Mega Sites of German Genealogy Resources

These are links to the massive resources put together by other organizations and research institutions. The use of these sites is free unless a $ appears following. 
  1. Ancestry: Another site with millions of records from around the world.  The site has good search engines, wikis for doing research, DNA options, and portals for seeking help. Free for members at JCGL.
  2. Cindy’s List 
  3. FamilySearch:  Millions of records have been compiled by the LDS Church, along with a very useful training tool, or wiki, for German research.
  4. Genweb:  GenWeb has information on most countries, including key information, crucial links and a recommended site for further in-depth research. It is a gateway to the many WorldGenWeb country sites that are individually hosted by volunteers.  The GenWeb site specific to the US:
  5. German Roots: A site for Americans of German descent.
  6. International German Genealogy Partnership: RVGS is a member of the IGGP and makes use of this massive site of helpful research and links.
  7. MyHeritage
  8. Rootsweb: Rootsweb has sections for every state in the U.S.  It can be quite useful but varies between areas, since it is run and maintained by volunteers.

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