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Program & Member Meeting

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Rogue Valley Genealogy Society
Members Meeting and Program 
21 Feb 2023 (hybrid)
Call to Order: President Katie Haugse called the meeting to order at 1:31 pm via Zoom; a quorum was established. Katie welcomed everyone to the February Members Meeting.

Minutes Approval: The minutes for the 17 Jan 2023 Members Meeting were presented by Secretary, Cathy Ullrich.
Motion: Kim Thurman moved that the minutes of the 17 Jan 2023 Members Meeting be approved as submitted. Pat Jenkins seconded. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Kim Thurman reported a grant from the Horton Family Foundation for $5000 for operating expenses and a thank you card was circulated and signed by Board members. Membership dues received in January were a bit higher than normal due to long-time members renewing on a calendar year schedule. Expenses were inflated due to the renewal of web subscriptions such as Ancestry, Oregon Collection, Fold3 and a late payment for 2022 HistoryGeo.
Total income January            $10,237.34
Total expenses January        $11,188.35
 Net Income                            (    -397.02)

Member Sharing:

Anne Billeter shared that the books at the sale are reduced - dollar books are free; those under $20 are half price; over $20 still full price.

Rich Miles alerted members to upgrades to RootsTech.

MJ Medcraft thanked all those who helped facilitate the Owl purchase.
Brief discussion ensued about members researching relatives with same or similar names.

Board Actions/Director Summaries:
Education Committee:  Barbara Halvorsen & Pat Jenkins – Next education meeting is March 6 at 9:30 am in the library. Anyone wishing to contribute or join the committee is welcome.
Finance: No report
Memberships:  Margaret Clark-Mayfield – Total membership stands at 637 individuals.
Technology & Data Management: Rich Miles – All websites but Ancestry are available from home.
Library:  Anne Billeter - the library was open 250 hours in January.

Future Events:
Next Program & Member Meeting:  Tuesday, March 21 at 1:30 - “Back Stories From Ashland and Medford History” with Joe Peterson
23 February @ 1:30: “Buckeye Ancestors: Genealogical Research in Ohio” with Deb Root Shell
28 February @ 1:30: “Genealogical Research in Pennsylvania” with Joe Hunter
Pat Jenkins shared that upcoming classes are being planned by US regions. Speakers are needed.

Program: Carolyn Kingsnorth spoke on William Green T’Vault, a colorful character of early Jacksonville. He was a newspaper editor and postmaster who reinvented himself several times over his lifetime. He is buried in Jacksonville Cemetery.

Adjourned: The Members Meeting was adjourned at 2:36 pm by President Katie Haugse.

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