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Program & Member Meeting

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society
Members Meeting & Program Minutes
November 15, 2022,  Via Zoom
CALL TO ORDER: President Kim Thurman called the meeting to order at 1:32 p.m. via Zoom; a quorum was established. Kim welcomed everyone to our November Members’ meeting. 
MINUTES APPROVAL: The minutes of the October 18, 2022, Members Meeting were presented by Secretary Loretta Barker
Motion:  Lynne Hunter moved that the minutes of October 18, 2022, be approved as submitted. Marijo Medcraft seconded. Motion carried.
TREASURER’S REPORT. The Treasurer’s Report for the period ending October 31, 2022, was presented by Treasurer Marijo Medcraft.
                                General Income                                  $  2,322.00
                                Program Income                                     1345.75
                                                                Total Income           3,667.75
                                General Expense                                       973.62
                                Program Expense                                  4,289.38
                                                                Total Expenses       5,263.00
                                Interest                                                           6.55
                                Rewards Income                                         28.13
                                                                Net Income       $  -1,567.12
Treasurer Marijo Medcraft noted that there were 25 paid memberships this month, one of which was new.  The Annual Fund drive netted $1,252, including several large donations of $200, $250, and $500. Online and library research brought in $300.  Education brought in $770, minus $275 for instructor fees.  It was noted that even though this month ended in the red, the Society continues to be in the black for the year.
OFFICER ELECTIONS  President Kim read the slate of officers presented to the members:  President, no one; Vice President:Chris Mason; Secretary, Cathy Ullrich; Treasurer, no one; Trustee:  Chris Galligan.  President Kim opened the floor for nominations for any of the above offices noting that without a President and/or a Treasurer, our Society will be unable to continue operating.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Katie Haugse then nominated Kim Thurman for Treasurer and Lynne Hunter nominated Katie Haugse for President.  Katie and Kim both accepted the nominations.  In accordance with Article XIII, Section 5 of the current Rogue Valley Genealogical Society Bylaws, since there is only one candidate for office, Kim Thurman requested the Secretary to cast a verbal unanimous ballot.  Loretta Barker, as Secretary,  cast the verbal ballot.
2023 BUDGET APPROVAL.  There were two updates to this proposed budget which caused the change to the total income of $75,880.00.  $535 was added to Utilities for Rogue Disposal expense.  Account #6600 went from $8,200 to $8,735, and Account #7771-4 for Seminar expenses was increased from $1,050 to $1500.  The Education Committee recommended booking Judy Russell for our October seminar at the cost of $1,050 to allow us to record all three sessions.  We had previously budgeted $600 for this seminar.
Motion:  Chris Mason moved that we approved the 2023 Budget with these additional changes; Lynne Hunter seconded.  Motion carried with 17 in favor, and 0 opposed.
MEMBER SHARING.  Maureen Battistella thanked Kim Thurman for her presentation to the Heritage Society.  Chris Mason commented how much fun it was to clean up the outside of our building/property.  Kim thanked the following members for helping with the cleanup.  Rich Miles, Will Brake, Kim & Mark Thurman, Lynn Taylor, Lynne & Bob Hunter, MJ & Rich Medcraft, Jim Seagraves, Chris & Philip Mason, Ann & Ron Baraker, and Katie Haugse.  Judy Ryden asked if the Society was happy with Spectrum services and said that Hunter Communications was great.  Kim Thurman suggested that Judy send an email to the Board to look into this matter.
BOARD ACTIONS.  The Education Committee has class and seminar scheduling underway for 2023.  Jim Seagraves has been appointed our Finance Director.  Margaret Clark-Mayfield noted that our membership stands at 638 individuals.  All subscription websites (except Ancestry) remain accessible from home via our website.  The library was open 26 days/153 hours in October.  Total librarian hours worked was 345.25 and average patron attendance was 2.3 library users per day.
FUTURE EVENTS.  Our Volunteer Recognition luncheon will be Saturday, December 10, 2022, at the library.  There are two classes on December 7:  World War II Records, Part 2, by Barbara Northrop, and Finding Your 19th Century Ancestors on Fold 3, by Brian Rhinehart.
ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Next Board meeting will be Monday, December 5, 2022, at 9:30 a.m. at the library.  Members are always welcome to attend.
PROGRAM.  Barbara Halvorsen introduced Maureen Flanagan Battistella, who has an MLS (Masters of Legal Studies), and is on the Sociology/Anthropology faculty at Southern Oregon University.  She is a curator of the Stories of Southern Oregon collection in the Southern Oregon Digital Archives at SOU’s Hannon Library; is on YouTube, and in the Internet Archives.  Maureen’s research focuses on contemporary land use, agricultural heritage, and culinary narrative in Southern Oregon.  She loves local history.  Maureen’s program today is on Cookbooks as Autobiographies or How to Read a Recipe.  A woman’s cookbook/recipes can help us tell stories about that woman.  Community cookbooks are a representation of many women’s expressions and of that societal group.  Celebrity cookbooks are a reflection of status.  She spoke about cooking in various times:  1970 cheese fondue recipes, cooking in the time of COVID when newspaper food writers wrote about family recipes instead of restaurant fare.  Her showing some of her cookbooks brought out the cookbooks of our members who also shared cookbooks they have used and loved.  It was a very engaging presentation.
Kim thanked Maureen for her wonderful ideas and places to look for recipes.
Meeting adjourned at 3:00  p.m.

Loretta Barker, Secretary

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