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RVGS Board Meeting

Monday, March 13, 2023

Society Board Meeting Minutes
13 Mar 2023
Call to Order
The regular RVGS Board meeting was called to order at 9:34 am by President Katie Haugse; a quorum was declared. In attendance:  Katie Haugse, Chris Mason, Cathy Ullrich, Kim Thurman, Anne Billeter, Jim Seagraves, Lynne Hunter, Pat Jenkins, Barbara Halvorsen, Margaret Clark-Mayfield, Rich Miles. Guests: Mary Robsman, Ann Baracker (via Zoom), Mary Tsui (via Zoom)
Approval of February 2023 Minutes
Motion 2023-13 Kim Thurman moved to approve the February 13, 2023 Board Minutes as written with email vote for Motion 2023-12 included. Anne Billeter seconded. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Kim Thurman reported that the numbers reflect that we are “in the hole” due to loss in the endowment fund of $9330.87. This is because of fluctuations in the stock market.
Kim also noted that if our balance in Banner Bank gets too high, it may be transferred to designated funds, capital improvement, or the endowment fund.
Total Income $5,979.20
Total Expense $4,046.81
Net Operating Income $1,932.39
Our Designated Funds are as follows:
Scholarship fund                     $17,000.00
ODNP                                        $  2,086.10
Capital Construction               $  1,000.00
Hybrid Project                         $  1,000.00
Connie Miller Fund                 $  3,541.60
Motion 2023-14 Chris Mason moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Pat Jenkins seconded. Motion carried.
New Business
“Getting Ready for the Coronation” - Mary Robsman, Ann Baracker and Mary Tsui presented the idea to have “Open House” style events 2 to 3 times a year to promote RVGS Library. The first will have an English/royalty theme and will be held 29 April 2023 and will feature books, foods, maps, etc. relating to British history to tie in with the coronation of Charles III. Information will be emailed to like-groups and posted on FaceBook and on our RVGS website. Anne will be RVGS Board liaison  for this event; Lynne Hunter will serve in that capacity for following events as Volunteer Coordinator.
Motion 2023-15 Lynne Hunter made a motion to approve the proposal to put on two or three “open house” events per year. Anne Billeter seconded. Motion carried.
Mary Robsman also shared that she will promote the International German Genealogy Partnership in our e-news regarding the upcoming conference in Indiana.
Owl Use
Rich Miles has prepared written directions for use of the Owls. Any RVGS groups wanting to use the cameras for their meetings will need to have a trained member to facilitate the Owls’ use. Katie, Kim, and Rich will continue as Owl trainers. The written directions for the Owls may be found under the Support Us tab, Librarian Resources page on RVGS website. Board members who are not Librarians will also have access. Rich reported that the Owls are working well, but there are still a few glitches to straighten out.
Facilitating hybrid classes and meetings was discussed. Registration can be two pronged - register online, and if patrons wish to be in-person, to email Reception so a head count can be established at about 20. First come, first served for in-person. “Overflow” will be required to Zoom.
Suggestions were made to have one or two people in interest groups/classes who wish to meet in person be trained as Owl facilitators. They may be the same as the Zoom hosts.
Discussion also ensued on reaching members who are not tech savvy. Mailing newsletters is prohibitively expensive. A listing of classes and interest groups could be sent to new members with their membership information. Schedules will continue to be printed as handouts for library patrons.
Fee Schedule
Kim Thurman presented a new fee schedule with updated fees. The suggestion to track day-use fees toward a membership was considered by the Board and rejected as too complicated. Kim also suggested a “pay-it forward” option for members who wish to donate a membership for individuals who cannot afford the fees. It would be tracked under designated funds. Strict criterion would be required for receipt of a member scholarship. The question was raised whether or not the scholarship could be added to the Connie Miller fund. Katie will follow up with Andrea Patterson. Decision tabled till April Board Meeting.
Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze is still a work in progress. It crashed some years back in conjunction with a Windows update. There was a work around that we never received.. Jeff (IT consultant) recommends we purchase the Deep Freeze upgrade with a maintenance package and upgrade our patron computers to solid state drives in order to “clear” any accumulated “junk” on the current drives.
Board consensus was reached that we upgrade Deep Freeze and invest in the Solid State drives for patron computers using money in the technology budget line items.  
Pat Jenkins reported that the Bend Genealogical Society is interested in joining OR-CAL. Pat said that to add another organization mid year is complicated, especially for the registration. It was discussed to consider adding new members in 2024 on a calendar basis. Further discussion to ensue.
Rogue Valley Times
A subscription to the new paper, Rogue Valley Times, was discussed as an additional source for local obituaries. The cost estimate is $208 per year. There are funds in the line item “Records Development” to support this request.
Motion 2023-16 Chris Mason moved that we use the Records Development line item to subscribe to the Rogue Valley Times. Lynne Hunter seconded. Motion carried.
Unfinished Business
Policy Review
1. Like Groups policy - The change to “heritage” will replace “genealogy related” in item 1. Item 5 was amended to have the Event Scheduler be filed by the President or Library ”Director. Meetings and classes from like groups will be included on both the Master and Cozi calendars. 
Motion 2023-17 Lynne Hunter moved to update the like group policy. Kim Thurman seconded. Motion carried.
2. Expense and Reimbursement policy - Approved as updated 
Motion 2023-18 Lynne Hunter moved to approve the Expense and Reimbursement policy as written. Anne Billeter seconded. Motion carried.
Connie Miller and Credit Card policy to be reviewed and revised at April Board Meeting. 
Chris Mason presented the results of our SWOT survey. The positive aspects of RVGS are its financial stability and balanced budget. Weaknesses were listed as a lack of succession plan and an increasingly limited interest in genealogy. The Executive Board will review our Strategic Plan and bring it back to the Board of Directors at a future meeting.

