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Monday, February 10, 2020

Rouge Valley Genealogical Society Board Meeting Minutes
Date:  February 10, 2020
The regular RVGS Board meeting was called to order by President, Katie Haugse, at 9:31 am, JCGL building.  Quorum was declared.  Those present were:  Katie Haugse, Kim Thurman, Loretta Barker, Barbara Shrewsberry, Karen Asche, Julie Goodwine, Anne Billeter, Rich Miles, and Terrie McCoy.  Guest present was Pat Jenkins.
Motion 2020-11. Anne Billeter moved that the Minutes be approved as corrected.  Kim Thurman seconded.  Motion passed.
Statement of Activity
    General Income    4,502.00
Program Income 1,736.50
Net Income 6,238.50
      General Expense 4,557.20
    Program Expense 3,561.13
Net Expense 8,118.33
  Interest 6.47
Endowment Donations 750.00
Life Membership 500.00
  Gross $  -1,879.83
In absence of a printed copy of the Treasurer’s report, this report will be approved next month.
Additional expenses this month included our new bookshelves at a cost of about $2,000.  Barbara stated that the monies in the checking account were getting low and she would like to transfer monies from the Money Market account into the checking account
Motion 2020-12.  Kim Thurman moved that we transfer $3,000 from the Money Market account into the Banner Bank checking account.  Anne Billeter seconded.  Motion passed.
Barbara Shrewsberry stated that Loretta Barker needs to sign the Banner Bank resolution.  The bank has their own format and did not accept the one that Barbara submitted last month.  Katie Haugse asked Barbara to forward  her the name and phone number for the person at Banner Bank she is dealing with.  Katie will follow up on this.  There was  discussion about changing banks.
Membership Form
Rich Miles reviewed with us the form he had prepared.  It was suggested that he add a line for a date and encourage them to bring the form into the library so they could take a tour of the library.  Also, mailing membership packets can be expensive to mail.  Rich will update the form and send a copy to the Board.
Jackson County, OR, Newspapers Project
Anne Billeter told us that the people in Southern Oregon are trying to get more of our historical newspapers digitized. They will be searchable and will be done professionally at the University of Oregon.  Jackson County Library Services is looking at a subscription to and we would be an affiliate.  It was suggested that we table this item until the 2021 budget year; we need to see numbers.
By-Laws:  ORD 65 Impact
Karen Asche told us that there is a new Oregon statute that goes into effect this year allowing Board action by email.  They differentiate between Board committees and other committees.  Technically all of our committees are non-board committees.  There are things we need to look at.  We should have a By-Laws review committee.  Rich Miles, Katie Haugse, and Karen Asche all volunteer for the committee.  They will view the Webinar tomorrow morning; there is a $15 charge for the webinar.  It was agreed that the Board will pay this charge.
Volunteer List:  Emergency Contacts
Katie Haugse told us that we really need to have emergency contact information on file for all our volunteers.  After discussion it was agreed we should have this information on our server and available to all librarians.  
Motion 2020-13.  Kim Thurman moved that we begin collection emergency contact information for all librarian.  Karen Asche seconded.  Motion passed.
Terrie McCoy will begin collecting this information.
REPORTS – Approved without discussion unless action is noted below.
A. Executive
1. President – No report
2. Vice President--Kim Thurman said she is still working to get information from other Societies regarding the dues they receive.  Chris Gallagan has agreed to accept the Research Coordinator position.
3. Finance—this position remains open.  Anne Billeter sent Katie Haugse and Kim Thurman a lead for either this position or the Publicity position.
4. Trustee—Charlotte Wirfs submitted her report in her absence.  The headings on her report need to be changed.  Jan should be December 2019 and Feb 2020 should be Jan 2020.
5. Past President—Karen Asche stated that as Past President she is supposed to review our policies.  Procedures will be separated from policies.  She will assign each procedure to the person in charge of that area to see if there are any needed changes.  Rich Miles and Karen and working on the policy group.
B.   Directors
1.  Volunteer—Terrie McCoy stated that Rene Forncrook will be the next Volunteer Spotlight.  She will work on collecting emergency contact information from the volunteers.

2.  Library—Anne  Billeter gave a program for the Eagle Point Women’s Club.  There will be a Family History Fair in Roseburg on 29 February 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm 

3. Education—Julie Goodwine noted that the Education Committee would like suggestions for classes.  Barbara Northrop will be teaching “Researching Wome’s Genealogy,” on Saturday, March 14, 10:30-12:30.

4. Public Relations—Pam Sasseen sent in her report.  It was noted that RVGS member Celeste Guillory has included the Seminar in the Grants Pass Genealogical Society newsletter and is happy to receive the list of our classes for the GPGS monthly newsletter

5. Technology—Rich Miles noted that we are getting close to getting the new website up and running.  Rene Forncrook will be doing work on the indexes and will begin with the Cemetery records.  He noted that members will be able to view Society policies on any computer.  On the new website there is a Staff Directory; Rich will start entering information from the business cards we have at the front desk. Skeeter is working on changing the routers to a mesh WiFi system.  At a future meeting Rich will be making a recommendation for cloud back-up of our data.  Rich discussed the tech inventory with us which will be completed soon.  Rich, Skeeter, Terrie McCoy and Dave Horton will also be trained to program our new electronic sign.  

5. Volunteer—Terrie McCoy is continuing the eNews feature of a Volunteer Spotlight.  She has recently received three new volunteer requests.  Per Rene’s report the total volunteer hours for 2019 were 12,839.
 C.      Committee Reports
1. Research—Charlotte Wirfs has received a report from Joy which she will forward to the Board.

2.  Maintenance—Jack Patterson has been measuring the new shelving for the library.  Jack, Terry Fischer, and Alan Marion have keys to our building to use in an emergency.  The Board agreed we will leave this list as it is.  We had an overnight visitor on the north side of our building who damaged our trees and turned a light out.  Anne Billeter called the Sheriff’s Department and they have agreed to make more visits to our property during the night.  Andrea Patterson said she knows someone who could install video monitors for about $500.  We agreed not to pursue video monitors at this time.  The electronic sign should be here shortly.  It’s being delivered to Jack’s home.  Katie Haugse said she had nephews and their friends who will be able to help with the installation.
  3. Editors:
            ENews(due the 20th of each month
Rogue Digger,  Cara Davis-Jacobson thinks the next issue will be Jan/Feb 2020.  
The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
Loretta Barker, Secretary

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