, we will need to have a serious discussion about how to continue if we do not have a Board.  Please contact Kim if you are interested in running for an office.  We also need three people to serve on the Nominating Committee.
BOARD ACTIONS.  The Education Committee reports that class and seminar scheduling for 2023 is underway; total membership stands at 634 individuals; all subscription websites (except Ancestry) remain accessible from home via our website; the library was open 27 day/81 hours in August.  Average patron attendance is more than two per day.
FUTURE EVENTS.  Tuesday, October 18 at our next Member Meeting, Will Brake will present our program on the discovery of his 3rd Great Grandfather being buried in Ashland, Oregon.
PROGRAM.  RVGS Library Ten-Year Location Anniversary Celebration.  Katie Haugse presented a PowerPoint program showing pictures of the wonderful renovation of our current building and the tremendous effort of so many people to actually move our collection of 16,00 books and items  into this building.  Jack and Andrea Patterson gave their remembrances of this move.  They told how Al Beron oversaw the entire project and how volunteers brought food and water daily for the workers.  Sue Waldon told us how the Quilt Committee was formed and the gift of quilts we received from the Jacksonville Museum Quilters.  Anne Billeter remembered how all the books and shelving were moved using carts loaned to us by SOHS and the Jackson County library.  Anne also announced our new library hours:  Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting Oct. 3, and thanked all the librarians who stepped up to make this happen.  Rich Miles contributed a discussion as to how the new website came about and how it has allowed us to offer our members remote access to our subscription website during the closure of 2020-21, and how they are still available today.  Kim Thurman presented some fun memories of her years as President.  In closing, a wonderful video was shown to the members in attendance of the unveiling of our new RVGS logo on a new sign on the front of the library.  The updating of the website, brochures, stationery, etc. will be on-going.  There was a wonderful discussion of many members’ recollections of these past ten years.
Kim Thurman gave a special thank you to Katie Haugse and Rich Miles, for their work on the new sign now displayed on our building.  She also announced that in conjunction with this celebration there will be a Scavenger Hunt regarding the library and our society.  Come in to the library and pick up your questionnaire or get it on-line.  Forms must be turned in to the Library reception desk by October 11.  Winners and prizes will be announced at our Member Meeting on October 18. 
Meeting adjourned at 2:58 p.m.

Loretta Barker, Secretary

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