Katie Haugse brought us up to date on the happenings at Jackson County Heritage Association. They will share their calendar of events with us and vice versa. Upcoming events highlighted are:
  1. Talent Historical Society will have a program on David James, the man who saved the Talent Tomato March 28th from 6:30 PM – 8PM. Also a display and book on the Almeda Fire happening at the end of April.
  2. Gold Hill / Wood Mill: Yard sale May 26 – May 28
  3. Lake Creek is having a workday March 25th
  4. SOHS noted they will be doing the Summer of Living History at Hanley Farm; open the second and fourth Thursday evenings in June, July & August. And another event July 1 & 2.
  5. SOHS also mentioned OSU Press has published Jeff LaLande’s book: Jackson County Rebellion. (Lists at $29.25) 
Vice President
Chris Mason discussed her responsibility for asset inventory and stated that it will be digitized and has plans to complete it by the end of summer.
Chris Galligan was not in attendance. See report.
Past President
Anne Billeter mentioned that we have a number of Librarian shifts available.
Jim Seagraves stated that the Finance Committee is continuing to review the process for evaluating the need for a new accounting firm and hope to have an RFP prepared, if necessary, to select a new one by January.
Lynne Hunter reported no new volunteer applications were received in February. Rene Forncrook  is updating volunteer contacts in the event of an emergency. Volunteers were reminded to contact Rene with volunteer hours. Jo Seagraves and Midge Dailey have stepped up as PR co-chairs. Rich Cunningham will be moving to the Rogue Valley by year’s end and is looking forward to becoming a volunteer.
The book sale will continue through the end of March.
Pat Jenkins stated our presenter for the March Members Meeting would like to present from RVGS. He will use Zoom from our premises. Pat mentioned that there are three general meetings to fill and two or three classes.
A new life member was added in January. As of March 8, our total individual members stood at 639.

Rich Miles reported that our internet speed has been updated, but our patron computers are not benefiting from it. Jeff (IT consultant) will replace the switch to facilitate the computers’ speed.
Committee Reports
Public Relations none
Maintenance vacant
            Rich Miles - RVGS eNews - deadline 20th of the month,
            The Rogue Digger - vacant
President Katie Haugse adjourned the meeting at 12:25 pm.
Upcoming meetings
Next Board Meeting - Monday, April 10 - 9:30 am, RVGS Library
Next Member Meeting - Tuesday, March 21, 1:30 pm, hybrid?
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Ullrich

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